Seven Days

by Rocktavius Dashylight

Heroism Doesn't Taste Like Snozberries

Half of me felt like my land lord--Wait...she's not my landlord. I'm not paying to stay... So... Host. Yes. Half of me felt like my host was forcing the socialism on me, but the other half of me felt like I wanted this. She didn't know about the two books I had "checked out", and I was currently carrying around in my bag. The book on Fadrealm and the Princesses' Lineage. Two completely unrelated books that interested me for no reason whatsoever.

And with that I started conversation. "What do you know about Fadrealm?"

The question seemed to throw my host off guard. " do you ask?" I simply just stared at her.

I didn't really think about a reason before now. "I am a writer. That's what I do." Hopefully that implies a reason...

"This doesn't have to do with that Nightmare Moon spaz, does it?"

"Nononononononono. I was just wondering if it was some sort of mythology. I have been trying to write a new story" Truth is, I haven't wrote a story in ages.

"Well, Fadrealm is a world of creatures that we call Marenites. If you want to understand more I have the book in my library, but other than that book any other information is restricted access."

"Restricted? Why is that?" I knew this was pushing it, but according to the book Fadrealm was a world of 100% darkness. I would need to have some connection to it in order to power my machine.

"It is restricted because it must be. I do not want to go into it." Her intensity of that statement signaled me to back off, but the conversation wasn't over yet. "I just noticed you were wearing your saddle bags. Why?"

I didn't have time to answer, for I was knocked down completely by an unseen force. When my vision returned to me, I was staring up into the face of a very pink pony with the stupidest smile on her face. "It's about time you got out of the house!" The mare spoke in a very bubbly voice... "And I thought Twilight needed to get out more. I haven't even had the chance to throw you a welcome to Ponyville party! I don't even know your birthday! I don't even know your name!"

"Please...get off of me" I grumbled. She did some sort of twisted back-flip thing that would be considered impossible if you believed physics existed, which I do.

"My name is Pinkie Pie. Twilight has told me allll about you! Like your mane color! And that's about it! Isn't that amazing?"

"Yeah...fantastic. Call me Teddy."

A very soft voice came from behind me. "Well...that's a very cute and...not" I didn't expect somepony to be behind me, so I jumped giving a slight yell, thus returning a squeak from the now visible yellow pegasus. "I-I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...frighten you..." She said in her own frightened voice.

Before I could respond, a party horn was popped in my mouth and a party hat slapped on my head. "Come on! I need to gather all of Ponyville for your party!" I sighed, causing the noise maker to make the breeeeeeeeh noise. "That's the spirit!"

Twilight giggled softly before levitating the party favor out of my mouth. "Teddy, this is Fluttershy, and this is Pinkie Pie. They are two of my friends." Pinkie was rocking in glee while Fluttershy was looking down at the ground, still feeling like she was at fault for the jump-scare.

Something about her kindness made me feel compassion. This feeling was rather new...for I was normally detached. I was bad with words as well, so I simply levitated my party hat atop her head. Maybe that would make her understand that she was forgiven.

Twilight chimed in. "So what are you two doing out today?"

"We're being those little piggies that went to the market! Doesn't that sound like fun?!" Pinkie yelled while doing this hopping jig.

"I needed to get some salad leaves." Fluttershy answered.

"DON'T FORGET THE PEACHES!" It looked as if Pinkie thought it was the end of the world.

"Oh, yes. Aspen asked if I could get peaches. I nearly forgot. I hope he forgives me."

Twilight smiled. "How does he like the book?"

"Oh, the magic book? I think he enjoys it... Thank you again for letting me borrow it. I hope it's not too much of a burden."

I grumbled, "Isn't that the point of a library?" Luckily, she didn't hear me. I could already hear "Oh, I'm such an idiot" but with some kind of different wording. How can one put themselves down so much yet using such nice terms? Baffling.

"Darkness shall rise--"

Everypony stopped and looked at Pinkie, who was now reading out of a book.

"--My creatures shall come--"

Twilight put a hoof out trying to say "Pinkie....what are you doing?" But Pinkie talked right over her.

"--For this is my prize--"

After that third line, despite how quick everything was going, I finally recognized the poem. My dad used to recite this poem a lot...

"--For now I can roam!" Pinkie giggled. "That made no sense!"

It was a bad time to realize the books that were in my bag were now splayed on the ground. It was also bad timing that Twilight realized what book Pinkie was reading out of. The air right above us tore as if a rift were formed in time and space. Some black pony-looking creatures fell through randomly as if they just wandered through. The rift closed after about five fell through. Twilight seemed to know exactly what was going on and got into a battle-like stance, charging some kind of spell.

