Where the Earth meets the Sky

by Pecan Pallet

ch.2 a minor detour

Ch.2 a minor detour.

How the heck can Pecan bear this weather! You may never know, but you desperately need to find lodging. Everypony rushed for shelter as the grim clouds began to bathe Ponyville with its tears of woe. You hardly made it across town, before the sky crashed to our level. You never believed that rain could roll in so quickly. It was like being hit by hundreds of paint balls, your nerves quaked for each freezing drop that hit. Being acquainted to this sensation, you searched for shelter or a small roof, Witch proved difficult as the rain struck your eyes. You rubbed your eyes, foreign liquids stinging your pupils. The irritation was unbearable and as muck started to cling to your hoofs, it only made thing worst. You were still moving when a corner of a building grazed your right shoulder, the sudden force of something unseen made you stumble into the muddy clay. There was at least an inch of water on the ground, with more coming in. Your muzzle acted as a conductor, your own body channeling water down your throat. You spat out, trying to breath. Mud hugged your coat as you force yourself up. You pushed yourself against the structure, taking a breather. The roof of the building was not sufficient for cover, but it was enough to clear your eyes. You have never seen rain descend like this before, like a great surging waterfall, it throws its mass down with tremendous force. Drops sprinkle you face, each cold shot scattering as they crash. You needed to get out of this weather; your place is still on the other side of Ponyville and you would drown if you had to run there. The volley of water began to gain control over your body, the clouds’ cold fluids shaking your figure. You scanned the area, trying to get your Bearings. Even though you were still relatively new to Ponyville, it was nearly impossible to forget about the strangest buildings in this town. The building was tall and wide, its colorful features contrasting with the gloom. The walls looked like gingerbread, lined with white frosting and cherry drops. The balcony of the house looked like a giant cupcake with candles sticking out the top. The roof looked like melted chocolate, dripping with sweet goodness. The windows looked like glass candy; the room beyond the glass looked warm and cozy. A sign extended out from the shop, a pink cupcake depicted on the swaying sign.

“Sugar Cube Corner, of course.” You tell yourself. This was the bakery, where the best of sweets in Ponyville are made. Mrs. and Ms. Cake own this bakery, even though pinkie pie pretty much runs the place. Pinkie Pie was one of Twilight’s friends, the happy and Optimistic one. Even though she was a little strange, she always made you smile, making you and everyone around you laugh. You can literally say that she lives in the bakery because you can always find her there. For all the times you checked, you have never seen her in her own home. The Cakes are very happy that they have Pinkie Pie. She does a lot of the baking, making her a very valuable business tool, and with her happy-go-lucky attitude, the package couldn’t be sweeter. Even though you didn’t want to barge in, the rain would force you eventually. You sucked in a new breath, savoring the moment. Sugar Cube corner was still a block away, you would need to run.

“On three…” you say, prepping yourself for the dash. You tried to calm your mind, not trying to worry about the rain. “At least there were no cops.” You said. You knew your target and you were going to get there. “Ok…” you bend your hind legs. “One…two…” you brace yourself. Without saying three, you shot off; the rain whips your face as you made contact. You kept your eyes squinted, trying to keep your view on the shop. It was challenging to try to keep stability on shifty soil, but you managed to pull through. As you reach the small steps leading to the bakery, you hurried up to the door. Your right hind leg unexpectedly slid away from under you, an edge of a step scraping your inner thigh. It was a brief pain, not something to worry about. As you re-balance yourself on the slippery steps, you thought about how painful it would be to hit your head on the steps. You removed some mud off your hoofs on the welcome mat, common courtesy still getting you in this weather. You lift a hoof, reaching for the nob of the pink door. You didn’t know it yet, but in the next moment your life will never be the same. As you applied your mass to the door, pushing it open, the door’s weight vanished. The sudden shift of gravity made you stumble forward, the door swinging completely open. Your front hoofs scarcely caught the rising floor, water traveling off your muzzle and landing on the floor a centimeter away. You push yourself up, re-balancing before the impact. Just as the door caught you off guard, so did the pony that ran you over. As Skulls collided, your body shot back, energy transferred from one body to another. Gravity pulled you back outside, losing friction on the drenched steps. Before you had time to react, a sharp thrust to the back of the head bucked you out.

