An Apple at War

by spartan523

Chapter 1

Big Macintosh walked onto the porch of his house gazing out at his family’s farm with a cup of coffee in his hand. He looked at his watch it read 4:53 and while most people hated the idea of even getting up before noon; Big Mac loved waking up early it gave him a chance to admire the beauty of the stars before he began his work which needed to be done before he went to school.

“I better get started” He said to himself before walking back inside to grab his coat.

He grew up on his family’s farm living with his two sisters Applejack and Apple bloom along with their grandmother granny smith. His mother had died giving birth to Apple bloom then a few years later his father died of a heart attack leaving a then twelve year old Mac to support his family and keep the farm running. It was hard on him balancing school and farm work but for six years he had managed to do so. He was proud of himself and knew his parents were to.
After putting his coat on he grabbed his hat and rifle then went out to the stables to feed the horses and take his horse Barbaro out to check the cattle. He started carrying his father’s old henry ever since the day a pack of coyotes killed two of his calf's each one would have brought around $150 at market which his family needed. Mac grabbed a bucket and began feeding the four horses that they owned. Each one in the family had their own horse in the stables: Applejack's was a palomino mare she called Lil Goldie, Apple bloom’s was a cream colored mare named Cutie Crusader, Granny Smith's had an old grey mare she called Quick Silver. Mac's horse was a massive red shire he called Barbaro, he had bought him with his own money when he was a foal at one of the auctions his father took him to. Mac's horse was much like him a gentle giant; both were tall and muscular and quite most of the time.

"Mornin there Barbaro you ready to head out?" he said as he opened the stall door and placed the saddle on Barbaro's back then rode out to start the work


Applejack woke up to the smell of fresh biscuits coming from down stairs. She sat up and yawned then glanced at her clock which read 6:14 a.m. her eyes widened “Dagnabit! I over slept!” She jumped out of bed got dressed then ran down stairs almost running into Granny Smith.

“Easy there young’un” granny said with a chuckle “Over slept again did ya?”

“Sorry granny I need to hurry and go help Mac.” she said slipping her boots on

“Ain't any need for that sis there already done."

Applejack turned around to see her brother pouring himself a cup of coffee "Why didn't you wake me up to help you!"

Mac smiled and put an arm around his sister before planting a kiss on the top of her head "I just figured after stayin up last night to help me fix the plow I'd let you sleep in."

"So what you think I can’t hack it is that it?" she said glaring at Mac

"I never said that"

"All right youngun's quit yer arguing and get ready for school" granny told them as she pulled the biscuits from the oven.

Applejack gave her brother one last glare before taking her plate to the table

"Mornin everyone." Apple bloom yelled coming into the kitchen

"Mornin sugar cube" granny said as she handed Apple bloom a plate

"You won't believe the dream I had last night!"

"What was it this time?" Applejack asked

"Sweetie bell, Scootaloo, and me were princesses!"

Applejack laughed "Sounds like a pretty good dream there bloom"

"Yup!" Apple bloom said before she started eating

After breakfast Mac drove them to school dropping off Apple bloom at her school then taking him and Applejack to the high school. As they walked through the doors to the cafeteria she spotted her friends sitting at their usual table.

"Mornin ya'll" She said sitting down between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash

"Applejack we were just talking about you" said Twilight putting down her book

"What about me?" she asked raising an eye brow

"Well the school dance is coming up and we all want you to go." Rarity said to her

"Now girls you know I don't go to dances"

"Come on Applejack It's going to be a blast!" Pinkie pie said throwing confetti in the air.

"I don't know. When is it?" she asked

"This Friday" Rainbow Dash said while eating her breakfast

"Ugh Rainbow dash how many times must I tell you not to talk with your mouthful?" Rarity said grabbing a napkin and handing it to her. Rainbow Dash just rolled her eyes while taking the offered napkin.
"I ain't even got a dress." Applejack said grabbing the apple from Rainbow Dash's plate

"You can borrow one of mine" Rarity said

"Even so I ain't got a date either.”

"We already took care of that" Rarity said smiling "You of course know Fire Streak?”


"He has agreed to take you"

"I don't know... me and Mac are supposed to take some cattle to market Friday"

Twilight looked up from her book again "Come on A.J you work hard all the time I'm sure Mac will let you go with us."

She thought to herself; it wouldn't hurt to ask him the worst thing that could happen would he say no.


It was the day before the dance Mac and Applejack were stacking hay bales in the barn. Applejack still needed to ask her brother about going tomorrow so she decided she might as well do it now ”Uh Big Mac can I ask you something?"


"There's a dance tomorrow and I was wonderin if I could go..."

Mac was silent for a few moments "You know we got to take some cattle up to the market tomorrow right?"

Applejack looked down in disappointment when Mac spoke again "But it don't take two of us to drive the truck so I suppose you can go"

Applejack's face turned from disappointment to a look of happiness "Thank you so much Big Mac!" she yelled giving her brother a big hug before running off into the house. She grabbed the phone and called Rarity she could barely contain herself as she waited for the phone to be picked up.

"Hello?" tired voice said on the other end of the line.

"Rarity guess what!"

"Who is this?"

"It's me Applejack"

"Oh sorry for not recognizing your voice dear I was sleeping because some of us do need sleep."

