AJ's unexpected adventure

by LGHeart

Chapter 2: Family, Nightmares, and the Adventure begins!

As ah walked down the road with pine trees on one side of me, an' apple trees an' white fence on the other, ah knew that this was goin' ta be awkward. I walked side by side with the yellow mare with a pink mane an' tail, ah think her name was Buttersly or somethin'. She didn't talk very loudly so I couldn't really tell. But at least she seemed to know where my home was.

Ah heard a pair of thunderous hoof beats a bit further ahead. Emergin' from the back of a hill was a big burly stallion with brown mane and tail. Even from this distance ah could tell he was big. His red coat seemed to sparkle as he ran. Which ah thought was weird.

Takin' a step ta the side ah decided it would be a better idea ta get out of his way, 'cause he looked like he was in a hurry.

Lookin' to Buttersly ah watched as she just stood there not even bothered by the fact the stallion was chargin' full speed in her direction. Ah was about to say somethin' when I noticed the stallion slow down and come to a complete stop right in front o' me.

Bein' only a hoof or two way ah could see that he was at least a head taller then me. His Strong defined muscles made him look like he was somepony you wouldn't want to mess with. Lookin' more closely ah could see that the reason ah had thought he was sparklin' earlier was 'cause he had sweat coverin' his cost.

“Applejack, yer okay!” He said in a deep voice that caused me a slight headache. I couldn't help the reaction of placin' my hoof to my head.

The big stallion looked at my forehead an' seemed ta finally notice the bandages on my head an' hooves. It felt awkward as he scrutinized every detail of my body. Ah didn't even know who he was, an' he was lookin' at me like ah was really precious to him. “Sorry fer askin' . . .” ah say as ah push him back ta get a little space. “but are ye' like my boyfriend or somethin'?”

The stallion back off, looking at me with surprise on his face. Ah turned to Buttersly, but she was turned around an' ah couldn't tell what was goin' on with her. Lookin' back an' forth between the two of them ah felt confused. “What? Did ah say somethin' wrong?”

The big stallion looked at me with confusion on his face, an' I heard some deep breaths from Buttersly's direction. Ah looked at the stallion as he nodded vigorously at me. “Applejack I'm yer brother.”

Ah turned right towards the mare to my right. “Buttersly? Why didn't you tell me he was my kin?”

“Buttersly . . . ?” the stallion asked questioningly as ah noticed him turn to face her to. She visibly twitched for a second, then we both heard a little chuckling sound.

Buttersly fell back laughin', not very loudly, but still laughin' none the less. Tears seemed ta be streamin' from her eyes 'cause she was laughin' so hard. She struggled to talk as she rolled on the ground, “I-I'm sorry.” She started ta calm down as she slowly got ta her hooves. “I-it's just that I was so caught of guard by the fact you thought he was your boyfriend. It was so funny I could barely keep myself from laughing. And to top it off you thought my name was 'Buttersly'.”

She started laughing again, but recovered rather quickly this time. “I was kind of nervous being with you Applejack. I didn't know what to expect when you lost your memory, so I guess you miss heard my name earlier. I'm Fluttershy, and that's your brother Big Macintosh.”

Takin' a few deep breaths the mare regained her composure and looked at us calmly. I could see the gears turnin' that head o' hers. What ever was goin' on in that mind ah didn't want to know. But she took a breath an' smiled at me. “I'm sorry I was so shy earlier, I just didn't know what to expect. I've heard some ponies change a lot because of memory loss, so I was nervous around you because I wasn't sure if I was going to be with the friend I knew and loved. But I can see that your at least still the type of girl who knows how to make ponies laugh.”

Big Macintosh stepped up to Fluttershy, “Not cool.” was all he said, but somehow that carried the wait of a full scouldin'.

Fluttershy's ears drooped a little as she let her mane cover half of her face. “I'm sorry, I just didn't get the chance to say anything before Applejack spoke.” My heart went out to the pour girl, she seemed so upset 'cause ah got her in trouble by accident.

“Ah guess she's right.” ah got a weird look from both my brother, and Fluttershy. “She didn't get the chance to explain the situation 'cause ah opened my big ol' mouth an' said somethin' strange. But ah probably wouldn't have said it if ye' hadn't been starin' at me like ya' was.” Ah turned ta Big Macintosh an' hoofed him one shoulder playfully.

“Ah greatly thank ya' Fluttershy, but I think My bro can get me home from here.” We smile at each other for a minute 'fore ah realized Big Macintosh was walkin' already. “See you later, Flutters!”

Runnin' to catch up to Big Macintosh was rather easy to do, it wasn't like he was runnin' or anythin'. His stride was simple yet powerful, yet he seem ta be makin' the slightest sound, the complete opposite of his thunderous approach earlier.