You wake with a startle, a devilish throbbing emanated from the back of your neck. Your head was still ringing, bursts of pain kept in beat with your heart. Your eyesight was a haze, feeling numb in your arms. You tried to sit up, your spine making you feel old as it crackled. Your coat was still soaking; the mixture of mud and a little blood making you feel dirty. Even when you hated the feeling of wet hair and intense pain, you completely loved the sudden change in temperature. Being nothing like outside, it was nice and warm. Another big throb made you want to grab your head and scream. You tried to reach for the origin of the pain, your hoof brushing against your wet hair. Something abruptly swatted your hoof away, the tug shook your brain with pain.

“Hay, don’t touch it. You’ll only make it worse.” You don’t recognize the voice that spoke to you, being to peaceful for Pinkie Pie and being too young for Ms. Cake. One thing was for sure, it was a girl. As your eyes gradually began to focus, you could see a hazy image of a pony in front of you. You first see her blue coat, making you wonder if it was Rainbow Dash. The pony lifted a yellow cloth, pushing your head forward to reach for your cut. As she touches your head, you notice how soft her hoofs where. A pleasing shiver travelled down your spine as her arm faintly touched your ear. You were about to comment when she applied pressure to the back of your head. You flinch from the sting; the Mare removing the cloth when you stirred.

“Oh, sorry,” She said, her voice composed and tender. “I should have warned you.” This was definitely NOT Rainbow Dash, she wouldn’t have been so sweet. It also couldn’t be any of the other mares, due to the blue coat. This must be another pony… someone you don’t know… a girl you didn’t know! The sudden realization that you didn’t know this mare’s identity made you feel so very strange, and the situation not improving anything... You always felt uneasy and odd around female ponies, especially mares your age. Well, yes, you know Twilight and the other mares, but you were always with Pallet. Pallet was kind of girly at times, so he always got along with other mares. If you think about it, you were Pallet’s only stallion friend. You were never too trusting with other ponies so your social skills never surfaced, and talking to the opposite sex was almost impossible. As the cloth pressed against your head again, you shut your eyes and endured the pain. As the pain subsided, you opened your eyes, your eyesight finally clearing. You were glad to regain the ability to see, but now you wished you were still half blind. When your vision cleared, you realized that the position you were in was completely wrong. As she pushed your head down, your muzzle was at a very uncomfortable spot very close to her underbelly. You tried to turn your head, only to have pain keep you still. It felt like a minute before you felt her hoof remove the cloth, enabling you to move your head away. As she tossed the, now orange, cloth out, she tried to apologize to you, you attention more focused on not looking at her. You didn’t want her get a good look at you roseing up. You wanted to keep eye contact to a minimal, feeling so awkward around girls.

“He-he, umm… Sorry about your head. I was kind of in a rush.” She said, a sweet gentleness lining her voice. “If somepony learned not to push, then I wouldn’t have troubled you.” You see her look away from the corner of your eye, compelling you to look at the blue pony while distracted. You were amazed at what you saw. Her coat was a very light sky blue; her gorgeously groomed hair flowed nicely together. She had a Golden blond mane and tail, the hair messy but marvelously arranged. She had her left ear perked up, the other covered by her beautiful locks. She wore a gold pocket watch supported by a light green collar; it looked lovely around her neck. She had on a smooth lime fabric on her back and flank, the flowing cloth covering her cutie mark. You were caught off guard when she pulled her attention back to you. You drew your eyes away from her flank, your eyes unexpectantly connecting with hers. Wow… those eyes… her eyes where composed of the most dazzling of greens, streams of blue traveling through the grassy field of her eyes. She suddenly laughed softly; her unexpected giggle released you from her stunning eyes.

