Wolf Child

by Pixel Berry

Chapter 7: The Tickets

It has been a full week since Twilight discovered Yemei and so far it seemed like they get along well. Though, sometimes Twilight takes secret notes when Yemei isn't looking. Today though, Twilight was busy helping Applejack at the farm, leaving the tiny human and shy pegasus alone for the first time.

"Hey, Mama?" Yemei called out to the yellow pony.

"Y-yes, Yemei?" Fluttershy said.

"Can we go out for a walk today?" She asked.

"I-I guess so, since it seems quite boring in the cottage..."

"Yay! Can Angel come too?" Yemei asked, showing a big grin.

"Of course he can come. He has to protect you from the dangerous strangers out there." Fluttershy joked.

Yemei didn't respond, mostly because she went off to pack her bag. When the duo were finished getting ready for going outside,(Fluttershy brining her saddle due to getting some small items at the market) Yemei quickly changed into her brown wolf form and started running outside.

"Y-Yemei! Wait for me!" Fluttershy shouted, flying over to the energetic wolf-disguised human, Angel riding on the pegasus.


After Fluttershy caught up with Yemei, giving her a small scolding afterwards, they were in the middle of the town. Yemei was busy looking around that she didn't notice Twilight, Spike, Rarity, or Pinkie Pie. But Angel did, and also some golden tickets in the dragon's grasp.

Angel quickly scurried up to Spike, being super quiet and hearing on what the ponies were talking about.

"Twilight, I simply cannot believe you would invite Pinkie Pie so she can... party, and prevent me from meeting my true love. How could you? Hmph."

At that moment, Angel quickly nabbed the tickets and ran over to Fluttershy.

"Hey!" Spike shouted

When Angel returned to his owner, he quickly showed the tickets to her, making the shy pony gasp.

"Angel, these are perfect." She said, taking the tickets from the white bunnies grasp.

That was when Yemei noticed the other ponies, the tiny dragon, and the two golden tickets.

"Hey Mommy? What are those?" Yemei asked.

"O-oh well, these are the Grand Galloping Gala tickets." Fluttershy explained.

"The Grand Gallping what-now?" Yemei was confused.

"The Grand Galloping Gala is one of the most famous parties ever, held in Princess Celestia's castle itself." Fluttershy explained once more. She then walked up to the other ponies and dragon, Yemei following right behind her.

"Um, excuse me, Twilight. I would just like to ask, I mean, if it would be all right, if you haven't given it to someone else--" Fluttershy started to ask, then got interupted by the fashonista.

"You? You want to go to the gala?"

"Oh, no. I mean, yes, or, actually, kind of..." Fluttershy then explained that she didn't want to partake in the party. She honestly, just wanted to go to the garden in the castle to meet the exotic animals and befriend them.

“Gee, Fluttershy, it sounds... beautiful?” She said, the last part sounding like a question.

“Wait just a minute.” Rainbow came out of nowhere.

“Rainbow Dash, were you following me?” Twilight said, sounding a bit agitated.

“No. I mean, yes. I mean, maybe. Look, it doesn't matter.” Rainbow said, changing the subject. “I couldn't risk a goody-four-shoes like you giving that ticket away to just anybody.”

Then in the corner of Yemei’s eye, she saw her apple-loving relative come over. She too speaking out.

“Wait just another minute.”

“Applejack, were you following me too?” Twilight asked, sounding more surprised than upset.

“No. I was followin' this one-” She pointed a hoof at Rainbow. “-to make sure she didn't try any funny business. Still trying to take mah ticket.”

Your ticket?” Rainbow asked, also sounding surprised.

“But Twilight's taking me.” Pinkie said.

Then, everypony except Twilight and Yemei started arguing about the tickets. Making it too hard for the two to even think. After a good five seconds, Twilight decided to end this.

QUIET!” Twilight shouted, making everyone but Pinkie stop.

“-and then I said, "Oatmeal, are you craz--" oh.” Pinkie then stopped, noticing that she was the only one talking.

“Girls, there's no use in arguing.” Twilight spoke.

“But Twilight-” Rarity started.

“Eh! This is my decision, and I'm gonna make it on my own, and I certainly can't think straight with all this noise…” Twilight’s stomach then started to rumble “-not to mention hunger. Now go on, shoo.”

At that, everypony went their separate ways, Yemei following her mother back to the cottage, the young wolf hearing everypony else grumble in annoyance.

“And don't worry, I'll figure this out... somehow.” Yemei heard Twilight say, a bit unsure.

After the two were a good distance away, Fluttershy started speaking.

“I really want that ticket.”

“Are you sure mom? I heard from some birds that-”

“I want it more than anything.” Fluttershy interrupted her, sounding a bit desperate.

“Well, if you really want that ticket, why not do something nice for her. She might be grateful for it and might give it to you.” Yemei said.

“What a great idea Yemei! Come on sweetie, I need to bring you home, I’ve got some big plans.” Fluttershy then started trotting a bit faster, making Yemei pick up the pace to follow her mother.

When they finally arrived home, Fluttershy opened the door quickly and dashed over to the kitchen, ignoring her daughter coming in after.

