Twisted Metal: Equestria

by Lab Matt

24. Enter The Dolls

The citizens of the Crystal Empire were all hidden inside their homes. Earlier that day they felt the whole ground shake and not long after that, a giant arena made of crystal emerged from the grassy fields surrounding their sparkly home. There was no doubt that Discord was behind it. It didn't took long for the contestants to come from the most distant corners of Equestria, their minds dead set on winning this month's competition.
The new rulers of that beautiful kingdom were powerless to stop it. If Luna and Celestia, the supreme rulers of all of Equestria were powerless against it, what chances a young Alicorn and her Unicorn husband had? The male wrapped his leg around the female's leg as they watched from their castle's balcony the reunion of ponies that would probably be dead in the next few hours.
Then, the ground shook a second time. But this time nothing emerged from the underground, but from the horizon. It was by far the largest vehicle ever seen in that competition, easily five times taller than an average car, each of its six wheels already taller than almost all of the other competitors. Its bodywork was mostly black with the exception of the pink-colored circles. Two large sets of large metal bars covered the front side of the vehicle, from bumper to windshield, resembling a giant metal mouth with very sharp teeth. Above the cabin sat the upper half of an even larger version of a bobblehead every contestant learned to fear, now looking more menacing than ever, especially with the metal mouth looking like it belonged to said head. The driver was a dark pink earth pony mare. Her mane, now darker than ever - only a few shades away from pitch black - now flowed like a dark flame, even in the absence of wind. She laughed maniacally.
"Now that's something I wasn't expecting to see." Discord said.
"Surprised, Discord? I'll have you know that my powers are slowly but surely returning. I don't need dark crystals and not even an actual horn to channel my strenght is now enough to beat anything you throw at me. Even your unfairly overpowered Gideon!"
"First, my darling's name is 'Minion'. Second, Pinkie Pie--"
"Whatever! I just wanted to give you a piece of advice. From one backstabber to another!"
"Glad you finally recognize get to the point."
"I've been spying on-- Er... Um... I mean, studying a certain group of ponies, and they hired another certain group of ponies to go specifically after your head. You should watch your back during and after the tournament this time!"
"Why are you warning me?"
"Because I hope that the paranoia of know that you will be followed no matter where you go will slowly drive you mad. Again!"
"Ha-ha-ha, very funny Discord, why not cut to the chase and start Twisted Metal already? I'm itching to test what my newest creation can do on actual living creatures!"
Noo further noise was made once they felt the ground shake the third time that day. From the same direction Dark Tooth came from, now another vehicle approached the arena. It was only half as tall as the black ice cream truck, but the difference in length wasn't very big. A black truck that only the earliest players of Twisted Metal would possibly recognize was racing toward them. Fast!
"That doesn't look very friendly." Discord said as the crystal gates opened. "You should probably hurry inside while you still have time!"
Without thinking twice, most drivers entered the arena. Most.
"Let's go in, Scoots!" Silver Spoon said with a confident grin. "Scoots?"
Her grin faded and an expression of concern took place when she saw the look on her friend's face; a look of absolute horror.
"I-I-It's... It's... I... That... We..." Scootaloo mumbled.
"Are you ok, Scoots?"
The pegasus turned their car around and drove away from the arena as fast as she possibly could.
"Scootaloo, what are you doing?!"
"Why not? You fine before those two large things showed up. Talk to me, Scoots! Why are we running away?"
"So, what you're saying is that one of those big vehicles... Killed you?"
Scootaloo nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks and dripping on the driver's seat.
"B-B-Back in the first Tw-Twisted Metal... Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle survived, but I... I... I don't want to go near that again! Ever ever ever again!"
Silver Spoon pat her friend on the back. "I understand your feelings, Scoots. Let's just go home."
Scootaloo nodded again.

