Teen Titans Trapped in Equestria

by Blood_rose_doll

Advance to Canterlot

Robin looked around the train at the ponies and Titans. They were on the way to Canterlot and had been on the train only ten minutes. Raven was sitting with Twilight who was actively discussing magic. Beast Boy was sharing with Rainbow Dash, he was trying to make her understand the concept of video games. Cyborg was with Applejack, they were talking about how they stay in shape. Star was with Rarity who was holding her mane up to Starfire's clothes and comparing the colors. Robin glanced over at his own seatmate who was currently hiding behind her pink mane. Pinkie bounced up and down the aisle getting in everyone's conversations.

"Um." Robin looked back to Fluttershy who looked away quickly. "A robin is a bird." Robin didn't say anything and Fluttershy glanced at him again. "Oh sorry. Is it not a bird in your dimension?" Her voice was very soft and grew weaker as she talked.

"It is." Fluttershy looked up at him and smiled. "It's also a name in my dimension, but it isn't really my name."


Robin thought briefly about his real name and that brought up memories of his father. He pushed the memories away... that was his old life. "I don't go by my real name anymore though, so now it's just Robin."

"I see."

"What's your real name!?" Robin jumped the tiniest bit and turned to come face to face with Pinkie. Her shout brought the attention of the rest of the Titans.

"I said I don't go by my real name anymore. It's not important."

Pinkie frowned deeply and then smiled. "Okie dokie lokie!"

Pinkie bounced off and Robin turned back to Flutter. "A raven is a bird as well."

Fluttershy was looking at the ground again but she smiled at Robin's words. The rest of the train ride was relatively quiet. Robin and Fluttershy talked about the kinds of animals that existed in each of their dimensions. Pinkie Pie continued to butt in every now and then. By the time they made it to Canterlot Robin was used to that. When they pulled up to the city all the Titans stared at it in wonder. Beast Boy was practically glued to his window until Pinkie opened her mouth.

"Canterlot is much more pretty than Manehattan."

Beast Boy backed up from the window and gave her a funny look. "You mean Manhattan right?"

Pinkie shook her head. "No, I mean Manehattan. It's right above Fillydelphia."

BB glanced at the other Titans. "You mean Philadelphia."

"Who's Phil? Is that near Baltimare?"

Beast Boy smacked his forehead. "Baltimore."

Pinkie tilted her head to the side. "More what? If you mean more city names then there is also Vanhoover!"

Beast Boy threw his arms into the air in frustration and the Titans laughed. As they laughed the train pulled into the station and stopped. The Titans and ponies disembarked. Each pony had their saddlebags. Raven's books were being carried by Starfire and Raven herself. Standing on the train station platform was Cadance and Shining Armor.

"Shining Armor!" Twilight ran up to her brother and nuzzled his neck. Shining chuckled and ruffled Twilight's mane with a forehoof.

"It's good to see you too little sis." Cadance stepped closer to the Titans and cleared her throat.

"It's lovely to meet you all! I'm Princess Mi Amore Cadenza but you can call me Cadance."

Starfire flew up to Cadance and circled her. "My name is Starfire."

Robin took a single step closer to Cadance to draw her attention before he spoke. "I'm Robin. This is Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy."

Cadance nodded and looked to Shining Armor. "This is my husband and Twilight's older brother, Shining Armor."

Shining bowed his head in greeting. Robin returned the greeting by giving a similar head bow.

"Come along we'll take you to the castle." With that Cadance turned and trotted off. The ponies and Starfire were quick to follow. Robin and the rest of the Titans weren't far behind but far enough that they could have a private talk. Starfire flew just above Cadance with a huge smile directed at the princess of love. Cadance glanced up at her and gave an unsure smile in return.

Starfire flew down so she was in front of Cadance and flying backwards. "I enjoy your hair."

Cadance looked at the alien girl for a moment before responding. "My mane?"

Starfire nodded and flew around Cadance in a circle. "It is so joyous and long!"

Cadance thought about it for a few seconds and decided to take this as a compliment. "Thank you."

"You are most welcome." Starfire gave Cadance another huge smile and Cadance returned it this time with a big smile of her own. Meanwhile the other Titans were talking among themselves. Raven had dropped the charade of not having powers and was floating instead of walking. Beast Boy wanted to shift into a pterodactyl but decided to just use his feet.

