Keeper and Nighty's adventures in Ponyville

by The Keeper

first day in Ponyville

“What?” I looked at my brother with a bit of confusion.

“Ya dude, Nighty needs to go to school to learn shtuff and you need something other then being a smart ass to do with your free time, be a supportive uncle!” Night explained, I thought about this for a few moments then looked back at him.

“And where would we be staying?”

“Well you could live with Twilight or you can live in the random house I bought there.” How thoughtful.

“Very well, we will leave-”

“Oh ya she has school 5 minutes.” He put on his troll face as I grew a look of shock.

“DAMMIT!” I yelled and ran down halls looking for Nighty. She was in the throne room with her sisters learning how to be a princess. I would have stopped and listened to the song but I had about 3 minutes left. “NIGHTY! TIME FOR SCHOOL!” I picked her up and she let out a heart attack sqweek, my horn glowed and in a flash We were outside the Ponyville school. “Made it.” I sighed and set her down. “I’ll come and get you after school ok?”

“Yes uncle Pee.” Oh my gods! She just called me that! I heard in Canterlot Night’s laughs of proudness.

“Alright, have a good day at school.” I turned and walked down path that lead to the school and into the town, I know I looked strange from the strange and feared looks I was getting. “I am not in the habitat of the Pinkieas Pieas. I must be vigilant and keep a eye out for a pink-” I was then tackled to the ground, holy shit this pink pony is stronger the Applejack and Rainbow Dash combined.

“Hiya mister Keeper! What are you doing here!? Twilight is going to spazz!” How the hell did she learn that word? I must give off IQ points or something.

“Well under order of Night I am to live here with his daughter as she attends school.” I spoke in a intelligent voice.

“Oh, OH! We should have a party for you and Nighty! I’ll call it ‘Welcome to Ponyville Keeper and Nighty party’!” She then ran off in a excited manner.

“I will never understand that pink ball of energy.” I mumbled and began walking again, it was during this time I found the house, it looked like one of those background houses in show. “Wonderful.” I muttered taking the key’s out of no where. I unlocked the door and walked in, the place was dark, and DUSTY! I turned to the windows and opened the cruten’s, the light flooded the room and I could see that most of everything was covered with sheets. “Argh this is going to be a long day...” I muttered as my horn began to glow.

------2 hours and a lot of dust later!------

I opened the door and let the cloud of dust rush out like a flood. “Well that’s done.” I laughed and noticed Nighty walking towards the house. “How the hay did you find the house and why are you here early?” As she got closer I saw shw was crying lightly and had a slight black eye. “Awwwww shhhhiiiiiit.” I rushed over to her and got a better look. “Honey what happened?”

“T-these kids at school had some other kid hit me.” We’re boned.

“Your father is going to bring execution to Equestria for this. Don’t worry sweety I’ll go to school with you tomorrow and talk with your teacher.” She nodded and with a sniff she walked into the house. “Your room is on the second floor to the right, first room!” I called after her and walked inside.

----The next day!----

I swear if they pick on me then I’m going back to Canterlot. I was walking towards the school with Nighty on my back giggling like she was being tickled. As we got closer to the school I could here the kids inside laughing and talking about shtuff then I heard Cheerilee call for silence. “Let’s do this!” I looked as tho I was going to kick the door down but instead I opened it gently.

“Hello? Oh my...” Cheerilee gasped at my presence and so did a lot of the kids. “M-may I help you sir?” She gulped.

“Yes, you can.” I spoke in my calm but scary voice. I extended my wing and set down Nighty. I heard some more gasps from the kids that most likely did it. “My niece came home the other day and-” She cut me off.

“Yes, she left before school ended.” Oh shit she went into teacher mode. “For that she is to be in det-” I cut her off with the royal Canterlot caps lock.

“DO NOT INTRUPT ME!” I boomed making the whole classroom shut up! But Nighty was trying not to laugh. “SHE CAME HOME WITH A BLACK EYE AND SHE WAS CRYING! DO YOU KNOW WHO HER FATHER IS?” I turned and glared at the class with my dragon eyes. “THE KING HIMSELF, NOW DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TROBLE YOU WOULD BE IN IF HE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS?” I saw that three kids were shivering in pure terror, I know it was them now cause the other kids were just trying to block out my caps lock. I looked back to Cheerilee with my normal eyes. “And this would have gone punished. To you, and the parents of the children responsible if I chose to write a letter. But it was and is a problem I can fix. If this is going to happen again then Father Night will be coming to Ponyville with a few guards.” I looked back to the children and saw the guilty ones hiding under their desks. I looked down at Nighty, who had a large smile on her face. “Have a nice day at school, and tell me if something happens.” I turned and looked at Cheerilee. “And I would like to talk to you after hours. Good day.” I turned and left the building but stook around a moment to listen to all the kids rush towards Nighty.

“You dad is the king?! NO WAY!”

“That’s awesome! Maybe next school trip we can meet him!” Then I heard Nighty talk.

“Ya! But don’t make him mad tho! He kicked some guy in the face for being mean to me.” I heard a lot of gulps.

“So who was the big scary guy just now?”

“That was my uncle the Keeper! He’s cool too, but not as cool as dad!” They all began to laugh. Well I feel like shit now. Meh, I walked home and looked around the interior.

“This place needs a library.” I muttered.