Shine Again

by Fandom Trash Snivy

New Necklaces

It was seven thirty a.m. on a Saturday. Pinkie Pie's loud yawn woke up everyone.


Sonata Dusk was the first one to get up. She stretched out of the bed, yawning a short yawn. She looked over at Aria Blaze, who was still sleeping very heavily. She shook her friend, which had no effect on the situation.

"Wake up, Aria!"

Finally, Aria Blaze woke up. Her long, loud yawn woke up Adagio Dazzle and soon everyone else. Rainbow Dash looked more drowsy than everyone else.

"Dear," asked Rarity, "did you stay awake all night?"

Rainbow Dash looked very embarrassed. She gulped, and she looked at all of her friends. "Fine! I stayed up all night until one o'clock on my phone!"

"Spendin' all night on Facehoof, were you?" asked Applejack.

Rainbow Dash hung her head in shame. Adagio Dazzle got out from under the covers of the bed and walked over to Rainbow Dash. She sat down on the floor next to her.

"It's okay. I do stuff like this all the time, Rainbow."

"I know," Rainbow Dash replied. "When I'm not busy playing sports, I'm either playing video games, on my phone, or on social media like Facehoof or My Stable."

Pinkie Pie gasped. "How could you have two similar social media accounts?! It's like having two accounts on the same site!"

"Somebody recommended me My Stable!" confessed Rainbow Dash. "I swear! I found Facehoof all on my own!"

"Now, now!" spoke Adagio Dazzle. "That settles it! Even though Rainbow Dash has two similar forms of social media, it doesn't mean that she is uncool or something! Social media doesn't matter in choosing a friend! It's his or her character that makes you want to be their friend!"

Adagio Dazzle stomped off and hopped back on the bed. Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk's mouths were hanging wide open.

"How could you say that?" Sonata Dusk asked.

"That was pretty awesome," added Aria Blaze.

Sunset Shimmer walked over to the bed. She motioned Twilight Sparkle to come with her. The Dazzlings looked at both of them.

"Dazzlings," Twilight Sparkle began, "Sunset Shimmer has something to tell all three of you."

Sunset Shimmer cleared her throat. "Well, we've been talking about doing this for a while, but..."

She paused for a second.

"We're allowing you to get your necklaces back today."

The Dazzlings looked at Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer in gratitude, wonder, and amazement. Adagio Dazzle was the first Dazzling to speak:

"Thank you so much. I don't know where we would be right now without all of you."

Aria Blaze was next. "Wow. Thanks, Twilight and Sunset! Can't wait to get my necklace back soon!"

Sonata Dusk was the last Dazzling to speak. "Yaaaaaaay! I'm so excited! Will we return to Equestria after we get our new necklaces?"

"Yes," replied Twilight Sparkle. "And I feel that Sunset Shimmer should come back to Equestria with us."

"Thanks Twilight," Sunset Shimmer answered.

"Now," began Twilight Sparkle, "I'll get into my casual clothes soon with Spike and I'll tell Pinkie Pie's parents that I'll be leaving early. After I leave, I'll enter the mirror near Canterlot High so I could go back to Equestria. I'll just be needing three things before I leave."

"What is that?" asked Adagio Dazzle.

"I'll be needing the strings that previously held your red gems," answered Twilight Sparkle. "I'll know what to do with them once Spike and I get back to Equestria."

"I guess you'll have to wait here," Sunset Shimmer informed The Dazzlings.

"If you really say that you need our broken necklaces," spoke Adagio Dazzle, "I get them for you."

Adagio Dazzle leaped off the bed and dug around in her bag. She finally found what made her and her friends feel bad about what they did the most: the broken necklaces. The three black strings that each respectively once held a beautiful, red gem on the very center now just had the gold piece that helped the gems latch on to the necklace itself. Adagio Dazzle blinked back her tears and walked up to Twilight Sparkle. Her throat felt blocked as she tried to speak:

"Here, Twilight. If you'll really be needing these for a bit, take very good care of them. We certainly don't want them to be damaged any further."

Adagio Dazzle handed the three black strings that were once beautiful necklaces to Twilight Sparkle. She put them in her backpack and went into the bedroom closet to change into her casual clothes. It only took her three minutes to change, and she came out.

"Goodbye, Sunset Shimmer and Dazzlings. This will only be for a little while. Be sure to meet me outside of the mirror so I could grab Sunset Shimmer and The Dazzlings with me once I give back their necklaces to them."

Twilight Sparkle grabbed Spike and her backpack and left the bedroom.

"We'll see you later!" Pinkie Pie spoke.

Twilight Sparkle, wearing her backpack and with Spike in her hands, walked up to Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock. Maud Pie also happened to be nearby them, holding her pet rock Boulder.

"I've informed Pinkie Pie that I'll be leaving early today," Twilight Sparkle told Pinkie Pie's parents.

"That's fine with us," replied Cloudy Quartz. "It doesn't matter if your parents drive you home or if you walk home. The only thing that matters is that you need someway to get home."

"I'll be walking home," Twilight Sparkle replied.

"See you later!" Igneous Rock spoke.

