Christmas for the Dazzlings

by Lynchristina

December 21st - 22nd: The Fight

It was December, one of the coldest months to ever come across with. The benches and trees were mostly frosted. These things were icy cold if a single touch was laid upon them. The people who walked by the frozen sidewalk glared and threw nasty looks at the three girls who looked down in shame. A sudden chill flew past the Dazzlings' jackets. Never did they think that the people in this world would be so cruel and cold hearted to never forget that day. The three girls walked down the icy path to their home. It wasn't any special home. Just a little abandoned cabin near a park. It wasn't an average home to Iive in, but with a little TLC, they made it work.

Sonata slowly walked up the steps to open the cabin door. She sighed, "For realsies? They still remember? It's been like two months already." She crossed her arms as she plopped down on the couch. She took off boots, "Well, at least we can take a break from this business."

Aria took her hood off, "For once I finally agree with you. I don't like being humiliated by a bunch of humans. This girl is taking a break."

Adagio walked into the kitchen,"Don't feel like we're in vacation you two. We still need to plan revenge."

Sonata rolled her eyes,"Oh come on Adagio, isn't time to take a new route in society?"

Adagio stared at the window. She groaned,"Fine, I could use a break from you losers anyway."

Aria jumped off the couch, "Oh, is that what you think." She angrily stomped towards Adagio."Well if I'm a loser, that means that you are too."

Adagio chuckled, "And why is that? I'm the leader of the group."

Aria poked Adagio's chest, "Well, leader, why didn't you carry us to victory then? Oh wait, it's because your a loser yourself!"

Adagio gave a frustrated snort, "Well at least I got us farther than you did. If you were the leader, you wouldn't lead us anywhere. Just like the last time."

"I thought we said to never speak of that day again." Aria immediately crossed her arms.

Sonata got up, "Whoa, whoa, time out." She laid her hand on Aria's shoulder, "Come on Aria, why don't you just calm down and for-"

Aria slapped Sonata's hand from her shoulder, "Oh be quiet Sonata. No one cares."

Sonata stepped back from Aria, "I was just trying to-"

Aria rolled her eyes at Sonata, "You were trying to what, make the situation better? Well your not, your making it worse. Just like how your the worst!"

Sonata huffed, "Oh yeah? Well I think your-"

"Oh please, you two are like foals. Really bad foals. Except for you Sonata." Adagio crossed her arms.

Sonata was stunned. "Me?"

Adagio nodded, "Yes you. You don't even have a single touch of evil in your DNA."

"Fine, I'm going to my room. And I'm slamming the door, that's me being evil to you!" Sonata slammed the door.

Adagio rolled her eyes, "Like I care about you losers, I'm going to bed." Adagio softly walked to her room. Silently leaving Aria without a comeback.

Aria looked as her friend leave, "Ugh, my head hurts. I'm going to sleep."

Sonata tucked into the covers, "Gosh, I hate Aria. Why does she always think that I'm not part of anything. She always thinks I'm the worst, well she's the worserererer!" The moment the words left her mouth, Sonata wished she could take them back. It felt as though a particularly icy snowball was slowly melting down her spine. What's wrong with me? I can't say that. I can dislike her but never hate her. She's like a sister to me, just like Adagio. Just like the past.

Aria touched her forehead, "Ugh, as much as I hate Sonata, I mostly hate Adagio. Why do I even put up with her? She's a cold hearted person herself." Aria looked out the window. She saw stars from every corner, twinkling brightly. She looked over to the left, there were three stars together. Shining together. She looked down at her fists, "Then again, she did help us when we were trouble." She made a soft smile and yawned,"I guess I should sleep."

Adagio neglected her cruel words. "Pfft, see if I care about those two nitwits. They've held me back too many times. But why do I seem to care so much still?" The things she had said ached, she didn't want to feel it. She then walked to the bed, pulling the covers to drift to sleep.

It was the 22nd, the girls woke up to their normal rituals. Sonata would hum a happy tune to her friends, Aria would grab her headphones to cover her humming, and Adagio would yell countless times to make her be quiet. But it was different, no humming, no groaning, and no yelling. It was so, quiet. The girls walked to different parts of the kitchen. Quietly as they took some food out of the furnishes. They all walked back to the table.

Sonata looked down at her food, quietly she spoke, "Sorry."

Aria glanced at Sonata. She sighed, "I guess I'm sorry as well.

Adagio huffed, "Come on you two, let's get us some real grub."

Sonata smiled,"So does that mean we're okay?"

