Shinji's Nightmare

by Harry Leferts

Chapter 10

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion is owned by Gainax and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

"Interesting..."- Nightmare talking.
"Why me..." -Ordinary speaking
'And so it begins.' -Nightmare thoughts
'Aw hay.' -Ordinary thoughts

It had drifted through the dark and cold of space for untold eons. More then a billion years ago, the rubble pile asteroid currently 300 feet in diameter, had been part of a much larger parent body. Then one day another massive asteroid had impacted it, sending a spray of material out as sections broke off. The asteroid currently passing Lunar orbit had formed from some of that debris and at first it had a highly irregular orbit which sent it out into the far reaches of the Solar System, where the Sun's rays were weak. Then over the untold millions of years, its orbit had changed bit by bit due to interactions with the gravity of other bodies such as Jupiter. Its orbit had entered the Inner Solar System when the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs had impacted.

Its very first time passing within view of Earth had been when the first apes had begun to walk upright. When the Pyramids were being built, it had nearly hit the planet if its angle had not been so shallow so that it instead skipped off the denser layers of the atmosphere, like a pebble on the surface of a lake. Some of its mass was lost in the near miss though, sheared off by the forces that it had encountered. The next closest pass the asteroid had made was when the first nuclear explosions had occurred, though it had passed at the same height as the current space satellites.

With its current pass though, its course would take it through what is known as a 'Gravitational keyhole'. A place in Earth's orbit that would affect its change it's orbit, a change that within a few passes would cause it to enter the Earth's atmosphere at a high speed. As it would plow through the atmosphere, the shockwave it would generate would weaken its structure. Finally, the pressure would overcome the rubble pile's gravity and cause it to detonate in a massive explosion just a few miles above a major city, killing hundreds of thousands. Closer and closer it came to the gravitational keyhole and it's date with destiny...

When suddenly it glowed and was yanked to the side as if it had a rope attached. A few minutes later, its material was added to the slowly growing moonlet in orbit as down below on the surface, Shinji blinked the sleep blearily from his eyes before he smacked his lips. As his horn stopped glowing, he froze and looked under one of his wings with a confused expression on his face. "When the hay did Misato get in there?"

Despite it being a rhetorical question, he still got an answer from a familiar voice in his head. 'She had gotten up just last night and in her tired and drunk state, had ended up here while you were asleep.' He could just feel the smirk in Nightmare's voice as she continued. 'The mare had apparently been cold and decided that your wings would make a fine blanket for her.'

It was then that Shinji looked at the clock and realized that this would be his first day back at school since the events that lead to his transformation. "Ah, buck me..."

All he got in answer was Nightmare's laugher and Misato grumbling that it was way too damn early...

After having just eaten his breakfast as Misato drank another beer, Shinji looked up at the knock at the door to the apartment. Misato had also looked up and turned to him. "Mind getting that, Shin-Chan?"

He just rolled his eyes and his horn glowed as the door opened. Having leaned over the table, Shinji smiled at Hikari and Rei as they entered. "Good morning."

The two girls returned the greeting before Hikari walked over with a smile and placed a wrapped package on the table. "I have your school uniform, Shinji."

For a moment both Shinji and Misato stared at her and then turned to the package, even inside Shinji's head, Nightmare mentally blinked before the male Alicorn coughed. "Er... You modified a school uniform for me?"

However, the stares returned as Hikari shook her head. "Actually, all I had to do was modify it for your measurements and make some holes for your wings since it was already apparently made to be worn by a horse."

Rei then chimed in. "Of course."

There was silence as even Hikari gave the near expressionless girl a stare. Then Shinji and Misato shared a look before the Major sniffed her beer. "Smells okay..." She then took a sip. "Tastes fine..." For a moment, Misato looked at the food before she shook her head. "And Shinji made breakfast, so no weird visions like that time with the empty, golden bear suit..." Then she turned back to Hikari. "So... You mean to tell me, you found a school uniform made for a horse..."

The Class Representative rubbed the back of her neck slowly. "Yeah... I was looking for the largest school uniform for a boy that we had to make something when I found it."

Shinji just tilted his head a bit and tried to say something for a few times before managed something. "Why... Was there a uniform for a horse in the storage room? Why would someone even make one?!"

All Hikari could do was shrug. "I... Asked, and all I got from the staff is that they didn't even know why there was one, or that we had one." However, then she shook her head and smiled as she clapped her hands. "Anyways, enough of that! How about we go and see what it looks like on you so I can make some last minute changes to it if needed!"

