The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard

by HyperPhoenixPrism

Like Mother Like Son

That note, who wrote it? It's been on my mind ever since I saw it. I have to know who wrote this message. It could be anyone. Well...looks like I'm going to be reaserching helpful information.

"Where's mommy?" I said to myself. I was on the Show Stage walking and pacing around the room nervously. The "Toys" were looking at me curiously, more specially Freddy and Bonnie, while Chica was looking at me a little worried.

"Woah...what got you all worked up today Anthony?" Bonnie asked. I gave the note to Bonnie as he looked at me in confusion. "Where's mommy? What's that suppose to mean?" He gave me back the note and I looked at him.

"Exactly!" I began. "I need to know who wrote this message. It could mean something important!" I empathized the word important.

"How do you know if it IS important?" Freddy asked. Damn! He has a point.

"I might not sure if it is important or not, but I'm going to try to and find some leads to it." I said. "And by doing that, I'm going to start with the Game Area." I put the note in my pocket I walked to said area. I asked if anyone wanted to come with me as Chica ran beside me without hesitation. When we traveled to the Game Area, me...and Chica for some reason, went to look for clues one who could've written the message. After searching for a few minutes I couldn't help but think someone was watching me, the only person that I can think that would do that is-

'Hello...' And there it is.

"Hey Balloon Boy." I greeted and he just started to hug my legs. I could die of happiness if it wasn't for this note. Chica let out an "awww" when she saw me hugging Balloon Boy. When I was hugging, something popped up in my head. Why won't I get Balloon Boy to join me in this...somewhat investigation? It couldn't hurt could it?

"Hey Balloon Boy." He let's go of me and looks at me curiously. "Me and Chica were looking for clues on who could've wrote message," I gave him the notes. "do you have any ideas?" I asked. Balloon Boy looked at the note and frowned. I guess that means no huh?

"Oh well, thank you for trying anyway." Chica said.

"Would you like to help us?" I added. He looked at me for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders. With Balloon Boy on our side, we had more eyes to cover the restaurant, the bad news was that we haven't put those eyes to good use. Sure we looked everywhere in the place, but we couldn't find anything. We were going back to my office to take a break.

"*sigh* why is always such a chore to look for-" Before I could rant, I heard crunching sound on foot.

"Paper?" I looked down to see another note, at least that's what I thought it was.

"What does it say?" Chica asked. I unraveled the paper to see another message was written down.

IT'S ME!!!

- GF

GF? What's that suppose to mean? I gave a pondering look for a few minutes, it must've been a signature of some sort. I kept pondering about the sign until I felt Balloon Boy tugging my pants. I gave him a "what is it?" look while Balloon Boy pointed to the end of the hall. I tried to find something he was looking at, but I saw nothing.

"What am I looking at?" I asked him, but he kept pointing to the dark hall. I grabbed my flashlight and once I turned it on, all I saw the most terrifying face in the world, right next to the Maronette's face of course. All I saw was a broken down Freddy head, but it was yellow. What made it creepy was that left ear was completely off, and those souless eyes. Nothing creeps me out more than black eyes. Once I got a look at it, I accidentally dropped the flashlight in fear as the hall became dark again.

"What the hell was that?!" I shouted. Chica and Balloon Boy shrugged their shoulders. It must be my head playing games with me. I let out a groan of annoyance and went to pick up my flashlight. When I looked back up, it was back again, but now it revealed it's whole body. Everyone backed away from it including me.

"What do we do?" Chica asked me. We couldn't do anything but just stand there while it was staring at us. I looked at the note one more time. Time seemed to slow down as I looked at the initials.

"GF..." I said to myself. Maybe I really did have amnesia because something clicked inside my head.

"G-GOLDEN FREDDY!!" Everyone jumped a little at my outburst, including the bear. "Y-You were the one who wrote the message!!" The bear looked surprised as he started to fade away, possibly trying to get away. "Hey wait!" I tried to get him, but he was already gone.

"Where did he go?" Chica looked around the place to see if he was anywhere, but there was no such luck. I checked the cameras to see that the newly pronounced Golden Freddy was leaving the Main Hall.

"He's leaving the Main Hall" I declared. "We have to catch him!" I said as I bolted out the door. The last thing I saw was Chica picking up Balloon Boy because he couldn't run. I have to know if he wrote that message, if he did, then I would be able to help him out.


