The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard

by TheStrategicGod

The Royal Meeting

Ugh...finally the Marionette is put back in the box. I wonder what would happen if she did get her revenge on me...Uh actually I thinks it's best that I don't know. Twilight said that I had to go to her house again for something important today. But to leave my animatronics again? I'm not sure what to do, maybe I ask the "Toys" of what I should do.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

After I finished putting the Marionette back in it's place I sat down on the floor panting while leaning on the table. The "Toys" looked at me with astonishment.

"Wow." Freddy said, having no words to say.

"I didn't think it could be done." Bonnie said, looking just as speechless as Freddy was.

"MY HERO!!" I assumed that was Chica because all I saw was yellow fur hugging me and nuzzling me affectionately, and every time she does this, I start to blush a bit, probably because I'm not use to Chica hugging me, heck I'm not use to any girl or... animatronic hugging me.

"Ok...Chica, you can let go now." I said awkwardly said as Chica looked at me in embarrassment and her beak turned red. A few minutes later I got my stamina I looked at the box with the Marionette inside it.

'You'd think it would take less time to wind up the music box, but I can't complain, it really strengthens your arm as well.' I thought. I stretched my right arm, wincing a bit at the soreness as Chica noticed.

"Here, let me get that for you." She simply said. She went to my right side and massaged my shoulder. Her hands felt so heavenly, she added a little pressure to my shoulders, but not so much at the same time. After she was done I stood up and thank her. I noticed the blush on her beak and looked at her weirdly. You know, now that I think about Chica, she seems oddly weird around me all the time. I guess it's probably nothing.

" that the Marionette is in the box again, what now?" Bonnie asked. I stopped midway since I didn't think about that until now. Actually, that reminded me of something.

"Well, I have to get back to Twilight's today." Chica widened her eyes and looked at me.

"What? Why?!" She seemed nervous for some reason, but before she would become anxious I raised my hand at her.

"I was getting to that. You see...I didn't want to leave you guys again, but she said I had to get there ASAP. So...I was wondering about your opinion on what I should do." I said. The only response I got from them was a shrug from Feddy's shoulders.

"Well...we could come with you." I widened my eyes because I didn't even think of that. Why didn't I? Anyway it was my turn to shrug my shoulders.

"I guess it shouldn't be a problem, and besides, this would give you a chance to see the outside world for the first time." I smiled as the "Toys" pumped their fists in victory. I thought it would be a good opportunity myself. I just hope they don't cause any mischief.

(Golden Oaks Library)

As me and the "Toys" finally made to Twilight's house, they all had amazed smiled on their faces.

"Wow! This is Twilight's house?" Chica asked curiously. I nodded and smiled.

"Welcome my Toys, to the Golden Oaks Library!" I exclaimed. As they were looking around the house slash library, I knocked on the door only to see Spike in front of it.

"Oh hey Anthony, your just in time." As he gestured to join inside. I motioned the "Toys" to come inside along with. As the "Toys" went inside the somewhat treehouse, Spike had a sudden realization look on his face probably knowing who the "Toys" were.

"Hey! Look who's back! It's...who are you guys again?" Or probably not. I facepalmed on the inside and gave a big sigh on the outside.

"Spike these were the animatronics I was talking about when you guys came to inspect the restaurant." I gestured to the group.

"This is Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy, the leader of the animatronics." I stated as they gave hand shakes one at a time. Spike called down Twilight as Twilight looked her notes as she was walking down the stairs. She noticed me a and smiled.

"Oh hey Anthony, thank you for coming on such a short notice." She sheepishly smiled and I lightly chuckled.

"Don't worry Twilght, what was the emergency anyway?" Twilight gave a thoughtful look.

"It not an emergency per say, it's more like a-" Her sudden stop made me confused a bit, until I noticed her looking at the animatronics.

"I-I'm sorry but...have we met somewhere before?" She said, in which is where I stepped in.

"Twilight, these are the animatronics that were with us a few days ago when you guys were in the restaurant." It looked like Twilight had a sudden click in her memory.

"Oh Yeah! Um...okay, let me see if I can get your names." Twilight closed one eye and stuck her tongue out. Seeing her trying her hardest to remember what the names kind of made me laugh on the inside. "Yours is...Chica, you...Bonnie, and your names is...Freddy?" She seemed unsure, but she got it all right.

"Well at least YOU remember the names." I smiled and looked at Spike as his cheeks reddened in embarrassment. After the introductions were done I finally looked at Twilight realizing why we're here in the first place.

"So Twilght, why did you want me to come here anyway?" I asked. Twilight widened her eyes and told me to wait for her to get something. It only took a few seconds for her to come downstairs.

"Here, take a look at this?"

"What is it?"

"It's a letter from Princess Celestia." I remember Twilight mentioning something about this "Princess Celestia" before, but I never got see this princess in person. All that Twilight had told me was that she was her teacher of some sort. If Twilight says that she's a princess, she must be royalty right? Anyway, I opened the scroll only to see very neat and cursive writing, I may not be at it, but I'm sure I can read a few words.

