Wolf Child

by Pixel Berry

Chapter 5: The Dream

Yemei didn't know that she fell asleep, but figured out when she woke up in an endless black void. Yemei looked all around her, getting nothing but darkness.

She didn't like it.

"Mommy?" Yemei called out, her voice echoed through the void, but came no reply.

Yemei gripped on her strap of the purse she was wearing, getting a bit frightened at the loneliness in the void.

"Mom?" Yemei shouted again, getting the same result. Yemei was about to call out to her mother again, that is, until a bright flash came out of nowhere.

The sudden light scared the tiny human to the floor, making the girl form new tears under her eyes. She closed her eyes, covering them with her small hands, hoping that whatever made that light didn't hurt her.

"Mommy." Yemei mumbled as she waited for the unexpected to happen.

~Back Within Ponyville~

The six mares on the search for Yemei continued without anypony noticing that they were missing from the party. One being Twilight was trying to follow a faint trail of wolf tracks as she thought of the many things she will learn from this new creature.

"Oh, I hope it didn't venture into the Everfree. From the rumors I gathered it's quite dangerous." She spoke to herself as she continued following the trail. She lifted her muzzle to see that the trail ended in front of a tiny cottage. Twilight quickly trotted up to the house and knocked on the door.

"Excuse me! I'm sorry for intruding but it seems that theirs somepony within your cottage that I need to meet dearly." Twilight called out, getting no response.

'Maybe the pony living in this cottage is not here...' Twilight thought.

"Hello!?" Twilight shouted louder.

That was when Fluttershy came up and shoved her aside... accidentally. Fluttershy quickly opened the locked door, slammed it behind her and re-locked it.

"What the- Fluttershy!? Do you live here?" Fluttershy heard Twilight's voice asked.

"Um... yes." Fluttershy answered.

"Hey, Fluttershy? You do know that you have an extraterrestrial living within you home, right?" Twilight said.

Fluttershy was about to reply until she heard a new set of hooves coming over.

"Twilight! Why did you leave your 'Welcome to Ponyville Party'?" Pinkie's voice shouted.

"I'm sorry Pinkie, but there's an alien living with Fluttershy." Twilight spoke.

"Who? Do you mean Ye-" Pinkie was silenced as another voice called out next.

"Twilight, sweetie! You do know that it's quite rude to leave the party that was for you right?" Rarity asked.

"I know but-"

"Yo, Twi! What brought you in such a hurry?" Rainbow asked.


"Hey, sugarcube. Ah'm sorry to interrupt ya'll, but the Celebration is about to begin." Applejack said.

"Ohmygosh! You right! Quick! I need to stop this before Nightmare Moon escapes!" Twilight shouted. Fluttershy then heard a set of hoofsteps run away.

Futtershy then heard a knocking from her door. The shy mare cracked open the door a bit to see the other four mares look right back at her.

"Is she alright?" Pinkie asked.

"I-I haven't checked yet, hold on." Fluttershy then closed the door, starting to look throughout her home.

When she did, she noticed that Yemei wasn't in the living room or the kitchen. She then walked up the stairs to the little hallway. She checked the bathroom; nothing. She checked Yemei's room; nothing again. She then checked her own bedroom, seeing that it almost seemed untouched, that is, until she noticed that her quilt was unfolded.

She checked atop of the bed, seeing that Yemei wasn't there. She then checked under the bed, seeing a small figure curled up.

Fluttershy gently pulled out the figure, seeing that it was Yemei, sleeping while snuggling her tiny purse. Fluttershy noticed that their were tear streaks on her cheeks, making the yellow mare worry even more.

Fluttershy brought the sleeping human to her bedroom, tucking her in and giving her a cute pink bear plushie. She watched as Yemei took hold of the toy and curled tighter into a ball.

"Don't worry," Fluttershy whispered. "Momma won't let anything happen to you." Fluttershy then planted a kiss on the human's forehead. "I promise."

The shy pegasus then walked out the room, closing the door behind her, and getting out of the house itself.

"So?" Rarity asked.

"She was hiding under my bed." Fluttershy explained. "She was asleep when I found her, so I placed her in her own bed."

"What a relief." Rainbow said, wiping her brow. "But you do know that Twi is gunna come back right?" Rainbow asked.

"Yes... I do." Fluttershy replied emotionless.

"What are we gunna do 'bout that mare?" Applejack asked.

"I think she should know about Yemei." Fluttershy answered.

"What?" The other four mares asked in unison.

"Rainbow's right about Twilight not giving up on Yemei; so we should let her in on Yemei's existence." Fluttershy explained. "We can't keep her hidden forever."

"Your quite right on that Fluttershy, dear. But she's going to have to keep this secret as well." Rarity said.

"Anyways, I think we should get to the Town Hall. Twilight might be waiting for us." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, let's go!" Pinkie said, bouncing off.