After running through the forest, I made it to Ponyville with Balloon Boy and Chica right beside me. After taking deep breaths from running, I saw Golden Freddy disappearing in front of Fluttershy's cottage.

"Oh no..." I murmured as I ran to the cottage. I gestured the animatronics to follow along before we lose Golden Freddy. Once we were at here door, my heart started to pound a little. My face starts to flush just from the thought of her. I quickly shook my head from the thoughts and took a deep breath. I knocked the doors and waiting for a few seconds.

"Who is it?" Said a cute and meek voice. My face turned even more red.

"I-It's me...Anthony." All I heard was an *eep* from the inside as the door opened. There she was, her pink mane curled so gracefully and her face so cute that it could melt even the coldess of hearts, metally and physically.

"H-Hello." Was all she said. Yeah, me and her would always get awkward with each other. I as usually the one to break the ice.




Okay this is not helping my case.

" Do you see anything strange outside your cottage at any time?" I asked hoping to get a yes from here.

"Um...I don't think so." She said, until she gave a look of realization hit her. "Oh no! Should I have?!" She became fearful again. Seeing her frightened just crushes my heart.

"N-No! It's just animatronic got loose again." I gave a sheepish look. Fluttershy gasped at the news.

"Oh my...d-did the Marionette come back again?"

"Well not exactly, it's-" I did a double take on what Fluttershy said. " do you know who the Marionette is?" I asked. She stepped backed a bit before answering.

"Well...Twilight told us to meet everypony at her place. She told us about what happened this morning when you were in the Everfree Forest." I let out an annoyed grunt. "You're not mad are you?" She looked at me with those amazing teal eyes, I could get tranced in it all day, wait WHAT?!

"I could never get angry at something so cute like you." I immediately clamped my hands to mouth in embarrassment. A flushed face is Fluttershy was lookng at. I just couldn't stop myself from saying that. GOD!! I feel like an idiot right now.

"T-Thank you." I looked at her again to see her twirling her mane with her finger looking just as red as I was. I purposely cleared my throat when Chica tapped my shoulder.

"I'm sorry to break your heart warming moment, but isn't there an animatronic we were supposed to catch?" She asked. My eyes widened because I totally forgot about that.

"Oh crap!! S-sorry Fluttershy I gotta go." I gave a her note for her to read. "If you anything like this note, make sure you notify me alright?" She nodded. I saw Balloon Boy point closer to the town, so I ran to try and find out where he was. The last thing I saw from Fluttershy was that she was holding the note close to her heart and giving a dreamy sigh before going back inside her cottage. I raised my eyebrow before going to the town. I didn't want to look suspicious because of the on-the-loose animatronic, so I just walked putting on my innocent smile to those who say hi to me. It only took a few minutes before I saw Golden Freddy. We were in the clear anyway, so we could run all we want.

"There he is!" Chica shouted. I saw him disappearing in the Carousel Boutique, oh great, it looks like he went inside the building. I knocked on the door to see Rarity answer it.

"Oh Deary...Anthony what are you doing here?" She asked. Here she is, looking like the drama queen she is, looking shocked as ever, with her hand on her heart and everything. She's lucky she's hot...Wait WHAT!?!? That was weird.

"I'm actually here because animatronic escaped in my place and...I'm in assumption that it may have came here." I backed a bit in embarrassment. Rarity looked like was shocked and scared at the same time.

"A-a-a-anoth-th-ther o-one?" That's weird, for a second it looked like she was about to- oh no.

"Rarity!!" Thank the Lord for my reflexes or else I wouldn't have caught her in time. I placed on her couch a waited for her to wake up for a minutes, during that time I looked around the place to see if Golden Freddy was anywhere in sight, sadly, there wasn't. After looking around the place, Balloon Boy told me that Rarity was starting to wake up, with gestures of course. I went to the living room to see Rarity slowly opening her eyes and looked at me.

"Rarity, you ok?" I asked. Rarity looked at me with half lidded eyes. I could've sworn I saw hearts in them. "Uh...Rarity?" I asked again, this time she snapped out her trance and blushed out of embarrassment.

"Oh...sorry, I Uh...w-what was it that you wanted to talk about dear?" She asked. I looked at her oddly but then told the problem.

