Fallout Equestria-Forgotten Past

by bayleaf9514

The New World

Chapter 3: The New World

Faith and I sat outside the stable door in silence. We had been sitting out there for ten minutes, still digesting what had happened. The dampness of the cave we where in was already seeping into my coat, and chilling my skin. The only sound was the constant drip of water from the sealing high above us.

To make sure we weren’t followed, I destroyed the door terminal as we left. I wasn’t worried about the rangers blowing down the door. It was nearly three times as thick as the rest of the doors in the stable, no doubt to keep it from being blown open. Besides, they got what they wanted. No point in coming after us.

We both had our pipbuck lights on, but they did vary little to fend of the darkness of the massive cave. Much to my relief, my EFS remained blank.

I had totally forgotten about my eyes forward sparkle until we got out into the caverns. Despite being one of the first ponies to own a pipbuck, I had never really used any of its combat assisting spells before. Using SATS and EFS was just as new to me as it was to my sister.

I stared at the gun in my lap, still in shock over what happened. I had been shot at. With guns! And I had shot back. “When I got into the stable, I had no idea it would be like this” I though.

“We should get going.” Faith said softly, braking the silence.


“You know, leave?” She got to her hooves. “We cant just sit here until we die of starvation.”

I got to my hooves as well. “Dehydration would get us way before starvation would.” I pointed out.

She rolled her eyes. “My point is, we need to get out of here.”

“And, you want me to get us out, right?”

“Well...yea.” She shrugged. “Your talent is salving problems, right?” She self consciously glanced back at her blank flank.

It was my turn to roll my eyes. “You know your pipbuck has an auto map feature, right?”

She blushed slightly. “Right...I knew that.” She looked at her pip for a minute, then pointed down a nearby tunnel. “This way.”

We walked the tunnels by the light of our pipbucks, faith in the lead. She was floating her cross bow out in front of her the entire time. You might say that she was worried that something was going to attack. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. She was hoping something would.

Now I know what your thinking. We are heartless ponies for forgetting about our friends back at the stable. We didn’t forget about them. We just A; knew that we had to worry about ourselves, and B; weren’t all that close with the ponies who had died. Yes, it was a shame, I agree. But dwelling on it would do nothing, save for get us killed.

I sighed as my stomach growled at me. I still had a lot of energy. The cryo tubes made sure our bodys had everything they needed. my belly must of missed the memo.

“What are those?” Faith asked, drawing me out of my stupor. A bunch of yellow markers cluttered the compass on my EFS. I had been so busy thinking about food, I hadn’t noticed them.

“Not sure. Yellow normally means neutral, I think. Or was it undetermined? Caution maybe?” I thought about it for a moment. “You know, It could be all three...”

“You can not tell me you don't know. You built one!”

“I modified one,” I replied. “And I didn't touch the combat spells. The ministry had some pony else change those on the revised prototype.”

She groaned. “I guess we go in hot then.”

“Go in hot?” I asked. “Ohh, guns...Right...” I didn’t really get most of her military speech. Sometimes I wished I had spent some time playing pony of honor with her.

We walked through the tunnel, coming into a massive cavern. I nearly shat myself when I saw what my EFS had warned me about. In the cavern, sleeping on there floor, where dozens of ants. Not little tiny ants, no. Theses ants where half my size. Red patterns graced there giant black bodys.

“So...” Faith looked over at me. “Giant ants, huh?”

“Yeah...” I replied. “The radiation must have mutated them.” For a moment I wondered how a bug would evolve like that, but I pushed it out of my mind. Not the time or place for curiosity.

“I don’t think I have enough bolts for all of them.” She tapped her quiver.

“Well then don't wake them.”

“With the way you walk, I don't know how they didn't hear us already.” I narrowed my eyes at her. “What? It's true.”

I sighed, looking over the...What do you call an army of over 40 oversized ants? I doubt any pony ever survived long enough to consider it.

“What if....” Faith put her hoof to her chin, then smiled. “What if you didn’t have to touch the ground?”

If it wasn’t for the army of ants under me, I think I would have shot her. The plan was crazy. Hell, it was suicide. Oh yea, I said under me. My sister had the brilliant idea of us levitating each other over the ants.

I told you; crazy.

I had to hold my breath to keep myself from yelling. I was terrified. I was already afraid of heights to begin with. mix that fear with enough giant ants to kill a manticore? Not my definition of fun.

