Teen Titans Trapped in Equestria

by Blood_rose_doll

A brief reprieve

The rest of the Titans grouped together to discuss this turn of events, but Raven stayed out of it. She glanced at them before walking over to Twilight. Twilight perked up at this and looked at the books Raven was carrying.

"These are your books?" Raven nodded and watched as the top book was enveloped in the alicorn's lavender magic. The book floated down to Twilight's face and flipped open to a random page. "What are these symbols?"

Raven frowned and crouched next to Twilight. Instantly she recognized the problem and mentally kicked herself for not thinking of it. "It's written in the language of Azarath." Raven looked through the books in her arms and then to the ones still floating around Rarity. Raven was vaguely aware of the fact that the ponies were packing things into saddlebags as she walked over to Rarity. She snatched one of the books from the unicorn's magic causing Rarity to gasp. Raven returned to Twilight's side and opened the book for her to see.

"Can you read this one?"

Twilight nodded and placed a forehoof on the book. "This is the same language we use here." Raven let out a sigh of relief, the book they were looking at was in English. The book itself was only basic spells but Raven was trying to remember how many of her books were in English. She closed the book and placed it on top of her stack. She looked at her books and pulled out another book. She opened this one for Twilight and the alicorn frowned. "What language is this? It looks right but it's all jumbled up in weird combinations. I recognize the letters but not the actual words."

"It's Latin."

"What world is this language from?"

Raven was looking down at the more complicated spell book deep in thought and she just barely registered Twilight's words."Earth has thousands of languages, this is just one of them."

Twilight's gasp brought the whole room's attention to her. "Your world has that many languages!?"

Robin had turned to look at Twilight and took a step forward. "How many does yours have?"

Twilight, still in a bit of shock, simply raised her right forehoof. Robin looked to Raven. "Can she read any of your books?" Raven placed her books down on the ground in front of Twilight and stood. She walked over to Robin.

"She can read english."

Robin nodded deep in thought. Just then the doors to the castle opened and in walked pegasi guards in their gleaming gold armor. Just behind them was Celestia and Luna. The Titans gaped at the alicorns as they strolled over to them followed by their guards. They stopped just in front of the Titans.

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Celestia and this is my sister Luna."

The younger alicorn nodded. "A pleasure."

Robin stood in shocked silence a moment more before addressing the princesses. "Hello, my name is Robin."

Celestia nodded to indicate she already knew this. "Twilight has already informed me of your names." Robin glanced at Twilight. The other ponies had finished packing and had fallen to Twilight's sides. Rarity had finally put the books on the ground in front of Twilight.

Robin looked back to Celestia and sighed. "I guess that means you also know some of us have powers as well."

Celestia nodded again and this time so did Luna. "Twilight has told me that one of you has the ability that brought you all here."

Before Robin could respond Raven stepped forward. "It's me."

Luna took a step forward and using her magic, lowered Raven's hood.

"Tis true thou doth not hast a horn."

Raven bowed her head slightly and took a deep breath. "If you want to punish anybody it should be me. This is my fault."

Celestia shook her head and her eyes crinkled with an internal laugh. "We are not here to punish you." Raven looked up shocked. "We are here to welcome you."

Raven looked to Robin who looked as confused as she felt. He took a step towards the gleaming white princess. "You are gonna welcome people who you have no idea about and who have powers you don't understand?"

This time Celestia smiled gently and Luna let out a short airy laugh. "Would you not do the same?"

Robin thought about this and then looked around at his team. He smiled as his eyes landed on each of them. "I already have."

Celestia seemed to be intrigued by this but said nothing. Instead, it was Twilight who spoke. "We are all set and ready to head to Canterlot."

Celestia nodded sagely and Luna looked up at her older sister. "Did thou not wish to say something else, sister?"

Celestia's eyes lit up like she just remembered and smiled. "Thank you, Luna. I wished to ask if staying at the castle was satisfactory for our guests."

The Titans all looked to Robin. Beast Boy was nodding like crazy and Starfire was smiling. Cyborg shrugged and Raven gave a small nod. Robin smiled and looked to the princesses.

"That would be very nice once we leave town but if we are here we can just stay at the tower. We have food and power so we'll be most comfortable there."

Celestia nodded and glanced at the ponies on the other side of the room. "That is fine."

Luna was unable to contain herself any longer spoke up. "I do wish to see this tower of thine up close."