I didn't really know what to do. That was the link to Fadrealm! All I would have to do is program that into my machine!

I was so blinded by the future I didn't think about the fact we were being attacked right now.

The black pony-like creatures stared at us, screeching in a bug-like screech. They didn't have a normal snout either. They were like a spider's mouth. Fluttershy was already shaking in her horse shoes, petrified in fear. Pinkie was completely oblivious to the danger and called to them "Hai!"

Twilight released the spell. The magic hit the creatures and simply scattered. "My magic won't work on them!" Twilight said in a tone of panic.

"What are they?" I asked


I knew that poem sounded familiar. My father told me about these creatures. Purely animal, but very dangerous. I used my telekinesis to grab the mechanical pencil I've been so ever careful with. The creatures began moving closer, and I was ready to fight...but I stopped. They can't know what my gadgets did! I would be found out! I looked back at the three ponies. The panicking purple pony, the waving wild wacko, and the positively petrified Pegasus. Wow brain. Really? They were just too innocent for me to simply let them get hurt.

I pushed the top of the pencil with my hoof and threw it in the air. The pencil spun around as it transformed into a sword. I caught the handle in my mouth, already in mid air. I landed on the closest Marenite's head, knocking him out for now. Another lunged at me, in which I simply turned the sword to block it. It bit the sword, letting go seconds later screeching. I grabbed a couple white erasers from my bag and threw it at him, sticking the assaulter to a wall with a web-like substance.

I did a backflip, dodging the charge that was going on while I took care of its brother. In mid air, I threw my sword at it, impaling the creature through the neck and dropping it to the floor. I landed, the final two glaring at me. One spread its wings and took to the air while the other charged at me with it's spider-mouth wide open. I stomped on the edge of the book that was at my hooves, causing it to flip through the air. I turned around really fast and bucked the book during its fall, causing the book to rocket into the creature's face.

I saw the last creature in turning around. It was diving from the sky toward Twilight. I grabbed the sword from the creature's neck while I began running to the unicorn, who was now backing up staring up at the incoming assailant. I threw the sword at the creature, but my aim still needs work. It merely nicked his wing.

Twilight did a tactical dodge roll just as the creature smashed into the ground. After getting to her hooves, she fell again, feeling a sharp pain in her leg.

I finally got there, and I saw the bite mark on her hoof. What? Was there a sixth? Her eyes fluttered closed, and I knew I must work fast.

I yanked out my blue colored pencil and broke it. A blue mist floated from the halves, and I moved it to let Twilight inhale it. She did, and I was relieved. I wasn't too late.

"Well that wasn't very nice" I heard the bubble voice scold. I turned to look at her, assuming she was talking about the five goons, but I saw her glaring at me.

"You do realize those creatures you released were attacking us, right?"

"Attacking us? It looked like you were attacking them!"

"Just shutup so I can send them back!" I grabbed the book and flipped through the pages. I knew there was one word. One very secret, sacred word that must be said by the caster in order to send them back. Ah. Here it is. Now to get Pinkie to say it... "Hey Pinkie, can you sa--"

"I'm not going to do anything you say, meanie."

"Those things attacked Twilight! Look!"

She wasn't looking. Stubborn little...

"Um...Pinkie..." Fluttershy spoke very gently. "Maybe y-you should listen to him..."

"Why? Because he has weapons?"

"No...I just think--"

"What's your name again?" I asked, getting an idea.

"It's Pinkie Pie! I told you already!"


"Pinkie Pie!"

"Derple Ferrrr?"


"Ah! Snarflebit!"

"Oh, Nevermind!" Just as she said that she covered her mouth. The five Marenites suddenly vanished and Twilight gasped into consciousness. Fluttershy and I instantly reacted in rushing to help her up. As we were doing this, I looked back to see that Pinkie had disappeared. Fantastic. Now how will we know the reason behind her sudden turn?

Twilight finally regained her footing with the help of Fluttershy and I, and she asked the question I was fully expecting. "Are my books ok?" Ya know? Scratch that. I was NOT expecting that.

"They're fine, Twilight," Fluttershy responded very gently. "We just wanted to know if you were ok. You just fell down out of nowhere." Ah. She must not want to worry Twilight about the bite that actually took her out. Fluttershy looked back as if she were expecting Pinkie Pie to say something, but of course, she wasn't there. She didn't say anything about it, though.

I guess I will have to bring this part up. "Yeah, Pinks vanished when we were helping Twilight."

Fluttershy looked at me as if I were crazy. "Pinks? As in Pinkie Pie? I don't remember seeing her here."

