Seven Days

by Rocktavius Dashylight

Remember to Forget

"So this is what you were doing."

The voice made me jump. That's when I noticed there was a pony standing right beside my machine in the shadows.

"This is what you were doing that day... Huh. I truly didn't see that one coming."

The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't put my hoof on it. "Who...Who are you?"

Either the pony didn't hear the question or he was ignoring it. "Based off of what I can tell, this is a negative light mechinism."

"How do you--"

"--know that? Simple. The dehybrophilbic demulitator at the base of the nozzle is some sort of broadcast system for a power source. The optic neuralfier at the tip means that--"

"Ok...ok...stop. What do you want?"

"I want you to shut the machine down before you make a very big mistake." He paused, seeing the position he was in. "Oh, someone's getting feisty!" When he was ranting about how he knew what my machine did, I had picked up the stapler from my desk.

"Who ARE you?" I asked again with a bit more ferocity.

"What do you call your machine? Negative Light Machine? The Darkinator? Black as Ink? What?"

"It has no name."

"No name?"

"Why give it a name?"

"So you can show it off, of course!"

"Why would I show it off? That is where every villain falls."

"So you're a villain?"

I clicked the stapler, sending a plasma bolt into the wall beside the shadow. "You better tell me who you are or I won't miss next time!"

The shadowed figure stayed in the shadows for a bit in silence. He slowly entered the light to reveal the face of Frank. How could I had forgotten the sound Frank's voice? "You really should be better to your guests. Or...your host, for that matter." he said.

"What are you doing here?"

"Now that is where it gets complicated...Well, besides the fact that I live here." He said tapping his mouth with his hoof. "Verrrrry complicated." The charge in the stapler whirred to life. Frank looked down for a second, knowing exactly what was going on. "Afraid I'm going to go spread word about your machine, eh?"

I didn't fire, but I didn't back down either. Over the very short time I knew this stallion, he seemed like some sort of father to me. He was a better father figure than my birth father at least. And here I was about to kill him. "I'm sorry...but I have to." The machine was more important than silly issues of the heart.

Frank looked at me without a single sign of fear in his eyes. "Just take care of me after you're done, OK?" What did he mean by that?

I fired the stapler, causing the bolt to go through his head. I was expecting a mess of blood, but he simply just vaporized. I stood there holding the stapler, feeling my heart race and my rapid breathing. I couldn't believe I just did that! I threw the stapler to the ground and bucked the table in my anger. Why why WHY did I do that?! In my fit I threw some of my gadgets in progress to the floor and kept beating myself up over what I did.

I heard a knock on the door upstairs. No...Please no. Not now. Twilight must be back from her little hangout. How will I explain that I had just obliterated Frank? This is the worst possible thing that could happen! The knocks came again and it occurred to me. Why would Twilight knock to get in her own house? The relief was short lived as I thought of the possibility that she may have accidentally locked herself out or something. The knocks came once more and I reluctantly trotted upstairs.

I opened the door and the knocker fell straight through atop and skittered over me. "Where is she?" The pony asked in a very shaken voice. Definitely male. Twilight isn't male. That's a good thing. I think. But I don't know who this is. That's a bad thing.

"Where is she?" He asked again. It was obvious that he was shaking as if he were suffering from hypothermia. I would have recognized the pony sooner had it not been for the super ragged mane and scarred face. Frank? How can this be?

Frank got into my face, tears in his eyes. "WHERE IS SHE?"

I didn't respond at first. Wasn't he dead? "Who?"

"Twilight. Who else?"

I was so lost. "She...was hanging out...with Fluttershy..."

"Nonono, not THAT one! The other one! The one that needs my help!"

I ignored the fact that this pony was just dead and attempted to help him. He was in terrible shape. " need to rest."

"Can't rest. Must find!" He shook more, his eyes wide as if he were going mad or something. "Must find..."

The words "Take care of me" popped back up in my head. Was he talking about him? "Frank..."

Before I said another word, the clank of a hard thing hitting a metal thing rang through the air, and Frank fell limp to the ground after flying a few feet. Now I could see a pony that was standing behind him. It was a blue earth pony who was holding a pan in his mouth. A pan, which he spit out seconds later. "A pan? Really? That is what you chose for my weapon of choice?"

Could this day get any weirder? "Who...who are you?"

The pony put his hoof on my forehead and rubbed it in circles. "Hello, random pony, or should I say god, considering the circumstances. No wait...demigod would be the better word. No...a lesser god?"

I smacked his hoof away. "What the buck is your deal?"

"Isn't that how you're supposed to great an item of respect?"

"A hoofshake would suffice!"

The blue pony turned around to the pony who he knocked out. "Who is that guy?"

"Who are you?"

"Name's Noteworthy. But you can call me Blues. Or Noteworthy. It really depends on your taste."

I was still trying to process what was going on. "Why are you here?"

Noteworthy laughed. "You put me here, silly!" He could tell by my look that I didn't understand. "Your mind is oscillating between reality and fiction, probably because some dark-magic portal thing has opened on you. So basically, everything that is happening to you since has been both real and fake!" I just stared. "Now I do know how to fix this." He picked up the pan again. "But it'sth gunna hurt." He swung the pan at my face, but I was way too lost to do anything about it.

I woke with a headache on the library floor to the familiar smell of pancakes. I shook my head to try to get my other senses to operate again. The sound of hoofsteps managed to reach my ears as my eyes looked up to the purple figure approached me. "Awake from your drunk stupor, finally?"

