The Gift of Forever

by KomodoBrony

The Party

“Thanks for helping me gather gems today dad. It’s been a while since we did anything together.”

Spike simply smiled in response to what his young Kirin daughter had stated. “Well it’s been hard since your mother passed and I shouldn’t let that stop me from being together with the most important people in my life right?”

Claire simply looked at her father with a heavy smile on her face, thinking about how much happier her dad was when her mom was around. She could tell that her father was still faking a smile even today, lost in his own mind of trying to find a reason to keep pushing forward in life.

“Well, I know she would be absolutely thrilled to see you up and about.” she said, trying to keep the elder dragons faith up. “Plus, me and T are still here and we aren’t going anywhere, not for a long time.”

Spike smiled at her “I know, and you two, your kids, and your aunt Twilight are the most important things in my life right now, and I don’t plan to let anything left unsaid in that time we have together.” Spike stopped his words when he felt his daughter run up to him and embrace him tightly; he eventually returned the gesture, trying hard not to hold her too hard. They both looked at each other with a smile painted across both their faces and continued the walk to the Boutique.

Claire was the first to walk in a noticed the lights were off. “Huh, could of sworn we left the lights on when we left.” she thought aloud. She eventually found the light switch and quickly turned the lights back on.


Claire was taken aback when she saw all her friends and family jump out when she turned the lights on. Her expression quickly changed to one of utter happiness when she realized what was going on.

“Happy birthday Claire” the mob of her friends and family continued.

Claire quickly rushed to her group of friends and embraced most of them tightly “Thank you all, this is such a nice surprise, I had almost forgot it was my birthday.”

“Well that’s just silly” Candy said, “No one should forget when such an amazing friend, like yourself, is brought into this world.”

Claire was flattered by Candy’s words but her attention quickly turned to a young white dragon-pony hybrid that ran through the guests and leapt into the air to embrace the elder Kirin with a warm smile. “Hi Identity honey, did you miss me. I know I missed you.” Claire spoke to her young Kirin daughter who simply nodded with a smile painted across her face.

“Happy birthday honey” spoke her husband, Prince Illusion, who was holding her cake, “Make a wish.”

Claire looked at the cake and pondered for a minute. “What can I wish for? I already have all I need here.” she said, making everyone smile at her before she blew out the candles.

“LETS PARTY” said Candy and her Mom as the festivities really started to pick up.

Spike simply walked into the main room and laid down. He knew by the end of the day there was something he had to do, something to tell Claire; but for now, ‘Let her have her fun’ he thought.