As he blinked, Shinji raised a hoof to say something only for it to be grabbed as he was dragged to his room by Hikari. Unwilling to yank back and possibly hurt her, he could only glance at Misato who smiled as Rei followed them. "Don't do anything that I would now..." A moment later she blinked as Rei poked her head into the dining room. Then the blue haired girl tilted her head to the side before she left again, Misato then having turned back to her beer with a grumble. "How someone could say so much with a glance..."

A few minutes later after having heard a knock, Misato made her way to the door and opened it with a raised eyebrow as she spotted the two boys there. "Toji, Kensuke."

It took the two several moments to snap out of their shock at having been confronted by the scanty clad Misato drinking from a can before Toji could answer. Of course, he tried his best to be 'Suave' as he always did, but it came out in a way that caused Misato to internally chuckle. "Heh, well we're here to actually meet Shinji, Misato-san!"

The Major only chuckled a bit as she shook her head at their usual antics. To have a bit of fun, she leaned forward a bit. "Well, Shinji's in his room right now with Rei and Hikari, so you can head right on in." She then smirked a bit as she smiled at Toji. "And it's good to see you up and about, Toji."

For a few seconds, the two stared at Misato as she walked away, having made sure to tease them with a small sway in her step before what she said caught up with Toji. "Wait... Shinji is in a room... alone... with Class Rep..."

Kensuke finished up the sentence. "And... Rei..." Despite being flushed, the glasses wearing teen looked over at her frozen friend. "You don't think...?"

As his fist clinched, Toji shook his head. "No, Shin-man would never break the code like that..." He ignored Kensuke as he raised a finger in confusion as he walked into the apartment and made his way over to where Shinji's room was, only to blink at the closed door. 'Why is it...?'

And just as Kensuke reached him, Shinji could be heard to yelp. "Hey! Stop that!"

The two teen boys froze as Rei's exasperated voice drifted through. "Shinji-kun, I realize that part of your body is rather sensitive , but it must be put in that hole a certain way." A beat later, she continued. "It being stiff could help though..."

There was a growl and then Shinji spoke up once more. "That makes it a bit more sensitive, Rei! And you're not helping Hikari! Do you have any idea how tight this is!?"

Toji choked as Hikari's voice could be heard between grunts and hisses. "Look, I worked hard to make these holes to fit perfectly! It's not my fault that your measurements were off enough that it made them a bit tight! I haven't seen any this big before you know! Besides, with a bit of work, I can loosen them up if needed!" Then she could be heard to giggle. "Shinji! Stop that! It tickles!"

You could practically see Shinji's eyes rolling just from the tone of his voice. "Rei never complains about that."

A moment passed and then Rei could be heard to speak up, her tone one of smug amusement. "Indeed, I rather like the feeling of them brushing against my skin." There was a sound of something scraping along the floor before she continued with pleased hum. "You are rather large though, Shinji-kun."

Hikari just grunted again. "Yes, he's large and it's hard to fit this around him. Now, if you two are done flirting, I could use some help working this!"

Now completely red, Toji reached out and grabbed the door knob before he threw the door open. "WHAT THE EVER LIVING HELL, SHINJI!? YOU KNOW ABOUT ME AND... Hikari..." His voice went from yelling to an embarrassed whisper as he took in the sight before him. "Er..."

Looking in, Kensuke could only blink at the frozen tableau of Shinji standing as Rei and Hikari were in the process of making some last minute adjustments for his wings to come out of his button up shirt, a t-shirt already on him. "Wow... Phrasing."

A few seconds passed before Shinji blinked and looked from Toji to a mortified Hikari. "There's... something between you and Hikari?"

The two teens in question turned red and tried not to meet each other's faces. "Um..."

After everything had been sorted out and the air cleared as to what was actually going on, things quietened down. Having crossed his arms with a slight frown as he watched Hikari make some adjustments, Toji glanced at Shinji. "So..." Having caught his friend's attention, he coughed a bit. "You're a, um, Unicorn then?"

Shinji shrugged a bit and then winced as he felt a needle poke him as he ignored the grumbling from Nightmare about the clothing. "Alicorn actually, it's the wings along with the horn."

For a moment Toji blinked before he shook it off. "Er, right, Alicorn..." Slightly uncomfortable, Toji shifted a bit. "So... what's it like?"

Even the jock had to wince at how he sounded before Shinji snorted. "It's pretty different, not bad per say, but different." He hummed for a moment. "Both the flying and the magic are nice though."