"What do you guys make of the fact that all the princesses are helping us?" Robin asked his team

Beast Boy perked up at this. "Are there just the four of them?" Robin nodded to Beast Boy and he smiled. "I guess that makes us special then."

"I find it more odd that they read and write in English." Cyborg said and Robin looked to Raven who shrugged.

"I'm from a different dimension and I can speak English. Perhaps English isn't from either dimension. It could have traveled through multiple dimensions somehow."

Robin thought this information over as Shining Armor slowed his pace so he was walking by the Titans. "Twilight tells me you all have magic." Shining looked to Raven and then down to the ground beneath her. Robin glanced at Shining.

"Only Raven has magic as you know it. The rest of us just have abilities or items that allow us to do special things." Shining Armor looked to Starfire who was still chatting with his wife. Robin noticed this and smiled. "Starfire is from a place where such abilities are common as with Raven as well." Robin pulled one of his birdarangs out of his belt and showed it to Shining. "I get by with special items I make."

Shining looked at the birdarang. "Where did you learn that?"

Robin's face went dark for a moment and he put the birdarang away. "My father." Robin clammed up after that and Beast Boy, who was tired of walking, turned into a bluejay. He flew over and landed on Fluttershy's back. He tweeted a song and she smiled. Shining watched this in amazement and then walked up to Cadance's side. They turned a corner and came face to face with a grand staircase that led up to the castle. There waiting at the top of the steps was Celestia and Luna. The ponies and Titans walked up the steps to meet them.

Celestia gave everyone and everypony a friendly smile. "Welcome." Celestia's horn started to glow and the giant doors behind her swung open. "Please make yourselves at home."

With that Celestia and Luna took a couple of steps back, making enough room between them to pass through. The Titans hesitated for the briefest of seconds before walking into the second castle of the day. The ponies were close behind and so were the princesses. The Titans stopped just inside the castle and waited for the princesses to pass them. The princesses walked through the castle and the Titans followed them. Soon they came to another set of large doors. This time it was Twilight's horn that glowed and the doors opened to a huge library. Raven's eyes grew wide at the sight. She never expected such a big library from ponies. Raven walked into the library and spun around to get a full view of the place. Robin watched his friend with a smile and walked up next to her.

"Bigger than you expected?" Raven nodded and set her books down in the middle of the library. Starfire flew over and placed her books down as well. Robin looked around at the large library and then back to Raven. "How can we help?"

Raven looked to the rest of the Titans and they all nodded to her. She floated over to Twilight and Cadance. "We should get started."

Twilight nodded and walked to the center of the library. Her horn glowed and books flew from around the library to her. "We can start with these."

Raven took one of the floating books in her hands and Twilight let it go. Raven opened it to find it was written by someone named Starswirl The Bearded. "That's a good choice. Starswirl The Bearded had the most respected interdimensional theory."

Raven looked at the index and then flipped through the book to find the right page. As she was flipping she glanced up at the other Titans. "Take a book."

As Raven was flipping Celestia and Luna quietly excused themselves to get back to their duties. Raven finally found the page as the ponies set down their saddlebags. Raven read over the theory and then looked to to her stack of books. She raised her hand and one of the books in the stack started to glow black. The books above it started to glow as well and lifted off the shelf. The first book flew over to Raven and the rest of the books returned to the stack. She flipped open this book in the air and it floated over so she could read it. The page held the return spell and she looked it over. Everyone was watching her as she looked over both books.

Twilight took a step towards Raven and cocked her head to the side. "Is something wrong?"

Raven looked to Twilight and frowned. "There are some serious flaws in this theory but it's a return spell not a dimensional travel spell."

"What!?" Robin shouted and walked over to Raven. She handed him the book and he looked over the theory but it was clear he didn't understand it. Instead he looked back at Raven. "Are you sure?"

"Positive." Twilight walked all the way over to Raven. Robin held the book close to her face so she could read it.

Twilight read it over and then looked to Raven. "Why would Starswirl The Bearded make a return spell without an interdimensional spell?"

Raven shrugged and looked around the room. "Maybe we aren't the first ones to come here." Robin said and Twilight looked to him. She seemed to think this over for a bit and then turned to Cadance.

"Could you see if princess Celestia will let us check the archives?" Cadance nodded and exited the library. Twilight turned back to Raven. "We should go through the rest of these books."

