Ponies on earth

by drnachos

Comrade Twilight

Stalin sat at his chair in his office. He looked outside the windows of the Kremlin to see the German army laying siege to Moscow. The Red Army continued to try to fight off the Fascist hordes. Recently Stalingrad was re-captured by the Red Army. It was the only good news to come to the Kremlin in months. Stalin sighed. He hoped for the best. He sat in chair and puffed his cigar. "God damned Germans." He said. "Why can't they just let our peoples live in peace?" Stalin continued to stare out the window. Watching his men fall and countless numbers of blood be splattered on the ground. Stalin closed his eyes and tried not to look.

There was a bright flash of purple light in Stalin's office. Papers were rustled and books fell off the bookshelf. Stalin stood looking bewildered. He reached for his Tokarev TT-33 pistol and pointed at Twilight who had just arrived. Twilight was in shock she did not know what the pistol was nor did she know who this human was. Stalin proceeded to ask her "Who are you?!? Did the Germans send you?" Twilight had a look of pure fear on her face. "No no I was sent by Princess Celestia. She says your world is filled with war and lacking in peace and friendship." Stalin laughed as he put his pistol down on his desk. "Well then what did she think she was going to do by sending you? Obviously we are very different. The USSR is a communist country while where you come from is a filthy capitalist monarchy." Twilight then preceded to say "Please we need to put our differences aside to try to ally with each other to defeat the Germans. They are obviously what the problem is." Stalin laughed once more. "Purple horse me and you shall get along well." Twilight smiled at Stalin. "I'm not a horse I am a pony." Stalin then asked her "There is one thing you are forgetting once word gets out of your presence I'm not sure all of my people will be accepting of you as I am." Twilight frowned. "I guess your right." "Come now pony the first thing we must do is tell my generals of your appearance. They will know how to get the word out to the public without causing mass panic."

Twilight and Stalin walked through the halls of the Kremlin. There were various paintings and posters up praising communism. "So this Friendship you speak of," Stalin asked "We do have some here but what is the difference?" Twilight laughed. "Well the major difference is that we are much closer to everypony and where we come from violence has not existed for 1000 years." Stalin was bewildered. "1000 years? Impossible." Twilight smiled at Stalin. "I can assure you Mr.Stalin we are a race of very peaceful beings." Stalin reached the door the the war room. The Russian redwood door stared back at Twilight and Stalin. "Twilight go over there behind the statue of comrade Lenin. I will handle this." With that Stalin entered the war room. In the war room was a table,around the table were high ranking commanders in the Soviet Military. Comrade Zhukov stood vigilant. He held a stick pointing at many German divisions on the map on the table. Other commanders were present as well. "Comrade Stalin,I'm so happy of you to join us. We have been making major progress. The 3rd army has pushed the Wehrmacht out about 10 miles from Moscow. "That is excellent comrades but I have something very important to share with you." "Comrade Stalin please show us." With that Twilight entered the war room.