That last bit caught Toji's attention as he remembered something that his sister told him. "Wait... magic? You mean that my sis wasn't actually pulling my leg when she said that a magic... winged..." He suddenly pointed at Shinji in wide-eyed surprise. "YOU! You were the one who healed Mari and me! Weren't you?!"

Feeling some heat in his face, Shinji shifted some though he regretted it a moment later as he felt another needle stab him. "Well... yes, that was me." He glanced at the surprised teen. "I... well... I just felt like I owed you both for... you know."

With a blink, Rei tilted her head and glanced at Hikari as she grumbled about boys and their feelings. Meanwhile, Toji stuck his hands in his pockets as he leaned against the wall. "Eh, you know, thanks and all that." He then frowned a bit. "So, the EVA did that to you?"

There was a slight grimace in Shinji's face and he pretended to ignore how Rei moved around to his other side, somehow stepping on Toji's toes and making him grunt. "Yes, there was an incident with Unit-01 and I got turned into this..." He then rolled his eyes, not even bothering to look. "And no, you're not about to turn into an Alicorn yourself as it was a one time thing, so stop checking yourself for fur."

Toji blinked as sure enough, he had pulled up his sleeve to check. "Heh... who is checking? I was just... uh, checking out to see if more of my manly body hair had grown in!"

He winced again as Rei once more stepped on his feet, seemingly moving around to check to see if Shinji's clothing were fitting properly. Still trying to ignore it, Shinji glanced at Kensuke. "Still think that being a Pilot is all that it's cracked up to be?"

The otaku frowned a bit as he readjusted his glasses before he shrugged. "Like you said, it was a one time thing. Besides, if the news reports are right then you got awesome powers!" He then grinned. "And girls really go in for Unicorns, what with the legends and all-Oof!"

With a blink, Rei continued to walk around as she retracted her elbow with her usual blank expression, though Toji caught sight of something in her eyes that caused him to shiver. "I am sorry, Aida-kun, this room is rather cramped with all of us in here and I am having to move around to check how Shinji-kun's clothing fits."

As he held up a hand, Kensuke nodded as he held his other arm around his aching stomach as he grunted. "That's... okay... Ayanami..."

Finally, Hikari stood back some and nodded. "There! Fits you perfectly, Shinji! I'll have to order some more for you, but now you don't need to walk around naked."

That caused Toji and Kensuke to blink as they suddenly gained teasing expressions, but before either one could say something, Rei walked by as she nodded, stepping on both their feet and causing both to grunt in pain as she seemed to dig in her heels as she twisted to look Shinji over. "Yes... a perfect fit..."

Both Hikari and Shinji blinked at Rei before they shrugged it off. 'I'm sure that she isn't doing it on purpose...'

It was right around then that Misato poked her head in and smiled at Shinji before she gave him a thumbs up. "Looking good there, Shin-chan!"

The Alicorn gave her a look before he shifted a bit with a grimace. "Thanks, but... ugh, this just does not feel comfortable at all." Shinji slowly frowned a bit as he moved some. "It feels... I don't know, really restrictive..."

A chuckle escaped the Major as she winked. "That's probably because you spent the past few months naked, even around me. I know that the one time I spent a week naked, having clothes on again felt weird." Neither of the two noticed the shocked or jealous looks from Toji and Kensuke before they were covered up with her next words. "Grant you, your fur makes it near impossible to see anything anyways... but still."

While he sighed and shook his head, Shinji gave her a look. "So then... any particular reason you came over, Misato? Besides just teasing."

With a mock sad expression, Misato sniffled. "Can't I compliment my favorite Pony?" At his slowly raising eyebrow, she relented as she took a drink of beer. "Fine, you guys were running a bit longer then usual and if you don't hurry it up, you're going to be late to your first day back to school."

She regretted this a moment later as Kensuke, Toji, and Hikari all tried to rush the door at once, sending Misato leaping back to avoid them. "WE'RE LATE!?"

Rei was about to join them when they rushed out the door when Shinji's wing stopped her. The bluenette gave him a questioning look when he smiled at her and gestured with his head. "Follow me." Slightly curious, the First Child followed him as he walked into the kitchen and gave her a bento. "Here, this is for your lunch." At her expression, he smiled. "I've seen you mostly eating stuff from the cafeteria, so I made you up a vegetarian lunch, so don't worry about there being any meat in there."

A blush crossed her face as she tried to ignore the shouts outside for the elevator to hurry up. "Thank you, Shinji-kun." Rei then cocked her head to the side. "Should we not follow the others?"

