Locked Away

by Antesha


Rainbow practically jumped down the entire flight of stairs to get to Fluttershy. She had fallen down practically the entire flight of stairs, and it hadn't left her in a good state. Her left leg was twisted in a way it shouldn't be, and her arm was heavily bleeding. Rainbow began to well up with tears as she ran to her friend's side.
"Fluttershy! Oh dear Celestia, what happened?!".
Dash hugged Fluttershy with all her heart, she'd never seen her this injured before. Her leg could be broken! How would she move? Questions began spinning through Rainbow's mind. But one stood out from them all, a horrible question. What if Fluttershy didn't survive? There was no way of calling an ambulance, the power was out. And Dash wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing her best friend had died before her very eyes.
"Oh Dash, please, leave me, I'm fine. Really, I am". Fluttershy tried to get up, but she suddenly felt a sharp sting in her leg. She let out an almighty scream, and crumpled back into a ball on the floor. Tears began to stream down Rainbow's face. She had to think fast, and had to get Fluttershy to safety. How would she get the girl to move though, considering Fluttershy was paralyzed from the waist down. An idea sprang to Rainbow's mind, though she wasn't very fond of it. With all her might, she lifted Shy up off the ground, and onto her back. All the while, Fluttershy let out small squeals of pain. It took around 15 minutes but eventually the two reached the first-aid office. Dash lay Fluttershy down on one of the beds, she looked almost dead, never opening her eyes and barely breathing. Rainbow Dash had never seen her friend this injured before. She took off her white top and wrapped it around Shy's heavily-bleeding arm. At the moment, Rainbow didn't really care that she was sitting there topless in her black sports bra, she had to put pressure on the arm to stop Fluttershy from bleeding to death. Luckily there was a white vest in the corner of the room that one of the students must have left behind. Rainbow slipped into it and surprisingly, it fit perfectly. The room was completely silent, the two simply sat there. Rainbow had never been so scared in her entire life. All of a sudden, Fluttershy spoke.
"Dash?" she said without opening her eyes, "Are you there?"
"Of course", she replied. Fluttershy let out a small sigh.
"I'm sorry for kissing you"