Broken then Healed

by Tohshi

Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Golden Glaive stopped in front of the Library counter top. The ancient librarian looking up from her paperwork, smiled at the guard and me. She shuffled her paperwork to the side, and got out of her chair. From this angle, I could tell the chair was well worn, though looked quiet comfortable.

“Here for Twilight again?” the librarian asked. She came around the desk and headed towards the restricted section.

Both the guard and myself nodded yes. The librarian chuckled lightly. She lead as most of the way to the restricted section before turning to enter the a different wing. This one had the depiction of the bell hat unicorn. She opened the gate and let us in.

“She is in there somewhere,” the librarian said, gesturing to the wing with her hoof. She turned around and headed back to her desk.

After a few minutes of searching, we happened across Twilight. She was reading two books at the same time and didn't notice us approach.

“Princess Twilight,” The guard said, his voice gruff and deep. “I have a little one here for you.”

Twilight's head lazily looked up at the guard. She clearly had not slept. Twilight said, “Oh. Hello Lilac. Where is Lyra and Bon Bon?”

“Bon Bon went back to Ponyville, and Lyra is dealing with paperwork,” I said. I slide off the guards back and walked over to Twilight hugging her.

“I need to get back to my post,” the guard said. “Do you need anything before I leave?”

“No, We will be fine,” Twilight said. She got up and returned the books to there spots on the shelf. “What time is it, Lilac?”

The guard turned and left, leaving Twilight and myself alone. I watched him go for a second before looking back at Twilight. Concern wormed its way into my head. Did she do this all the time? Or was this because of me? I said, “Sometime after breakfast. Day court just started.”

“Then the kitchens are open,” Twilight said. She picked me up and placed me on her back. Her horn glowed and with a pop we were in a different room. The smell of coffee and baked goods wafted on the air. “Hmmm, Coffee.”

My stomach was a bit queasy from the teleportation though no where near as bad as the last one. I slide off Twilight's back and sat on the ground trying to regain my bearings as the room slightly twirled around me.

We were in some sort of cafeteria. There were a number of tables with chairs surrounding us. A few of them had ponies sitting at them enjoying a meal. Along one wall there was a large open window that lead into the kitchen. In the window was a large selection of breakfast foods in steam pans and a few ponies were collecting a meal from with in them. Twilight had walked off to an area next to the window where there were to large thermos, presumably of coffee.

Twilight returned with a steaming cup. She cooled the coffee with her magic and then drank the whole cup in one go. She smiled at me, energy returning to her face. Twilight said, “So what did you guys do after we left yesterday?”

“We visited Lyra's parents,” I said cheerfully. Outside of a certain accident, I had enjoyed meeting them. “Where do your parents live?”

“Here in Canterlot,” Twilight said. She stared longingly at the cafeteria food. Her eyes grew blank for a while.

“Can we go visit them?” I asked. There was something off about twilight but I couldn't tell what. Maybe she was sick, her parents would know.

“I guess we should,” Twilight said. She fidgeted with her cup for a few seconds. She lifted me back onto her back and her horn glowed once more. “Hold tight. Sorry I forgot to tell you about the previous teleport. Get ready for another.”

With a loud pop we found ourselves standing outside a simple town house. There was a large window through which a lit fireplace could be seen. Twilight walked up to the door and opened it. The room was empty of ponies. Two armchairs sat near the fireplace, facing the fire, with a small stand that separated them. A steaming cup of tea sat on the stand, still steeping. There were a number of pictures that decorated the walls, many of them depicted Twilight.

“Mom,” Twilight Sparkle called out loudly. “You home?”

“Twilight, is that you?” a female voice yelled from further with in the house. A petite white unicorn mare came walking into the room. Her mane was a light purple with streaks of white in it. She smiled as she saw Twilight and rushed over to give her daughter a hug.

“So, Mom, I want you to meet Lilac Splash,” Twilight Sparkle said. Twilight lifted me off her back and deposited me in front of her.

“Hello, Lilac. My name is Twilight Velvet,” Twilight Velvet said. She smiled at me gently before returning her gaze to Twilight Sparkle. “So, I am guessing that you're not here to introduce me to just some random filly.”

