Locked Away

by Antesha


And so the night went on. Dash and Fluttershy shared a few kisses, and Dash occasionally went out into the canteen to raid a vending machine for food to share. She was quite aware they'd get a mouthful by principal Celestia in the morning, but right now she didn't care. All of her thoughts and emotions were on Fluttershy at the moment. As the night progressed, her love for Fluttershy grew, as she realised what a beautiful and delicate person Shy was. By the time 12:00pm came. Dash was curled up in Fluttershy's arms, the two of them fast asleep. By the time the janitors found them the next morning, Fluttershy was sent to the hospital, and Rainbow was let off the hook on account that it wasn't her fault they had been locked in. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash kept the memories of that night, and their love for each other away from the other girls. Deep down in their hearts, they would never forget it.