As he chuckled, Shinji ignored the amused expression on Misato's face. "No, there's no need, Rei-chan. Firstly, I'm too big for the elevator with others in there, we'd be squished. Secondly... I got a faster way down." He tilted his head some toward his side as he put on some saddlebags which contained his school stuff. "Put your hand on my side."

Curious, Rei did so and a moment later, Misato sprayed her beer out as they vanished in a flash of light. There was a moment of disorientation and then Rei found both her and Shinji down in front of the apartment building. After she blinked once in confusion, she looked herself over in thought. "Interesting..."

The two just stood there for a minute or two before the doors opened and Hikari, Kensuke, and Toji rushed out. With a slight smirk, Shinji waved a hoof at them as he called out, the three skidding to a stop. "Hey there guys, took you long enough."

For a few moments the three looked at him, then at the building, then back at him, before looking at the building again. Making a choking noise, Kensuke pointed back and forth at Shinji and the apartment. "Ho-how?!"

Shinji leaned forward some and winked. "Magic." As he ignored the sputters, he looked around with a frown. "Hmm... The school is too far to just run there, we'd get there with the bell, but..."

With a frown, Rei looked at him. "Are we going to teleport once more, Shinji-kun?"

He shook his head however. "No, I've never had that many people with me and I would like to practice before I go that far. But..." With a thoughtful look, Shinji looked over the others. "Do you trust me?" They looked at each other and nodded with a shrug. "Good! Now I need you guys to hang on good, though I won't let you fall."

Slightly unnerved, Hikari gave him a nervous look. "What do you mean by thaaaat?!" She was lifted into the air by a glow and she spotted the same happening with the others, complete with shouts from the two teen boys, though Rei just looked curious. A moment later they were all set down on Shinji's back, Rei sitting against the bottom of his neck just in front of his wings. Hikari was behind her with Toji, and finally Kensuke. "SHINJI!"

With a chuckle, Shinji winked. "Welcome to Ikari Airlines, please keep all limbs inside the Alicorn's air bubble at all times."

All four realized what he was about to do when he started galloping at a high speed and then snapped his wings open and took to the air, rising to over a hundred feet within a few wingbeats. Meanwhile, Misato leaned against her balcony banister as she watched the screaming teens vanish around a building while she hummed. "I wonder what Rits will make of how much he can fly with on his back..."

With a grimace, the elderly truck driver checked his GPS map and grunted as he drank his coffee. "Where the fuck is this place?" As he drove around, he tried to ignore the sounds of constant demolition and construction in this area of Tokyo-3. He then glanced over at the man in the passenger seat who he knew had a gun hidden on him before he shook his head. Over the years of working with the Yakuza, the old man had learned not to question why he was transporting something or what. Not even if he heard screams and crying in the back of his truck, though he was happy that the trailer attached was now soundproofed, less annoyance that way. A slight grin crossed his face as he remembered one time though where he was given a "Gift" for his services. 'Ah... that was a nice night.'

The transporter glanced over as his passenger snorted in derision. At the look, he gestured out the window at a van. Outside the van, a man in a suit and sunglasses stood as he had a cigarette while he watched a rundown apartment building in this area, all that remained of the days when this area of Tokyo-3 was Sangokuhara. "Who the hell is that bastard trying to kid?"

As he shrugged his shoulders, the transporter threw his cup into garbage. "It's Tokyo-3 and that's one of those Section 2 goons. What did you expect?"

Giving a nod, the Yakuza enforcer pulled out a cigarette himself and lit it before he flicked the ash out the window. "True, Ikari has all the fucking rejects." A grin then crossed his face. "Pricks wouldn't last five minutes with the rest of us before we beat them bloody."

While he laughed as they moved out of sight of the "Inconspicuous" van, the driver laughed out. "Why else do you think that they can only find work with Ikari!" It was just a few minutes later when he could have sworn he saw something flying nearby that looked like a horse though he shrugged it off as he spotted the old parkade. "Finally! There's the damn place."

Putting out the cigarette, the Yakuza grunted. "Lets get whatever the fuck is in the back out so we can get out of here. I got my eyes on some girls back home that I want."

There was another laugh as the driver stopped in front of the closed gate of the abandoned parkade and got out to push it up. Once he got back in, he looked at the instructions that he had been given and shook his head. "Bottom level, huh? Whatever." After having reached the spot, the two got out of the truck and made their way to the back. Just before he grabbed the door to unlock it, he blinked as he looked over at the enforcer. "Huh, could have sworn that I heard something scraping in there."