I stood up, a bit wobbly. "What? I didn't drink any--" I saw a few empty apple cider cups laying on the floor. Since when did I drink?

"No matter, I made you some pancakes for your bravery yesterday." Bravery? Was she talking about my fight with the Marenites?

"You remember?" I asked, realizing it was a stupid question in hindsight.

"Of course! How could I forget?" I let off a sigh of relief. "Now, Fluttershy wants to know where you put the raccoon."

...say what?
If you had seen Princess Luna, you would have seen her in a very un-princess-like state. She was digging through a chest as if she were a young foal digging through a toy box. Something Teddy said rung a bell in her head.

After a few minutes of digging, she finally pulled out a dusty, dark blue journal. It was a book of poems she had written on the moon during her long banishment. She has no memory of the moon, so this is the only knowledge of the self she can know. She kept it to remind herself of the pain she had to go through as Nightmare Moon, so she can avoid becoming her again.

She had written all of the poems, ranging from silly limericks to depressing sonatas. That is, besides the first one. The first poem was in a different hoofwriting, a bit messier as if the writer were a non-unicorn. And it didn't have her signature she used on all of the other pages. In fact, there was no signature at all.

Thigil trotted into the room as she stared down at the book. He could see that she was saddened. "What's wrong, sweetie? Aren't you excited about our big day in a few days?"

"Eight days to be exact" Luna said, still staring at the book.

"Why such a demeanor?"

Luna sighed, as if what she was about to say was just silly. "Remember when I told you about that weird pony I met?"

Thigil sat down on the bed next to her. "Ah yes, Teddy? I wrote a letter to take care of him. Hopefully the psychotherapist made it ok."

"Why did you do that?"

"I love helping ponies, no matter how small"

She nuzzled him. "Oh, you."

"Anywho, as you were saying?"

She sighed once more before continuing. "Well, he said something that is in my journal." She had already told him about the book, so she didn't need to explain why that is such a big deal. He just stared at her, nodding in understanding, and prodding her on to continue. The princess flipped to the first page and began to read.

"Juicy watermelons painted blue
Is the last thing I will say to you.

"For a time must come
Where time runs out
And when it does,
please do not pout.

"For when my time hits midnight
And I cease to thrive
I must assure you that
I'm very much live.

"When I speak those words to you,
You will know what you should do."

The soon-to-be couple sat in silence for a short while. Thigil was the first to break the silence. "It sounds like a poem of hope."

Luna looked up at him. "Hope? It sounds fairly depressing to me"

Thigil nods, explaining why he says so. "The author of the poem is basically saying that once they die, they will still be there for whoever this poem was written to."

Luna smiled. "You truly think it so?" She didn't even wait for an answer, since she already knew what it was. "I mean, I have no memory of who it was that gave me this journal, so perhaps the doner wrote this poem to me? For hope?"

The stallion tries to flip it to the next page. "It's very plausible."

Luna saw the aura on the corner and instantly put her hoof down on the page like stomping on a bug. "No, please... Don't read on..."

By the tone of her voice, Thigil caught the signal, and pulled her close to him. "You shouldn't burden yourself."

"I know..." She said, resting her head on his chest. "But I am not ready to share it."

"Perhaps in eight days, you will be ready."

Luna paused a moment. "Why do you want to know of the moon?"

"I would like to help you carry the burden." Luna smiled once more, putting her muzzle under his chin. No more words were exchanged as they sat close together, nuzzling eachother in a very passionate way. After about ten minutes, they were staring at eachother, so close that they could taste the other's breath. They slowly pressed their lips together and had a long bout of a kiss.

Eight days? Eight days is so far away...
Pinkie Pie was hopping through the Everfree in her very strange, cartoonish manner. She didn't appear to know what she was doing, just hopping in a straight line until she ran into something. As it turned out, after running into about five trees, she ran into a house that didn't look like Zecora's hut. Zecora was the only resident she knew of the Everfree. Thusly, she simply opened the door and trotted in. It was dark, but she wasn't scared. She just laughed.

That is, until she heard an ominous female voice behind her. "How did you get in there?"

She nearly jumped, but instead, she turned around toward the voice and respond. "I walked in, silly!"

The other voice started to sound worried. "B-but...the door was locked." After a moment, the voice said "You need to get out of here!"

"It can't be that bad!" Pinkie yelled, hopping around the dark room. "But if you say so!" She dashed to the door, running smack into it. It must had closed behind her. But when she tried to open it, it was locked. "Could you unlock the door first?"

The voice, who still didn't show herself, responded. "I don't have a key... My dad has the only key..."

Just after she said that, there was a noise of the tumblers turning within the door. "Oh goodie!" Pinkie yelled.

"Pony, you need to hide!"

"My name's not pony, silly. It's Pinkie Pie! And I don't know your name. So you must have not been in Ponyville before. Because I know EVERYpony's name in Ponyville."

She sighed. "Just hide!"

"Your dad can't be that bad!" The door opened, revealing the dark figure with a blood red, glowing eye. Instead of screaming, though, Pinkie Pie laughed. "Come with me if you want to live!" It was a perfect mimic of the Terminator.

The stallion simply smiled and said "Shady..." Pinkie felt a sharp pain in the side of her neck and she wobbled to her side, her vision blurring. "Oh dear. Did aaah have too much cider laaaast niiight?" She falls, unconscious.

Redeye smiled. "Perfect"