The Dragon And The Mare

by Creative Punch

Chapter 2: A Dream And Reality

Sweetie finished her cider. Leaning back in her chair with a bit of frustration. Her ears flickering as she slowly undid her sword. "So you came?" she asked as a figure stepped out of the shadow.

"And give up on our little game? Never, I enjoy it too much," The figure said as it stepped out.

Sweetie felt a bit odd. As if she knew exactly what was going on but didn't know why. This was from something, she had heard all of this before.

"I grow tired of this game," She said as she stood up. She couldn't figure out where her words were coming from. As she turned though, her eyes focused on the figure. Gasping as she realized it was Spike. She suddenly knew where she was. The time of Discord's reign, the fighting of the royal families, the past. She also realized this was exactly like her book. She thought hard to recall anything to stop all of this.

"Sir Spike, stop this at once. Your king was defeated! Your crimes forgiven! Put down your sword," She said, but to no help.

The clang of sword crashes out as she parried a blow. Followed by another. Each one easy enough for a child to deflect.

"I can not until my business with the queen is done."

Sweetie stepped back, the room suddenly larger then she recalled, her head spinning. "And what business is that? The queen heard your plea for marriage, and she denied you."

"She denied me nothing."

Sweetie swung back, destroying a chair. "If she denied you nothing then why were you two not wed?"

"Because I asked for your hand, not hers." Spike Replied before going into another volley of attacks.

Sweetie gasped, face red. The sword in her hand deflecting another blow only to be knocked out of her hand. She looked around quickly. Finding no where to hide, she was forced back across the room farther and farther.

"Y-you'll receive no dowry. No power or land. And I will not fall to my knees at your whim like a chamber maid. "

"I know. In fact, Id rather it be that way. Chamber maids are so dull,"

Sweetie finally hit a wall. Looking behind her she noticed it was one of the wooden doors that opened in ward. Then suddenly a loud thwack. She looked down just in time to see the sword, driven through the side of her belt and into the door, trapping her.

"Why then? Why me?" She asked, tears in her eyes.

"Because Percilla, I love y-"

The sentence faded in her mind as she shot up awake. Heart feeling as if it would pound out of her chest. As she sat up she could feel the cool night breeze on her face and thanked Celestia for the pajamas she had on. Her horn started to glow as she reached out to grab a stuffed dragon that she tucked close to her chest and started to sniffle.

After a minute she looked down at the toy. She remembered getting it as a gift from Spike after he won it at the fair. 'I don't need it, I get plenty of dragon just being me,' He'd said as he had given it to her.

"Fine....." She said as she hugged it tighter. "I like him. I like him a lot," She flopped back down on the bed as she kept sniffling. "Why can't I like somepony normal. Who isn't in love with my sister and isn't a dragon......and sees me as something more."

She huffed again before slamming her hooves down on the bed. "Every ones gonna hate me." She reached under her bed, pulling out the extra blanket and hugging it tight. "Rarity will keep being the incredibly popular and oblivious fashonista till I say something and then hate me for moving in on her dragon. Mom and dad are gonna think it's weird and the town is gonna make fun of me. Good job sweetie. Way to screw up. You're an idiot and everyone knows it."

Her eyes watered up as tears ran down her cheek and she tried to go back to sleep.