“No, I should explain,” Twilight Sparkle stated. She stared at her hooves for a few seconds, rubbing on of her hoof on the other foreleg. When she started to talk again she did so very quickly. “Lilac is my child, biologically. One of my friends from Ponyville, Lyra. She went to school with Shining Armor and Cadence. She cast a spell that stumbled across another world. There she found, and watched, for about a month, a bipedal creature named Alex. Alex had a horrible accident and in attempt to save him Lyra tried to cast magic through the dimensional scrying spell. I tried to save Lyra from killing herself by trying to save Alex. Her spell was draining her too much the strain would have cause interruptible damage. We both succeeded, to varying degrees. I was much more successful than Lyra, and we had pulled Alex's soul through the dimensional barrier. Souls aren't meant to be outside of a body, so it began to fade and move on, and in an attempt to save him I created a new body, using myself and Lyra as a blueprint and bound the soul to the new body. This new being is Lilac. There you go all caught up.”

“Wait, you were too fast there, honey,” Twilight Velvet said. “So you are saying, Lilac is your daughter, that you made out of some extra-dimensional soul and a bits of you and Lyra?”

“Pretty much,” Twilight Sparkle explained. Concern coated her face. “Lilac is the amalgamation of a soul and Lyra and my child. I had to make a new body for Lilac's soul and the only way I knew how to make a living one, and not just trap her soul into a gem or something worse, was to create a new body. I had learned a spell that let two mares have children together, for a friend of mine, and I used a modified version of that and an aging spell to create Lilac.”

Twilight was staring at the floor. Worry seemed to have taken over her whole body, which was shaking slightly. I hugged her legs, and her mom hugged the rest of her.

Twilight Velvet asked quietly, “What has you all worked up?”

“I...” Twilight started. She sat there trying to form words, stopping part way through only to start another shortly there after. “Its just all becoming real. Up till yesterday it was all just a puzzle and then we got summoned to the castle. I didn't cast my spell properly and Lilac could have died because of it. To fix it, we had to subject Lilac-” She paused to stifle her sobs “-to the most painful and dark magic I have ever cast. I had to watch her screaming in pain, all because I messed up my spell. Because I wasn't good enough.”

“Twilight Sparkle,” Twilight Velvet said sharply. “You created a functional body out of thin air. No one I know, other than you, can do that. Sure there were some hiccups here or there but you made life, in your own special way, a way only you can do. Don't sell yourself short.”

“You didn't have much time to get your spell right,” I said. Guilt ate at me and tears ran down my cheeks. “I didn't give you guys time to think, only react. The fact that I am still breathing is a miracle. Please don't blame yourself for my mistake.”

We sat there for a few minutes till Twilight Sparkle calmed down. Twilight said, “Sorry I was being foalish.”

“Twilight you look like you haven't slept in days. You need to take care of yourself better. No wonder your so wrung up so tight,” Twilight Velvet said.

“I needed to be certain of the side effects of our spell,” Twilight Sparkle said. “We used some of Sombra's magic. I have to be certain, that our spell won't cause more problems than it already has.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. Fear fought with guilt over control of my mind.

“Sombra's spell will likely stunt your growth, physically. I'm sorry,” Twilight said.

“How much?” I asked.

“I don't know. It could be a lot or very little but some amount,” Twilight explained. “Also there are a number of other side effects that may or may not come into effect.”

I sat there contemplating what she could mean. Her vagueness scared me.

Twilight Velvet, still hugging her daughter, looked over at the clock. She said, “Twilight your father will be home in three hours. Why don't you go upstairs and take a nap till he gets home. I will take care of Lilac till then. Okay?”

Twilight Velvet wasn't asking. Twilight Sparkle looked like she wanted to argue but didn't and marched out of the room. Twilight Sparkle said, as she crossed through the door, “Thanks, Mom, for being here for me.”

“Thank you for letting me,” Twilight Velvet said. She turned to me and stared for a few seconds. Her face was mostly expressionless. “So Lilac, tell me about yourself.”

I spent the next couple of hours explaining the last couple of months of my life. Most of that time was explaining a few of the differences between Equestrain society and American Society. I left out much of the dietary differences. Twilight Velvet tried to seem interested, and always asked more questions when ever the conversation seemed to be faltering. We got up to the last two weeks and Twilight Velvet's interest seemed to spike. She was particularly distraught when I told her of the house fire and then of the soul binding. After recounting my tale, she insisted that I show her my drawing skills. I lost count of time and for a while I simply drew pictures for Twilight Velvet, sometimes just things I imagined, sometimes of things from Earth.

