Wolf Child

by Pixel Berry

Chapter 6: The Misuderstanding

After the six mares returned from the forest with both Celestia and Luna, Pinkie created a special party for Luna's return. Twilight, of course tried to explain to the princesses of the extraterrestrial in Fluttershy's cottage, but her other five friends either distracted her or the princesses from learning about the purple mare's discovery.

But when she finally had the time to, it was time for both princesses to return to Caterlot, upsetting the new resident of Ponyville and the Golden Oakes Library.

When everypony left the party and returned to whatever they were doing before, Twilight's five friends dragged the purple unicorn away from the town, towards the little cottage.

"Hey, girls? I just wanna ask, why did you stop me from informing the princess about the alien?" Twilight asked.

"Listen, sugarcube. Ah know you just got here and is probably gettin' ready to settle down in yer home, but we gotta secret to tell ya 'bout this alien." Applejack explained, ignoring the unicorn's question.

"A...secret?" Twilight was confused.

"Yeah, but before we tell you, you gotta promise that you won't tell anypony about this!" Rainbow said, hovering beside the unicorn mare.

"O-okay... I promise to not reveal this secret to anypony." Twilight swore, placing a hoof to her heart.

"Okay. Now Fluttershy, dear? I think it's best for you to explain about little Yemei." Rarity said, looking right at the yellow pegasus.

"Wait, who's Yemei?" Twilight asked.

"M-my...daughter." Fluttershy said shyly.

"Oh! I didn't know that you were married!" Twilight said happily.

"I-I'm not married..." Fluttershy responded.

"O-oh, I'm sorry I didn't know-" Twilight couldn't finish her sentence due to the shy mare interrupting her.

"She's adopted." Fluttershy plainly said.

"A-adopted?" Twilight was quite stunned.

"Y-yes and she's the alien..." Fluttershy mumbled.

"She's the what?" Twilight couldn't hear what she said.

"I said she's the alien." Fluttershy said again.

"She's that ali?" Twilight didn't hear the last part.

"S-she's the alien..." She said again.

"The...alien!" Twilight shouted. "You adopted the extraterrestrial!?"

"Um, yes." Fluttershy squeaked.

"Ohmygosh! Fluttershy do you not know how lucky you are!?" Twilight shouted. "A whole new species is in your home and your keeping it hidden? The many things you can know just by living under the same roof! Please, Fluttershy, I must perform some tests on this creature!"

"Woah, woah, woah! Who says we're gonna let you do some weird test on Yemei?" Rainbow asked, getting in the unicorn mare's face.

"First off, Yem-yem is Fluttershy's child and second she is just a young filly!" Pinkie said, shoving Rainbow out of the way being replaced by her pink muzzle.

"Even though she seems quite young, it's never to early to start testing! Don't you see, your hiding somepony that can change the whole viewpoint within the equis eyes!" Twilight said

"We all know about this whole thing, but I must ask, why do you want to perform tests on sweet Yemei?" Rarity asked, not really grasping on what Twilight was so excited about.

"I'm sorry Rarity, I'm just so excited on learning about this creature! I need to know what she eats, what she drinks, and even what she thinks about. I just have to learn more about her for Celestia!" Twilight squeaked, her grin never leaving.

"Listen Twilight, I know this may seem awesome for you, but her existence is the secret." Rainbow said, getting a shocked look on her face.

"S-so I can't tell Celestia about her?" Twilight asked, sounding a bit upset.

"S-sorry, but we need to keep here away from the Princess..." Fluttershy answered. "I-if she finds out about Yemei, who knows what the princess will to Yemei."

"I... I see your point." Twilight says. "But can I at least do some harmless tests on her?" Twilight asked.

"Um, okay... But only if she agrees to this as well." Fluttershy answered.

"Oh! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Twilight says, hopping on her hooves.

"But again, only if she agreed to do it as we-" Fluttershy was then interrupted by a sound she wish she didn't hear.

It was Yemei screaming.

"YEMEI!" Fluttershy screamed as she flew strait to her cottage at a speed Rainbow could copy.

