Shine Again

by Fandom Trash Snivy

In Equestria

Twilight Sparkle was sitting in her throne in her castle when her journal suddenly started vibrating. She used her magic to open the journal. She started to read the journal entry sent to her by Sunset Shimmer.

"Reading a letter sent by Sunset?" Spike asked her.

"Yes," Twilight Sparkle answered him, "although I think she could improve on her handwriting."

She glanced back down at the journal entry, which was very sloppily written. She read it again, and she gasped.

"Spike? Can you please get my friends to come in here again?"

"On it, Twilight!" Spike replied.

Spike dashed out of the room to gather Twilight Sparkle's friends. Within a few minutes, they were in the throne room. Rarity glanced at the open journal.

"Sunset Shimmer really needs to work on her handwriting."

"Now why exactly did you call us in here?" asked Applejack. "I was busy tendin' the corn fields at Sweet Apple Acres. After all, harvest is in only two more months!"

"Sunset Shimmer sent me a letter in here telling me that it is possible to reform the Dazzlings." Twilight Sparkle explained.

"But you just defeated them!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "I don't think they would feel any shame after they attempted to take over that world you were in!"

"I guess they're just tired of being evil," Twilight Sparkle told Rainbow Dash. "Sunset Shimmer probably felt the same way. I'm now going to write a letter to Sunset asking her why she's doing this for sure."

Twilight Sparkle levitated a quill and dipped it in ink. She opened the journal with her magic and began writing:

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

I slightly agree with your idea. However, it seems to me that they wouldn't just become a better version of themselves that quickly. Perhaps they should stay in your world a while longer. Spike and I will also come to your world to see if they really have changed.

Also, why exactly are you making this quick of a decision? I've learned in the past that you shouldn't jump quickly to conclusions. Perhaps I will do what I suggested before: I will come to your world with Spike again to see if they are really ready. If they're not quite there yet, then I'll tell them that they have a few more days there in your world. If they are ready after a few days, I'll allow you and the Dazzlings to come back to Equestria with Spike and me. Hope that we can really do this.

Your friend,
Twilight Sparkle

Back in the other alternate universe, Sunset Shimmer's journal began vibrating. She opened the journal and read the journal entry that Twilight Sparkle had sent her.

"Twilight has really nice handwriting," she spoke to herself.

"Perhaps I was overreacting a while ago," Rainbow Dash confessed. "I just thought it would be really cool to be friends with the Dazzlings!"

Rainbow Dash's friends looked at her.

"Y'know, when they're completely reformed..."

Pinkie Pie walked over to Aria Blaze, who was sitting in a chair at a table, gazing up at the ceiling.

"Scram," she spoke.

"Come on, Aria!" Pinkie Pie told Aria Blaze with a smile. "Turn that frown of yours upside down!"

"Yeah!" Sonata Dusk encouraged.


Aria Blaze slammed her head on the table and groaned.

Sunset Shimmer walked over nearby her.

"Aria, if you want to go back to Equestria, and if you want to feel better about yourself, you're going to have to shape up."

Sonata Dusk walked over and sat in a chair across from Aria Blaze.

"Yeah! It's easy! Just pretend that everybody is your friend!"

"I think that would be a problem," Rainbow Dash spoke. "What if someone looked unfriendly?"

"Unless they looked unfriendly," Sonata Dusk added. "Yeah, I totally said that too."

"Looks like you'd better start writing back to Twilight," Rarity told Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer walked back to the table she was sitting in before and opened her journal. She started to write:

Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,

I get how this would be sort of a problem. I just don't think they're ready yet. They keep arguing with each other over how they would each act back in Equestria. Perhaps they should stay a while more here. However, I still invite you here. Once you help me and my Canterlot High friends reform them a bit more, we can take them back to Equestria after you've repaired their necklaces with Equestrian magic.

Your friend,
Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer closed the journal. "Dazzlings, are you sure that you want to go back to Equestria?"

"We are sure," replied Adagio Dazzle. "We are tired of feeding off of the negative energy of the other people in this world. We want to return to Equestria to start fresh."

"A second chance," Adagio Dazzle and Sunset Shimmer both spoke at the same time.

In Equestria, Twilight Sparkle was reading the letter that Sunset Shimmer had sent her. Spike walked up to her to see what the letter said. She was sitting on her throne.

As she closed the journal, she spoke: "Spike, we're going back in the mirror."

Right as Twilight Sparkle spoke, Rainbow Dash flew up to her. "Can we please join you this time? I wanna see what my, um, what were they called again?"

"Your human self," Twilight Sparkle informed Rainbow Dash.

"That's right!" Rainbow Dash replied. "Can we please join you?"

"I want to see all of the fashions that these, erm, humans wear," Rarity added. "You told us that they were very modest creatures."

"I don't think you should come with Spike and me," replied Twilight Sparkle. "I have to reform the Dazzlings, and I'm afraid it might be even harder than it was to reform Discord."

"Oh, it was nothing," Fluttershy replied. "I just needed to get in touch with his inner nice side. Everypony has a nice side and an evil side."

"She's darn right," commented Applejack.

"Now Spike," Twilight Sparkle asked Spike, "are you ready?"

"I'm ready," he replied.

Twilight Sparkle levitated the journal she was previously writing in into the book holder in her contraption. The magic from the book surged through the wires of the contraption, opening the mirror. With a sense of confidence, Twilight Sparkle and Spike leaped into the mirror. Immediately after they leaped in, the mirror closed.

"Hope she'll succeed," Fluttershy spoke.