by sci-fi fanatic

Lyra meets Jake from state farm (Funny)

Lyra trotted happily towards the library. She couldn't wait to check out some magic spell books and some books about humans. Bon bon had really been on her case about that lately, and so she felt that some time to herself would do her some good. She walked into the library and the bell that signaled here arrival chimed softly. "Hello Lyra." Twilight Sparkle was organizing some books while Spike was snoozing on a small reading table. Twilight frowned when she saw this and went over and shook him awake. He grumbled at this, and went upstairs pouting before Twilight could make him do any work.
"How May I help you?", Twilight continued.
"Oh, you know, the usual.", Lyra said with a sheepish smile. She walked over to a shelf labeled Fantasy. She never understood why nopony believed in humans. As she was browsing, a new book caught her eye. It was called Magic with humans. She quickly grabbed it, checked it out, and left the library.

Lyra went to the top of a hill to read the book. Suddenly, as if the book had a mind of its own, it flipped to a page. There were many articles on the page, but she randomly chose one. It was called The jingle. Wow,that's an odd name, , she thought. It looked to be some sort of spell. She read it, and then re-read again. It seemed to be a jingle, hence the title of the page.
"Like a good neighbor, state farm is there.", She read.
Suddenly, a male human appeared right in front of her.
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gooooosh, she thought. She had so many questions to ask the human. Not even sure if he spoke Equestrian, she asked the first question.
"What's your name?", She asked
Surprisingly calm, the human answered back
"My name is Jake. From State Farm.", He said.
Thinking that From State Farm was part of his name, she asked the next question.
"What is that you're wearing, Jake From State Farm?" Boy, human names are really weird, she thought.
Not really understanding what this crazy unicorn was talking about, Jake gave the best comment he could think of.
"Uhhh... cackys."
Lyra just giggled. This human was funny.

Far, far away, on earth, a woman was getting angry.

Jake heard his phone ring, and reluctantly answered it.
"Where are you?", demanded his angry wife.
"I'm with Lyra from Equestria."
"Lyra from Equestria at three in the morning? Hand the phone to her right now!"
Lyra reluctantly took the phone.
"Who is this?!!", demanded the angry wife
"Um..Lyra from Equestria."
She handed the phone back to Jake.
"She. Sounds. Hideous.", said Jake's wife.
"Yeah, well she's a pony so..."
Just then, a tune that sounded very similar to the spell sounded, and Jake disappeared and Lyra walked back home.
Well, that was a weird day., thought Lyra, as she walked home.