Yemei then closed the door behind her, now shifting back to her human form. She took a seat on the couch and watched as her animal roommates were watching there shy pegasus friend gathering some of the vegetables and putting them in a basket; Angel bunny doing the same.

“Okay Yemei, sweetie. I’ll be back in awhile. There’s food in the kitchen and remember, when you wanna play outside, always stay as a wolf. Okay?” Fluttershy said, walking up to the little girl, the basket on her back and Angel bunny now perched on the yellow mare’s head.

“Why can’t I come?” Yemei asked, sounding a bit upset that she couldn't come.

“Cause I’m going to Twilight’s home to help clean up the place, and I need you to stay and make sure that all our animal friends are okay.” Fluttershy explained.

“Oh, okay momma. Come back soon.” Yemei said, hugging one of her mother’s fore-hoof.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be home before you know it.” Fluttershy said.

Yemei watched as her mother walked out the cottage with Angel, some of the birds outside following her. When the door was finally closed, Yemei was instantly bored.

“Why couldn’t I come? I wanna see what a library looks like when it’s empty. And I could help by making a nice snack for Twilight. She seemed hungry..” Yemei spoke to herself. She knew she could’ve asked her mother before she left, but she didn’t want to be a bother.

“Hey, Yemei! Wanna play Wolf and Mouse?” Yemei looked down to see one of her mouse friend Squeakers looking up at her.

“No thanks, I just walked.” Yemei said.

“What’s wrong? You sound a bit down.” Squeakers asked, hopping up to the couch and sitting next to the human girl.

“Oh, it’s nothing..” Yemei mumbled.

"It doesn't sound like nothing." He said, nudging the girl to tell him her problem.

"Fine. I'll tell..." She then explained on what was going on with Fluttershy and how she wants the extra ticket for the Grand Galloping Gala.

"Ah, I see, but didn't you tell her about the animals in the garden themselves? That Mocking Bird went on forever making fun of them." He asked.

"I... I wanted to, but I didn't was to disappoint her. She sounded like she really wanted the ticket." Yemei said.

"But is that all your upset about?" He asked.

"Well, I gave her an idea on how to get on Twilight's good side, but she didn't take me with her." She said, her brown wolf ears forming and going down in sadness.

"Hey, it's okay. Besides, with the things she took with her, she looked like she was gonna clean the place, and I know that your not too into cleaning." He said.

"Yeah I know, but staying here alone isn't better." She said.

"True..." He nodded. "Ya know what? Why don't you visit Apple Bloom while we take care of the house."

"Wh-what? But mommy said to-"

"I know, I know what she said, I'll explain everything to her when she gets back." He said. "Now get over there before it's too late." He was then pulled into a tight embrace.

"Thanks Squeakers." She said as she snuggled him more.

"N-no problem... just... stop crushing m-me." He strained.

"Oh! Sorry." She let go and he fell onto her lap.

"It's fine... no worries." He said in between breaths.

She then got ready to go to the Apple family's home and shifted into her wolf form as she ran through the doggie door, shouting a good-bye and stating that she'll be back later. She went through a small shortcut through some trees, but not into the Everfree. Meanwhile, Twilight was being lifted into the air by other townspony a good distance away, even Yemi could see the purple pony shape in the air.


While Yemei was walking by the edge of the forest, she couldn't find any ponies walking in the town at all. 'That's strange...' She thought. When the wolf-hidden-human arrived at the farm house, the sun was slowly setting. She walked up to the front porch in her wolf form and pawed at the door, waiting for somepony to answer. Lucky for her, Apple Bloom was the one to answer her. Besides the main six, Apple Bloom also knows about Yemei's secret existence.

"Oh! Hi Yemei. Whatcha doin' here?" The yellow filly asked. Compared to the two, Yemei's wolf form was the same height as Apple Bloom, maybe even taller, but Yemei was much taller then the farm filly in her human form.

"Is your brother or granny around?" Yemei whispered.

"Well, Granny is takin' a nap while Big Mac is doin' his chores outside." The farm filly answered.

"Cool. So do you wanna play together?" Yemei asked, not seeing her brown tail wagging.

"Sure! Maybe ah can get mah cutie mark in wolf chasin'." Apple Bloom smiled as she closed the door behind her and started running into the apple orchard.

At that, the two were playing together while making sure Big Mac didn't spot them. They were too into playing that they didn't see the sunlight being replaced by the moonlight. And it seemed that wolf eyesight was much better in the dark then a young filly's. Without Yemei knowing that Apple Bloom was falling back in a game of tag, she went deeper into the orchard and also not seeing that she entered the Everfree Forest.

After awhile of not spotting Yemei, Apple Bloom assumed that she sneaked behind her and went back to the farm. But when she arrived, she didn't see her and even asked her older sister if she spotted her, explaining that they were playing and she lost sight of her. Applejack got nervous and went outside into the orchard herself, calling out to the human and not seeing the little girl at all. Without going back to the farm, she made a mad dash to Fluttershy's cottage, thinking that maybe she went home without letting Apple Bloom know. But when she opened the unlocked door, she saw a worried Fluttershy in a position to open the door herself. The two then said in unison:

"Have you seen Yemei?" Both sounding worried and scared.