* * *

The first few minutes of the competition were a total massacre. Dark Tooth had all kinds of weapons at its disposal: machine guns, homing missiles, napalm bombs, power missiles, drop mines, but its worse weapon was by far the homing napalm missiles, for causing double damage - it exploded when reached the target and spread flames everywhere to ensure certain death. To shoot them, the head on top of the truck was slightly raised, revealing a hidden cannon. Every time a homing napalm missile was shot, an eerie, mechanical laughter could be heard coming from the head.
"This isn't good at all!" Rainbow Dash said while dodging the giant shards of the now ruined crystal arena. "I wasn't expecting Pinkie to get herself a car so cool and so powerful!"
"So, do you want to use that?"
"Which 'that'? That that or that that?"
"That that, of course! Who do you think I am?"
"Alright, let's do this!"
Rainbow Dash pressed a button, opening the trunk of Rainboom, revealing a large cannon.
"Noise at 0.21%!" Fleetfoot said. "Interference at 0.14%! Rainboom Cannon charged. Feedback complete. Shoot when ready!"
Rainbow Dash adjusted the aim directly at Dark Tooth's driver cabin. "Target acquired!"
With the press of a button, the Rainboom Cannon started to gather energy. Rainbow Dash grinned when she saw Dark Tooth driving straight at them. After no longer than five seconds, a multicolored beam was fired from the cannon and straight at the black truck. The flash was too bright for any living creature to witness the beam hit its target, but when the light faded, the two Wonderbolts uncovered their eyes, and smiled when they couldn't find a sign that Dark Tooth survived the hit.
"Yeah!" they shouted at the same time while sharing a hoofbump. But their moment of happiness was short-lived, for they heard the same engine sound now coming from behind. The mares turned around, but saw nothing. Fleetfoot looked up, and her face went pale.
"GET OUT!" she screamed before flying out of the window. Rainbow Dash did the same, mere moments before Dark Tooth's massive wheels smashed Rainboom; the grappling hook it used to pull itself up and out of the Rainboom Cannon's range slowly being recoiled.
"My car!" Rainbow Dash shouted.
"Not the time, Rainbow Dash!" Fleetfoot said while grabbing her foreleg and flying away. "We're defenseless now. We must retreat!"
"You'll pay for this, Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash yelled as she and her partner fled from the crystal arena.
"Only one left and I can will be able to wish for Discord's unlimited powers. I shall be reborn in the same place I was once destroyed. It must be fate!"
"Not so fast, Sombrero!" Discord said. "You missed one!"
Darkside, the truck from before, slammed itself on Dark Tooth's side. Even with the size difference, the black truck was strong enough to push the bigger vehicle almost very easily.
"Wow, this one is no joke."
PinkaSombra engaged reverse and managed to escape from Darkside's attack. He/She tried to gain some distance so that they could fire their weapons without taking damage, but the truck was both big and fast, catching up with them in mere moments, smashing their fronts together.
SombraMena smirked. "You actived my Trap Card!" After a button was pressed, the "mouth" of Dark Tooth began to move, then "biting" Darkside's driver cabin. Dark Tooth's "teeth" began to move up and down, carrying Darkside with it. After shaking for long enough, the massive ice cream truck threw the black truck up, making it land on its back.
"Well, I guess that's that. Discord, we won the competition. Grant me my--"
Suddenly, the back doors of the fallen Darkside were abruptly opened when a black motorcycle slammed against it and jumped from inside the truck, immediately followed by two other motorcycles, their drivers were mares wearing black clothes and white masks. They all started to drive in circles around Dark Tooth.
"Bugs! I shall squash--" but when PinkaSombra's hoof was about to press one of the buttons. "Huh? Pinkamena? Why do you fight me? Let me finish those three. I don't know why, but I feel that... I know them. It doesn't matter! Whoever they are, they are the only things standing between me and my wish. We shall destroy them."
Sombra managed to force their hoof into pressing a button, shooting a normal homing missile, which was easily dodged by the target. He groaned and accelerated, trying to hit at least one of them, but they were small enough to fit in the rather large space under Black Tooth, an empty space which was used by them as a escape route.
Two of The Dolls escaped from different sides of Dark Tooth, but the third Doll stayed underneath it, analyzing everything. Finally, she jumped from her motorcycle and grabbed on a pipe, pulling herself up. From inside her leather jacket, she pulled a C-4. The Doll attached the explosive to the vehicle and pressed a few buttons, then waved at the closest of the two other Dolls, the one with dark grey mane.
