by Cadet

Chapter 2: Could have been worse, I guess.

After he had finished his rematch with Max, which he had lost, Cadet had decided that it was time to head home. Cadet exchanged farewells with Max, grabbed his scooter, and then proceeded to go home. When he reached his house, he realized that most of the lights were off, even though it was only 8:12. Cadet opened the front door and carefully made his way upstairs in the darkness.

He finally reached his room after a couple of minutes. He took out the screwdriver and sat down to examine it. He noticed how the shaped of the head was; flat and straight. He made sure to make a note of that. He had already figured out that it was a tool, he just hadn't figured out how to use it. He sat the tool down on his desk and went over to his bed. As he was getting into his bed, he felt something...metallic touch his fur. He sat up and held it in front of him. He instantly recognized the tool as a wrench. Wrapped around it was another note.

'It is time for an upgrade...'


Cadet could feel his body desperately wanting to crumble underneath the glare of the princess. He knew that he had to show that he still had some dignity. Finally, the guards opened the cage and allowed Cadet to step out for the trial. Cadet looked at the jury, noticing how most of them looked extremely uptight. Finally, the princess spoke.

"Cadet, you have committed crimes against the royal crown. A crime that is punishable by death. But, we have decided to give you a fair trial. The prosecutor has the floor."

Cadet really did not listen to what the prosecutors were saying; it was all lies, anyway. Soon, he would have the chance to explain everything.

"...We simply cannot let this pony to continue his experiments! It could harm Equestria's society and economy!"
"Your time is up, the defendant now has thirty minutes to state his case."

"Thank you. As you all know by now that I have been performing illegal experiments. What you all don't know is why I did them. I performed the experiments in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Great risk usually come with great rewards. Was technological innovation not the reason why we now have a train system in Equestria, which carries precious cargo and passengers to their destinations? We cannot rely on magic as a way of living all the time. It is not how a civilization progresses." Cadet spoke logically and passionately. While it did convince some of the jury members, it was not enough to get a pardon.

"Cadet, you have been found guilty of your crimes and the jury sentences you to life in prison."

He was afraid that this will happen. It's why he came prepared with a plan. Since the guards arrested him when he had his saddlepack on, all of his tools are in reach...kinda. The guards started to force Cadet towards the door. He decided to initiate his plan. "Since I will never see my stuff again, may I look at my life's work?" Cadet asked, feigning his sincerity.
"I don't see why not." The princess replied. Cadet said his thanks, then proceeded towards his cell with the guards.

Finally, after some time, Cadet reached the dungeon. A aurora of mildew filled his nostrils. One of the guards handed him his saddlepack. It was hard to open it since Cadet had cuffs on. Cadet got the bag open after many failed attempts and took out a device. It was a transdimensional portal gun. Or, thats what it is suppose to be. Cadet never had the chance to test it. He slipped it on to his hoof and noticed a small note in the pack. 'Big risk earn big rewards. You must escape, cadet.' It has been awhile since I've gotten one of these. He knew what had to be done.

Let's hope this works...

Firing up the device, he pointed his hoof at the back wall, and fired. The portal opened, allowing Cadet to enter it. Unfortunately, this caught the attention of the guards. "Hey, what are you doing?! Get him!" As the guards began to unlock the door to the cell, Cadet quickly threw on his saddlepack, hoped for the best, and jumped through.

Everything became a blur. Cadet was blinded by the extreme light that the portal produced. What was seconds, it felt like hours. Cadet could feel his senses coming back to him, just in time for a loud, deep 'honk' noise and two spherical lights to come at him at great speeds. Cadet's instincts kicked in and he hit the ground, lying flight and hoping that it was a correct decision.

It was. The thing passed over him with ease. Although he could only look to his right, he noticed that this thing had wheels. Except, they were not wooden. They were made out of a black substance and metal, or so he thought.

Finally, the stange, foreign object passed over him. He rose to his hooves and looked at the object. It seemed to have a very large box on the back of it. On the box, there was a picture that seemed to say 'Wal-mart'. There was several other things on the back of it. Cadet did not have time to study it. He decided to walk out of the path the the object had taken, in case another one had come. He saw a patch of trees nearby and made his way into it, just to find that, indeed, it was just a small patch of trees. On the other side, there was signs and buildings, dozens of them. One of them was large and had mutliple 'metal carriages' inside it's overhanging roof. On the side of it said 'Shell'. Inside the carriages, there was these bipedal creatures. They had fingers, toes, and tiny noses, brownish hair, and tannish skin.

