One Mistake Was All It Took

by Seth Typofather

Chapter 5

The town hall was a boring place, full of boring paperwork and boring secretaries. Compared to the rest of Ponyville, this place was on the verge of being Canterlot 2.0 with less events when the mayor was involved. As much as this place would bore anyone, she had no choice. After all, she did promise herself to get Trixie unbanned, and this meeting was not easy to get a hold of.

A pegasus left the room, holding out a piece of paper to Twilight. “From Mayor Mare.” He sternly spoke.

Taking the paper with her levitation spell, Twilight leaned into the letter to read it.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I will not be able to attend the meeting for business reasons. But I will answer your question. No. No I will not revoke my decision to ban her, she will never see the town at all as long as I am in charge. And before you make any assumptions, it’s not because I was placed in a bird cage and paraded across Ponyville while the citizens were forced to throw tomatoes at me.


I am only keeping my decision for the good of the town, we shall have no more discussion on the matter. Further question on the matter will result in harassment charges.

“Harassment?!” Exclaimed Twilight, standing up from the waiting room seats, which were ironically the only visually interesting thing to look at. “Why that…” She fumed.

Just as she was about to blast the office in, an idea struck her. She herself had caused a huge ruckus as well as her assistant, the ever faithful Spike. The Smartypants incident and Spike’s growth spurt, both should have been enough to ban them from Ponyville ten times over not only for property damage but causing a riot that could have ended far worse as a pandemic of the want it need it spell. Heck, Celestia needed to intervene. The other thing is, Ponyville was completely reliant on her to keep the peace with her friends. If she were to ban herself as an act of protest while Ponyville goes to chaos in her absence, Mayor Mare will think twice about her governmental choices.

Question was, where would she live until then? Oh well, more checklists to make!


More training, as usual. She had already mastered rocks from earth, maybe it was time to try something harder. “Hey, uh, Zecora?” Asked Trixie, holding up pile of rocks by her back. “Can we try something…harder?”

“Are you implying the rocks do not make you sweat anymore? That it has become more of a chore?” Replied the shaman, sitting on her staff.

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Then it should be best to continue your studies.” Smiled Zecora. “You may remove the weight.”

Stretching her forelegs the pile of rocks toppled over, landing in a small mound of rubble behind her. She did not question how she became this strong, but it did feel nice to have control over something of herself. “So, what’s the next element?”

“Well, water. But before we do, we must go through the states of matter. But I will show you instead and cut the chatter.” Explained Zecora, trotting to her hut. “Wait here.”

“Not like I’m going anywhere.” Joked Trixie in reply.

Minutes later Zecora came back with a block of ice, sliding it off her back onto the ground with a loud thud. It was the size of a small table, letting off freezing vapour as it sat there. “Try turning this into a puddle.”

“Uh, shouldn’t I learn fire for that?”

“That’s the lazy way of doing so. Just control the prime elements, and then in your hooves it shall be like dough.” Explained the shaman, scraping a circle on the top with the tip of her hoof. Using her other she placed it on the circle, the air around the block of ice heated until the ice simply turned into a block of water after a glow. The water splashed into the indent of the ice as a puddle. “Can you explain what water is made of?”

“Er…” Trixie scratched her mane, trying to remember what she read in the science books. Something about liquified air? “Is it melted air?”

“…What…?” Zecora stared at Trixie as if she had three heads. “How did you even-. No, no it is not.”

“Oh…” Well, the first step is always a stumble.

“It is made of atoms, and the process of which you create ice, water and vapour is by rearranging their structure. Oxygen and hydrogen.” She placed a hoof in the puddle, marking a circle in the dirt inside before placing her hoof on it. The water bubbled intensely until it turned to a scalding steam which rose into the air, creating a small cloud that floated between the two mares. “Try turning this back to ice by copying this circle.” She held out a piece of paper to Trixie.

Taking the paper to look at the circle marked into it, a simple circle with symbols drawn around the triangle inside it. No problem, if she could doodle a circle which got her caught in a cage of roots, this was nothing. Poking the cloud with a hoof, it felt more solid than a normal cloud, probably due to the atoms being tightly compacted. Trailing her hoof along the surface Trixie tried to copy the circle, down to the exact shape of the symbol.

The cloud grew slightly and blackened into a storm cloud, releasing lightning into the ground that left a scorch mark while Trixie yelped and leapt back to not get shocked. Trying again though she carefully marked the circle while her fur, tail and mane stood on end from the electric charge. With the circle marked she slammed her hoof into it, thankfully this time it seemed to work.

Ice started streaking across the cloud, enveloping the entire thing. One mistake however, was that the azure unicorn had forgotten to move her hoof from the cloud she recklessly punched into. The end result instead of a successful block of ice, was a cloud shaped sculpture of ice that was on her hoof like a glove. Once gravity realised what its job was, the sculpture fell down, pulling Trixie along with it until it shattered in the intent in the ground. “Ow...“

Zecora trotted up the downed Trixie. “Not bad, needs a little work.” She chuckled. “Keep on trying, I must go for my grocery run.”

“You know, you’re getting more used to not speaking in rhyme.” Pointed out Trixie, shaking her hoof off while sitting on her haunches.

“You learn something new everyday.”


Sitting in her office, Mayor Mare stared angrily at the pile of letters from Twilight. Letters she read in and out but could not believe what they said, excuse Trixie. Like Tartarus she would, after that humiliating ordeal, she would make sure that if she came back she would write an appeal to make the death penalty legal again.

But it did seem odd to why Twilight of all ponies would want to get Trixie back here, maybe she had been hypnotised into obeying Trixie.

“The mail circulation is here, do you wish to inspect the incoming mail to the residents?” A stallion called out, interrupting her thoughts.

“Hm? Oh, no thank you.” Mayor Mare refused as usual, she saw no reason to check their mail ever since those new unicorns were hired to find obscene filly and colt pictures after that incident in Manehattan. Though, it did cross her mind if Twilight had written anything. “Actually, do you have any addressed from Twilight Sparkle?”

“Uh, yes. One letter assigned to a Mr. Lulamoon and Mrs. Flair.” He confirmed, holding out the letter with a hoof from the pile in his saddlebag.

Taking it without a second thought she opened the letter with her trusty letter opener and read through it. “Lost her horn?” She gasped. “No letter in here says she lost her horn…”

Mayor Mare pondered to why, it made more sense when she did think about it. Even though Trixie was a horrible spell caster, her magic would be trouble for the local authorities without a hinderance ring placed on the horn. Without her horn, she was utterly defenceless. That would mean that Trixie is hiding here in Ponyville.

Slamming her hooves on the table she glared at the stallion in the eyes. “Find Sketch Book and tell her to draw an artist’s impression of Trixie for a wanted poster, then get the printing press and the local paper to circulate it all around town.”

Shuddering from her glare he nodded and left as quickly as his hooves could take him.

“That criminal will not be around under my nose…”

“You’ve been doing a lot more under your husband’s…” Whispered the stallion to himself before closing the door.