Ok...what? "She was with you when you told us you were getting peaches or something..."

"Peaches! Oh dear, I almost forgot! I hope Aspen isn't mad at me."

Twilight smiled. "Oh, so your friend is back in town? How is he?"

"He wanted me to thank you for that book you let me borrow. I hope it wasn't too much trouble."

Didn't they just have this conversation? "Twilight, you already asked about Aspirin"

Twilight shook her head. "It's Aspen, and I'm fairly sure this is the first time I asked."

Finally speaking up apparently reminded Fluttershy about something. She got awfully close to me giving a glare that sent shivers down my spine. "And next time somepony falls down, don't just stand there! I don't appreciate the fact that you weren't looking after one of my friends."

But she didn't fall down! And I helped her up too! She was bitten... I looked down at the hoof that was bitten just to find that there was no bite mark at all.

Twilight spoke before I could respond. "It's alright, Fluttershy. He tends to phase out. I believe it is some sort of reality disassociation disorder or something." That made Flutters back down a bit, but she was still giving me a glare.

Had I imagined the whole thing? I looked into my saddle bag. Both books were in there. But how? A few seconds ago they were splayed on the ground, and when Twilight woke she asked if her books were ok. I finally got a taste of what it was like to be a hero, and other ponies saw me do it. IT tasted kind of like snozberries. No, wait, that makes no sense. Oranges. Yes. Oranges. But now it seems that none of it actually happened? Why? That hardly seems fair... Does this mean that I just want to be a hero, so I daydreamed or something? I don't understand...

As I beat my head trying to figure out what happened, I hadn't realized that I was now alone. When I did, though, I called their names. "Fluttershy? Twilight?" No response. My first thought was The Marenites got them! After a few more seconds, I reasoned that the Marenite debunkle didn't really happen and they probably left me here alone. So in that, I started to trot back home.

On the way, the latter thought was confirmed. I saw the two mares having a good old conversation at the restaurant. I didn't stop by. I continued my trek to my home. Maybe when Frank gets back from school...No, He just had to be a teacher, didn't he? Anyway, maybe he can help me figure this whole thing out.

It was still a while before I made it to the library, so I picked a random book from my bag and flipped it to a random page.

Locked deep inside the Everfree Forest, Prism was sentenced. 500 years ago Prism tried to take Celestia down, but was unable, thus sentencing him to the Everfree. A magical, invisible field surrounded it. There was a way out, but he had to search for it. It is said the answer is in the ancient books, but the only problem is there were no books in the Everfree. There were only monsters and beasts.

One day, about 53 years ago, a female Pegasus trotted into the forest. The motive was unknown, but she didn't know exactly what she was trotting into either. "Hello?" she called, her voice emitting fear.

According to records, this white-maned Pegasus is the mother of the well-renounced Rainbow Dash, who was able to preform the Sonic Rainboom to rescue a contestant as well as the Wonderbolts, and the mother was probably around the same age too at the time.

Prism saw her coming toward him and he grabbed her. "HEY! LET ME GO!"

Prism, driven mad by the isolation, bubbled back "Come wiff me durrie. Come pway wiff meee" He tried to use his magic to trap her with him, but it backfired and sent a white beam into both of their faces. The mare bucked him back and ran, realizing her mane was rapidly changing colors. It finally settled at a rainbow pattern.

Prism held his face, his eyes turning blood red. He wobbled around like a drunkard, then suddenly his horn glowed bright. Seven bright silhouettes formed a semi circle around him. One red, one orange, one yellow, one blue, one green, and two purple-ish ones. The colors finally settled into seven Alicorns, all with corresponding colors.

An army. He was a King!

The red one was the first to bow and the others followed. All of them were male besides two, the blue one and the purple one. Prism trotted to the red one. "I dub you Prince Red Moon." He then named the others. "Sunset, Sunshine, Nate Shore, Beta Blue, Midnight Blue, Ultra Violent"

Prism finally became a king. And he was planning a rebellion against Equestria.

We have no more records, for the subject vanished soon afterwards.

I closed the book. O...k then. Why did I read that, again?

I went down into the basement, where my machine was. Filled with anger, I ripped off the sheet and opened the book. I programmed the spell into the machine and put necessary restrictions. I didn't care about the heroism since nopony knows about it. I may as well continue with my plan... I stalled a bit, trying to remember what I was doing, then picked up the clicky pen I had set up a while back. I stuck it inside the machine for it to charge and galloped to my diagram. I drew a huge line through the design and threw it to the side. I needed a new angle... Nightmare Moon was not getting away from me this time. I will show her what I can do and she will love me! Not for being a hero, but a villain!