“Like what you see?” she asked, giving off a cute smile. She must have seen you staring at her rump, the thought made you blush like mad. “w-wait, it’s not-!” she was laughing even more, each laugh sounded lively. “Ha-ha-ha, its fine, its ok! I’m just playing.” She said, making you chuckle a little… only a little. You weren’t that kind of stallion; you respected all mares and fillies. She shook her head, noting that it wasn’t too funny to you.

“He-he…Ya, sorry, um, just wanted to lighten the mood.” She said, “I didn’t mean to cause trouble for you.” she pushed a lock of her hair away from her face, her smile was sweet. “…well…it’s not really your fault. Just bad timing.” You said, trying to make her feel better about it. Her grin makes you feel nice and squishy inside. “Ya, I guess.” She said, “…Come on, let’s get you up.” She moved to your side, locking her arm with yours. You could feel her slender body push against you, her arm muscles moving with yours. You slide your hoofs under you, pushing up onto your Hind legs. You stubble around awkwardly before falling back on all fours. You turn back to the pony, getting lost in her eyes again.

“At least you can stand.” She said, patting your back with a hoof. You thanked her and told her that you appreciate her company. “No, no, you shouldn’t really be thanking me,” she said, “I was the one that nocked you out, anyway.” She hesitantly laughed, knowing that your head would still be hurting. It did, but you played it off with a smile. “Well, I should be on my way, anyways. I already made enough trouble.” She said, started to return to her own life. She wasn’t really bothersome; she actually was amusing in your boring life. But she was just another pony to you, even though she wasn’t. Not wanting to bother her further, you let her go as you turned away. As the two of you began to leave each other’s lives, you feel something deep inside yourself boil up. At first you thought it was the sugary air, each sniff giving your brain a short sugar high, but when the irritation got worst, you knew it was something more. You tried to strained yourself to ignore this foreign emotion, the sensation overflowed inside, bubbling out and pour out of your mouth. For that moment in time, your body disobeyed your thoughts. Your mouth opened,

“Hay… wait a minute!” you rotated around, she spun around, simultaneously. As the last word jumped from your mouth, you realized that that the both of spoke at the same time, the same words spoke out in harmony. It was like fate forcefully dragged your attention back to each other. You had nothing to say to her, but it seemed like life had other plans. You awed at each other for a second, the way you spoke each other’s words astonishing the both of you.

“…oh, ya, you go first.” She said.
“What?... oh, no, no it’s fine. You go.” you motioned her to go first.
“It’s ok, I can wait.”
“Its fine, Mares first.”
“Age before beauty.”
“Beauty before Beast.”

“Need me to hit you again?” she joked, the tactic working in her favor. In truth, you had nothing to say, your body acted on its own accord. You sighed, you ran out of time to come up with some sort of question. You fumbled with your mind a bit, hastily piecing together a question. Quick thinking, you told yourself, quick thinking. As you stumble on a few words, you pick something up. “Uhm… um, I didn’t c-catch your mane- name…” you said, your voice sounding unusual and choppy. “What should I address you by?” you breathe in as she registered an answer. She smiled and laughed a little before responding.

“Oh ya, of course,” she said, “I am Sweet Sora Harmony, It’s nice to meet you.” she made a small curtsy, mimicking some fancy pony. “But you can call me sugar, if you want.” She joked, her cute expression made you feel warm inside. “Ha, Ha, cute.” You said, amused by her remark. Sweet Harmony… it had a comforting hold on you. You just wonder what “Sora” meant.

“So, what about you, hotshot, what’s your name?” she said with a wink. You took a moment to think to yourself, Harmony waited for a response.

“Terra, it’s Terra.” You said, only giving her your middle name. It was almost a habit to only give ponies your middle name, it was originally for identity safety, but now you lived by it. Besides, you responded best to Terra.