There was another pony in the room who could no longer contain herself and ran between the princesses to the door. Pinkie was like a pink blur as she ran to the door and then turned and shouted. "FIRST…. WE…... PARTY!"

Everyone except Starfire looked at each other in confusion. Starfire's pure joy caused her to start floating in the air. "Oh joy. Friends, you must come and see what we have set up. The party has sweets and cakes of cups. We have even decorated with a cannon!"

The Titans looked at Star like she was crazy but all the ponies in the room laughed. Twilight stepped up to the Titans and smiled at Robin. "Pinkie seems to have decided to throw you a party."

Rainbow Dash flew into the air and hovered just over the Titans. "Pinkie's our resident party pony and her parties are awesome!"

Pinkie was bouncing around in the doorway. "Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

Rainbow Dash let out a 'woot' and flew through the door. The ponies were hot on her tail and as they passed a very small 'yay' could be heard from one shy pony. Robin shrugged and followed the princesses out of the castle. They all walked through town before they came across Sugarcube Corner. Starfire flew over the ponies in front of her and dashed through the doorway. The princesses were next and then the ponies. Finally the Titans entered and they each let out a gasp. The whole shop was decorated in streamers and confetti. Sweets seemed to line the very walls and tables were set up with even more. Raven cringed slightly at all the bright colors but even she had to admit it was impressive.

Starfire was flying in the middle of the room with a cupcake in her hand. She flew up to Robin and offered it to him. "You must try these cakes of cups."

Robin chuckled and took the offered cupcake. "I've had cupcakes before, Star." He peeled the paper off and took a bite. Starfire ignored him and flew back to a table full of sweets she swiped another cupcake up off the table. This one she offered to Beast Boy. She repeated this process for Cyborg and finally, for Raven. Raven stared at the cupcake in her hand and then at Starfire. With a small sigh she took the paper off and took a small bite. For just an instant so quick most of the people and ponies missed it, Raven's face lit up. Starfire, who was watching her closely, saw this and smiled even wider. The princesses had each taken a seat behind the main table and chatted among themselves while they nibbled on sweets. The rest of the ponies were milling about in the main area chatting as well. The Titans felt a little out of place except for Starfire who seemed to be in her element. She was helping Pinkie hand out tea to the three princesses and was smiling the whole time.

Rarity glanced at the Titans still in the doorway and walked over. "Come come darlings, you must enjoy the party."

Applejack walked up as well and smiled at the Titans. "If ya'll don't have fun poor Pinkie will be put out."

Robin nodded and walked into the main part of the room. Almost immediately Rainbow Dash swooped over and started a conversation with him. Beast Boy walked straight up to Fluttershy and crouched down to the pegasus's level. Cyborg walked over to the snack table and started chowing down.

Raven was the last one but she didn't budge. "Something the matter, Sugarcube?"

"I'm not exactly a party person." Raven knew even when she took active part of parties she wasn't very good at parties. Having to keep her emotions in check all the time meant she couldn't outwardly show she was having a good time.

"Oh pshaw, it's just a casual party among friends."

Raven looked down at Rarity and let the tiniest smile grace her face. Raven walked over to one of the tables and plucked a piece of cake from it. She gently took a fork and took a bite of the chocolate cake.

Twilight, who had been watching her for a minute, walked from behind the table and over to Raven. "I've been meaning to ask something if I may?" Raven took another bite of the delicious cake and nodded. "You brought that whole tower here with a spell that you were just trying to perform on yourself. What were you intending to do once you arrived here in Equestria?"

Raven looked down at the pony before her. "Most likely I would have gone straight back. I was only looking for a quiet dimension to meditate for a while."

Twilight tilted her head to the side confused. "To meditate?"

"My powers dictate I meditate quite a bit. When it gets too noisy in the tower or I want a break from it, sometimes I go to a different dimension. Your dimension is nice but it's a little too brightly colored for my tastes." Raven took a bite out of her cupcake and Twilight just stared at her. Not only had she just spoken the most Twilight had heard but what she said was strange as well.

"Why do your powers dictate that you meditate all the time?"

"They just do." Raven didn't feel like going into this with anyone she had just met. It was hard enough for her to accept her friends, let alone a complete stranger.

Raven looked up to Robin and he walked over. "How are you doing Raven?" Robin gave her a meaningful look letting her know he had come to save her from Twilight's questions.

