A Monster in Ponyville

by IceDragonKing

Truth Revealed!

Chapter 4 Truth Revealed

The Noon, at Castle of Twilight...

"The story is awesome! The Founding of the Naga Empire is the very great story! Now I know the reason why the Vanaras were get enslaved by your empire.

Speaking about the Vanaras, did your father do as what I request?" asked Twilight.

"Of course Twilight! Nothing that a friend like me can't do. My father is now set all Vanaras free and they all are now return to their own kingdom-city by now," said Ratri.

"Thank you Ratri. You're the best!" said Twilight.

"No problem, Princess Twilight."Said Ratri and Twilight closes the hologrammer.


"That must be Harvey Dent!" said Twilight and she's walk to open the door.

"Hello Princess Twilight. I'm here for Fluttershy," said Harvey.

"She's at the Carousel Boutique with Rarity. You know... makeover," said Twilight.

"Ooh... well... I better go wait for her," said Harvey.

Meanwhile at Carousel Boutique...

"Now... after the 3 hours of makeover... you're now... the Girl from Mount Olympus!" said Rarity as she's looking at Fluttershy in a beautiful pink dress with hat and a feather on it.

"What does that mean?" asked Fluttershy.

"A girl that sent from Home of the Gods!" said Rarity.

"Ooh..." said Fluttershy.

"Now on, darling. You have a wealthy stallion to catch!"Said Rarity and she's put her to the door, open and push Fluttershy out.

"Bye!" said Fluttershy and she's walk away from the Carousel Boutique to Sugarcube Cornor. And then, she's walk bump into an Earth Pony who she had met yesterday at the morning.

"Oh I'm sorry! I didn't watch the way. Let me help," said Fluttershy and she's grab a bottle of wine up and give it to him.

"Thanks Ms... umm..." said Raoul and he's look at Fluttershy's face and see how beautiful she is.

"Umm... I'm Raoul," said Raoul.

"I'm Fluttershy..." said Fluttershy with a blush on her cheek.

"Well... umm... if you excuse me, I have a box of wines to deliver," said Raoul and he's grab a bottle of wine from her, put it int a box, carry it and walk to the Cafe.

"Bye..."Said Fluttershy and she's continue walk to the Sugarcube Cornor.

Later at the Ponyville Theater...

"A little more... a little more..." said Emile as he's playing a video that he's got from his camera.

"Oh no!" said Emile after he's see the thing in the smoke of the video. He's run out from the room and go to the theater.

"This is the worst!" said Emile as he's looking at the thing he's fear. Then, Raoul enter the theater.

"Hey Emile! Want to get some coffee with me at-" asked Raoul but then he's shock with what he's see before him.

"WHAT IS THAT THING?!" asked Raoul as he's point to it.

"It's a monster! We're created it!" said Emile.

"What?! We had created a monster that have my legs and eyes of you?!" asked Raoul.

"What are we going to do?!" asked Emile.

"Keep it as a secret! Don't tell anypony about this! You have to say that it can be anyone! No ones know we're there except... except..." said Raoul.

"Sorry for the interrupt," said A Voice and a figure walks into the theater, revealing to be Inspector Pate.

"Looks like we have something to discuss," said Pate.

Later at Sugarcube Cornor...

"So... what're you doing at Friday night?" asked Harvey.

"Umm... just... being with my animal friends," said Fluttershy.

"Your voice is very beautiful, you knew that right?" asked Harvey.

"Of course I knew that. But don't like to sing if it's not necessary," said Fluttershy.

"You are a very lovely girl. Maybe we should spend more time together. And then, maybe we might-" said Harvey and then Pate walks in the cafe.

"Sorry for the interrupting sir," said Pate.

"Pate, don't you see I am busy?" asked Harvey.

"But this is important sir... it is about... the special crime," said Pate.

Later at Harvey Dent's office...

"As you see sir. If you look more closely, this black spot in the glass box... is a flea," said Pate and he's grab two plates from the bottle of chemicals and show it to him.

"And with these chemicals..." said Pate and he's play the video again.

"After the explosion, the monster... is created," said Pate.

"THIS... IS... AWESOME! I had found what I am looking for now!" said Harvey.

"Umm... sorry for interrupt sir. I... don't want to be in jail! Why did me and my friend had to be get caught? That flea is belong to the Djinns that live in that temple!" said Raoul.

"Put you two in jail?! Who's said I'm going to put you two in jail? This incident make heroes! Heroes don't have to be put in jail!" said Harvey.

"But sir! They did the wrong thing!" said Pate.

"What did they do? Give me an opportunity to make the residents of Ponyville proud in me? No! No! No! They don't deserve to be in jail! But they deserve the reward!"Said Harvey and he's get a box of medallions.

"Now... choose your own," said Harvey as he's open the box.

"WOW!" said Raoul.