The Way Back Home

by JulietTara

Waking up

Darkness. That's the first thing I remembered. I tried to open my eyes but I had almost no energy left. What happened?

'She's waking up! Get princess Twilight!'

That's the first thing I heard. Who was she? Where were I?

When I finally got to open my eyes, the first thing I saw was a white mare with light-pink hair. I looked around. That wasn't home.
In shock I tried to stand up and run away, but that didn't work out as good as I thought. I barely stood on my feet when I feel on one side again.
'Now easy there! You aren't supposed to stand up!'

'It's OK, miss Redheart. I'll take it from here.' When I looked to the door, from where thatvoice came from, Isaw a tall pruple mare with wings AND a horn.
'Of course, your highness. The white pony quickly bowed and walked out of the room.

'And now to you...' I heard the purple one say. I jumped on the bed again and sat down on it as far away from her as possible.
'Don't be scared.. I won't hurt you. My name's Twilight Sparkle. I'm one of the princesses of this land. You were washed up on one of our beaches yesterday, when some ponies found you..You didn't wake up since. Could you explain what happened?'

'I..I dont remember..' I answered shyly and quietly. My father always told me, not to talk to strangers and who knows what they already did to me when I was unconscious.

'Well, could you tell me your name?'

'I..I'm Serena..'

'What a beautyful name..' Twilight said with a little smile. After some seconds she continued.

'So.. when you were found, there was a little crown with shells next to you. There must have been a protection spell on it, as nopony was able to get near it. Do you know what it is?'

My whole body shook as I heard what she just said. Disbelieving I turned my head to a mirror on one side of the room. I was completly shocked.

'WHERE IS IT!? WHAT DID YOU DO TO IT!?' I screamed- almost crying.

Twilight- now a little bit shocked to- slowly answered. 'uh.. princess Celestia and Princess Luna managed to bring it into another room, trying to figure out what it is.'

'Bring me to it. And fast- before something happens to it.'

Twilight nodded and run of. I followed her. After almost a minute I was completly outpowered. I didn't know if it was, because I was unconscious for about a day now, or because of the fact that I wasn't used to those hooves. I guessed Twilight realised that, as she slowed down a bit.

After some minutes of running she finally opened a door to a room. In the middle of it there were two alicorns. A tall white one with multi-coloured mane and a blue one.

'Princess Celestia-' That were the only words Twilight got to say after I finally came to the room.

'STOP! Don't touch it! It's really important to me' I cried out as I ran up to the little crown, which was put on a little podium.

The princesses steped back as the crown began to levitate on my head. In that moment, my little, wavy strand on my fronthead began to take a darker colour again and almost transparent wings showed up on my back.

All the other ponies in the room stared at me as I began to sink in fear.

The first one who got his breath again was princess Celestia.

'Tell me.. how did you do that?' She stared at me in curiosity.

'I- uh..' I stepped back a little untill I found an answer. 'It's my crown...'
'So you are a princess? I didn't know there is another one in equestria.' Finally Luna stepped forward with a confused look on her face.
'I..I'm not from equestria'

It was at that time Twilight stepped forward to face me. 'Well, where DO you come from? I would like to hear everything you know! I'm sure there is no book about a land outside of equestria!'

'I- uh.. come from atlantica. I'm the princess of the sea-ponies.'

For some minutes nopony said anything. Were they that shocked that I am from a land with sea-ponies?