The door opening interrupted my drawing. A blue unicorn stallion walked into the house. He had a slightly darker blue mane. He said, “Hello, Velvet. And who is this little one?”

“Meet your granddaughter, Lilac Splash,” Twilight Velvet said cheerfully.

“Adopted or magic?” the blue stallion asked tiredly.

“Magic,” Twilight Velvet said. Her voice was falsely cheerful. “Dear, why don't you introduce yourself.”

“Where are my manners? Sorry, My name is Night Light. I am Twilight Sparkle's father,” the blue Stallion said.

“Hello,” I said quietly.

“Is Twilight here?” Night Light asked his wife.

“She is upstairs taking a nap. I insisted that she do so. I am going to go make lunch. When its ready I will wake Twilight and we will all have a nice lunch and talk,” Twilight Velvet stated. Her tone of voice made it very certain that we all would do exactly that. “Dear why don't you and Lilac chat for a while. Get to know each other.”

“Yes, Velvet,” Night Light said. He sat down in one of the armchairs, staring at the now dying fire. “Lilac why don't you sit down too?”

I scrambled up into the empty armchair. After getting comfortable I looked at Night Light, he seemed entertained by my exploits. If I were him I would fine myself funny and cute, too, not that I forgave his mirth.

“So Lilac, why don't you tell me how you came to be?” Night Light asked. His voice remained steady and calm. I could tell there was anger in his eyes, but not at me.

“Just over two weeks ago. I tried to kill myself,” I explained solemnly. “Twilight was watching me from another world, this one, and she tried to save me. Her attempts only managed to save a part of me. My soul. Twilight created a new body for my soul, and in doing so created me. At first she treated me like I was some sort of experiment, a puzzle. She was nice sure, but unattached. Two days ago we, as in myself and Twilight, were summoned to the castle. Something had been disturbing the flow of magic near Ponyville and Discord had told Princess Celestia. The princess feared the cause was me, so she had to check me magically to find out. Instead she found that Twilight's spell, the one that held my soul in, was fading. The four princess fixed that.-” I shuddered “-It was very painful. I don't know why but Twilight changed. I guess I became real to her. Seeing me in pain, a pain she inadvertently caused.”

I paused to catch my breath. Why I had been so honest, not that I normally wasn't honest, but so brutally so was weird to me. Something about Night Light made me trust him.

“One thing is for certain, you are Twilight's daughter,” Night Light joked. “You can ramble just like she can. I am sorry if I came off cold earlier. It's just, I am worried about Twilight. She goes from one crisis to another, some of them made by her own hoof, some of them world ending terrors, and I worry about her. I worry that she isn't going to be able to settle down and have a happy peaceful life.”

“I understand,” I said quietly.

“We can't just dwell on our worries though,” Night Light said. “Has Twilight been taking care of you, properly?”

“I have been living with my other mom, and her fiancé, Lyra and Bon Bon. Twilight hasn't needed to take care of me, and I guess she has monetarily done so,” I said. I started to cry. “We had a house fire. I caused it. I had a magically buildup, from not using my magic. I didn't know how or what to look for in me. At the climax of the buildup, I accidentally pushed all that magic out and caused our house to burn down. Twilight helped us buy new stuff.”

Night Light sat there thinking for a few minutes. He would look at me every so often and his eyes held a battle of worries. Night Light said, “Welcome to our family. I want you to know that Twilight Velvet and myself will be here for you. If you need it.”

“Thank you,” I said. My tears had dried up. I rubbed my hooves against my eyes, trying to clear the rest of the tears out of them.

Twilight Velvet poked her head into the room. She said, “Lunch is ready. I am going to go wake Twilight.”

Night Light slipped out of his chair and headed out of the room, I followed closely. Just down a hallway we came into a conjoined dining room and kitchen. A large number of floor to ceiling windows filled one corner of the bright room. The diner table basked in the sunlight cast by the windows. The kitchen was fairly compact but well stocked. On the table sat a set of plates with four sandwiches each cut in half. Night Light took a seat at the table. I scrambled up into one of the chairs as well.

Twilight Velvet and Twilight Sparkle entered the room. Twilight Sparkle was still shaking the sleep from her head. She smiled at me, and took a seat next to mine. Twilight Sparkle said, “Hello, Dad.”

