Twisted Metal: Equestria

by Lab Matt

23. The End Is Neigh

Aries sat on his chair, watching the door of his office with a calm gaze, but impatiently tapping his hoof on his table. He was about to get up when he heard a knock.
"Yes, come in!"
A white unicorn mare with brown mane and wearing glasses opened the door with her magic and stepped in.
"Mr. Aries, the three ponies you called are here." she said.
"Great! Let them in."
"But, sir..."
"'But' what, miss Raven?"
"They're over an hour late. Don't you--"
"Miss Raven, do you know who they are?"
"Um... No?"
"Or at least what they do?"
"No, sir."
"That's understandable, then. If you knew them as well as I do, you would know that, if you have an appointment with those three, specially with the older one, you cannot cancel or postpone it. So, just let them in! Am I clear?"
Raven hung her head in shame. "Yes, sir."
Raven then left Aries' office without turning her back and, just a few seconds later, three ponies now stood in her place. They were all mares wearing leather clothes with spikes on them and, even though the designs of their clothes were a little different, all of them had one thing in common: a white mask.
"Oh, girls, it's so good to finally meet you personally!" Aries said while getting up.
"We are here for business." the mare on the right, who had dark grey mane and tail, said.
"Yes, yes, of course. It's just, so few ponies get to meet The Dolls in person that--"
"Your point, please." the mare on the left, this one with light grey mane and tail, said.
"So-Sorry. You see, for almost a year now, this... Thing, Discord, has been hosting a contest called Twsited Metal in our loved homeland of Equestria. It's a safety hazard against every single living creature, especially since last month, when he used one of our biggest cities as his playground! Your mission is to join the next Twisted Metal, play for win and eliminate Discord." Aries then levitated a brown envelope from one of his drawers and placed it on the hooves of the mare in the middle, this one with purple mane and tail. "There you will find the blueprints of the vehicle you will use and instructions on how to handle it. You will also find four pictures of your allies and the records of a recurring contestant who has given us a hard time lately."
The middle Doll opened the envelope then gave the blueprints to the left Doll and the instructions to the right Doll, but kept the pictures and a file with the Blackfield Asylum logo on the cover. The pictures had names scribbled on the back:
Rainbow Dash - Airpony
Fleetfoot - Second Lieutenant
Soarin' - First Lieutenant
Spitfire - Captain
The middle Doll opened the file. The other two Dolls stopped reading the documents they were given to stare at the picture of the mare whose that file belonged to: Pinkamena Diane Pie. After a few moments of silently staring at her picture, the purple maned mare looked up at the Council member.
"Is that all the info you have?" she asked.
"Unfortunately, yes. You see, we are secretly working behind the curtains, without the knowledge or support of the crown, so our resources are... Limited! You have no idea how hard it was to get a car, especially such a large-sized one. Also, we have Aquarius and Capricorn to thank for those blueprints, since we couldn't hire a mechanic to do a more accurate one for us."
The middle Doll stuffed all the pictures, the blueprints, the instructions and the asylum file back into the envelope, then the three mares turned around to leave the room.
"Soooo, are you taking the job?"
"We never refuse a job." the three said at the same time without stopping or turning around, making Aries shiver.

* * *

"DADDY!" Diamond Tiara shouted as she ran toward her father, who welcomed her home with a smile and a hug.
"Oh, my little Diamond!" he said with eyes moist with tears. "You're back. You're finally back home!"
"I'm sorry, daddy! I'm so, so, so sorry!" she said while tears streamed down her face. "It's all that monster's fault! He whispered things in my head and told me to do all those awful things."
"It's ok, Dia, it's ok." he said while petting her mane. "Everything is fine. You're back home, back with me, soon everything will be just like it used to be. Well, sort of."
Diamond Tiara opened her eyes and saw ponies carrying lots of stuff out of their mansion. She gasped.
"Daddy, we're being robbed!"
"No, Dia, we're not. Those fine gentlecolts are... Borrowing them, yes!"
"Dad, I am not a baby. I know something is going on. What is it?"
Filthy Rich sighed. "Fine." he then took a deep breath. "Ever since that thing that was inside you emptied our safes and vaults, Rich's Barnyard Bargains went through some rough times. In short, we're this close to go bankrupt."
"Don't worry, though. Your mother and I promised each other not to tuch any of your things without your permission."
Diamond Tiara jumped away from Filthy Rich's hug and went straight into their house.
"She'll be fine." he said, then turned around at the two fillies standing a few feet away from him. "Silver Spoon, can I ask you a favor?"
"Yes, Mr. Rich?" she asked.
"Things are a little crazy in there, so can you ask your parents if my Diamond Tiara can stay there for a few days? Maybe a few weeks?"
"Sure, of course!" Silver Spoon said.
"Thank you. Both of you for bringing her back to us!"
"Not a problem, sir!" Scootaloo said while saluting him.
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting with an old friend of mine who promised me to buy that thing for a good price." he said while pointing his hoof at the slightly smashed Gold Tooth parked not too far away from them. "Maybe it will be enough to help things a little around here. Thank you for driving it all the way back here!"
"Well, we owed you an apology for allowing Tiara to be mind-controlled by those things." Silver Spoon said with an embarrased smile.
"I am grateful nonetheless." Filthy Rich said before walking to Gold Tooth, where another pony was waiting for him.
"Your friend is ok. What now?" Scootaloo asked Silver Spoon.
"I... I... I don't know!" she said. "Is there anything left for us in Twisted Metal?"
"Well, Dash is still participating, trying to stop it! And if she's going to be there to the end, then so am I!"
"And you helped me get what I wanted, so it's only fair that I help you get what you want, right?"
"Thanks, Silvy."
"Always, Scoots."
The fillies shared a brohoof. "Twisted Metal is coming down!"