Raven nodded and walked over to the center of the library. She sat down and then let herself float into the air. Some of the books started to float to her and flipped open their pages. The remaining books floated over to Twilight. The rest of the ponies and Titans watched in amazement as they went through the books. Finally a certain pink mare bounced over to Shining Armor.

"They're almost like sisters! Aren't they like sisters!?" Pinkie Pie smiled at Shining who looked at her, stunned. He looked back to the center of the library where all the action was. Unperturbed by Shining's silence Pinkie bounced around the library. Raven looked over the books that she picked and she found a few theories were actually about interdimensional travel. Raven looked over to Twilight who was reading a book intently. With a flick of her wrist Raven sent the book she was reading over to Twilight. Twilight looked at the book and then over to Raven.

"This is the most like my interdimensional spell that I could find."

Twilight looked over the book and nodded. She turned as the doors to the library opened and Cadance walked back in. Cadance paused for only a second when she saw Raven floating off the ground. "Princess Celestia says we may look through the archives for any sign of interdimensional travellers in Starswirl The Bearded's entries."

Twilight nodded and looked to Raven. "I think we should stop for lunch and then check the archives." Raven looked to Robin for guidance and he nodded. "Great! Let's head to the dining room." Twilight walked towards the doors to the library and Raven set her feet on the ground. She followed Twilight to the doors of the library and then glanced behind her to make sure the rest of her friends were following. As all of them were walking through the halls of the castle Cyborg spoke up.

"So what you got to eat around here anyway?"

Twilight looked back at him and smiled. "Well, we have daisy sandwiches and hay burgers to start with."

Cyborg made a disgusted face and looked to Robin. Robin nodded and walked up next to Twilight. "We can't really eat a daisy or hay." Twilight seemed taken aback by this and stopped walking.

"Well what do you eat?"

Robin looked to his team and then back to Twilight. "We can eat fruits and vegetables."

Twilight brightened at this and smiled.

"That's great we have plenty of those as well."

Robin sighed in relief knowing he and his team weren't about to go hungry. They continued their walk to the dining room and when they reached it a meal was already laid out for them. Celestia and Luna sat at the end of a huge table talking between themselves. The ponies walked over and each of them took a seat at the huge table. The Titans walked over and took seats as well. They all waited until Celestia finished with Luna and turned to them.

"Please, enjoy."

With that, everyone and everypony looked down at the table in front of them. The ponies dug in right away grabbing things and passing them around. The Titans hesitated for a few moments and then Beast Boy dug in happily. As a vegetarian, he was in his element. He easily filled his plate and then started to eat. Raven was the next to grab an apple and take a bite. Robin watched her take another bite and then picked up an apple of his own. Starfire picked up a hay burger and before anyone could protest, ate it in one bite. The Titans looked at her, amazed, and she simply ate another one. Cyborg was obviously disappointed with the selection. Being a meat lover Cyborg wasn't much for fruits and veggies. He reluctantly started to eat the offered food but it was clear to anyone who knew him that he was unhappy. After a while Celestia seemed to sense the Titans displeasure and decided to try to cheer them up. Her horn glowed and then ponies appeared from the kitchen carrying a few pies. They set them out on the table and Cyborg's eyes went wide.

"Is that pie!?" Cyborg looked to Celestia who smiled and nodded. Without a second thought more Cyborg grabbed a pie and dug into it. Robin smiled at his friend and then nodded his thanks to Celestia. Raven picked up one of the pies and, using her power cut it into pieces and gave one to each of the other Titans. Starfire dug into her piece right away and so did Beast Boy. Raven picked at her piece when she saw that it was apple pie. With a small sigh Raven ate a bite and then smiled. She was surprised to find that it wasn't overly sweet like she thought it would be. The pie was, in fact, quite good and soon the piece was gone. When she looked up she found that the rest of the pies were gone as well. Cyborg was happily rubbing his stomach with a fork hanging out of his mouth.

Without waiting much longer Celestia and Luna stood from the table. Celestia looked down the table and smiled. "I wish you luck with your search of the archives."

Celestia exited the room and Luna looked at the gathered people and ponies. "We must request thou be careful with the things in the archives."

Twilight nodded to the Princess as she left the room as well. Twilight stood from her place and turned to the Titans. "Shall we go?"

Robin nodded and stood. The rest of the Titans and ponies stood as well. Then, they were off.