Smiling, Night Light said, “Hello, Twilight. I hear you have had an eventful last few weeks.”

Twilight smiled at her father. Twilight said, “It has been. I just didn't realize it till little bit ago.”

Twilight Velvet had grabbed a few cups and some lemonade from the refrigerator. She poured us each a cup and divided up the sandwiches. The sandwich was fairly simple, made of flowers. I found the dandelions to be the best but daisies were pretty good too. No one spoke during lunch. I was only able to eat half a sandwich, though Twilight ate my second half.

After everypony had finished their sandwich, Twilight Velvet cleaned away the plates. She sat back down, next to Night Light. Twilight Velvet said, “Twilight, we need to talk.”

“I know,” Twilight Sparkle said quietly. She was staring at me, her eyes filled with dread.

“First off, I want you to know that we love you very much,” Twilight Velvet said. Her voice almost sounded sad.

Twilight blushed slightly. She said, “I love you too, Mom. And you too, Dad.”

“I, no we, are just worried about you Twilight,” Twilight Velvet said. “You are constantly chasing your obsessions, some of which bring good things to the world, some of them just seem to make you run in circles for a while. I wish you would start taking better care of yourself. Spike has sent us letters asking for help. That things have gotten worse in the last couple of months.”

“Princess Celestia needed me to work on some things for her. That had cut into my more typical research time which just cut into my sleep time. I don't need as much sleep anymore, now that I am an Alicorn,” Twilight Sparkle pleaded.

“Which would be fine and dandy if it was you slept only four or five hours a day. We were there, when Princess Celestia explained your physical changes, after your ascension. Spike's letters indicate you sleep every couple of days and at that only for six hours at most,” Twilight Velvet said. “And its not just sleep. I can tell that you haven't been eating right, you have lost weight since we last saw you. And you ate those sandwiches like they were the only thing you had eaten in a while.”

“I know I can get a little wrapped up in things, but it's fine. I can handle it,” Twilight Sparkle said defensively.

“Princess Celestia is worried about you,” I said quietly. “When she sent me to you today, she said that you had been in the Library for most of our time in Canterlot. I could see the worry in her eyes. She was hoping I could drag you away from your obsession.”

“I needed to be sure,” Twilight stated. Her eyes were filled with worry and a tear ran down her cheek. “I need to make sure you will be alright, more than anything else before. I can't see you in pain like that again.”

Her tear turned into a flood and she hugged me close to her. Twilight Velvet got out of her chair, walked over and hugged Twilight Sparkle as well. Twilight Velvet said, “Sparky, you can't take care of anyone, if you aren't taking care of yourself.”

“I know,” stammered Twilight. Her tears stopped and she loosened her grip on me.

Night Light had been sitting quietly. I glanced at him when his chair creaked. I couldn't get a read on his face. Night Light said, “Twilight, I know that your under a lot of pressure with recent events. But you have to pick a thing to be unwavering on. You can't do everything, nor should you try. You need to pick and choose your battles better.”

Twilight watched her dad intently as he spoke, taking in his words more thoroughly than she had with the rest of us. Twilight said, “I just don't know what I am supposed to do anymore. Things are piling up quicker than I can deal with them.”

“Then ask for help,” Night Light said. “You don't have to deal with this alone. Your mom and I will always be here for you. I would bet Princess Celestia would equally be there for you.”

“What would you do? I feel torn between two worlds now, life as a princess, and now being a mom,” Twilight asked.

“Personally, I tried to be the best dad I could for you, and your brother,” Night Light said. “But I didn't have to weigh the life of my child, and doing the best by them with doing the best by all of Equestria. I really think you should ask Princess Celestia, or maybe Princess Luna. Those two will be better able to tell you what to do, or at least guide you.”

“I wish we had answers for you,” Twilight Velvet said. She nuzzled her daughter's head. “We are proud of you, just also worried.”

“I do need to talk to Princess Celestia,” Twilight said. The sadness had left her eyes. “I am sorry to cut this visit short, but we should go. Lyra is probably worried about Lilac by now and I want to catch Princess Celestia at lunch.”

“It's fine,” Night Light said. He joined the rest of us on our side of the table and he hugged his daughter. “I love you.”

Twilight Velvet gave both Twilight and myself a hug. She said, “I love you, Sparky. Try to visit again soon. And I hope I see you soon too, Lilac.”