"There's an animatronic on the loose, and I suspect that he came into this area." I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the message and gave it to her. "Notify me if you see this message." I said and she nodded. I checked the house once more before saying goodbye. That's weird, Rarity doesn't usually act like that. Is Golden Freddy doing that to her? I kept thinking about the possibilities before hearing out the window what sounded like a squeal. I looked to see Rarity hugging a pillow, almost snuggling or nuzzling it with a huge smile and blush placed on her face.

"What the?" I was more confused than anything, Golden Freddy is gotta be the one doing this. "That's so strange."

"What's strange?" Chica asked.

"Everyone that I went to visit so far were either sighing dreamily or just looked flustered in general." I had this thinking look my face. "You don't think Golden Freddy is behind all of this do you?" I looked at Chica to see that she padded my shoulder.

"Maybe not, but I think it could be someone else doing all this lovy-dovy stuff." Chica stepped closer without me noticing while...fluttering her eyes at me? I's a good...uh...I know she gives me affection, but...sometimes a bit to much. I backed away from her personally space a continued to walk wherever Golden Freddy was. From afar, Anthony didn't realize that Chica looked at Balloon Boy, only see his unamused face looking at her.

"What?" Was all Chica said.

Me, Chica, and Balloon Boy have been walking for what seemed like hours...well Balloon Boy kind of waddled, but it still counts as walking. Thank goodness Balloon Boy was like a detecter, or else we wouldn't be able to find Golden Freddy anywhere, and man he was MOVING! The candy store, the dentistry, the town hall, even the flower shop, It was like playing a game of cat and mouse with him. We were all tired due to the running and chasing after him, especially Chica. She had to carry Balloon Boy everywhere because he couldn't run. I told her I'll carry him next time, in which she gadly accepted the offer. After a few minutes I saw Balloon Boy pointing at a random direction.

"What is it BB?" I asked, he emphasized his pointing, which probably meant he was around here somewhere. After a few minutes of trying to find out where he was pointing, it turns out we were going to the Sweet Apple Acres, oh boy.

"Well, he we are." I stated as Chica pointed to the place.

"And there here is!" I looked to where Chca pointed and saw Golden Freddy disappearing again. I gave a sigh of annoyance before going to the barn. Not to long far the path, I saw Applejack carrying a bucket of apples so I decided to say hi to her. I tapped her on the shoulder, but unfortunately for me she almost dropped the bucket.

"Gahhhh!!!" She slightly yelped. I help her with her bucket so it wouldn't be able to fall. She looked at me and gave a sigh of relief before scolding me. "Dang Nabit Anthony! Don't scare me like that!" She yelled. I slighty scrached my head with a sheepish smile on my face.

"S-Sorry AJ, I needed to talk to you about something." I walked with her to the barn to put the apples away. I followed AJ to the barn and told Chica and Balloon Boy to come with me. Once we went inside she put the bucket down on a bunch of hay and looked.

"So...what did ya need t' talk 'bout?" Her tone of voice seemed more curious than anything, she probably forgave me for the little scare, but why so quickly?

"Well, it's about an animatronic."

"An animawhata?"

"An animatronic, you know like these two here." I gestured to Chica and Balloon Boy. Applejack looked at them and looked surprised for a second.

"So yer those animal thingies that tried ta scare me and mah friends." Oh boy, jumping to conclusions again, I jumped in the conversation before it could get out of hand.

"Technically, Golden Freddy was the cause of all that, not these two." I simply said.

"Wait...who?" She asked.

"Golden Freddy is an animatronic is the only one that doesn't a physical way. The Marionette, which I'm sure Twilight had told you about-"

"She has."

"She has this spiritual thing about her, while Golden Freddy has the same thing. He was the one saying "It's me" when you guys were in the building, and the one currently one the loose." I lowered my voice hoping she wouldn't hear the last part. Sadly she did.


"We came because Balloon Boy here detected that Golden Freddy came here in this building." Applejack looked puzzled.


'Hi...' I looked down at Balloon Boy which was behind my legs, pretending but not failing to be cute. As Balloon Boy was slowly peeking out of my legs, Applejack kneeled down to hs level and smiled warmly at him.

"Well ain't ya just a cute little feller." I couldn't help but smile, so I picked him up and held him like a baby.