A scowl crossed the Yakuza's face. "Better not have damaged whatever the fuck we're transporting. We're getting paid out the ass for this job and if it gets fucked, it's coming out of your hide."

With a grimace, the driver unlocked the trailer door and glared at the Yakuza as he threw open the door. "Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm a professional and-YAARGH!"

The Enforcer whipped around in time to see the driver get yanked into the truck by something with a scream... a scream that ended a few moments later with a sickening crunch. Yanking out his gun, the man looked into the trailer and paled as the sounds of something eating stopped and a growl reverberated through the empty parkade. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Backing up, he started emptying his clip into whatever was in the trailer until it clicked empty, and then took off running as something hit the ground behind him with a loud roar that was combined with what almost sounded like a human scream of rage. 'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!' Struggling as he ran, he jettisoned the old clip and had just reloaded a new one when he heard a roar and turned and began firing. "DIE! DIE! DI-AHHHHHH!"

Having jerked, the Section 2 Agent frowned as he looked around. "Did you hear gunshots and screams just now?"

As he read the newspaper in the van, his partner grunted. "In this neighbourhood, Hiro? Every damn day of the week. Just ignore it and pretend it didn't happen."

While he frowned, Hiro looked back at him. "You sure? Sounded like it's in the area. Maybe we should check it out to make sure..."

There was a slight chuckle as the other Agent turned from his newspaper. "Look, our orders are to make sure that no one enters the First Child's apartment and tries to hide there. We don't give a shit what happens nearby, not even in the same building as long as it does not involve the First Child or her apartment. Besides, probably a druggy on a bad trip or something. Or maybe a fight between the local homeless." He then turned back to his newspaper. "Though who the hell would bother with that creepy girl is beyond me..."

Hiro chuckled a bit as he lit up another cigarette. "Maybe the Third Child, though he's a horse now..." Suddenly, a frown crossed his face. "And considering how close those two are supposed to have been in the past little bit, you don't think..."

He got thrown a look of disgust by his partner. "Oh, fuck off you sick freak! I did not need that image in my head, thank you very much." After he shuddered, the man turned back to his newspaper.

Deep in the parkade, the sounds of gunshots and screams had faded and all that now could be heard was the sound of wet crunching and snapping punctuated by tearing sounds. Having finally finished devouring former enforcer, two baleful yellow eyes scanned it's surroundings before a large body turned and began to pad back to where the truck was. After all, it was hungry having not eaten since it had burst from it's cocoon and there was still what was left of the driver.

And then it would hunt...

As he flew through the air, Shinji blinked as he felt a shiver run down his spine from his head all the way to his tail and then looked around. 'What was all that about now...?'

A moment later a hum came from Nightmare as she considered what had happened before she answered him. 'What that was, Little Prince, was simply your instincts attempting to warn you about something. Something dangerous in the area though not close... I do wonder what the danger was, though...'

Shinji frowned as he swept around a building, trying to ignore the screaming on his back as he tried to keep Kensuke from falling off with his magic. 'Maybe an Angel?'

The young Alicorn could feel Nightmare shake her head mentally as she puzzled it over. 'No, not that. After all, if you could sense it then so, too, could they however NERV tracks them. Hmm... no, this reminds me of the feelings that one would get when there is a magical predator in the area, a powerful one.'

While he shifted some and tried to ignore Rei as she pressed herself against his neck, Shinji glanced around. 'A magical predator? Why would I be sensing a magical predator in the area if I am the only magical being around?'

For a few seconds, Nightmare was quiet before he heard her whisper softly in his mind, a thoughtful tone in her words. 'How indeed...?'

After he had waited for her to continue and she had not, Shinji mentally shrugged as he spotted the school and came in for a landing. Once his hooves touched the asphalt, he gave a smile and turned his head while he ignored the stares he got. "And there we go, guys." Not having recieved an answer, he blinked. "Guys?" Slowly, Kensuke slipped backward, his arms still held out in front of him in a frozen position before he landed on the ground. It was then that Shinji noticed something and raised an eyebrow. "Er, Toji? Should you have your hands there on Hikari..." A slap a moment later answered him as he winced as his jock friend fell off, a red handprint on his face. "Er... guess not?"

However, his attention was soon grabbed by Hikari as she practically leapt from his back to the ground and got on her hands and knees. "GROUND! WONDERFUL! STABLE GROUND!"

With a blink, Shinji winced a bit. "Um... Rei-chan?"

The albino blinked slowly "Yes, Shinji-kun?"