“Goodbye,” I said. I escaped from Twilight Velvet's grasp only to be grabbed by Twilight's magic. “It was nice meeting you.”

Twilight walked a few steps away from her parents. She said, “Lilac, we are teleporting again. Goodbye, Mom, Dad. I love you. I will come back to talk in a bit.”

Pop. We were standing in the main hall of the Canterlot castle. I was getting used to teleporting. A few of the guards seemed startled by our sudden appearance but most of them remained stoic. She walked to the end of the hallway, near the courtroom. A guard whose armor was slightly more impressive than the rest stood between the two hallways.

“Do you know where Princess Celestia is?” Twilight asked the guard.

“She is in her private study,” The guard said.

“Thank you,” Twilight said. “Can you go find a Miss Lyra Heartstrings for me? She should be somewhere in or near the castle. I will be talking with Princess Celestia.”

“As you wish Princess,” The guard said. He sauntered off into the court room.

“One more teleport,” Twilight stated. Pop.

We were standing out side a large double doorway. Four guards stood watch over the door. Twilight bowed slightly to the guards, who returned the gesture. She then knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Princess Celestia said from inside the room.

The door opened, with the magic of one of the guards. Twilight and I entered the room. Princess Celestia sat at a large desk, which was covered in a large array of papers, most of which were well organized. She had a platter with a bowl of soup and a partially eaten sandwich on it. A number of bookcases lined the walls. The areas of the wall not covered in shelves, instead had pictures of ponies. Each picture had one or two ponies in it. Off to one side I spotted one with Twilight in it. Next to that there was an orange and red unicorn mare.

“Hello, Twilight, and Lilac,” Princess Celestia said, smiling. Her eyes came to rest on Twilight, and shortly there after got out of her chair and headed our way. “You looked troubled, Twilight. Is something amiss?”

“I visited my parents,” Twilight said. “They were worried about me, rightfully so. I have been a bit of a mess recently. Princess, what should I do? About Lilac?”

Celestia seemed stumped for a second. She sat down and stared at the walls for a little while. Part of me worried what she would tell Twilight, that she would say to distance herself. I slid to the floor. Twilight wrapped one of her forelegs around my back.

“I can't tell you what to do,” Princess Celestia stated. “I can tell you what I did, and what I think you should do, but this is a decision you need to make for youself.”

“I understand,” Twilight said solemnly. “What would you do? Or did do?”

“Long ago, shortly after Luna and I had defeated Discord, I feel in love,” Princess Celestia said. Melancholy filled her voice, and she stared at one particular painting on the wall. A small one depicting a unicorn stallion. “We ended up having children. At the time I couldn't have been happier. But soon it became apparent that while time ticked away for them, it did not do so for me. I buried them, all three of them, my love and my two children, out in the gardens of our old castle. I never regret having them or falling in love, but outside of banishing my sister, I have never felt so alone as I did then, wiping the dirt from my hooves.”

“I'm sorry,” Twilight said. Tears ran down her checks. She walked over and hugged her mentor. “I didn't know.”

“Don't be,” Princess Celestia said solemnly. “I don't regret what I did, who I created, and I hope that you never will either. But that isn't all is it?”

“No,” Twilight said. “I don't think I can be both the best princess I can be and the best parent I can be at the same time. I don't think I am ready to take on more responsibility from you. Not that I won't try to help but I need to sort out my personal life now. Lilac just helped put that into perspective.”

Princess Celestia giggled lightly. She said, “I know that in time you will be a great princess of Equestria. If you want to postpone that for a bit so you can focus on being a great mom, I can not and would not deny you that. In fact I encourage you do this. Forever is a long time to live with some regrets.”

“I need to talk to someone else, too,” Twilight said. She looked at me, her eyes filled with love. “I can't step on Lyra's hooves. She cares just as much for Lilac, and honestly she has been a better parent so far than I have.”

“While I do think that is a good idea, don't let her talk you out of this,” Princess Celestia said.

“I won't but I want to have us all on the same page,” Twilight said. “The three of us, no the four of us need to sit down and talk as a family.”

There was a knock at the door. Princess Celestia said, “Come in.”

An armor clad Shining Armor walked into the room. He saluted both princesses. Twilight blushed. Shining Armor said, “I have my report for you, Princess Celestia. Also I was asked to deliver some paperwork to you by Elegant Note.”