“Ok, cool…” she said, her face very serious… for three seconds. Harmony’s pokerface broke down as a smirk crossed her face; she put a hoof to her mouth to suppress the laughter that slipped free. You sigh, knowing what was coming up. She caught a breath, “I’m sorry,” she sputtered, “It’s just your name-”

“Yes, it’s a girl name. Happy?” she was letting it out now, her laughing reminded you of the time you told Rainbow Dash your name. Terra was not exactly a girl name, it just so happened that a lot of Mares had that name or something similar. You suddenly notice the gray Pegasus in the corner staring at the two of you. Her yellow mane and tail was oddly arranged, her eyes… umm, is she really looking at us? Her eyes where pointed in different directions, so you couldn’t really tell. You tried to ignore her, feeling awkward from staring. After a while, harmony seemed to get a good kick out of you.

“Ha ha, cute.” she mocked. At least her name wasn’t that bad, “sweet” and “harmony” made a pretty good name in your book. She beamed, her attractive eyes grabbed you in and held you close, “well, that was funny.” She said, “Right, Terra?”

“Of course, ‘sugar’.” You said, playing along with her. To tell the truth, you really like her. Only in a friendly way, though. Yes it was only a few minutes, but you where, somehow, enjoying it. She seemed nice enough, cute too. Besides, this wisent the city, this was Ponyville. You may even get your first friend out of this! She was still laughing to herself while she trotted closer to you, her eyes getting a better look at your flushed face.. “ha-ha, oh man… hay, Is your hair still wet? You where soaking when I dragged your corpse in.” she asked, her left ear flopped around as she scanned you up and down. Oh, right, it was raining. You nearly forgot. You glanced at the window, drops slipping off the rosy glass. You looked over yourself, you were relatively dry, a few spots still moist. It was amazing how the heat from the back of the bakery evaporated the water so fast, even the water ion the floor was gone. “It will dry; this place is like an oven.” You said, combing your mane with a hoof.

“Ya, sorry about the rain,” she said, “Me and Dizzy Doo was supposed to warn everyone about It.” she pointed a hoof at the gray Pegasus. The Mare was now nibbling on a muffin, her eyes still looking funny. “Say “Hi” Dizzy.” Harmony said, the gray Pegasus looked up from the muffin. So her name must be Dizzy Doo… not to be mean, but it seemed to fit her. Dizzy blinked twice, her single-mindedness returning to her muffin. “Ya… she said ‘Hi’…” Harmony said, scratching the back of her mane. As you recalled Harmony’s previous statement, you identified something odd about it.

“Wait, you knew that it would rain?” how could she have known, only Pegasus know what weather we--- Realization cracked a bat over your head, Harmony’s comment only confirmed it.

“Wha? What do you mean by that?” she said, “How can I not know. It’s our job anyway.” You are so stupid, how the heck did you not realize she was a Pegasus?...ok, maybe she covered it up a little. You couldn’t see it, but her wings remained tucked in, concealed by the green fabric.

“Buuut about jobs…” she began, “uumm…ya, well, we all believed that we had the day off today, because of yesterday’s winter rap up, buuuttt when we checked the schedule, it said it was supposed to rain. So ya, while everypony prepped up in cloudsdale, Me and Dizzy were supposed to tell everypony about the shower…but when we passed this place, Dizzy just had to have a muffin. In a hurry, I tried to rush out the door and-“

“That’s when you busted my head…” you completed her sentence. “eep…Ya, sorry.” She said, “it shouldn’t been that bad, anyways. The rain should have washed away most of the blood by now.” You sighed, your self-confidence plummeting. It’s bad enough that she was a girl but now she was a Pegasus. You had nothing against them, you were fine with Fluttershy and Dash, it’s just they were at “another level.” It was already tough getting friends; how the hay were you going to get a female Pegasus to befriend you, if you can’t even make a simple Earth pony notice you. Before, you would always leech off of Pallet when he had friends. The only friend you essentially made yourself was Pecan Pallet and Applejack.