"I'm fine." Raven set down her cake and lifted her hood back into place. Twilight seemed to sense she wanted to be alone and trotted off to talk to her friends.

Robin watched her go and then turned back to Raven. "You didn't have to take the blame for sending us here you know."

Raven looked up at Robin then looked to the floor. "But it was my fault."

Robin smiled gently even though Raven couldn't see it. "Doesn't mean you need to take the blame. This dimension isn't all that bad but we have to get home soon."

"You're worried about Jump City?" Raven looked up to see Robin nod. Raven looked over to see Rarity talking with Twilight and pointing at her with a forehoof. Raven looked away quickly before she was spotted and looked back at Robin. "We'll get home soon. I already know dimensional travel so it shouldn't be too hard to learn how to get the tower back."

Raven looked around to see Pinkie and Starfire stuffing their faces with sweets, Cyborg talking with Applejack and Beast Boy chatting it up with the princesses. Fluttershy was delicately eating a cupcake and Twilight was still talking with Rarity. Raven looked back to Robin to find he was walking over to the princesses. Raven followed quickly, not wishing to be left alone again. As they approached they heard what BB was saying to the princesses.

"Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself?" He paused for a response but got none from the princesses. "It was two-tired!" Beast Boy laughed and Raven rolled her eyes.

Celestia said nothing but Luna's face was confused. "What is a bicycle?"

Beast Boy looked at the princess of the night like she had three heads. Robin walked over and placed a hand on BB's shoulder. "I don't think they have bicycles here, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy sighed and walked off with his head down. Robin watched him head towards Fluttershy and then turned back to the princesses. "How exactly are we getting to Canterlot?"

Celestia took a sip from her floating tea cup before answering. "You all will take the train with Twilight and her friends. Your tickets are already taken care of and if we are lucky, Cadence will be there to greet us."

Robin's eyes lit up at this. "You mean the last of the four princesses will be there?"

Luna looked up from her cake surprised. "Aye, thou seems to be quite informed."

Robin shrugged and glanced at Applejack. "Not really, that's about all I know."

Celestia looked at Raven and set her tea down. "Did you have a question as well?"

Raven shook her head slowly and Celestia smiled at her. Raven hadn't met people so welcoming of her since she had met the rest of the Titans on that fateful day. She didn't know how the ponies would react to her dark magic but she could guess. This dimension was full of bright, loving leaders and bright, nice magic. She was afraid to reveal any more than she already had but it was necessary to getting home. She wanted to ask if they had encountered any sort of dark creature but she was afraid of the answer. Little did she know the expert on dark magic taking over was sitting in front of her. Luna watched Raven carefully. She had been intrigued by Raven since she saw her dark cloak that almost matched her coat color. She wondered if her powers were similar to hers but knew it was too rude to ask such a question.

Robin saw this but decided to say nothing for now. Instead he thought of another question to ask. "So who will be helping Raven with her spells?"

Luna glanced briefly at Robin and let her older sister answer him. "Twilight is very promising with new magic. She will be assisting, mostly. My sister and I will help as well as best we can with our duties. I'm sure Cadence will also be happy to assist you all."

Celestia picked her tea back up, taking a sip. Robin looked to Twilight to find her walking over to them. Raven walked away before she made it to them. As she was walking away she bumped right into Starfire. She turned to face Raven and smiled down at her but when she saw Raven's face she frowned. "Friend Raven, are you not having the fun?"

Raven managed a small smile and looked up at Star. "I'm fine, Starfire. You guys threw a great party."

"So you are indeed having the fun?" Raven nodded and Starfire did a little twirl in the air. "Oh joyous day!"

Raven couldn't help but be cheered up a little by Starfire's excitement. The rest of the party went much better for Raven. She found her cake and finished it and even talked with the ponies. The rest of the Titans had a nice time as well. Of course the weight of what might happen to Jump City in their absence still remained at the back of all of their minds.

Finally, Celestia stood from her seat and everyone turned to look at her. The room went silent before Celestia spoke. "I have quite enjoyed spending this time with you all, but you must now all head to the station."

Twilight nodded and led the Titans back to her castle. There they collected all the saddlebags and books in silence. When they had everything they needed, Twilight led everyone and everypony to the station. There, the train was just pulling into the station.

Robin looked at the train as it stopped at the station. "Here we go."