Shining Armor handed Princess Celestia a stack of papers. She listlessly flipped through them, a grin growing on her face. Princess Celestia said, “If you will wait just a moment Shining Armor, I will take your report then. After I sign these, Lilac is an official citizen of Equestria. There is one here that you will need to sign Twilight.”

Princess Celestia handed a quill and the paper to Twilight, who signed the indicated spot. Twilight returned the paperwork to the princess. Twilight asked, “Shining, Did you happen to see Lyra when you acquired these?”

“She was there. Why?” Shining armor asked.

“I just need to talk to her. Do you see or hear where they would be?” Twilight asked, her voice filled with anticipation.

“Elegant Note and Lyra were headed off to the cafeteria,” stated Shining Armor.

“Thank you,” Twilight said, enthusiastically. “If you'll excuse me Princess, I need to go talk to Lyra.”

“Of course,” Princess Celestia said. Her gaze returned to the paperwork. “Though if you are going to teleport there, please do so outside of the room. I don't want to have to reapply the anti-teleportation spell. Again.”

Twilight nodded her head and we headed out into the hallway, me on her back. When we cleared the door, a large bright pop engulfed us. Once more I found us in the cafeteria. Looking around the room I spotted Lyra, and a lot of other tables. Conspicuously the area where we appeared seemed to be missing a table, despite the room for it.

Lyra spotted us as well and she came walking over to us. Lyra's eyes sparkled a bit. Lyra said, “Hello, Twilight. Lilac.”

I slipped from Twilight's back, landing on my shaky legs. I stumbled over to Lyra, leaning up against her for both support and comfort. I said, “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” Lyra said. Moving, which almost made me loose my balance, she engulfed me in a hug. “Are you feeling alright? Your a little wobbly.”

“Not fully used to teleportation, and I am a bit tired,” I said. My eye lids grew heavy though I fought against the sleep. “Can I have some coffee?”

“I guess,” Lyra said. She looked a bit suspicious. “Twilight, would you mind getting her a small cup of it?”

“Cream, please,” I asked as I peaked out of Lyra's arms, my head tilted backwards, at Twilight.

“One cup of coffee coming right up,” Twilight said as she suppressed a giggle.

Lyra half carried half guided me over to the table where she and Elegant Note had been sitting. Elegant Note was busy eating a salad which had numerous ingredients in it. She smiled gently at Lyra's return. Twilight joined us just a few moments after we sat down. Elegant Note fidgeted slightly when Twilight sat down next to her. Twilight handed me a gently steaming cup of joe.

“You did an amazing job, on Lilac,” Elegant Note said to Twilight. She blushed slightly. “Lyra told me you had created Lilac with magic.”

“I did,” Twilight said. She blushed slightly too. “Thank you.”

“So what have you two been up too?” Lyra asked. She took a sip of her tea. “I would regal you of our exploits in paperwork but I think that is about as exciting as I can make it sound.”

I took a small sip of the coffee. The familiar warmth spreading through me. It was fairly strong for black coffee and of adequate quality. The cream had cooled the cup enough that I could drink it properly. I took a big swig of the coffee before returning it to the table. Once it was safely on the table, I realized I had grabbed the cup with my magic.

“We went and visited my parents for a bit,” Twilight explained cheerfully. Her eyes told a different story than her voice. They were filled with a storm. “They were quite happy to met Lilac. We had lunch there.”

The coffee took effect sooner than I expected. I could feel its jittery claws working its way through me. The world had slowed slightly. I said, “It was nice to met them.”

“Well that's good,” Lyra said slowly. “I hope you had fun.”

I nodded my head, though the signal to stop seemed to be slow in getting there. My head bounced four times more before it stopped.

Lyra had finished her food and she pushed the plate a bit away from her with her hoof. Elegant Note was an exceptionally slow eater. She chewed each bite at least ten times, which was lower than the recommended but still seemed excessive.

Twilight smiled cheaply. I could tell she was nervous, some sweat I hadn't seen before had built on her brow. Twilight said slowly, “Lyra, I was hoping you and I could talk, in private.”

“That's fine by me,” spoke Lyra. She was being very deliberate in her talking. Lyra had a smile pasted on her face, which seemed at odds at how serious their conversation had become. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I wanted to talk to you about Lilac, and well, us,” Twilight said slowly. “I guess here would be fine. The Cafeteria has cleared out mostly.”