"Quick girls, let's hurry!" Applejack shouted as she started galloping to where Fluttershy flew off to, the other four following after the farm mare.

When the other five arrived at the cottage they quickly ran inside, up the stairs and stopped in front of the opened door. Twilight was the last to come but once she had a clean view, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Right in front of her was the alien, Fluttershy hugging the weeping extraterrestrial. Twilight, like the nerd she is, brought out a quill and parchment and started taking notes on Yemei's appearance, though it was difficult due her lower part being covered by the thick quilt.

"Sh-she was so scar-r-ry." Yemei spoke.

"It talks!?" Twilight blurted out, making all eyes on her. But when Yemei saw her, the little human screamed again and tried to hide within her mother's fur.

"Shh, shh, it's okay." Fluttershy tried to calm the human down. The pegasus then waved her hoof towards the door, motioning the other five equines to leave.

"Let's go downstairs." Rainbow whispers, pushing the others lightly to make them start walking.

When they all did and was waiting downstairs, the five mares just stood silent.

That is, until Rainbow spoke. "So... what do you think is up with Yemei?"

"By the looks of it, it seems that little Yemei had a nightmare." Rarity assumed.

"And by how she was lookin' at Twi, the nightmare might had to do with Twilight." Applejack added, eyeing the mare in question who was still too busy writing her last sentence.

They stood silent again, Twilight's scribbling on the parchment being the only sound going throughout the living room.

It was about to be another minute of silence until they heard the gentle clop of hooves going down the stairs. All five turned their heads to see Fluttershy and a scared Yemei coming into the living room with them.

"Yemei, sweetie, are you okay?" Rarity asked, slowly approaching the little human.

All Rarity got in return was a short nod.

"Did ya'll get a nightmare?" Applejack asked, coming over next.

"Mhm..." Yemei nodded.

"Do you mind telling us the spooky dream?" Pinkie asked.

This time Yemei shook no, then looked up to Fluttershy.

"I think she wants me to explain." Fluttershy said. At that, the six mares and one human got ready for a little storytelling from Fluttershy.


When the explanation of Yemei's dream ended, four of the five mares were quite shocked at the dream itself. Of course throughout the explanation, Twilight was trying to befriend Yemei, but no matter what she did, the human just got closer to the butter-yellow pegasus and ignored Twilight.

"Ah... ah can't believe Yemei could have a dream like that..." Applejack mumbles.

"I... I wouldn't even think of Yemei having a nightmare like that." Rarity said.

"And Twilight..." Rainbow said.

"Twilight sounded like a big meanie-pants!" Pinkie said, showing a silly pout.

"But why did Twilight have wings in her dream?" Rarity questioned.

All Fluttershy could do was shrug in response.

"It doesn't make any sense though..." Twilight spoke. "How can Yemei have a vision of her home and a nightmare about me?"

Again, another shrug from Fluttershy.

"I guess this means I can't ask to do some tests on her yet." Twilight mumbled quiet enough for Yemei not to hear.

"Anyways," Fluttershy says to get everyponies attention. "I think that Yemei needs a little something to cheer her up." The yellow mare then looks at the only pink pony who can do that.

"Oh! Okay! Hey Yemei!" Pinkie called out, crouching down to eye level to the tiny human.

"Y-yes?" Yemei asks.

"I know something that'll cheer you up!" Pinkie then shows a huge smile, making the little girl smile as well.

"What?" Yemei asks again.

"A cupcake!" Pinkie then randomly brings out a pink box out of nowhere.

The little human then opens the box, seeing an array of Cupcakes that had letters atop of them. They were in an order to spell out 'CHEER UP!!!'.

"Thanks, Pinkie!" The human then gives the party mare a tight hug, of course the box not being harmed in the hug. Yemei then walks up to Twilight, a cute look adorn on the humans face. "I-I'm sorry miss Twilight. I was just scared over that bad dream."

Twilight then hugs Yemei. "It's okay."

"Alrighty then, everypony! Who wants a Cupcake!?" Pinkie shouts.

"I do!" Everypony else shouts in unison.

Nopony knew this yet, but somehow, all seven of their lives will change after this one afternoon.