Dear My Faithful Student,

I humbly thank you for sending this information to me. You have stated that this "Anthony" you refered to is quite friendly, if what you say is true, then I would like you, Spike, and Anthony invited inside the castle in Canterlot. I'll will send two of my guards to bring you here within three days, until that time we'll discuss about "The Marionette" you mentioned. You saying it was spiritual has intrigued me.

Your Teacher,
Princess Celestia

'Canterlot? Sounds like a place in King Arthur's time.' I thought. The way I read it was that they just want to see who I am, that's not really suprising there.

"The princess said that the guards would get here within three days, the third day being today." Twilight said. I gave off a pondering look, because one question came to mind.

"If this is the third day, when are the guards coming?" I asked. When I asked that I heard something land on the ground. Everyone including me went outside to see what it was. To my and the toys' surprise, we all saw this huge somewhat of a chariot, with two Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, there were two pegasi in front of the chariot, in which one of them spoke.

"Ms. Sparkle. The princess requests that you come with us to Canterlot immediately." Twilight nodded and went on. I was about to follow her until one of the guards stopped me.

"Sir, are you Anthony?" He asked. I raised my eyebrow at the question.

" did you know?"

"The princess had notified us about the letter which was sent by Ms. Sparkle." I nodded. Seemed reasonable to me. I motioned the "Toys" to jump on the chariot as I was the last to get on. I was about to hop on until one of the pegasi stopped me.

"Who are those?" The guard asked. I smiled warmly at him.

"Don't worry, those three are with me." I simply said. He shrugged his shoulders as I sat down with Chica at the edge of the chariot. Awkward silence started to kill me after a few minutes, but Freddy and Bonnie were looking at the view from outside, so I had to do something to break the ice.

" feeling better now that your coming with us?" I asked. Chica smiled warmly at me.

"I am now." She simply said. My face started to turn red when she put her head my shoulder and somehow put her arm around mine. After all these days I've been in this world, I've never seen Chica act so bold towards me, Why? Don't get me wrong, I like it what she's doing...but...there's gotta be a reason. Twilight said that it would take a few hours to get to Canterlot, so I guess a nap couldn't hurt, just looking at the scenery made me a bit tired anyway. I'm actually curious about Canterlot, I just hope it's not more than I bargained for.

After a few hours of sleeping, I felt something shake me lightly, trying to wake me up.

"Hey, wake up sleepy head." The soothing voice said, turns out that the voice was Chica. My vision started to come back to me as I began to rub my eyes.

"We here already?" I said as I let out a yawn. She giggled when a yawned but she didn't say anything.

"Already? It's been seven hours! You must've over slept." She said. I slowly sat up before responding back.

"Well, we're here anyway. Time to get up." I said as me and Chica woke everyone up, seems like Twilight and Spike were sleeping as well. Once they they woke up I told that we were landing soon. I laughed on the inside because of the drool that came out of her mouth. After everyone sat up and got out of the chariot, Twilight thanked the guards for giving them a ride. Me and the animatronics looked the place in awe.

"So...this is Canterlot huh?" Bonnie asked. Twilight nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, it seems that it's only famous for the Equish and the posh." Twilight said. As me and Twilight were talking to each other, I couldn't help but noticed the nobles in this city, at least that's what I thought they were. Everyone was looking at me. Some were disgusted, some were curious, while others were...scared? I guess they must've saw my canines. Anyways, it only took a few minutes to get to the castle, and boy, it was HUGE! It was almost as big as the White House. As we all walked towards the castle I saw two guards...guarding the door. They're called guards for a reason.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle, We're here to see Princess Celestia." she firmly stated, though I can hear the nervousness in her tone of voice. They gave a nod and lowered their spears. Once we got inside me and the gang looked at every nook and cranny that we could look at. I was amazed at it all, soon enough we made to the halls of the castle. The weird thing was that as I kept walking into the halls, I kept seeing these paintings everywhere.

"Hey Twilight?" I asked when she looked at me. "What's with all these paintings? It even looks like your in some of them." Twilight's looked at some of the paintings and let out a big sigh.

"These pictures represent the past events that have occurred during my stay here with my friends." We go closer to the picture and look up at it. "This picture was when me with the help of my friends had defeated the God of Chaos and Disharmony, Discord." All the animatronics let out an applaud "oooooohh" and "aaaahhh"'s. "And this, was when Spike brought back the Crystal Heart and destroyed the evil ruler of the Crystal Empire, King Somba." I will admit that the stories Twilight told were quite interesting, for once I actually wanted to here more of it.

"Well, still reminiscing about the past Twilight Sparkle?" The mysterious voice said from the right. Twilight looked to the source of the voice and smiled.

"Princess!" Wait, that's the princess? She's pretty tall for a pony no less.

