A Monster in Ponyville

by IceDragonKing

Fluttershy got a Date

Chapter 3 Fluttershy Got A Date

Later Outside, at the Marketplace...

"Singers... always show off..." said Pegasus Mare.

"Are you jealous or something?" asked Unicorn Stallion.

"I'm not jealous!" said Pegasus Mare.

"Then why you said that?" asked Unicorn Stallion.

"Because I-" said Pegasus Mare and she's accidentally break her necklace made of beads when she's grab it too hard.

"No worry. I'll get it." said Unicorn Stallion and he's walk to grab each of the beads. While the mare is waiting for her husband.

Something jump down and passed her behind. When she's look back, she's see nothing.

"Nothing?" asked Pegasus Mare.

"What?" asked Unicorn Stallion.

"There is something touched me a moment ago! I swear it was happened!" said Pegasus Mare.

"Maybe it is just a little insect or..." said Unicorn Stallion and then he's see his wife in shaking in fear and point to something behind him.

He's turn to look behind him and a saw a 7 ft. tall monstrous creature that reveal to be a Giant Flea standing before him, looking at him with its orange eyes.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Unicorn Stallion and he's try to run away from it but the Giant Flea grab his neckerchief, coat and hat.

He let go of those stuffs, grab his wife and runaway from the Giant Flea. Leaving it in confuse of what to do with what it just get.

Later at the Morning, at Castle of Twilight...

"GIRLS!" shouted Rainbow Dash and she's run into the thrones room.

"Check this out!" said Rainbow Dash and she's show them the newspaper.

"There is a Monster in Ponyville?" asked Applejack.

"Why did I never saw one?" asked Spike.

"Now if you excuse me, can I go back to read about The Founding of the Naga Empire that Princess Ratri had sent to me?" asked Twilight and she's grab the book and walk back to her throne.

"Fine! So... no one wanna catch it?" asked Rainbow Dash but no anypony want to join her.

"Oh crud!" said Rainbow Dash.



"Who's come now?" asked Rarity and she's go to open the door.

"Hello?" asked Rarity and saw the new District Attorney of Ponyville standing before her.

"Oh it's you! The pony who is the new District Attorney of Ponyville!" said Rarity

"My name is Harvey Dent. Ms. Rarity. I am here to ask Ms. Fluttershy a few questions," said Harvey

"Fluttershy! There is a handsoem stallion want to meet you!" said Rarity and she's run to grab Fluttershy.

"Here. Meet Harvey Dent, the new District Attorney of Ponyville," said Rarity.

"Ms. Fluttershy. I would like to have a talk with you at the noon of today. At Sugarcube Cornor," said Harvey.

"You... want me... to... to..." said Fluttershy.

"That is mean your answer is yes. See you at the Sugarcube Cornor," said Harvey.

"He... he... he..." said Fluttershy.

"Ooooh! Fluttershy! You're so very lucky girl! You got a date with a pony who is very handsome and have a tons of money!"Said Rarity.

Meanwhile at the Old Temple...

"Found anything?"Asked Police #1.

"Not yet!"Said Police #2.

"Hey what's going on here?!"Asked Al-Mu'tamin as he's walk inside with Ali.

"We're polices. Here to find the evidence,"Said Pate.

"What kind of evidence?"Asked Al-Mu'tamin.

"The kind that connect to the 'special criminal' that attacked two ponies last night," said Pate.