As he looked over his shoulder, Shinji frowned. "We're... er... on the ground now." She just nodded and said that she knew that they were, which caused him to try and clear his throat. "Also... your arms are a bit tight around my neck... you're choking me."

Rei just blinked as she then tightened her grip some more and Shinji winced as he let out a bit of a choking sound while she gave him an even stare. "Yes, I realize that fact..."

Giving a choking sound, Shinji nodded. "Right..."

Suddenly, Rei felt Shinji still as his ears flicked in various directions while on his muzzle, a frown grew. At first, she wondered what was wrong when she noticed the various students around them whispering to each other. "Can you hear what they're saying, Shinji-kun?"

The grimace he had a moment later answered her question before he could get the words out. "Yeah... I can hear them perfectly." A sad sigh escaped him before he shook his head. "Let's... just get to class, okay?"

With a nod, Rei hopped off his shoulders before she patted in him his withers as they passed by the group of students. A moment later, they stiffened as they heard one guy call out. "Always knew that you were a bit girly, Ikari, but this takes the cake! Where's your bit and bridle? Or are you saving that for later?"

As he scowled, Toji turned to say something despite how Hikari pulled at him when the guy in question yelped as Asuka strode past him, seeming not to notice how she stomped his foot in the process. "Out of my way, baka!" She stopped and stiffened as the guy muttered that she must be so pissed she forgot the crop as he hopped around. However, it was not just Shinji who overheard him but Asuka and a moment later, he was down on the ground as he gasped for breath. With a scowl, Asuka pulled her fist back and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "I'm not some pervert like you!"

While he watched as she strode off, Shinji frowned a bit. "I... just want to make a bit of a detour..." After getting some confirmations he walked off as Hikari stomped toward the now downed male, the other students scrambling away as they saw her thunderous expression. What none of them noticed, however, was Rei fixing a frosty glare on the teen as one fist clinched. Eventually, Shinji caught up with the volitile red head. "Asuka!"

She slowed her pace and shot him a glare, though Shinji could tell that it was tinged with something. "What is it?"

Having slowed himself, Shinji gave her a small nod of the head. "Thanks... for defending me back there and such."

All she did was snort in derision as she crossed her arms across her chest. "Who said anything about defending you from that pervert? He got in my way and made a perverted comment, so I decided to defend my honor, that's all."

Her scowl only deepened as Shinji just smiled at her. "Sure, Asuka..." For a few seconds they stood there as they were not quite sure what to say until the Alicorn remembered something and his horn lit up, which caused Asuka to step back a bit. However, a moment later she blinked as he slid a bento out from his saddle bags and floated over to her. "Um... I'm not sure if want it, but I figured that you might like some lunch so..."

Surprised, she took it and looked it over. Then she narrowed her eyes as she glared at him. "You didn't make it with those hooves of yours, did you?" After he shook his head and told her that he had used his magic, she was still unsure but shrugged. "Fine, I'll take it." Just after she turned though, she stopped and looked over her shoulder with a look of being unsure. "I still don't think that you're the Third... but I'll let you prove it one way or the other."

As he chuckled, Shinji gave her a smile. "That's all that I can ask honestly..."

And with that, Asuka continued to walk to class as did Shinji and the others a few feet behind her as both Toji and Kensuke pestered him over what had happened with Asuka. Once they reached the classroom, however, Hikari groaned and facepalmed as she caught sight of Shinji's desk. It was in it's new spot at the back of the room to make it easier for him to go back and forth, but there was something missing "I don't believe this... they forgot to get the chair I ordered modified." With a sigh, she turned to Shinji who was examining the desk. "Look, I'm really sorry about this, Shinji. I swear that I'll come up with something so that you don't need to stand all day or sit on the floor..."

Shinji just smiled a bit and shook his head. "Actually, Hikari, I have an idea..."

A few minutes later, Hikari glanced at the buckets filled with water that were normally used to punish students before she looked at the Alicorn with a frown. "Um... Shinji? How does this help?"

His smile just grew as he stood in the middle of the buckets with his wings spread out and he closed his eyes. "Just watch." His horn glowed as the water in the buckets all boiled and the steam slowly rose until it collected under his wings. To the surprise of most of them though, the clouds of steam didn't seem to disappear but instead gather in thickness. Once all the water in the buckets were evaporated in front of the stunned class, Shinji walked over to his desk, the clouds of steam still under his wings. "Now to shape them..."

With a cough, Hikari took a step forward. "Er... shape them?"

Distracted, the Alicorn sat back a little and began to mold the clouds as if they were made from clay. "Well, I need to shape them into something like a chair, don't I?"