"Boulder will miss you," Maud Pie added.

Twilight Sparkle put Spike into her backpack and exited Pinkie Pie's house. As soon as she was outside, she set down her backpack and took Spike out of it. She put Spike on a leash she also pulled out of her backpack.

"Do I need to walk on a leash?" asked Spike.

"I can't just carry you in my, erm, hands the entire time we'll be walking," replied Twilight Sparkle. "Besides, I don't want to lose you either. It'll also be good exercise for you!"

Twilight Sparkle put on her backpack and picked up the leash that was latched onto Spike's collar. She started to run, Spike following her close by.

Finally, after about a long thirty minute walk, they reached Canterlot High. The mirror was looming in front of the large high school campus yard. Twilight Sparkle picked up Spike in her hands and faced the mirror.

"This'll only take a while," she spoke.

She jumped into the mirror, and was being transported back to Equestria...

It was only a matter of seconds before Spike and Twilight Sparkle were back inside the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom.

"Hiya Twilight!" Pinkie Pie greeted. "Are those sirens back here yet?"

"No," replied Twilight Sparkle. "I came back here to repair The Dazzlings' necklaces."

"That group must be the sirens," spoke Rainbow Dash.

"That's what they call themselves," Twilight Sparkle replied. "Anywho, has anypony seen Rarity around here? I need to borrow three red gems from her."

Like she knew what Twilight Sparkle was talking about, Rarity immediately appeared in front of Twilight Sparkle and Spike.

"Oh Twilight, I happen to have many red gems from my last gem hunt with Spike before you entered the mirror. Here, you can have these three."

Rarity used her magic to pull out three red gems from a drawer inside a small table. Twilight Sparkle used her magic to envelop the gems inside her magic instead. She set the gems down on a table with her magic.

"I'll need Spike's help to make a magic liquid that'll make those ordinary gems into magical gems. C'mon, Spike! Bring over a cauldron and a book of spells and potions!"

Spike pushed a small cauldron over to Twilight Sparkle and took out a book of magic spells and potions from a bookshelf.

"What page should I open it to?"

"Open it to the page that says 'Admiration Application Spell' on it," replied Twilight Sparkle.

Spike flipped the book to said page and started to read the ingredients aloud:

"Three pegasus feathers from the top of the right wing."

Twilight Sparkle used her magic to pluck three feathers from the top of Rainbow Dash's right wing.

"Ouch! Next time ask me if I want to help you or not!"

Twilight Sparkle blushed and put the feathers inside the cauldron.

"Some water that is colored magenta," read Spike.

Twilight Sparkle used her magic to grab a glass of water that was magenta-colored and emptied it into the cauldron. The water, which seemed to already be magical, reacted with the pegasus feathers and made a huge magenta-colored mushroom cloud to appear. The water magically grew in volume until it reached almost to the top inside the cauldron.

"And lastly," Spike read, "a tear from a unicorn."

"I'll help in this!" spoke Applejack. "Rarity, I heard that they are closin' down the spa nearby!"

Rarity's face began to quiver. Then suddenly, she burst into tears. Twilight Sparkle levitated one of the tears from Rarity and dipped it inside the cauldron. Another magical reaction took place; the tear swirled around inside the water and turned green. The result was water in the pattern of a magenta and green spiral.

"To apply this spell," Spike read, "dip any object up to the maximum of ten into the very center of the spiral. After about thirty seconds, the object or objects will magically levitate themselves over the cauldron that you are using."

Twilight Sparkle levitated the gems with her magic and slowly dipped them inside the spiral of the contents of the cauldron. Instantly the three red gems sank into the water. Suddenly, they began to spiral wildly inside the cauldron. A giant magenta and green mushroom cloud appeared. As soon as the cloud disappeared, the three red gems were magically levitating over the cauldron. Twilight Sparkle used her magic to take the gems. She set them down next to her.

After that was over, she opened her saddlebag and used her magic to take out the three black strings that The Dazzlings previously gave to her back in the human world.

"Rarity," Twilight Sparkle called, "I'll need your help again!"

Rarity trotted over to Twilight Sparkle. "Looks like you'll need some help on fastening those gems to the necklace strings. I'm an expert on jewelry, so this should be easy for me!"

Rarity used her magic to take each red gem and black string. One by one, she fastened them together.

"There we go! Good as new!"

Rarity used her magic to open Twilight Sparkle's saddlebag and gently placed the repaired necklaces inside. After that, she closed it with her magic.

"Thanks Rarity," spoke Twilight Sparkle.

"Your welcome," Rarity replied. "Can't wait to see you later. I heard that Sunset Shimmer will also be coming back here along with those sirens!"

"The Dazzlings," Twilight Sparkle sternly corrected Rarity.

"Yes," she spoke. "The Dazzlings."

"There's no time for fooling around," Twilight Sparkle spoke. "The Dazzlings need their necklaces back and they need them now. C'mon, Spike! Let's go back through the mirror."

Twilight Sparkle and Spike immediately disappeared behind the mirror as soon as they jumped inside.

Rarity turned to everypony else. "I really do hope that these Dazzlings are as nice as we all hope that they'll be..."