Locked Away

by Antesha

What To Do?

There was no time to lose, the two flung their bags over their shoulders, and sprinted for the main doors. With every step they lost breath, and by the second floor they were ready to give up, but they didn't. These were two girls that never stopped without putting up a fight.
They were almost at the first floor, where the foyer and the exit to the school were.
"Rainbow, can we *pant* please *pant*, slow down. We're never gonna make it"
"Come on Fluttershy, where's your *pant* confidence, would you rather be a bit out of breath and go home for the night, or spend the night at *pant* this awful place?" Rainbow replied.
"I think this 'awful place', has already answered that question for us" Fluttershy squeaked, her face drenched in sweat.
The two looked ahead of them, and saw the double doors exiting the school, not open, waiting for them to leave, but rather closed, locked and not opening until the next morning. Dash flung her shoulder against the door, and yanked at the handles, but it was no use, they weren't budging. She almost fell over, but stared, open-mouthed, at the horror that they were going to have to spend the night at the very school they loathed during the day.
"You've gotta be kidding me! NO NO NO! This can't be happening! It isn't happening!!!" She shouted, small tears welling up in her eyes. Rainbow slumped into a ball on the floor and put her head in her hands.
Fluttershy hated seeing her friends upset, and even though she felt like shouting her lungs out, she put her arm round Dash, and rested her head on the girl's shoulder.
"We really shouldn't be doing this" Fluttershy said with a reassuring voice, "We're spending the night here and we might as well try and survive before we die of boredom"
This brightened up Rainbow Dash, and she let out a little chuckle.
"Okay then *sniff*, thanks Shy." She wiped her face with the sleeve of her blue jacket. "Look, whatever happens, no matter what the circumstances are..."
"We always stick together, and we never separate ourselves" Fluttershy finished.
The two smiled at each other and shook hands, this was going to be difficult, but they would be able to make it through the night, together.