The Class Representative just blinked as she glanced at Toji and Kensuke who shrugged as if to say why ask them. Once she turned back to Shinji, she stared as the cloud now resembled a beanbag chair. "What the..."

Her jaw dropped along with the rest of the class' a moment later as Shinji brought the cloud lower and then sat on it as if it was solid and not a cloud a few feet off the ground. Shifting around a bit to get comfortable, Shinji blinked at how Hikari was staring at him before he noticed that the others outside of Rei were also staring. "... What?"

Sitting on the roof with the others, Shinji pondered his day when he glanced at where Rei was examining her bento. "Something the matter, Rei-chan?"

Her eyes blinked before she looked up at him with some confusion. "I am... considering where to start." A frown crossed Rei's face as she examined the various choices and touched one finger to her chin, though unseen was how her mouth watered at the smells that drifted up to her nose. "I have not had either this amount for a meal nor have I had this many choices..."

Hikari glanced over to where Asuka was sitting a distance away, though within hearing range. She turned back in time to see Shinji as he pointed at one particular food. 'At least he's in a better mood now...' Having taken a bite of her own lunch, she frowned. 'I wonder why Sensei didn't notice anything...'

Meanwhile, Rei chewed the bite she had taken and then stopped as she frowned in thought. Concerned, Shinji leaned toward her. "Something the matter, Rei? If so, then I can probably fix-"

He was cut off though when she raised her hand and looked at him. "It's... good."

And with those words, to the surprise of Shinji and the others, she began to eat what was there quickly. A part of Shinji was surprised though at how graceful she looked as she quickly devoured her meal which was at odds at how fast she had been going through it. 'Just one more oddity about Rei I suppose...' Then his ears perked up as he heard something. "Hmm?"

Having just taken a bite of his sandwich, Kensuke quickly chewed and swallowed it. "Something the matter, Shinji?"

The Alicorn frowned for a moment as he continued to gaze at the side of the roof, his ears flicking every few seconds. "Do any of you know a Matsushita Sosuke?"

Toji's face drew downward into a scowl. "Yeah, it was that bastard from this morning that Asuka nailed, why?" Despite his reputation of being thick headed, he still noted the confused and slightly worried expression on Shinji's face. "Why? Something the matter?"

Still frowning, Shinji nodded as he turned toward him. "Yeah, I can hear some of the students talking down below us." He ignored the surprised looks he got from his comment as he continued. "He went missing earlier and was just found tied up in the janitor's closet mumbling about eyes and glares..."

As one, the entire group outside of Rei turned and stared at Asuka where she sat at the other end of it. After a moment, she blinked and glared at them. "What?"

Uncomfortable, Hikari thought it over before she shook her head. "No... it couldn't have been her, she's been in sight all day..."

Of course, if any of them had been paying attention, they would have seen the smug expression that crossed Ayanami's face before she took another bite of her lunch. 'All according to plan...'

Shaking it off, Shinji turned back to his food as he sent some thoughts toward Nightmare who had him cast a clone spell earlier so that she could go her own way. 'So then, are you enjoying your time out?'

A laugh echoed through his mind before she answered him. 'Of course I'm enjoying it!'

Humming, Shinji frowned a bit. 'Why did you want to get out for a bit, anyways?'

While she stalked through the crowded eatery, Nightmare grinned to herself. 'Oh... I got some reasons...' She ignored the confusion over the link before she leapt forward, her arms wrapping around her target's shoulder, with the woman jumping a bit in her seat as she squeaked. It was then that Nightmare leaned forward with a sniff. "I missed you, Maya-chan..."

Her face flushed, Maya glanced at the amused Misato and Ritsuko who had cocked an eyebrow at what was in front of them. "A-Akumu-chan!"

Nightmare just hummed as she softly nuzzled the smaller woman. "Hmm? Yes?"

Still flushed, Maya glanced around the eatery and noted that there was some stares. "Co-could you please tone it down? For me-Eep!"

With a smirk, Nightmare pulled away from where she had nipped the technician's ears. "Let them stare..." She pressed herself more into Maya's back as she dropped her voice's volume and caused Maya to nearly pass out as the blood rushed to her cheeks. "They're just jealous of me and what I have..."

Now highly amused, Misato glanced over the Amazonian woman draped over Maya before raising an eyebrow. 'It's probably not just you that they're jealous of...'

A throat was cleared and the others turned to see an unamused Ritsuko who had her eyes hooded as one eyebrow twitched. "Do you mind not molesting my assistant in front of me?"

