Alex's Scrapbook

by Alexstrazsa


YOU ARE NOW TRIXIE. You have moved to Canterlot, and are living life of magic shows and a waitress job at the local restaurant. Your shift starts in one hour, and you have just woken up. Input command.

>Gaze longingly at picture of Twilight Sparkle.

You look to your end table and pick up a framed picture. It's of that foolish, ignorant, meddling Twilight Sparkle from Ponyville. How you despise her. You only have this picture to remind yourself of your never-ending rage. Then again, she does have nice hair. And her eyes are- NO. You put the picture down. Input command.

>Equip swag.

In the same end table is pair of sunglasses. Some call them gaudy, but you find them to be 'swag'. That's what the kids are calling them these days. You adorn your face with the gem encrusted and darker than normal shades. Input command.

>Rob somepony.

You look around, but there is nopony but you. You decide to rob yourself instead. Checking the pockets of your robe, you find ten bits and a paper clip. You don't even know why you have a paper clip. Oh well. Input command.

>Equip socks.

You may as well start the work day by putting on a pair of socks. The restaurant you work at requires them anyway. Walking to your dresser, you pull a set of four socks out, then pull them on. Comfy. Input command.

>Brush the greatest and most powerful mane.

While you're at your dresser, you decide to brush your mane. While very great and powerful, it still can't withstand a night of sleep. Levitating your hair brush, you go through your hair until it is smooth and presentable. You don't have to do anything else, because you were born with a naturally incredible luster. Input command.

>Make breakfast

Your stomach rumbles, signaling it's time to eat. You walk to your kitchen and open the cupboard, pulling out a box of cereal. Cheap and filling... kind of. You pour a bowl, then look in the refrigerator to find you're out of milk. Curses! You sit down dejectedly and eat dry cereal.

>Use Vodka in place of milk.

After the first few bites leave your throat dry, you realize that you cannot eat this cereal without a liquid. You look around and the first thing you see is a bottle of vodka on the counter. It'll have to do. Levitating it over, you pour it into the bowl, the smell of hard alcohol filling your nose. You then start to eat again, thinking that this might not be the best idea. Input command.

>Wash cereal down with more vodka and stagger to work

You finish your cereal, starting to feel lightheaded. Your vision is also beginning to blur. You do not take kindly to Vodka, so your next decision while impaired is to wash it down with more Vodka. After doing so, you glance to the clock, which looks like it says you have 15 minutes until work. Or you're 15 minutes late. Either way, you stumble out of your house and attempt to go to work. Input command.

>Go to the wrong workplace

After walking for a while, you look to the nearest doorway. This has to be it. You barge into the building and yell "Trixie is on time!'

All you get are stares, and shortly after a fashionable stallion walks up to and asks "Excuse me, ma'am, are you... lost?" He wrinkles his nose as the smell of booze assaults it. Input command.

>Kiss him.

"Trixie thinks you are... handsome," you slur, looking into his beautiful eyes. "Let us kiss!" You lean forward and pucker your lips, only to feel nothing but air. You then hit the ground, but the alcohol numbs the pain. "Why do you... ignore Trixie" you ask, throwing a hoof in the air lazily. The floor feels rather nice. Input command.


You decide that while you're here, it might be a good time to take a nap. You've been tired since you woke up anyway. Closing your eyes, you drift off to sleep. After an undetermined amount of time, you wake up with a throbbing headache. Looking around, you notice you're in a cell. Canterlot jail. Perfect. There's nothing but a toilet, a cot, and a sink. Input command.

>Use magic.

Closing your eyes, you focus your magic and try to cast a spell. Unfortunately, your hangover makes this impossible. Instead of a spell, you only get a momentary searing pain in your horn that makes you cry out. "Finally awake, are ya?" A voice says. Walking in front of the cell is one of the royal guards. Input command.

>Seduce the guard

"Of course Trixie is awake." You say, walking to the guard with a deliberate sway in your step. You bat your eyelashes, then continue with "Trixie has been waiting for a big, handsome guard to come along and help her out."

The guard raises an eyebrow. "Have ya now? Well look, I'm just here to-"

You cut him off, intent on using your charm to get out of this. "What can Trixie do to get out of this cell, hm?"

The guard rolls his eyes, then pulls out the keys. "We're only keepin' you in here until you ain't drunk anymore. And it looks like you ain't drunk. Maybe." He opens the door and lets you out. It worked! "Now go on and get outta here, and don't let us catch ya drunk again."

You nod, and walk down the hallway, then find your way out of the building. Another success for Trixie! Input command.

>Go to work.

Looking at how it's just about dusk, you conclude that you've missed work today. That's going to take some explaining to your boss. You may as well go there and explain while you can. You find your way to the restaurant you work at: The Canterlot Elite. High class, stuffy, and always busy. You take a breath and walk inside. Input command.

>Find boss.

You start to look for your boss, but the near incomprehensible shouting from behind you indicates that he's found you first. Yikes.

"Trixie, just where in Celestia's name were you today? Do you even REALIZE how big of a lunch rush we get on weekends?!" he shouts.

"Tri- er, I got into a bit of an accident earlier..." you say, trying to be vague.

He opens his mouth to say something, but stops and puts a hoof on his face. "You know what, I don't care. Be on time tomorrow, and if you miss another day without even TELLING someone, I swear I will fire you. Do you understand?"

You nod your head. You understand. Input command.

>Go clubbin'

You turn around, leaving the building feeling half the size you were when you entered. It was only one day though, right? It'll be fine. You're fine. You decide to shake off the stress and embarrassment by going to your favorite club. It's nearby, so it doesn't take you long to get to. There's a line, but you're recognized as a regular, so you nod to the bouncer and walk inside. The music is loud, it stinks of hard liquor, and there are flashing lights all over. Just how you like it. Input command.

>Make a fool of yourself

In a spur of the moment thought, you decide to make a fool of yourself. If anything, you'll get some much needed attention! Going to the middle of the dance floor, you begin to perform some embarrassing dance moves. Slowly but surely, the crowd begins to look at you. Some laugh, others seem disapproving and others still aren't sure what to do. By the time you finish, a spotlight is on you, the music has stopped, and the club is silent. Then, a tidal wave of laughter comes from the rest of the club. Good work Trixie, they're laughing at you, not with you.