“So . . .” ah said tryin' ta strike up a conversation as we walked along the dirt path. “are you my only siblin'?”

“Eenope.” he said, almost strikin' the conversation down with a single word.

We continued to walk a little further, 'fore ah could think of somethin' to ask him, ah felt somethin' plow inta me. The force pushed me back a little, an' 'cause ah wasn't expectin' it ah was fell back, nearly hittin' my head on the hard ground.

“SIS'! Yer okay.” ah heard a slightly high pitched voice. Ah looked down at my chest an' saw a little filly wit a bright yellow coat, slightly curly red mane and tail, an' bow in her hair. She was a little less then half my size but still felt like she was heavier then she looked.

Her weight seemed to disappear as ah watched her get lifted off me by Big Macintosh and placed ta his side, placin' himself between us. “Applebloom. Be carefull.” he said makin' that same scoldin' tone from earlier.

Ah stood up an' moved over so ah could see the conversation. Big Macintosh was lookin' down at the filly, who ah guess is my little sister Applebloom, an' givin' her a look like he was being very serious. “Applebloom.” He said, “Applejack lost her memory.”

Turnin' ta him ah asked in a serious tone, “How'd ya' know ah lost my memory?”

Big Macintosh turned to me. “It was obvious when you asked if ah was yer boyfriend!”

“Oh, right . . .” Ah said feelin' like idiot. That had happened not a few minutes ago an' ah had almost already forgotten about it. Ah knew ah was blushin' 'cause o' the fact ah made such a huge mistake, an' that my little sis had just heard about it.

Lookin' towards the filly ah couldn't help but be a little confused when ah saw her smilin'. Her eyes gleamed with a deviant innocence which sent warnin' chills down my back. “What's that look for?” Ah ask her nervously.

“No~othin'” she said in a slightly sin' song kind of way. “Ah was just thinkin' 'bout somethin'.”

Before me of Big Macintosh could say anythin', Applebloom ran between us an' off down the road.

“That can't be good.” ah say feelin' as if that foreshadowed something rather scary.

Big macintosh's only response was one thin', “Eeyep.”

“We goin' ta stop her?” ah ask.


Sighin' ah figured that even if ah was to try to stop Applebloom from doin' somethin' ah would probably fail. Might as well just wait an' see what happens, ah'm probably powerless ta stop it anyway.

Turnin' around ah started walkin' down the road in the same direction Big Macintosh an' ah was goin' down earlier. Ah could hear Big Macintosh in close tow behind me

“So is there anyone else ah need ta know about?” ah ask as notice an archway breakin' the long picket fence inta two fences.

Turnin' into the archway, ah notice that to my right was a giant orchard of apple trees, that looked like it was stretchin' on for acres. Right in front o' my face was a big red barn with a picture of ah smilin' sun, farm fields, an' the pink pony that had nearly suffocated me with a hug at the hospital. And to my left was a plain two story home with a front porch an' a apple green elder pony sittin' on a rockin' chair.

“Eeyep.” Big Macintosh said as he walked past me an' over to the house, goin' straight up to the elder pony.

Ah decided to wait back just a little bit as Big Macintosh talked to her. Watchin' carefully ah noticed that the elder pony had stopped rockin' in her chair and she was startin' ta look sad, vary sad.

Guilt seemed ta over take me 'cause ah didn't knew ah didn't know who this pony was, but ah also knew that ah should know who they were.

Soon the Big Macintosh brought the lady over ta me an' we greeted each other with a smile. “howdy.” Ah said trying to act natural, even though ah still wasn't sure what was natural for me.

“Hello deary.” she said with a light tone, but ya' could still hear the shakiness in her voice as if she was upset. “My name is Granny Smith, but ya' can just call me Granny.”

“Sounds good.” ah say.

Granny Smith Smiled at me an' looked back to the house. “Ya' probably should go an' rest while ya' can deary.”

Ah nodded to let her know ah thought that might be a good idea, she then offered ta take me ta my room. She told Big Macintosh he could do what ever he need to do before dinner, then took me to my room up the stairs. It was surprisin' to see that she could traverse the stairs with such ease, especially since she didn't look like she was in such physically good shape.

My room was simple, just a bed sittin' in between a desk an' dresser, the desk of course was sittin' below a window so that ah could get a great view of the field and the sun which was settin' now.

Ah crawled inta my bed, coverined myself with the blankets, closin' my eyes and fallin' asleep with very little effort.

Ah was running. Just running through a dark and unfamiliar forest, but I moved with certainty in every step.