My EFS blurred in and out of focus every few seconds. The magical aura my sister was holding me in was causing some magical interference with my pipbuck. I knew that, being a prototype, it would have a few problems. I just hoped once she dropped her spell, it would reset.

Finely, I cleared the ant ocean. Faith levitated me about 15 feet away from the slumbering ants, then let her magic fade. I gasped as I hit the ground with a umf.

A breathed a sigh of relief as I regained my balance. Now I just had to get faith across.

I could see the tunnel we had to go down only 100 feet away from me. It looked like an old mine shaft, complete with rails and wooden support beams. Mine shafts had to lead somewhere, right?

I turned my attention back to my sister. She was still standing on the other side of the an army, tapping her hoof impatiently.

I reached out with my levitation spell. Faith floated off the ground. I began pulling her towards me. She put her hoofs out in front of her like a supper hero. I furled my brow as my horn began to throb. I was determined to get faith to safety.

I continued to carry her along. The pain in my horn getting worse. My magic flicked. I strained my magic to keep the spell. Every muscle in my body strained with the effort.

The pain in my horn was getting worse by the second. Faith palled as the green aura around he began to flicker. I pulled her towards me with all the strength I could muster.

My magic failed. She screamed as she went into free fall. Her momentum kept her moving in my direction. She tried to levitate herself, but she was already moving to fast. I breathed a sigh of relief as she landed safely on my side of the cavern.

Faith breathed heavily as she got to her hoofs. “ops.”

I looked back at the ants and gasped. My EFS compass had become a bar of red. The lake of ants was waking up. They didn’t look to happy either.

A pair of ants charged faith. She leveled her cross bow at the nearest one. A bolt slammed through its skull, scraping against the stone bellow. A jet of flames fired from the ants open maw. Right at faith.

“Ahh!” She screamed, jumping away from the torrent of flames. Faith had had enough fun for one day. She turned tail and dashed towards the exit. I fallowed close behind.

I was caught up to her in no time. That was odd by itself. Faith was way faster then I was. Then i noticed that she was limping. The fur on her bad lag was burnt away. The skin bellow was red and blistered.

The ants where funneling into the tunnel after us. I fired blindly over my shoulder with my SMG, nailing more then a few ants.

The sound of the stampeding ants echoed through the tunnel, mixing with gunfire and hoof steps.

The ants where surprisingly fast. They where quickly closing the distance between us and them. It didn’t mater how many we would kill, because there was always more behind them. I went into SATS, and lined up a few targets who where getting to close.

Time went back to normal as the targeting spell emptied the last of my mag into the stampeding ants. I considered pulled out my pistol, but I didn’t want to wast the bullets. There had to be something else I could do. Like block them off.

“Faith I have an idea!” I shouted.

“'Bout time!”

I stopped beside a wooden support beam, and gave it a hard buck. Immediately the wood started to buckle under the pressure of the rock it held up. Small rocks and dust rained down from the ceiling.

I ran forward with everything I had. The tunnel started to shack as larger rocks and boulders fell from the ceiling. The cave in was working great, trapping the ants that didn't get crushed. Of course, now we had to deal with a mineshaft falling on us

The sound of running ants was quickly drowned out by falling rocks. the tunnel shock violently. My legs burned as I did my best to keep ahead of the falling debris. I heard faith shout something from ahead, but I couldn’t make out the words.

It took me three seconds to figure out what she had said. “Look out.” I looked up and caught a glimpse of a gray object above me. Last thing I remembered was a splitting pain in my head as fell.

I woke to the crackle of fire and the smell of smoke. My first thought was that I had fallen asleep while we where camping. Sadly, when I opened my eyes, we where farther down the mine shaft. Faith was sitting beside me, starring into a fire she had made.

A pile of wood pieces sat beside her. Pieces of support beams. I groaned as the throbbing in my head registered. I put my hoof to my head and winced. Faith had bandaged it up. Her burnt leg was wrapped up as well.

Faith smiled at me, and pulled me into a huge. “Your ok!” She said with glee.

“Well, ok might be a little much, but I’m breathing.” I muttered. “Where did you get the magic bandages?”

“I stool the first aid kit that that green mare was going to use on me.” She said. “And,” She levitated over two odd looking bags. The letters, MREs was printed on them. “There where some rations in them. Like what the army eats!”