The other four followed suit; Fluttershy being the last to leave. The yellow pegasus looked to where Yemei was resting.

"Goodbye, sweetie. Momma will be right back." Fluttershy said, slowly leaving the cottage and catching up to her friends.

~Within Yemei's Dream~

Yemei didn't know how long she waited, but she knew she waited long enough to start hearing strange noises around her. One thing she heard was lots of hoofsteps, but it sounded more like when Yemei walks in her human form. Another sound was of different voices following the hoofsteps. Some were faint, some were close; each one being in a different tone, both feminine and masculine. The last sound she heard was of wheels moving and the sound of wind passing by her as fast as when Rainbow flies past her. She also heard some horns going off.

Yemei then, with a bit of courage, removed one of her hands away from her now opened eyes. What she saw was a grey floor. The floor felt hard and strong, she noticed some tiny cracks on the floor as well. Yemei then took her other hand off her other eye and started looking around her. What she saw she couldn't believe.

She saw creatures just like her walking around her, each and every one of them being different in their own way. None of them stopped there walking, but some gave her a sideways glance.

Yemei gripped the strap of her handbag and stood up. Even when she got up, the creatures were still taller than her. She looked to her left to see a much larger street, only it was black and looked smoother than the grey one she was standing in. She also noticed that none of the tall creatures walked on the back street. Yemei was about to question that until a strange thing went by her. She saw that it was some medal carriage that wasn't pushed by anypony. She also noticed that there were more strange carriages, each in different sizes and colors.

Yemei was too focused on the strange carriages that she didn't noticed somepony.

Yemei felt a big hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned around to see one of the tall creatures looking right at her. The creature was crouched down, seeing eye level to her.

"Excuse me, little girl? Are you lost?" The creature asked in a calm, male voice.

"I...I..." Yemei couldn't spit out any words. Her mom always told her to not talk to strangers, but she never told her what to do if a stranger talked to her.

"Uh, sir?" Another voiced said. Yemei looked up to see a feminine looking creature looking at the two. "Is she your daughter?"

"No, I just found her on the sidewalk looking at the cars." The first creature said.

"I...I..." Yemei still couldn't say anything. So with speaking out, she had to result to her second option; running.

Yemei ran away from the two creatures, ignoring their shouting and disappearing within the crowd. Yemei ran into an alleyway, stopping behind a dirty dumpster. She stayed there, taking a breather and ignoring the many sounds. She sat on the grey floor and hugged her legs, placing her head in the center.

'I just want my mommy...' Yemei then felt the area change around her. She could tell it was changing due to the sounds fading and the area getting colder. Yemei opened her eyes to see that now she was in a familiar grassy field.

She noticed that she was leaning against the tree the birds were perched on this afternoon. She looked around to see that she was surrounded in trees, making it difficult to leave.

"Hello?" Yemei called out. At first she thought she was alone, that is, until she heard laughing.

She turned her head towards the laughter to see a large figure rising from beneath the trees. As the figure rose, she noticed that there is something atop of its head... something sharp.

When the figure rose to its full height, it seemed as big as a mountain, its glowing purple eyes.

Suddenly, some light was shown upon the figure, making Yemei see who it really was.

It was the purple mare from today. Except she looked... different.

One thing about her was that her mane seemed messed up, like she just got out of bed. Another is that she was wearing a crown atop of her head, one big gem being in a shape of a six-pointed star. She then saw that her irises were the size of pinpricks and her smile seemed...creepy.

Yemei then watched at she unfurled a pair of purple wings that were larger than Rainbow's. The mare than spoke.

"Now, my most favorite part of Science." She then brought out a pair of scalpels using the same magic as Rarity's; levitation.

"Time to experiment!" The mare shouted and brought the scalpel down towards Yemei's tiny form.

Yemei, luckily, dodged just in time to see the tree she was laying against get destroyed.

"Now, now, now. I must see if Human's can withstand the same amount of pain as us equines." The crazy mare explained. "Hold STILL!" She then jabbed it to where Yemei was standing now, making her jump out of the way again.

This continued for awhile, as the giant pony continued jabbing, Yemei kept on dodging the science equipment. That is, until the mare got a clean hit.

The mare brought down the scalpel just in time to stab Yemei's side, making the human cry out. When Yemei landed back on the ground, she held on to the gash, trying to stop the pain and bleeding.

"Oooooh! Your still breathing? How interesting." The purple mare commented as she watched Yemei shout in pain. "Let's see your limit until you can't move anymore!" Yemei then watched as the bloody scalpel took aim in the mare's levitation.

"P-please... don't do th-this..." Yemei wheezed as she watched the giant scalpel propel right where she was laying, blood slowly dripping out of her mouth. When she felt the sharp item connect, everything went black.