“You’re still not angry?” Harmony asked, leaning her head in so she could stare into your eyes. “You seem to like hanging your head and going quiet for a moment.” You glance up,

“Oh, no. I’m not mad.” You said, she returned back to a calm expression.
“So, no hard feeling? Off the hook?”
“Ya, sure.”
“Not mad at the rain?”
“Nope, it’s just rain.”
“So you’re laidback about everything? Like, really?”

“…uh-huh, why wouldn’t I be?” Suspicion growing deep in your mind as she rolled on. “…did you do something?”

“What, of course not, I’m just a bit surprised that you aren’t angry or whatever.” She was definitely telling the truth, her eyes and body relaxed completely. After a while of living in the city, you gained a skill to tell when a pony is lying. You weren’t the best and seasoned liars got passed you easily, but you felt safe knowing you had a little talent.

“well, this isn’t something to be worked up about. Besides, I’m not the kind that pick fights.” You said. She sighed in relief, a little weight off her shoulder. “Oh, good.”

“Hay, Harmony, how long was I out, anyways?” you asked, “I’m pretty dry, now.” Harmony fiddled with her pocket watch, the dangling chains echoing a pleasant sound. “Not too long, like, about 10 or 15 minutes… opps.” She glanced at the watch a second time, “Darn it, it’s already four.”

“Do you need to be somewhere?” you asked as she turned to Dizzy and told her that they needed to go. Four o’clock was about the time you return to your place, but for her, you would have waited all night.

“umm, ya, I need to get back to cloudsdale. I’m sorry.” She said, walking over to Dizzy. “Don’t be, I appreciate the company.” You said with a blush, you weren’t used to this and it seemed Harmony wasn’t used to those comments.

“Oh, umm… thanks, Terra. >///<” you walked up to her as she and Dizzy got ready to leave, the three of you standing at the door.

“I’m sorry to be leaving like this, but it was nice meeting you.” she said, pushing Dizzy out into the rain. “MY MUFFIN!!!” she screams as a small bit falls from her hoof. “It was nice meeting you, too.” You said, “But… what about the rain?” it was still pouring, less than before, but still heavy. “Oh, it’s fine. We will be ok; a little rain doesn’t hurt anypony.”

“ya… sure.” You said, the throbbing was slow but steady. As she stood at the door way, your mind searched for something to say. Some meaningless thing that could make her stay, even if it was only for a moment. Alas, nothing surfaced, not one small thought. Besides, why did you want her to stay? Why did you want to talk to this Pegasus when you could talk to some other random pony? How is she any different? You wished you had an answer to these questions, but wishing never got you anywhere.

“Well, take care.” She was leaving and you were running out of time. There was only one thing you could think of and you just had to play with it. “Wait, Harmony,” you stopped her at the entrance, rain sprinkling on to her lush Mane. “So, are we friends?” you mentally beat yourself in for how stupid you sounded, but it seemed to work.

“What? Ha-ha, Terra, I thought we were already friends.” She said with a beaming smile. With those final words, she opened her wings and the wind lifted her away. Rain water blew into your face, the gust of wind puffing your hair everywhere.

You ran out into the muck and brutal rain, but you didn’t care. You scanned the skis, searching for any signs of the blue and blond Pegasus. The clouds ones again hammering you with the cold evening rain, but you didn’t notice, the strange warmth from inside you repelling any negative forces. You couldn’t find her; she was too far away by now. Like lightning, she came into my life, like lightning, she vanished from it. As you took a seat on the grubby soil, you gazed upward. The rain was comforting now, no longer feeling cold or painful, just tranquil as it caressed your body. Maybe this is how pallet feels when he’s in the rain. He may even have this strange sensation that hatched inside you, spreading like a cancer all over your body.

Harmony was the only thing on your mind. The only other though being,

“When will I see her again…”