Father's Day- Sequel of Angel Kisses

by Vanilla Mocha

Father's Day

Young Applejack sat in her wooden desk chair at school. Only ten minutes, and school would be out. The filly was longing to go see her dad; it had been almost a year since she had last seen him. Her bright green eyes watched the as the shiny, black second hand on the school clock behind the teacher's desk slowly made its way from the number five to the number six, halfway through the minute. The orange earth pony sighed; her back hooves tapped the floor as she was anxious to be out of school.

She looked out the window, which was on her left. A mare and a stallion strolled, and what looked like a young colt, younger than her, walked in between what looked like his parents. He and who was supposedly his dad talked with each other, while the mare only smiled, seeming satisfied, if not actually happy. Applejack sighed again, and turned around to look inside her classroom. Only about eight more minutes, and she knew she would be doing the same thing.

A few ponies passed notes; their teacher had strictly warned them to not talk. Another orange earth pony with curly orange yellow hair, Carrot Top, had received a note from a light yellow pony with red hair named Roseluck. When Carrot Top opened up her letter, a smile grew on her face as she was already eagerly writing back her friend, who seemed just as excited to get the reply. Roseluck snickered when she read what her friend had wrote. Glancing at Applejack before writing her back, the smile had grown wider.

Finally school was out. After sitting in her desk for what seemed like an eternity, the orange filly began running towards her home at the farm. But then, a thought hit her. She turned back around and nervously walked towards Roseluck.

"Hey, Roseluck... can I ask you a question?" The filly asked shyly.

"I don't know... can you?" Roseluck teased back, Carrot Top joining in on laughing with her best friend.

"Ha, ha. But seriously, I need your help with something." The filly asked, not in the mood for jokes.

"Hmm... what is it? And it is Father's Day, ya'know, so I had better get back home quick, ya'know." The pony said, suddenly acting sophisticated, her chin high in the air.

"Well... that's what I need help with." The pony confessed, looking down at the ground, feeling embarrassed.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Roseluck can totally help you with that! She's the best at advice! Right, Roseluck?" Young Carrot Top said quickly.

"Yup. So, whatcha need help with, country pony?" The red maned filly asked, acting nonchalant.

"Can I see your garden? I need something from it... if you don't mind." Applejack replied, becoming more embarrassed.

"See? Take a note here, Carrot. Ponies without their cutiemarks always come to the ponies like us; they know our special talents!" Roseluck paused a minute, then looking at Applejack, she continued. "But... you live on a, ya'know, farm. Why do you need to see my garden?"

"You... have... um... something I don't... and that I know my dad will like... just trust me." Applejack forced a smile.

"Okay... but don't get your hopes up. This stuff is for sale, ya'know. I ain't giving it out for free." Roseluck motioned for the two ponies to follow, and they did.

"Okay, here's my grapes, tomatoes... seriously, filly. You live on a farm! And, why my garden? Carrot Top over here just got her cutiemark growing carrots! She's probably way better than me. Besides, I thought your dad was-"

"What are those?" Applejack interrupted, not wanting to talk about her dad.

"Roses... like my name, ya'know, Roseluck. But seriously, this is for your dad. Give'em something he can at least eat! Stallions like eating, ya'know." Roseluck's face quickly had a grin grow on it. "Unless he's gay!" She teased.

"Hey! My pa's not gay! I have a ma! She's a mare! My pa's a stallion!" Young Applejack quickly defended, cutting off the laughter of Carrot Top and Roseluck.

"Okay, okay... I was just teasing." Roseluck sighed. "So, what do you want?"

"A rose... please."

"But guys don't like roses! It's Father's Day, not Mother's Day!"

"I know... and I'll come back and get a rose when it is. But please, can I have one?"

"Got a bit?"

"Yeah..." Applejack sighed.

"Hey, honey. You selling a rose?" Roseluck's dad asked as he walked into the small greenhouse behind Roseluck's cottage.

"Oh, hiya daddy! And yes, I just sold this here rose to Applejack!" She exclaimed, running towards the stallion. Applejack watched as the father and daughter exchanged a hug. She could feel tears forming in her eyes.

"So, are you having a good day, Carrot?" The stallion asked the orange filly standing next to Applejack.

"Yes, sir! In fac-" Carrot Top was cut off by Roseluck.

"Of course she had a good day today, daddy! What kind of stupid question is that, ya'know? I mean, she's at my house, ya'know. And it's not like her parents a dead like Applejack's over here, ya'know. And why'd you buy that rose if he's not even here? I mean, ya'know, that is the rumor. Been the rumor for, like, almost a year."

Applejack gasped. She didn't want to be here right now, with these ponies, with this feeling of woe crashing down upon her. Not here, not now. She could feel her face becoming red; her eyes flooded with tears as the painful memories came back of the horrific day her parents passed. She grasped the rose in her mouth, and ran out the door.

She couldn't hear what the other ponies were saying. She didn't even care. With the gift in her mouth she ran as fast as her legs would let her until she could be back on the quiet, peaceful farm.

She slowed down as she entered a forest near the end of the farm. She crept through it, careful not to step on anything. The sun was beginning to set, and she knew she wouldn't be able to see for so long. As she walked along, her heartbeat got louder, and her tears burned her eyes. But she wanted to see her father.

"Pa... pa? I know you probably can't hear me... I just want to tell you something." Applejack said, stepping forward. Her eyes closed to avoid both tears flowing out, and seeing the small, family-made graveyard at the very edge of the farm.

Two tombstones sat there; one right next to the other. One for Applejack's mother, and one for her father. She sat down between them, and after rubbing her eyes and nose, she whispered,

"Some ponies... just don't git it. They'll whine and cry; say stupid things they shouldn't to their parents. I know I did to, but... I shouldn't have. When you've been livin' life like I have for so long, you'll finally understand why I feel this way. Why I protect you when they're not even here... why I love you like as if you or ma never left me, still living here... I don't know why I'm down here today... I don't even understand. But I do know one thing... this father's day... is the first one that I haven't been able to hug you tightly or tell you that I love you. Well, I do love you; happy Father's Day, pa."

She sat down the flower in her dad's grave, and sat up. Glancing back one last time before going back through the forest, she smiled. The sun was set, and navigating through the forest was hard, but she did it. When she got out, she looked into the sky. Two comets illuminated the starry sky, headed from where Applejack came from behind the forest, and crossing over the Apple's barn.

"Goodnight, Ma. Goodnight, Pa. And Happy Father's Day." Young Applejack whispered, a single tear falling down her freckled cheek, as if kissing her goodnight.