A Man and his Ponies

by Tower of 0

When Trains Get Invaded

"I can't believe you dragged me along for this..." Twilight complained as she gazed out the window.

"I can't believe this suitcase is still heavy!" Justin called out as he kept trying to hoist it up.

"Then why'd you pack so heavily?" Twilight asked, shifting her attention to the human.

"He didn't..." Derpy pointed out.

The three looked at one another before Justin finally set the on the ground in a gentle manner. Fudge stopped doodling to see what the potential fuss was about. Soon all the attention was set on the rumbling suitcase. Justin took a step back as the container started to violently shake now. Then it just stopped.

"Uh.. Is it do-SHIT" Justin was immediately taken down to the ground as the case burst open and a familiar pink pony sat on his chest ith a wide grin.

"Pinkie?!" Twilight's and Derpy's voice seemed to have merged into one, but the distinct tones were still there despite the surprise.

Pinkie said nothing and just held her hoof against Justin's nose. The human silently looked back to the party pony with an arched eyebrow. The cabin was dead silent as all eyes were on the pink party planner. Pinkie, still holding her hoof with a smile, her eyes fixated on the pair staring back. The she started to giggle as re removed her hoof.

"Uh.. Pinkie?" Justin called out.

"Yes?" Pinkie quickly replied with a grin, getting off the human.

"What was that for?" He asked, sitting up with his eyes still trained on her.

"Oh, you'll find out, silly!" Pinkie exclaimed as she climbed back into the suitcase and it snapped shut again.

Justin got to his feet again and picked up the baggage. It was light again, and confusing. He proceeded to put the case up and sit with the ponies he dragged along with him. He sat next to a self-occupied Fudge and looked over to Derpy with a smile. Then shifted his gaze over to Twilight.

"That was stranger than usual.." Twilight commented, her gaze was still on the human's suitcase.

"Yeah.. but it's Pinkie, what can we do about her?" Justin shrugged off the occurrence and noticed something out of his peripherals.

His eyes shifted to the source of movements and widened. A group of ponies were boarding he train via roof one by one. They each wore some sort of dark hat with fabric covering their mouths. Derpy was watching him and started to turn her head to follow his gaze, but was stopped by Justin's hand being placed on her hoof"

"Don't. They haven't noticed yet..." Justin then looked at Derpy as the sound of hooves went over their heads.

"What're we going to do?" Twilight just had to ask, causing the human to smile.

"I'm gonna see about getting into a Mexican Stand-off. You girls are gonna stay here." Justin grinned.

"Justin! No!" Derpy cried out and lept across the table to wrap herself around him. "Not after last time!"

"Last time..?" Twilight looked at the two in confusion.

Justin started to chuckle as he kept his beloved in his arms. "Oh Vinyl, Derpy, and myself took a little trip to Manehattan and I got nabbed by a bunch of pony pirates."

"What!?" Twilight had to do a retake but the human was already out the door with the mailmare.

Justin effortlessly hoisted Derpy to his back like some sort of pony backpack and went over into the next car. There, he saw a lone stallion wearing a poncho and a very dirty hat that'd make Rarity faint for the amount of dirt caked on it. Justin smiled as Derpy clung, the human trying to sneak upon the pony. To his slight fortunate dismay, one of the floorboards gave away to a sneak, alerting the stallion.

The stallion quickly turned around and pointed an object at the human. Justin, in turn, sticking a finger into the stallion's face with a grin. The stallion looked to the creature's hand and blinked a few times before lowering his object.

"Is that..." The stallion started.

"...A rock?" Justin finished looking at the stallion's hoof.

The stallion took a moment to look at his rock and nod a bit. Justin opened his hand an silently asked the stallion to hand over the rock, getting a patient look as the item was handed over. Justin started to examine the rock in wonder before the stallion noticed hooves hooked over and under the limbs of the creature.

"He took a closer look to see a somewhat off-center eye peek over. "Is-"

He was quickly cut off by one of Derpy's hind hooves shooting out and kicking his jaw, causing the stallion to go out like a light and collapse to the ground. Justin started to chuckle and shake his head before looking back to his love.

"Nice one, honey."

Justin and Derpy re-entered their car after about an hour or so. Derpy walking over to one of the seats and almost deflating on it with a huff. Twilight and Fudge both looked at the mare then over to Justin. The human having more bruises that the mare that went him and a stupid grin on his face as he idly stood there, giving them a single wave.

"Heya girls, didya miss me?" He asked

"What happened?" Both the librarian and filly asked in unison.

Derpy placed a hoof on the tabled and leaned up. "You don't wanna know..."

"But it sure was fun." Justin blurted out with his same warm smile.