The Doll nodded and went once again underneath Black Tooth. Once she and the truck were driving at the same speed, the first Doll let go of the pipe and landed on the seat of the motorcycle, right behind the first Doll. She then turned around and drove away from Black Tooth and toward the third, purple-maned Doll.
The driver(s) of Dark Tooth wasn't about to give up, though. (S)He kept firing all kinds of missiles at the two remaining motorcycles, but they dodged every single one of them like professional bikers.
Then, it finally happened. The countdown of the C-4 reached zero and the explosion sent Dark Tooth flying. It spinned in midair and landed on its side, rendered completely useless.
SombraMena kicked the door open and got out of the destroyed vehicle, covered in bruises. When their entire body was out of the giant car, they slipped and fell on the ground. Still dizzy thanks to the fall, (s)he failed to notice The Dolls approach and get down from their motorcycles. The purple-maned Doll watched as the other two sat PinkaSombra up and held his/her hooves, so she wouldn't resist.
"Discord." the Doll called, not one ounce of emotion could be indetified in her voice.
"Yes, miss?" Discord asked, appearing right behind her.
"We were hired to come here and kill you." she said.
"Yes, I know!"
"We never refuse a job, but we are not stupid." she continued. "You are strong. Very strong. Some might call you a demon. Maybe even a god! But not me. I see what you really are, Discord. At it frightens me."
He bowed. "You flatter me!"
"You are too much for The Dolls to handle. But your time is almost up. Somepony will put an end to your evil deeds. I can feel it in the rocks of this ground."
"So, you want me to believe that rocks can predict the future? Puh-lease..."
"You shouldn't underestimate, Discord. One little pebble out of place can make an entire building fall."
"That... That voice..." the pink menace in front of them said. "You... You are... Are you...?"
"It's been so long..." The purple-maned Doll unclasped her mask, which fell to the ground with a soft thud! PinkaSombra's eyes grew as large as saucers. "...sister!"
"M-M-M-Maud?!" she nodded. "Wh-Wh-What are you doing here? What are those clothes you're wearing? And those masks? Wait! If you're here, does that mean...?" he other two Dolls removed their masks as well. "Li-Limestone? Marble?"
"Look at you, Pinkie Pie." Maud said while caressing her face. "If we knew this is what you would turn into, we would have never let you leave the farm."
Pinkamena's eyes flashed green. "HEY! Let go of me! You stupid freaks destroyed my masterpiece and ruined another chance of winning Twisted Metal!"
But Limestone and Marble Pie didn't let go of him/her. Instead, they looked at Maud, who turned to face Discord.
"As winners of this tournament, we invoke our right to have a wish granted." she said.
"Well, I guess you did your homework."
"Discord..." she turned back to look at where her sisters were. "Bring her back. Our good, old, dear, sweet, loved Super Party Pony Pinkie Pie! That's our wish!" Marble and Limestone nodded.
"Really?" Discord sighed. "But we were having so much fun..." he sighed again. "Alright, your wish is granted!"
Discord snapped his fingers and disappeared one fraction of second before Maud could plunge a switchblade in his stomach.
"I thought you weren't going to try to kill me!" Discord said, sounding indignant.
"I just wanted to be sure you were as good as I perceived." she placed the switchblade back into the inner pocket of her jacket. "I wasn't wrong."
"Maud!" Limestone called. Maud approached her three sisters.
Pinkamena's whole body was shaking. She tried to free herself, but her sisters held her tightly in place. But this wasn't enough to hold her in place. Pinkamena used all of her strenght to push Marble and Limestone away and ran away. She didn't got far, though, because her legs ceased to respond after a few seconds and she fell on the ground. She tried to crawl away, but she started to cough really hard; with every cough, a small cloud of black smoke was expelled from her body. After several coughs, she fell on her side with her mouth hanging open, smoke still coming out of her mouth. The small clouds marged into a single and giant cloud with giant green and red eyes.
"NO!" the cloud said. "I SHALL NOT BE DEFEATED HERE! NOT SO EASILY!" his eyes turned to the giant city of crystal not too far away from where they were. "OF COURSE. THE CRYSTAL HEART!" King Sombra, now only a giant cloud of smoke, flew toward the Crystal Empire, hoping it could sate his thirst for power. Unbeknownst to him, the Crystal Heart right underneath the Crystal Palace began to spin. The closer King Sombra got to the castle, the faster the Heart spinned.
But he never achieved his goal, for the Crystal Heart used its power to erect a barrier around the whole Empire. The moment King Sombra touched it, his cloud body vanished and he was no more.
Back in the Crystal Arena, Maud sat on the ground with Pinkamena's head on her lap, while she caressed her sister's mane. Soon enough, the pink pony's eyes slowly opened.
"M... Maud?" she called. "What... What hap-- Ow!"
"Don't move, Pinkie." Maud said, still stroking her mane. "Everything will be fine now. Everything will be fine!"