Adagio flipped her hair, "I guess so. I can't ignore talking to you anyway."

"So where are we going anyway?" Aria opened the wooden door.

Adagio grabbed her scarf, "Oh I don't know. We can go grocery shopping. We're running out of food anyway."

The girls slowly walked to the sidewalks of the city. While walking, they seemed to notice decorations all around the lamps and buildings. Tinsel, in a snowy shade of clear white, wrapped around tall lamps that made the children cheer. Little decorations that covered the buildings made them seem more colorful as the girls passed by.

Adagio felt sick as she looked from her left and right. Seeing cheer and happiness made her woozy. She didn't understand all the decorations that covered the city. "Urgh, what is this weird holiday? It just reminds me of something from back home."

Aria squinted at the distance, "Well, I can see the store from here. Let's go."

Once the girls made it to the entrance of the store, they were met with a big fat man. The man had a red suit with a long white beard. He was by a stand and was ringing the bells as customers passed by.

Sonata walked towards the man, "Hey Mister, what are you doing?"

The mysterious man turned to the light blue girl standing in front of him, "Ho, ho, ho, hello my dear. I'm giving people Christmas cheer!"

The girls look at the man with confused looks. Christmas? Was this the cause of all of the happiness?

Sonata scratched her head, "Christmas? What's that?"

The man curled his white beard, "Why, you've never heard of Christmas before? Where did you guys come from?"

Sonata gulped, "Umm, well, we're from, uh--"

Aria elbowed her aside, chuckling nervously. "-- Somewhere around the coast."

The long white bearded man stroked his beard, "Somewhere around the coast eh? Weird, I thought they celebrated Christmas there."

The words immediately tumbled out of Sonata's mouth without hesitation, "We celebrate Hearth's Warming Eve."

Aria and Adagio reacted to the words that escaped from her mouth. They then turned to the man. Thinking of the reaction he would make. Hearth's Warming Eve? Is it some alien holiday? Aren't you those pony half human aliens? Call the army! So many thoughts came to the girls' mind.

The Man spoke, "Oh, is that what you call it there? That sounds interesting, do you have a Santa Clause there?"

Sonata spoke, "Well, actually--"

Adagio silenced her, "Sorry to barge in this friendly conversation, but we need to get home soon."

The Man smiled, "Well, I'll see you girls later. Nice to meet ya! Ho, ho, ho!"

The girls entered the market, they noticed many decorations around the store. Huge candy canes and fake presents lined neatly across the floor. The girls went their own separate ways. They grabbed their shopping baskets and went towards the isles. Sonata went towards the Christmas section, she noticed many decorations for sale. "Fifty percent off. I'm totally buying this!" She placed 7 decorations in her basket. She then noticed her friends at the counter. She ran and placed the decorations on the counter, filling up the whole counter space. Sonata noticed weird looks by her two friends, she then looked down at the decorations, then back at her friends. She then flipped her huge ponytail and did her most cutest face that a girl could never say no to. It was one of her favorites, it was called The Taco Please.

Adagio was terrified, the face she was looking at made her heart ache. No, no! Why me! She reached for her bag, forcing to stop herself from the most biggest mistake she had ever done.

Aria covered her eyes from the disturbing cuteness. The things that always made her sad and angry couldn't dominate the powerful stare. I really need to make her stop watching those Fluffle videos.

The three girls tumbled through the streets with a haul of bags in their hands. Sonata skipped her way through the trail till she saw a desk with a sign up sheet. It read, Christmas Caroling helpers! Sonata rushed up to Adagio and pulled out a pen out of her fluffy hair.

Adagio felt a tingle but didn't look back, "Hey Aria, do you ever think that I should change my look?"

"Nope, I mean, what's going to carry our stuff?"

"I guess no-- wait what?" Adagio looked up at her hair. Hmph. "Hey, where's Sonata?"

The girls looked behind them, they noticed Sonata skipping happily towards them.

Adagio looked at Sonata. "Where were you?"

Sonata smiled at her two buds, "Well, I signed us up for Christmas caroling!"

The girls stopped in front of a small cabin in front of them.

Aria dropped the groceries, "You what?"

Sonata repeated, "I said I--"

Aria clenched her hands together, "I am not doing caroling, no way, no how. Nope, nada."

Adagio groaned, "Don't you remember that we can't sing? We'll make a total fool of ourselves!"

Sonata crossed her arms, "Well excuse me princess, I'm just trying to brighten things up for us."

The sound of a door swung open, a shadow then stood in front of the bickering girls. The figure spoke, "Well lookie what we have here."