Wait a minute...these creatures...could it be? Could they be ones from the myths and legends? Cadet did not have time to think about this, as he heard a 'beep' coming from the right of him, it it was getting louder, really fast. Cadet snapped his neck to the right and instantly got scared. A metal carriage was just about to collide with him. He could feel time slowing to a halt, his breathing and heart beat suddenly becoming easier to hear. Then, he felt a sharp pain on his head, and everything went to black.


POV: Jack

"God damnit! I need to stop driving at night. Well," Jack said while stepping out of his car, "time to check the damage." Jack walked to the front of his car, checking the hood and front bumper. What he did not expect to find was a horse-like thing.

"Man, I hit a...small horse?" Jack was extremely confused. Doing what he thought was right, he place two fingers on the horses neck. Thump thump. "Well, at least it isn't dead." He mumbled. Again, doing what he thought was right, he took the weird horse into his arms. He'd have to call his friend, a veterinarian, over to check on the horse. Much cheaper, anyway. Surprisingly, the horse was lighter than he anticipated. He walked the horse over to the back of his Focus. He laid the horse down gently onto his back seat. He grabbed the 'emergency pillow and blanket kit (Patent Pending)' and opened it. He gently place the pillow underneath the horses head, and layer the blanket across the horse.

After making sure the horse looked comfortable, Jack got back into his car, and drove back to his house.


POV: Cadet

He walked over to the control panel for his device, and started to turn it on. Hopefully, the wall in front of him could support a quantum space hole. He flipped most of the instrumental switches to the correct position. He paused before hitting the final switch. He had to put his goggles on. Now with his eyes protected, he hesitantly reached for the final switch, and flipped it.

A beautiful orange and blue ball flew out the end of the device and straight onto the wall. An even more beautiful orange and blue oval appeared. Once the portal was open, he gazed inside. Fire, massive explosions, loud popping noises, a red sky, sirens going off...death. Lots and lots of death. To him, this was the true definition of horror. Before he could react, a ball of fire shot at him. He couldn't move because of his fright. And just as it was about to hit-

"Ahh!" Cadet screamed while he shot up after waking. He instantly realized this wasn't his room and started to look around.


POV: Jack

"...So, yeah, you think you could come over?" Jack said to his friend. "I don't know, man," his friend spoke, "I'd have to get a perm-" "Ahhh!" Jack's eyes widened. The scream came from the other room. The room with the surprisingly light-weight horse. The first thing that came to his head was that an intruder had entered that room and was frightened by the horse. Grabbing a baseball bat from his closet, he preceeded to the room. When he got to the door, he got ready to beat down the intruder, and swung the door open.


POV: Cadet

He heard something walking up to the door. It sounded bipedal. He looked at the door just in time to see it swing open. There was another one of those creatures he had scene right before he was- wait, what had happened again? It had a shocked look on his face. He started to study the creature. The creature, possibly male, was in a slight attack stance with a bat at hoo- hand. When Cadet got the face, he was surprised at the emotion that the face held. It just looks so pony like…

He continued to stare at the creature in awe, until Cadet recognized the stance the creature was in… The creature was in a threatening stance, and it had a weapon. Time slowly came to a halt as Cadet began to fear for his life. He was getting overwhelmed and he needed to get out of there and get someplace safe.

Time began to move again as the creature appeared to be making the first strike. Cadet, still on the bed, moved quickly to the corner of the room, opposite of the creature. When Cadet got to the corner, he stopped and stared at the creature, trying to figure out what its next move was going to be.
He waited…

He waited for what felt like years as he staredown the creature…

The creature began to move. Cadet fell on to his rump and began to coward. I don’t want to die!!! I don’t want to die here on this alien world!!! The being across the room began to lower themself to the ground, placing it’s weapon on the floor. It began to open it’s mouth…
“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I am a friend, okay? You’re safe here.” The being said, sounding a little hesitant or nervous.
Cadet looked at the creature in shock, the words “What the…” escaping his mouth.
The being did the same to him, in an equal amount of surprise.

They both promptly fell to the floor and proceeded to take a rather long nap in the sweet grasps of unconsciousness.