The Pirates of Manehattan

by Tower of 0

BONUS: Tingly Feelsies

The four figures filed in through the door, each with a nice little smile on their face and bags following them. Justin immediately went to the living room as Derpy and Vinyl headed up the stairs. Fudge followed the human into the other room to catch him flopping onto a couch and rolling on it like a dog.

"Oh it's soooo GOOD to be home!" He declared at the top of his lungs before relaxing into the cushions. "Oh how I missed you couch."

Fudge couldn't help but snicker before going on to explore the house.

Later that night, all four of the groups were sitting around a table. Each had a plate with an abundance of noodles out in front of them. Justin looked around to the other mares with a small grin. Derpy and Vinyl just looked to their plates in confusion while Fudge looked to her with some serious hungry eyes.

"Something wrong you two?" Justin asked as he looked to the mares.

"Okay.. just what the hay is this?" Vinyl asked bluntly as her hoof pointed to the plate.

"It's spaghettis!" Fudge exclaimed in a excited tone and nearly hopping out of her seat. "A dish froms Itailys!"

Justin smiled at Fudge's excitement and took a fork into his hands. Derpy actually took a noodle into her mouth a slurped it up with it slapping some sauce on her face. Vinyl was still hesitant at the strange looking dish and Fudge just dug right in. The human, however, was looking over at Vinyl.

"Sandwich instead?" Justin asked.

"What?" Vinyl snapped out of a daze to look at him.

"Would you like a sandwich instead?" Justin asked again.

Vinyl took a moment to register the question before silently nodding. Justin rose from his seat along side Vinyl, taking her plate and waling with her to the kitchen. He was looking around in the cabinets as he gathered what he needed for a sandwich for a pony while putting the leftovers in a bowl and covering it with a plate before sliding it in the fridge.

"Justin?" Vinyl called out as she watched him start on a sandwich.

"Something the matter Vin?" Justin turned his head to look at her with a small grin.

She just silently nodded a bit and was put a bit at ease by her love's smile. "Yeah... but do you ever get a feeling? Like a tingly feeling?"

"I get the tingly feelsies when I drink hot sauce." Justin chuckled as he finished up and walked over to her.

"No, like something just doesn't feel right, y'know?" Vinyl asked as he knelt down in front of her.

"I did when I woke up in the library and every single time i've passed it on my way to the shoppe." Justin went on, offering Vinyl the sandwich of lettuce, tomatoes, and daisies. "It may just be nothing for you."

Vinyl silently nodded and tightly hugged the human. Justin smiled and hugged back as the mare started to nuzzle against his cheek. He chuckled a bit and planted a small kiss on her cheek. Vinyl stepped down and took a small bite before remembering what someone said just earlier and started to chuckle a bit.

"You drink hot sauce?"