The shadows seemed to shift and move as ah ran on the dirt pathway, makin' the forest even creepier than it probably would have been. Ah could feel my heart beatin' in my chest, my breath felt short and stiff, and my whole body ached.

The various sounds that came from the woods made me scared of every shiftin' shadow and trees as ah past them. This was scary beyond belief.

Suddenly ah found myself with at the end of the path. Takin' in my surroundings ah couldn't help but feel like ah had been there before. A sudden rustle of leaves put me on edge. Somethin' wasn't right, but this feelin' of uneasiness was scary, yet familiar.

Takin' close note of my surroundings, light didn't shine through any of the canopy, makin' things darker, the ground was smooth an' soft. The trees an' bushes seemed to be shiftin' and movin' because of the slight breeze, an' dark patches could be seen between the trees. But still a set of familiar bells were ringin' in my head.

A strange sound could be heard as ah turned to see a pair of glowin' yellow eyes. Chills ran down my spine, my eyes were now locked on the pair of yellow eyes.

Suddenly the wind whipped up a mighty storm an' ah looked up to see the moon high in the sky, full and beautiful. A beam of moon light shot down in front of me. Strange speckles of moon light the glistened and glittered began to gather an' form the image of a beautiful mare.

The mare stood tall and elegant, her dark coat the color of the night sky. Her mane an' tail looked like a starry nebula flowing in a none existent wind. Her horn was protrudin' from her head in a powerful way, much the same way her wings made her presence seem more magnified. And on her flank was what looked like a crescent moon.

“Applejack . . .?” she said in a voice as smooth as velvet. She was obviously confused to see me, but was unconcerned about her surroundings. “Why are thou having a nightmare?”

“Wha-” Ah ask feelin' confused for a second.

Suddenly a coursin' pain shot through my head an' ah heard the wind pick up again. The pain was so intense that couldn't help grab at my head an' close my eyes to keep tears from comin' from my eyes. Ah barely held back a violent scream, the pain bringin' out my most primal of reactions.

The wind died down an' the pain in my head subsided.

Takin' a few deep breaths ah looked up to see the mare lookin' around in confusion, she was obviously distressed but ah couldn't tell why. She turned round an' round lookin' at the foliage. Her horn light up, but nothin' seemed to happen. She got increasingly worried as the light from her horn began to dim.

“Young Applejack,” she said, grabbing my undivided attention, “where are we?”

Ah shrugged my shoulders, not really knowin' the answer myself. “No idea.”

The mare turned on me, her eyes wide in surprise. “Thou should know. It is your MEMORY!” she said her voice becomein' more an' more forceful with each word.

Shakin' the ringin' out o' my ears ah looked at the mare, my temper risin' slightly. “Listen!” ah say, takin' the mare by surprise, she even back up a step. “Ah don't have any memories before this evenin'. Ah woke up with amnesia an' can't remember anythin' 'fore that!”

The mares eyes got wide as she seemed to realize something. She was about to say something, but was interrupted by a deep low growlin' sound.

We both turn to see a dark mist like shadowy figure with the same bright yellow eyes from before jumpin' at us.

The mare reacted quickly and with precision, she erected a force field that surrounded us for a moment of protection. The mare turned to me with a look of worry on her face. “Listen Applejack,” she said as she grabbed my shoulders, “This is a memory projecting itself in the form of a dream. It is one of the only forms of dreams I can not control. Tell me did you lose your memories after being attacked?”

Ah just nodded my head, not really payin' to what she was askin' or sayin'. The shadowy creature was walkin' around our little bubble of safty slowly.

“I feared that might be the case.” the mare said in a somber tone. “this may be the memory of your attack, which might mean only one thing.” she said forcin' me to look at her in the eyes by grabbin' my face in her hooves.

“Applejack,” her voice was commanding an' almost dark. A Moment of silence passed before the mare gulped, “just now I looked deep into your mind and found nothing, not even dormant memories. That can only lead me to conclude that some creature stole your memories. You must-”

A quick flash of light and a shatterin' sound caused us to flinch and fall away from the source of the sound. A small portion of the shadowy creature had broken through the force field that this mare had made. For a moment ah was afraid that it was goin' to seep in and drown us in darkness, but it backed off as if it had a limited reach.

The mare grabbed my face again, this time she was talkin' faster. “You must go search for the creature that stole your memories, otherwise you will eventually die. Only so many creatures can steal memories like this, you must talk to Twilight Sparkle and venture to find your memories Applejack, hurry.”

Ah sat bolt up, my body was in a cold sweat, my sheets where tossed all around as if ah had been strugglin' in my sleep.

But ah knew one thin' for sure, ah had to go find that alicorn and tell her about my nightmare, and maybe start trackin' down a creature that could be responsible for my possible death.