by TheJoker

Well, I guess Im sort of a princess...

War, its all I remember it's what I was born into, in a way you could say it is a metaphor for all that I've done. Here, to make it simple I will start from the beginning maybe you'll be slightly less confused, alright here goes nothing.

It was the end of the year, the year 2,205 was upon us of course I wasn't born then but, my mom and dad were both alive. They loved each other, my mom would tell me stories of how much they were in love, it was kinda sad really they... I'm getting off track anyways. They worked pretty close together, she worked as a manager at a company that developed medicines and cures for deadly diseases, He worked at a weapons company in the coolest part, The RnD he got to test all the badass weapons that the worlds military used, she managed things I guess. One day at my moms job they had been working on reverse engineering diseases to cure beings rather than infect but, something was wrong the man mixing the chemicals in the lab was not a worker in fact he had no records of ever being in the building. My mom noticed and went to stop but, before she could he had finished whatever he was making, he made a run with it.

My mom chased after him then people began to notice someone made it to a security breach alarm Suddenly all doors began to close, it was too late. The man had reached his destination, a Machine that automatically mass produced medicine and have it shipped out to hospitals almost immediately, with the doors on lock down there was no way to stop it from spreading. Whatever that man had made it was deadly and it had already started spreading throughout the city, according to my dad the man had made a horrible disease that still in a way plagues us. The man was arrested soon after but, the disease had already began spreading, eventually the disease was named; red death because of one of its symptoms caused skin to turn a red fleshy color and make that skin weak. It was a epidemic all around the world people were dying And no one could figure out even a way to slightly combat the disease. The people of that time had no hope, that was until people like me were discovered.

The most strange thing about the disease was that it took females of all age longer to die from it. There it was the weakness, the disease it so to say is almost like a monster who needs things to kill, in turn every time a women is infected they have a chance, a chance not to die but, a chance to live as something we now call 'The Queens'. The reason the woman survives is to create monsters and build armies under the control of the disease in other words the disease, red death requires conflict. If all humans are dead that ends so they created these queens, mutated human woman that have pale white skin, they all have similarities such as black hair, no human organs and genitals. The most interesting thing is the backpack-sized shell like organism that grows on there back it contains a series of tentacles most likely eight or nine. These tentacles allow the hatching of the diseases monsters and to create hoards and... Even swarms of them. 10 years ago earth was a war haven, all the Queens that had survived built armies fought eventually there were few humans, exactly 8 human men and nine Queens.

Eventually deciding they wanted to live they joined forces hoping to survive together, it was a good plan however earth was now a apocalypse full of wild monsters. The Queens and human men decided to leave earth taking the militaries biggest interplanetary travel ship they left earth in hope of finding a new planet. My mother was a surviving Queen my father died protecting her earlier in the war for earth, my mom tells me she was pregnant before the disease and was afraid because she had no... y' know she wouldn't be able to have but, miraculously I was born she still won't tell me now. I am now stuck on this giant ship waiting to find home I guess, I recently turned 12 Oh I guess I didn't mention I was born a Queen well... If my mom was a queen doesn't that make me a princess? Who knows. Anyways I can use my tentacles now, which is kinda cool I can use them to walk which is fun, I mean yeah its kinda strange but, mom does it so yeah. So now that your caught up here we are on the flagship home sweet home... right?

Sitting up from my bed I let out I long yawn, from my giant bed, mom said that I got one of the best rooms on the ship that included the best bed. Mom was across the room pulling certain things out of our closet, Giving my my eyes a rub I looked at her curiously.

"Whatchya doing?" I ask suddenly causing her to jump as she realized who it was she gave playful smile and walked over to me.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack, silly?" she pushed me down on the bead and nuzzled me while tickling me. I couldn't help but, break into uncontrollable laughter.

"STOP, STOP stop please its too much hahaha!" I playfully screamed as she let go of me, still laughing a bit a she gave me a kiss on the head.

"You wanna know what I was doing?" She asked.

"yes please mah!" I said joking

"DO NOT call me mah! Anyways I was packing we might have a good one..." she started trailing off.

"We might have a home?!" I have shouted.

"Yes but, don't get your hopes up there is a lotta strange reading around the planet so we probably wont land." She said looking away.

"Hey mom?"


"What happens when we run out of fuel?"

"Well... hey would you look at that there it is." She said changing the subject to the beautiful planet out my window.

"Woah! Its so pretty." looking at the planet, it was green blue with clouds all over, we could see huge mountains and massive oceans.

"Alright I'm gonna go check with sergeant Johnson you stay right here Keira" she started to leave.

"WAIT one more hug?" I pleaded, quickly wrapping her arms around me she took off locking the door. They usually have me locked in my room especially after what happened with the weapons systems. I give a shudder as the memory fills my head, heading to the couch in front of the window I sit down and stare at the planet. It's so gorgeous healthy, I just imagine how it feels to touch ground and earth again well technically i've never touched ground but, the thought still interested me. Looking at that was enough to distract me from the giant asteroid heading straight for us... Wait what?! Looking out the window there is an asteroid the size of I don't think I've ever seen anything besides the flagship... I NEED TO TELL MOM. Running to the door I try to open it remembering it's locked. Dammit. I try banging on the door but, nothing not even a muff-


It was all I heard as the asteroid destroyed the hull of the ship, my room did what it was designed to do, It began locking down and then a metallic voice began to play.

"Hull integrity compromised, beginning escape pod procedures"

"N-No don't, Don't leave not yet!" I say shakily picking myself up but its too late, launching from the ship my room becomes some kind of space lifeboat. I am pulled into a chair of some kind as a seatbelt latches around me, I scream as I began to feel pressure build around me and heat I start to sweat in my simple red hoodie and sweatpants The pod finished locking the window on the back of the pod which I am facing I catch one last glimpse of the fiery ship as the pod door closes. Then I do something incredibly stupid I faint.


Twilight sparkle died... under pinkies weight as she carried through the everfree.

"You know for someone as fast and nimble as you pinkie your pretty darn heavy." Twilight complained.

"You took the bet Twi and I won fair and pinky square!" she sang in her usual high pitched voice. Twilight had lost a bet on the way to the everfree with pinkie who decided to tag along to inspect some kind of weird machine that had fell from the sky. The bet was to see stay silent longer and somehow, someway pinkie won. Twilight tried not to focus on pinkies weight and more the crater they had just entered there was a weird metal like canister about the size of a thermos. Strangely Twilight discovered it had equestrian written on it! It said probe 13-b, fascinated she took a step closer as she did a boom sound could be heard, almost as loud a sonic rainboom. Pinkie was the first to notice.

"HEY twilight look a shooting star! I wish for... rarity to have a big nose!"

"Wait no pinkie thats not a shooting star... Thats a-"


"What no! its a-" Twilight was interrupted again as the strange object hit the ground with a rumbling boom.

Red death has hit Equestria.... Well sort of....