Elegant Note grabbed her plate with her magic. She hadn't finished her meal and was still on chew nine while she got up. Elegant Note said, slower than the rest had been, “I am gonna go get some more.”

Elegant Note walked over to the window where she was perusing the selection. She had left a spoon behind on the table, unused. I picked it up with my magic, and stirred my coffee with it. I let the coffee drip off the spoon before licking the spoon clean. I took another large swig of my coffee.

“Is everything alright?” Lyra asked slowly. Concern danced in her eyes.

I noticed that Lyra had not used her spoon either. I grabbed that one with my magic as well. I set the two spoons off onto a dance around my cup.

“Everything is fine, or at least it will be,” Twilight said. Her concern and agitation slowed her words. “I just wanted to apologizes for not being there for Lilac. I want to take a more active role with Lilac, if you will let me.”

Ms Spork, one of them had to be different, and Ms Spoon's dance had turned into a feverish waltz around my coffee cup. Ms Spoon said, “Fancy meeting you here. Do you come here often?”

“Twilight, I would love for you to take an active role in Lilac's life,” Lyra said slowly. Her eyes looked happy though a tear was forming in them as well. “Anything in particular you want to do?”

“THIS BEAT IS SICK,” Ms Spork yelled. The music in the Coffee Club had changed to an electric trance. Their waltz became a more unorganized mess. I took another drink of the coffee, disappointed when the cup emptied sooner than I wanted.

“I want to be Lilac's teacher,” Twilight said. She looked at me, her face slightly puzzled, though she still smiled. “She is a quick study, and I think she will get bored by more typical schooling.”

With the coffee gone the cup became a make shift Jacuzzi. Both Ms Spoon and Ms Spork decided that the convenient location inside the club was a bit unusual. However, when in Rome do as the Romans, so they took a soak. Mrs Fork, who had joined after her trip from Lyra's plate, decided that the Jacuzzi was a great place to listen to the beat. Mrs Fork said, “I hope you don't mind my company. I do love going to the club but all my friends are busy.”

“Won't that cut into your Royal duties?” Lyra asked, still speaking slowly.

Mrs Fork had had one too many drinks that night. She fell asleep in Ms Spoon's arms, well head. Ms Spork, feeling a slight bit betrayed got out of the Jacuzzi and wandered off to the Mr Salad's Bar, to drown away her sorrows.

“Probably, but those have taken up too much of my time as it is,” Twilight said. Her voice remained slow and steady. “I don't want to miss out on being there for Lilac. Princess Celestia can handle being one of three important Princesses for another few years, she doesn't need me right now. Sure if we have another incident, like Tirek, I will be there for those..”

I decided I needed more to drink, so I slipped out of my chair. Lyra and Bon Bon weren't paying much attention to me. I quietly dashed between tables and chairs, which formed a canyon in my mind. I stood on my back legs to better survey the coffee making device. With my package acquired I slunk back through the back alleys of this scummy town to my seat. A fight had broken out in Mr Salad's Bar between Ms Spork and Mrs Fork. Ms Spoon was nice enough to stir my drink for me.

“I have,” Twilight stated. Their conversation had continued at its slow pace. “Princess Celestia understands.”

Ms Spoon's stirring cooled my second cup of coffee quickly. I downed the whole thing at once, which was a bad idea. My stomach began to complain. As I was contemplating cup number three, Ms Spork and Mrs Fork's fight knocked over my first cup. I had grabbed a new cup for the second serving, which was held in my magic. Why was Ms spoon lazily spinning in my turned over cup, and Mrs Fork fighting with Ms Spork if my magic wasn't engulfing them?

“Lyra why are the silverware fighting on their own accord?” I asked puzzled. I had to admit the way the fork and spoon were fighting could have been misconstrued.

Lyra's head slowly spun towards me. I could feel one of my eyes twitch as I watched her take nearly a minute to turn my direction. Her mouth opened and slowly came forth, “I don't know. Twilight, do you know? Lilac are you feeling alright your shaking?”

“Come to Life spell,” Twilight stated very slowly.

Mrs Fork started to attempt to stab Ms Spork. The attempts were proving futile. A purple glow settled over the silverware and their motions stopped. I was certain that the purple glow would come for me next. Jumping from my chair I huddled under the table.

“So no more coffee for her,” Lyra said slowly to Twilight.