"Princess?" I immediately closed my mouth as the animatronics hid behind me. I looked at the shadow and strangely enough, I only saw my own shadow. Sadly, the princess heard me and looked at me.

"Is this Anthony you refered to?" She said. Twilight nodded.

"Yes. Anthony, this is Princess Celestia. Ruler of Equestria and the Goddess of the Sun." Oh. OH!!!

"Oh well...hi." I spoke nervously. I never actually got see royalty before. Princess Celestia was a white mare with...three different types of colors on here mane, teal, light blue, and violet. What made her mane so fascinating was that it was flowing in the air, even though there was no wind inside the castle. She had a beautiful white dress, long enough to barely see her golden heels. The curious thing about the dress was the fact that it had some yellow streaks on it, along with a symbolic sun on the right side of her dress. When I took a good look at her I noticed the crown on her head.

'I guess she really is royalty.' I thought before my eyes widened in realization. 'OH CRAP!!'

"Oh I'm sorry your highness...I had no idea that-" She stopped me with just a raise of the hand before looking.

"You do not need to be nervous, you are not from this world, therefore there is no need for you to bow." Her voice was voice majestic and motherly, if I wasn't frozen from anxiety, I would just sigh dreamily, and her smile, it could just melt even the coldest of hearts. I smiled and backed away a little from the personality she had.

"Thank you...your highness, we appreciate it." I saw the princess tilt her head in a confused manner.

"We? Are there more of your kind here?"

"Uh...well not exactly." I guess that was my que to see the animatronics. Chica comically popped her head on the left side, Bonnie on the right, and Freddy on the top of my head. They finally showed themselves as the princess had a surprised look.

"Are these your friends?" She asked me. I nodded and gestured to them.

"Oh! Uh...yeah, um..." I gestured to the animatronics. "This is Chica, that one is Bonnie, and finally is Freddy." They all said "Hello" in unison, which I kind of thought was weird. Chica walked on front of her out of curiosity, bit kind of backed when she noticed how she was.

"So..." She began. "Are you really a princess?" Chica asked. Princess smiled at her.

"Why yes. Always been one for over a thousand years." Chica put her hands on her face and made a *squee* sound. This is when Bonnie joined the conversation.

"A thousand years? Pardon me you highness age doesn't seem to be accurate." Everyone raised their eyebrows including me. "I mean don't take this the wrong way, but from the looks of your appearance you should be at least no less than 25." Bonnie concluded. When I looked at the princess her face confused me. Why was she so flustered? She soon regained her composure.

"Although I may look young, I assure you I am not." The princess gave a sad sigh. I can't imagine what kind of things the princess had done during her thousand years. I didn't want the princess to be sad so I changed the subject.

"So...princess-" Before I could continue, the Princess interrupted me again with a raise of a hand.

"Please, formalities are not needed, you may call me Celestia." She smiled warmly, a bit to much for my comfort.

"O....K." I looked at her weirdly but continued anyway. "Twilight gave me the letter you sent as I read it. You said you wanted to know more about the Maroinette, any particular reason why?" I looked curious about her answer.

"Twilight stated that this "Marionette" was not a creature in a physical manner, but in a spiritual way. I would like to more about it if something bad occurs." Celestia looked at me with general concern. I was confused and raised my eyebrow.

"And you thought that you could bring me here because of my experience with it?"

"That was essentially the plan yes." I was about to shout, but nothing came to mind, mostly because her plan was genius! Celestia really planned ahead didn't she?

"Well...Can we do this somewhere private?" Twilight and Celestia looked confused until I kept going. "It's just that I don't want to let out too much information, it can be a bit grim sometimes." I said. Celestia gave a nod in understanding and suggested something to me.

"We could always go in my workroom if that's what you pefer." And I told her to lead the way. I'd better get comfortable here, this might take a while. A VERY long while.

It's been few hours that me and Celestia and the occasional Twilight had been conversing to one another. Celestia had been asking me about the Marionette, in a brief summary, I told her that she wanted to kill me. Celestia seemed shocked at my statement, but I told her why. After that she asked about how the animatronics were created, but I just told her they were created by another human named Scott, though they didn't his last name, I certainly did. She continued on the subject but asking if there were more of the animatronics in which I said yes to. I told her I was repairing them during my time here working on an animatronic named Foxy the Pirate. Another few more hours of talking I started to yawn as it started a chain reaction. Everyone started to bid there goodbyes as Celestia told some of the gaurds to escort us back to Ponyville.

Once we got back to Ponyville, Twilight and Spike said goodbye to me and the "Toys" as they went back to their treehouse...or library. I waved goodbye and went to the Everfree Forest where our home was. The "Toys" went up to the Stage Area and just stood there. I knew they didn't need sleep, but I thanked them because I needed it. As I was going to my office and to my bed, I couldn't help but notice that there was I small piece of paper on my desk. I flipped the paper only to see two words written on it.

'Where's Mommy?