A Monster in Ponyville

by IceDragonKing

A Brilliant Plan!

Chapter 7 A Brilliant Plan!

Next day, at Ponyville Theater...

"I'm going to catch it! Destroy it! And send it back to the Underworld!" said Harvey.


"How are you going to destroy this evil creature sir?" asked Reporter.

"I'm going to use water. The flea's weakness is it can't swim. And Ponyville is lucky that we have the Saddle Lake nearby.

I'm going to make that Giant Flea... drown to its death!" said Harvey.


"This is a very good way sir. But how are you going to make it drown if you can't found where its live?" asked Reporter.

"No worry. Me and my force will find it! And I would like to said to anypony who can give me the information about this Giant Flea will be rewarded!" said Harvey.

and then, a unicorn stallion that sit behind Raoul and Emile is stand up and told him that he has the information. Raoul and Emile quickly stand up and go with

Al-Mu'tamin and Ali, out from the theater to warn Rarity and Fluttershy about this.

Later at Fluttershy's cottage...


Rarity walks to open the door and see Raoul, Emile and the Djinns before her.

"What are you guys doing here?" asked Rarity.

"We're here to warn you and Fluttershy!" said Raoul.

"About what?" asked Rarity.

"Harvey Dent! He is coming here!" said Emile.

"Quick! Get in here!"Said Rarity and he's let them go into the cottage.



Fluttershy goes to open the door and see Harvey Dent, four polices and Albert standing before her.

"Oh what a surprise! Mr. Dent!" said Fluttershy.

"Me too! Where is it?" asked Harvey.

"Umm... a what?" asked Fluttershy.

"THE MONSTER!" shouted Harvey and he's grab Fluttershys's hand and pull her with him into the cottage.

"What are you all doing at my friend's house?!" asked Rarity.

"Believe me! There is no Giant Flea here!" said Fluttershy.

"Search everywhere! Find that Giant Flea!" said Harvey and his polices start to searching everywhere in the cottage.

Then, Harvey's go to the bedroom of Fluttershy and go in but Rarity came in between him and door. So he's just push her out of his sight very hard.

Fluttershy holds Rarity up slowly. They both look into the bedroom and saw nothing except Harvey Dent is wrecking a havoc in it.

"We're looking everywhere sir. We found nothing," said Pate.

"Are you sure?" asked Harvey.

"We already told you!" said Rarity.

"Umm... uhh... I'm sorry for what I am did. Just doing my job," said Harvey.

"I believe you did the right thing. Go around Ponyville and face the many dangerous that hide in this village," said Rarity as Harvey Dent's walk up to Albert.

"GRAB HIM!" said Harvey Dent and the polices grab Albert.

"What did I do wrong?!" asked Albert.

"Lying to the polices and caused the turbinity! Are these two enough?!" asked Harvey.

"But... but... I heard them said that they're going bring that thing here! Believe me!" said Albert.

"ENOUGH! Take him away!" said Harvey and the polices drag him away with Inspector Pate following behind.

"I am very sorry for what I am did! If you two don't want to go the ceremony tomorrow, I'm understand that," said Harvey.

"No worry. We will go," said Fluttershy.

"Oh... thank you. Miss Fluttershy and Miss Rarity," said Harvey and he's walk out from the room and then out of the cottage.

"Okay... wherever you guys are. The polices are gone now," said Rarity and two Djinns appear out from nowhere with Raoul, Emile and Francoeur.

"How did you guys do that?" asked Rarity.

"We're Djinns. We have a lot of the very powerful magic," said Al-Mu'tamin.

"So what're we going to do now?" asked Fluttershy.

"We need to find place for him. Must be a very not interest place," said Emile

"Sheikh Suleimare and the other Djinns are the only ones who can do that," said Raoul.

"We tried to called him, Ibn Yusuf or even Sokurah. No any of them are take my call," said Al-Mu'tamin.

"Ali misses Sheikh Suleimare," said Ali.

"I know that," said Al-Mu'tamin.

"I think I have an idea," said Rarity and she's pull out a chest, open and grab a black hat of Francoeur out from it.

"I'm understand now," said Raoul.

"This is a brilliant plan Rarity," said Fluttershy.

"Can you any of you tell me what are you all talking about?" asked Emile.