While she blinked and ignored the squeak that came from Maya, Nightmare allowed a expression of false thoughtfulness cross her face as she tapped her chin. Then she shrugged and shook her head. "Nah." Her lips then twisted into a grin as she waggled her eyebrows. "Besides, she's so deliciously adorable when she's flustered..."

Both Nightmare and Misato chuckled as Maya pouted some before it was wiped away as the disguised Alicorn gently kissed her as she took up the seat beside her...

Mana yawned as as she shut the hatchback to the small truck before she walked up and got into the passenger seat. "There, all done and packed." She only received a grunt from the driver which caused her to roll her eyes. "Would it hurt for you to actually hold a conversation? It's a long drive from the northern tip of Hokkaido to Tokyo-3 after all."

All she got in return was a scowl as the man twisted the key in the ignition, the engine coming to life with a growl. "Look, I just want to be done and over with this assignment, and the sooner that happens, the better." The man then glared at her smirk. "And you're not the one who is going to be bunking on base with the rest of those NERV bastards."

With a roll of her eyes, Mana sighed. "Yes, I get a nice, lonely apartment by myself in the same building as two of the pilots and the tactical operations director, who is going to be highly suspicious of me." Her expression turned deadpan. "Not to mention going to school, again. Yes, I am so lucky."

The driver just snorted again. "Yeah, yeah, whatever kid."

Annoyed, Mana grabbed a folder and opened it as she flipped through it. "So, they decided on whose going to pilot Jet Alone Prime? And control the drones?"

There was a sigh from the driver before he answered. "Now that they finally got the mind-machine interface worked out, they're holding an online hacking contest without telling anyone what it is for."

That caused Mana's eyebrow to raise. "Hacking contest? So they can't find anyone to pilot it?" She quickly turned back to the folder and flipped through it before she whistled. "So they need a programmer, and they don't have one trained enough?" It was then that something caught the teen's eyes and she raised an eyebrow. "Wait, there's a candidate in the same school as the NERV pilots?"

While he entered his spot in the convoy, the driver frowned. "Yeah, some kind of whiz-kid with computers. Apparently he keeps trying to get into the Evangelion Pilot program, so we know he won't turn it down."

Nodding, Mana closed the folder and yawned again before she shifted her position in the seat. "Guess I'll find out in a bit." And with another yawn, she closed her eyes and slept as the large truck which was lugging her T-RIDEN-T joined the convoy...

Having poked her head out of the back of her train compartment, Skye smiled at the sight of the large, canvas covered Evangelion on its flat car. She then closed the door and started to walk down the hallway as the train continued to chug along. Of course, things could not be that simple as her foot snagged on a fold in the carpet and she tripped. Skye rolled forward and hit a cart causing it to flip. "Ow..." A moment later, a muffin landed on her chest with a bag. "Hmm? Ooo! Banana muffin! And... jelly babies! My favorites!"

A head poked out of a door and the Lieutenant in charge of her facepalmed. "Bloody damnit, Skye..."

The Evangelion pilot just blinked from where she laid on the floor, her mouth full of a mix of banana muffin and jelly babies. "Mhuf?" Having caught sight of the disapproval, Skye sheepishly smiled as she swallowed what was in her mouth. "Sorry, I just don't know what went wrong..."

As he facepalmed, Lt. McLeod just got up and walked over to her before he helped her to her feet. "Just... be more careful, okay?"

With a grin, Skye nodded as she saluted, nearly hitting McLeod with the bag of jelly babies. "Will do!"

He just blinked at her slowly and sighed. "Right..." After she skipped past him, he winced as he heard a crash in the cabin they were saying before he held his face in his hand. "Oh, for bloody fucking sakes..."

A half hour later found Skye in her bed looking through a tablet with a slight blush while she listened to it with earbuds. On the screen of the tablet was the press conference where it was revealed that Shinji was no longer human. 'Why does he still look attractive...?' Hearing a snore, she glanced at where Lt. McLeod was snoring. Having made sure that he was asleep, she held her hand against her chest as she felt both her hearts beating. 'And there's something else, something... Why does it feel like something has really changed?'

For a brief moment, something flashed before her eyes. She could see Shinji as a human huddled under a stairwell as around him was the sounds of gunfire. Then it was gone as fast as it had come. 'What was that...?' Skye's eyebrows furrowed as she frowned. 'Was that... another vision? And is it going to happen?' She thought it over for a little bit and then shook her head. 'No... I can't help but think that it's no longer possible...'