"I'm sorry for waking you but guess what just happen!"


"Big Mac said I could go!"

"That's great darling! Now come by right after school tomorrow and we shall get you a dress"

"Alright sounds good! Night Rarity!"

Applejack hung up the phone before running up stairs to go to bed

"Tomorrows going to be perfect!" she said closing her eyes and falling to sleep

Mac watched his sister walk into the house; he had never been to a dance while he was in High School farm work took up almost all of his free time, he let out a sigh before throwing the last few bales from the back of the truck to the stall they kept the hay in. The sound of a truck pulling up to the barn he recognized the truck right away it belonged to Till Harvester aside from being Mac's oldest friend Till was also the owner of the wheat farm on the other side of Ponyville and was also a pilot in the Equestrian Military.

"Howdy Mac" Till said as he closed the truck door.

"Howdy Till what brings you around this time of the night?" Mac said shaking his friends hand.

"I was on my way back from Appaloosa so I thought I'd stop by and ask a favor from ya."

"Sure Till what is it?"

"Well my reserve squadron has been activated so now I have to go to Fort Irons in the morning; I was wanting to ask if you'd mind checking in on my brother and making sure he don't burn the farm down while I'm gone. I trust him to keep everything in one piece but he's still young you know."

"I don't mind at Till. Any idea why they're activating ya'll?"

"Nope all I was told was to show up at Fort Irons tomorrow."

"Well hopefully it ain't nothing."

"Ya well I better get back to the house got to leave pretty early in the morning thanks again Mac."

"Any time Till stay safe out there." Mac said as he watched his friend climb into his truck and drive off into the night. Mac couldn't help but feel like something big was about to happen he just didn't know what.

The next evening...

Big Macintosh was listening to the radio while stirring a pot of soup he was making for Granny Smith and himself before he took some cattle to the market; it was just the two of them because Applejack was at the dance and Apple bloom was spending the night at Scootaloo's.

"How's that soup coming?" Granny Smith called from the table

Mac filled two bowls with soup then he sat one of the bowls in front of Granny Smith and placed another across from her. Mac turned the radio on and they listened to it as they ate; suddenly the music stopped and was interrupted by an emergency message from the capital.
"Now hear this! Now hear this! As of 6:32pm Equestria was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Minoan military! All military reserves are to report immediately to their designated post! Citizens are asked to report to their local court house to receive guidelines issued by the capital."

The phone rang drawing Big Mac's attention from the radio; he got up and answered the phone
"Hello?" he asked

"This is Captain Silver Lance of the Equestrian army I need to speak to Macintosh Apple?"

"You're speaking to him."

"Equestria is under attack and the draft has been put into effect you are here by ordered to report immediately to the Ponyville train station is that understood?"


"You will only need to bring your draft card and drivers license. If you fail to arrive you will be placed under arrest is that understood?"


There was a click followed by static signaling that the Captain had hung up.

"Who was that?" Granny Smith asked looking at her grandson

"Granny I just got drafted into the army" he said solemnly.

"You just got what?" Granny Smith asked in confusion

"Granny that was the army they're sending me to fight."

"Right now?"


"What about yer sisters? What am ah gonna tell them?"

"Tell them I love them granny" Mac grabbed his coat kissed his granny on the cheek "Go to the court house tomorrow and pick up that sett of guidelines the radio talked about. I love you granny take care of the girls for me."

With that he jumped into the truck and drove off to the train station; the whole drive he was thinking about how he hadn't got to see his sisters before he left and now he was leaving maybe even forever. There were several other cars in the parking lot as he pulled in; after parking the truck he got out and walked toward a group of people standing on the train platform.

"Hey Mac!" one of them called stepping away from the group it was his friend Paladin.

"Howdy Paladin what are you doin here?"

"Same reason as you I got drafted." his friend said shaking Mac's hand

"Does Cheerilee know?" Mac asked knowing that Paladins girlfriend Cheerilee would be heart broken at the news.

"No... I tried calling her but nobody answered so I left a message on the answering machine. What about you? How'd the family take it?"

"Granny Smith's pretty upset and Applejack and Apple bloom weren't home when I got called" he said his voice cracking at the thought of not getting to say good bye to his sister's.

"I'm sorry Mac" his friend said placing a hand on his shoulder.
The sound of a train whistle could be heard in the distance so they made their way to the platform. The train pulled up and three men dressed in royal guard uniforms stepped off the older of the three moved to the front "Alright listen up! My name is Captain Silver Lance this is Sergeants Shade and Shooter" he said gesturing to the two soldiers behind him "The reason you are all here tonight is because Equestria is under attack which is the reason the draft was activated and you were picked to serve. Form a line in front of me as you get up here I'll ask for your name, draft card, drivers license, and signature. After you have signed take a seat on the train"
The group on the platform fell into a single file line and slowly made their way onto the train. When Mac made it to the front of the line one of the sergeant's asked "Your name?"
"Macintosh Apple"
"Draft card and drivers license."
Mac handed them to him.
"Alright sign here."
Mac signed the paper then made his way onto the train sitting down by a window then having Paladin sit next to him. Mac watched as the train pulled away from Ponyville tears fell from his face as he thought about his family and how he was leaving them. "I'm sorry" he said to himself as the train headed off into the night