"I know, when I first saw him I practically died because of his CUTENESS!!!" I gave him a big squeeze of affection and he gave it back. When I looked back at the girls they had a look of...jealousy? It's probably nothing. I put Balloon Boy down and looked at Applejack.

"Look, do you mind if we look around the barn for a bit? I just don't want anyo-pony to get hurt." Again, another slip of the tongue. Thankfully, Applejack hadn't noticed the slip-up.

"Uh...sure?" Applejack seemed unsure, but I can't blame her. I told Balloon Boy to lead until he bumped into something. He looked and saw as well as me and Chica. What we saw was a hulking red fured stallion with a sort of blonde mane, it was more like a light orange though. Balloon Boy looked up at the figure, being more curious than me. At first the stallion looked at him a bit confused before smiling warmly a picking him up.

"Well howdy big brother! You here for the apples?" Applejack asked.

"Eeyup." Was all he said. I looked at Applejack to see she finally realized something.

"Oh! Sorry, Anthony, this is mah big brother Big Macintosh." She said. I went up to him and offer him a hand shake, the only problem was that when he gripped my hand, I winced a bit at his strength.

"That's quite the grip you got there." I said sheepishly.

"Eeyup." I'm guessing he's not the one to talk much. After a few seconds it was starting to get awkward really fast, so I had to think of something.

"Uh hey, why don't I introduce to my friends? Uh, this right here is Chica..." she gave a small wave. "and the one your holding onto is Balloon Boy." I saw Balloon Boy hug his face when Chica let out an "awww" again.

"So your Anthony huh?" Wow he's got a deep voice. "My sis has been talkin' alot 'bout ya." I looked at Applejack to see her smiling sheepishly with a blush on her cheeks. Now that I look at him, he seemed really muscular, I bet the mares chase after him everyday, he is an earth pony after all. Big Macintosh wore a red and white square patterned shirt with blue overalls that's has one button. The weird thing about him was that if he didn't have red fur and had dark brown hair, he would probably be a good inpersonator for that Ralph guy in...what was that movie again? I'll think about it later.

"Look, Mr. Macintosh-"

"Just call me Big Mac." He said. I was suprised of what he said.


"A friend of mah sister is a friend of mine." Um...ok? Why do I need your approval again? I better not say that out loud though.

"Uh, thanks. Anyway, do you think that we can check around your house? Something been lurking around here of mine and we're trying to get it back."

"Eeyup." He gave me the go ahead as I went towards inside the barn with my partners. I told Balloon Boy to lead the way so that we could find Golden Freddy more easily. The good news was that we GOT to see the whole barn, the bad news was that we HAD to see the whole barn. Golden Freddy was moving from one place to another. Eventually we had to leave the place because Golden Freddy was going back to the Everfree Forest. I bid Applejack and Big Mac a farewell to catch Golden Freddy once and for all.

"Look there he is!" Shouted Chica. I picked up Balloon Boy and chased the spirit to the forest. After a few minutes we finally made it back to my own building. We went inside and ran to the Office to stop him.

"Balloon Boy! Now!" I said. Balloon Boy started giggling as Golden Freddy stood there frozen Balloon Boy has a weird set of powers, powers that I will never figure out . I was suprised, not because that we couldn't teleport no thanks to Balloon Boy, but that he genuinely seemed suprised.

"Ok Golden, I have a few questions to ask you." I said sternly. I was a litte upset that I had to chase him all through of Ponyville, so I'm not letting this opportunity go to waste.

"The note that said "It's Me" when I first looked at it. The signature's on it was labeled GF, meaning Golden Freddy, am I right?" He gave a slow nod. "When I read the "where's mommy?" note, it matched the same hand writing with the "It's me" note even though it was difficult to realize that. Don't tell me you didn't write the "where's mommy" note." I looked at him few seconds to notice his expression went from sad to downtrottened. Balloon Boy padded his back while I kneeled down to see him.

"So, DO you know where your mother is?" Chica asked. Golden Freddy looked back at Chica, then back to me.

"Well? Do you?" I said. I was starting to understand him a little more, that's why I said that in a soft tone. Eventually he nodded a "no" and I stood back up. "Just as I thought." I said. Chica seemed to have a worried look when she spoke.

"So what do we do now?" She asked.

"We're going to help him." My answer confused both Balloon Boy and Chica.

"Help him? With what?"

"There's only thing we can do." I said.

"We're going to find Golden's mother."