Something Magical

by Dark Avenger

Update: Prequel

As soon as the three of them got home, Liz set down the package on the kitchen table and sent her brothers to their room. Once the giggling cubs were out of the way, she returned to the kitchen. With great anticipation, she opened the package with her claw and searched through its contents.

Inside, she found another note, which was attached to a thick pile of pages, all filled with the old donkey's hoofwriting.

After all those stories I've already told you, Liz, the first one among these pages is one that I have kept to myself until now. It is not one that I am proud of. But, like all stories, mine has a beginning and an end, with plenty of things in between. If anything is left out, the rest of the story cannot make sense.

You asked me why I would ever leave a place as perfect as Ponyville behind. Now I will answer...