Two Sides of Discord

by MLP Fangirl

Chapter Three

"I have an idea. will be very risky." That didn't sound very promising. Their only idea and it was risky. The ponies looked around the room at each other with very doubtful faces. Twilight's ideas were brilliant, yes, but, that didn't mean they always worked. With no other options, they listened to what Twilight had to say.
Twilight trotted over to a bookshelf and grabbed a book in her magic. She set it down for all of them to see. "There's a spell in this book. If I can just find it, aha! Here it is." Everyone looked at the spell with curiosity. As they read it, they realized what the spell entailed. Their eyes widened at Twilight's suggestion.
"Twi? You're not seriously suggesting that, are you?" Rainbow asked not believing what she was seeing.
"Twilight, you don't have to do this. I'm sure we can come up with something else," Spike assured. Twilight was Spike's paternal figure. He had always been very protective of her. If she were to do this, she could get seriously hurt.
"We can't waste any more time. Discord, I mean, the other Discord is dismantling Equestria, and we're not doing anything to stop him. Unless you can come up with a better idea, this is our only option," Twilight said firmly. Everyone looked down indicating they had no other ideas.
"Twilight, are you sure you want to go through with this? This spell could have devastating aftereffects," Discord warned.
"That's a risk I'm willing to take. If it means saving Equestria from everlasting chaos, I'll do it," The ponies looked at Twilight with respect. If there was one thing Twilight was, besides many other things, it was that she was a trooper. It was hard persuading the alicorn out of a difficult situation, even if it meant causing her bodily harm.
Fluttershy raised her hoof meekly. "Excuse me, Twilight. But, um, could you explain what this spell does? I don't quite understand."
"Yah, remember, not all of us are super duper smarty pants like you are," Pinkie stated cheerfully.
"And most of us aren't unicorns. This is just a jumble of nonsense in ma eyes," Applejack said poking at the page the spell was on.
"Very well. This is known as the magic transfer spell. Basically, unicorns, or in my case, alicorns can transfer their magic into a specific being. The way I see it, the best opponent for the other Discord is himself. But since our Discord is unable to use his magic, I'll transfer my magic into him, and he'll use it against the evil Discord. Make sense?" The others nodded, but Rarity raised a hoof.
"But, Twilight, isn't your magic and Discord's magic different? If so, wouldn't that cause a problem? I mean, chaos and harmony are two very different components, right?"
"Yes, but you see, this Discord has not harbored chaos magic yet. If you remember, Discord was split into two beings. Both of whom we are acquainted with. And if you recall, Discord's magic was drained. He didn't have any when he awoke. Therefore, my magic will simply, when transferred, act as his original powers. It may feel a little different at first, but I'm sure his body will easily adapt to it, right Discord?" She asked gesturing to the draconeques in question.
"Most likely. Then again, this is the first time I've had to doing anything like this, so I'm not a hundred percent sure," Discord replied.
"But, Twilight? What will happen to you?" Spike asked worriedly. The ponies looked at Twilight with concern.
Twilight sighed and shrugged, "To be honest, I don't know. Very few ponies have used it. Clover the Clever created this spell to be used as a last resort. It's only meant to be used in dire circumstances. I think we can consider this a dire circumstance. However, whatever happens to me won't matter. What we need to worry about is will it work or not. " She looked over at the clock which seemed to have stopped ticking.
"Looks like Drocsid stopped time. Either that or broke everypony's clock," Pinkie said as she looked over at the clock.
"Drocsid?" Rainbow asked stupefied.
"Yah, Discord backwards. I don't want to keep referring to him as other Discord. So to keep these two separate, he's Discord," She pointed at the draconeques in the room, "And he's Drocsid." She pointed to the direction of Canterlot, as that was where this Discord had apparently deemed as his capital.
"I like how you think, Pinkie. But, now that's reminded me of a question I have not gotten the answer to yet. Has Drocsid forgotten about you guys? Has he done anything to you at all?" Discord asked.
"He...sent us a letter," Fluttershy responded.
