by FlutterSparkle96

Chapter 4: Late Night Enchantments

Anypony can learn to be happy... but friendship does it fastest! ~ Pinkie Pie

When Night Spell made it back to the castle, it was already early evening. For all she knew, Princess Twilight wasn't even there, but she went looking for her anyways. She didn't have to look for very long. Twilight had just sat down in the banquet hall for dinner. "Princess! Sorry to interrupt your meal, but I found something peculiar." Twilight sighed having only taken a few bites of her hot meal.
"Well, don't keep me wondering," Twilight joked, "Show it to me." Night Spell pulled the dusty history book out of her bag and placed in front of her. "The Equestrian Historia?" Twilight questioned, "What is so peculiar about this book?"
"First off," Night Spell began, "For a book two hundred years old it has held together very well. And secondly, something important was deliberately removed in it." She turned to the page she had been looking at in the library. Twilight read through the page and by the end of it, her eyes had widened.
"Where did you find this book?" She asked somewhat frantic.
"At the Royal Library," Night Spell answered in a confused and guessing tone, "It was on one of the shelves in a very strange place as if it wanted to be found." Twilight snapped the book closed startling Night Spell.
"You are to bring this book back to the library right away." Twilight commanded. "You are to tell the librarian that this book is to be placed in deep storage until I say other wise." Night Spell was confused.
"Why?" She asked, "Is something wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong. But this book should have never left from the archives," Twilight answered. "Take it back to the library."
"The library's closed by now. It won't be open till tomorrow morning," Night Spell replied. Twilight sighed and gave the book back to her.
"Then bring it in first thing tomorrow." She concluded. Night Spell nodded and took the book back.
Later that night after most of the castle staff had gone to bed, Night Spell opened the book again. Why would the princess not want this book out? Night Spell turned to the vandalized page and stared, puzzled. The idea of not being able to know what those missing word were was eating at her terribly.
"There isn't much I can do about it," Night Spell told herself," "It's not as if it was enchanted to look this way." Her eyes widened as realized she had given herself the answer. "Of course!" she exclaimed, "rejuvenation!" Night Spell quietly giggled finding it funny that the answer had been right under her muzzle. She drew all the curtains shut and locked the door. She was going to have to be quick, quiet, and not seen. If Twilight or any of the guards saw what she was doing, it could get her in a heap of trouble. She carefully propped the book up on her bed and took a step back. "All right Night Spell," she coached herself, "You can do this. Do this right and you'll finally know what this page really says. Do it wrong," she look at the door, "well, lets just get it right." She focused on the smudged page, specifically on the words. As she concentrated, her horn, the book and the walls began to glow violet. She glanced at the door hoping no one had seen the now illuminated room. "Recreantur," she whispered. The book began to levitate off of the bed glowing ever more brightly. Once again, as if time was being reversed, the once mangled, dirty book began to mend itself. Night Spell watched in awe as the yellowness of the pages returned to their former glory. As quick as it started, it was over. The book plopped back onto the bed and the violet glow faded away from the room. Night Spell swiftly cracked open the door and scanned the hallway for anyone who might have seen the shimmer from her room. Not a soul in sight. She locked the door again and then turned her attention to the brand new copy of The Equestrian Historia.
"With these elements Equestria thrived. But without unity no lasting peace could be kept. The element of unity was the most important of all. Unity eradicated all evil from the land making an eternal peace in Equestria." She read. Night Spell's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "There's another element of harmony!?" she questioned. From all of the books, papers, and stories Night Spell had read she had always known there to be six elements, but now this book was claiming otherwise. She rubbed her eyes trying to make sure what she was reading was correct. She sat there staring at the page bewildered and unsure of what to do next.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Night Spell jumped, being yanked back into reality. Franticly she stuffed the book under her pillow and put on a convincing sleep deprived face. She slowly approached the door to make it seem like she had just woken up. She slowly opened the door to find Star Glimmer there shaking. "What are you doing up so late?" Night Spell asked, terrified that she had been found out.
"I had a nightmare..." She whimpered. Night Spell gently smiled and took her in her hooves.
"Do you wanna talk about it?" Night Spell asked, "It might make you feel better." Star Glimmer sniffed and wiped her face.
"I was alone in the dark..." She stammered, "I saw mommy lying on the ground, but I couldn't wake her up..." Star Glimmer's words turned into sobs. Night Spell was shocked. Star Glimmer was known to have nightmares before, but usually about monsters or the Everfree Forest.
"It was only a nightmare." Night Spell soothed, trying to calm the foal down, "Your mother is just fine." In her head though, thoughts raced. Premonitions were not unheard of in unicorns and since this dream was not normal for Star Glimmer, it made Night Spell more anxious. She sat there in the hallway calming Star Glimmer for a long time, unsure of what exactly to do. "Lets get you back to your room." Night Spell decided. By now Star Glimmer was calm enough to walk with her.
As they headed back to her room, they passed Twilight's chambers. The two quietly peeked in. To both of their relief, all was well as the princess slept soundly. "You see?" Night Spell said softly, "Everything is fine." Star Glimmer nodded and continued to her room. "Now try to get some rest okay?"
"Okay..." Star Glimmer whimpered as she returned to her bed.
"Goodnight." Night Spell whispered as she closed the door.
"Goodnight... I love you BSBFF..." Star Glimmer whispered back. Night Spell smiled and closed the door. As she returned to her room, her mind continued to race.
First the book and know this? She thought to herself. If Star Glimmer had truly just had a premonition, the thought terrified Night Spell. Twilight was the closest pony to a mother she had ever known. If she was gone, she wouldn't know what to do. Night Spell got back into her bed but couldn't sleep. She lay there quietly by herself, shaking, thinking through her own nightmare.