“Wow Faith, that's great. Who puts food in a first aid kit?”

“Don't know, don't care. We're breathing, we have food, and a warm fire.”

“Speaking of, why did you build a fire? You pipbuck lights still working, right?”

“My pips fine, it just doesn’t keep me warm. About an hour ago, it got really cold.”

“How long was I out?” I asked, checking my pipbuck clock. It was 10:30pm.

“A little over three hours.” She replied “You know, I could have burned them with my fire spell, right?” She asked.

“Kill fire ants with fire? Really?”

She stopped talking for a moment, trying to think of a comeback. She ended up sticking to her standard, “shut up egg head,” response.

After we ate, we continued through the mine shaft. The tunnel was really dusty after the cave in, making it harder to breath, but we managed.

I couldn’t help but think about everything that had happened, and the new world we lived in. we had been thawed for over four hours, and already I had almost died three times. I was afraid of what it would be like above ground.

If my sister was having any of these thoughts, she didn’t show it. She was humming along to music she had downloaded onto her pipbuck. I cant say im surprised that she had head phones in her saddle bag.

I smiled as my eyes set upon something I hadn’t seen in 200 years. Down at the end of the tunnel, was light. Not mage light, or electric light, but natural light. Moon light.

I poked my sister to get her attention. “Huh?”

“Look.” I pointed.

She smiled. “Thank Luna.” Her shoulders sagged. “Do you think Luna’s still...You know.... Alive?”

“I-” I was about to say I doubt it, but I wasn’t sure it was the best thing for her to hear. “- think that 200 years isn’t all that long for an alicorn.”

“That's true.” She nodded. “Come on, lets get out of here.”

“Now you bring this up?”

“All im saying is that it could be dangerous out there. Radiation, mutants, who knows?”

When we where nearly at the end of the mineshaft, it occurred to me how crazy it all was. We knew nothing about the wasteland, aside from it being dangerous. We had nearly no supplies, and knew nothing about how the world worked now.

“Is your pipbucks geiger counter picking up any radiation?”


“Do you not have a gun in your pocket?”

“Well...yes. But what if... The air is toxic?”

“Then we die from the air instead of thirst. Now get your pasnzi ass out of the cave.” Her description of herself was pretty spot on. No pony messes with faith.

So, we walked outside. A map marker appeared on my pipbuck map. “Magnesite.” How my pipbuck new what the town name was, I still have no clue. It was just another part of the spell mainframe I could never hope to understand.

The town looked like it was out of an old western movie, but way older. Out of the eight buildings in the town, three where still standing. The others lied in piles of ruble.

It was night time, as my pipbuck had said. The moon was making its way to the horizon. The stars where a beautiful sight. Much less of a let down then the town.

An alert came across my EFS. “New radio signal found” came up underneath the compass.

“Hey,” Faith asked. “Did your pip-”

“Yea.” I went into the radio feature of my pipbuck and tuned it to the new signal.

“So, for those of you who have to go up towards new Appaloosa, don't! We've been getting scattered reports of battles braking out up there. Between whom you ask? Well, the Applejacks Rangers of course. There up there fighting hard to keep the Alicorn Defects from killing every pony in the area. So if you see one of these Red Rangers out there, lend him a hoof. The Followers of the Apocalypse say that they will treat any pony injured by there misguided sisters.”

“In other news, Enclave remnants continues to set up bases around the Equestrian Wasteland. Although they haven’t been heard from in a while, I wouldn’t go pay them a visit.”

“This is DJ Pon3, signing off. Don't worry though, I leave you in the capable hooves of velvet remedy.”

“Did we just tune into a news broadcast?” Faith asked as music started playing through my pipbuck. I shut it off.

“Sounded like it. What do you think it means by enclave remnants?”

“Forget that, what did he mean by alicorn defects? It sounded as if there's a war going on.”

I shrugged. “There's always a war going on, it seems. Where do you think think we should go now?”

“Hm...The radio station!”


“To...Learn stuff...”

I rolled my eyes. “You just want to meet a celebrity.”

Faith looked down and dug at the dirt with her hoof. “No...Maybe...A little bit.”

“We're not going to the Djs radio station. Lets just go north and see if we can find a town.”

Faith sighed. “Fine.”