"And what did this letter say?"
"Oh, nothing much. Just letting us know that he had corrupted the princesses and was keeping them hostage. Oh, and he also mentioned that our efforts to stop him were futile. Whatever that means. Nothing big," Rainbow said sarcastically.
"Hmm. I'm going to have to have a chat with my diabolical doppelganger. I think the potion messed up his common sense," Discord said with a snicker.
Twilight looked around at the chatting ponies and sighed. She hated to interrupt them, but they had a job to do.
Twilight cleared her throat, "Listen up, everypony. Let's go over our battle strategy. This spell will probably sap all of my energy, so I'm not going to be of much help. So here's what we'll do--"
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, Twilight! I have an idea!" Pinkie raised her hoof and waved it crazily.
The other ponies all groaned inwardly. Twilight rolled her eyes. "What is your idea, Pinkie?"
"Yes! Okay, so here's what we'll do," She grabbed everyone and assembled them into a group huddle, "Discord, you'll flash us over to Canterlot. Then we sneak past all the guards using stealth mode. If you're not good at sneaking around, Discord can turn you invisible. Then we'll approach the throne room. At that point, we'll split up. Discord will fight Drocsid, and we'll search for the messed-up monarchs. After that, if Discord hasn't defeated Drocsid yet, we'll have royal ammunition to finish him off. There's no way this plan can fail!" Pinkie summed it all up. She looked around and noticed everypony's expressions. They were all looking at her with utter surprise.
"What? Do you not like it?" Pinkie asked innocently.
"You...came up with that. You came up with that. A serious plan that sounds like it could actually work. Are you sure you and Twilight didn't switch brains?" Rainbow looked at Pinkie wearily. Pinkie just snorted at that ridiculous idea.
"Well, regardless of whom it came from, we've got a plan. Time to set it into motion. Commencing phase one. You all might want to stand back," Twilight commanded. The ponies did as they were told. "Are you ready, Discord?"
"As ready as I'll ever be," He said firmly. He took a deep breath and stood tall as did Twilight. She took a quick look at her friends.
Time to begin. Twilight focused all of her magic into her horn. She was loading all of her power onto the base of her horn, and soon, she began feeling the effects. She could feel the magic draining from her body. It was as if her entire life force was being sucked away, and she was the one doing the sucking. She continued anyway, even though her horn and head began to feel heavy. Her thoughts began to fog up as her mind slowly began to seep away into unconsciousness. Her eyes opened, and they were glowing with white energy. Her magic was nearly gone. With a final burst from her horn, her magic shot up and formed an enormous ball of raw energy.
Discord remained strong but had the tiniest quell of fear stir inside of him. The size of the orb of magic was huge indicating the sheer amount of power that the purple alicorn had harbored. The others cowered away at a safe distance ,but they couldn't look away from the spectacle. The magic began descending, and with a bright flash of light, it eventually inhabited itself in Discord's body.
Discord felt invigorated. Twilight's magic felt warm and refreshing as it coursed through his body. Twilight's magic felt a little different to what he was used to, but he didn't dwell on the matter for long. The feeling finally dissipated, and Discord was back on the ground.
The ponies ran to Discord and cheered as the spell appeared to have worked. Discord cheered as well as he summoned a plate of cotton candy cookies and chocolate milk. Twilight's plan had worked. Speaking of Twilight, the ponies realized that the pony in question was not amidst the celebration. They looked off to the side and saw the purple princess lying on her side.
"Twilight!" Everypony rushed to her and stooped down beside her.
Discord put his paw on her head and breathed a sigh of relief, "She's fine. But, she'll be out for a little while. I think we'll let her sit this one out. She's done so much already. Spike, I'm going to take her to her bed. Keep an eye on her. We'll be leaving as soon as I'm back." Discord flew up the stairs with an unconscious Twilight in his arms. He placed her in the bed gently.
"Don't worry, Princess. We'll stop him and save Equestria. That's a promise." He quickly flew back downstairs. The adventure had just begun.