Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

by PinkieLunaShy

Chapter 9

They didn't encounter any problems on their way to school, and after they arrived GraceLynn helped the children out of the carriage. Children were running all around the school yard, blissfully unaware of anything that wasn't right in front of them. A few of the older children saw the carriage and gazed in awe and wonder. Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan and Angelina looked at the school yard, one question on each of there minds.

"Are we gonna get mobbed?" asked Genievieve as she put on her backpack.

"Well, everyone knows you right?" asked Jesse as he fixed his hair.

"I guess so."

"Then yeah probably." Jesse shrugged before folding his arms.

"Jesse!" said GraceLynn, glaring at Jesse as she helped Dominic with his backpack, "You don't say that!"

"Why sugar coat it? And before you say we aren't on the farm so we're supposed to make it not sound so bad Miss I-moved-from-Canterlot-to-a-farm-in-the-sticks, she asked therefore I replied." Jesse rolled his eyes before shrugging.

"WE'RE GONNA GET MOBBED!" yelled Jamie, jumping around before stopping, "What does that mean?"

"It means I hope we can run fast." Ryan looked towards the school yard once more before looking at Jamie.

"No, it means you guys are gonna be popular really fast." said Wyatt, playing rock, paper, sicssors with Grant, "Best 6 outta 9."

"Hi Vee!" said a little girl with brown hair in a red dress as she waved at Genievieve.

"Hi Tayler!" Genievieve waved back before turning to everyone else, "I'll see you later! Bye!" with that Genievieve ran off towards Tayler.

"There's Clay! Hi Clay!" yelled Dominic causing Clay to jump before waving at Dominic.

"Hi Nic!" Clay roughed up his short light brown hair before wiping his hands on his green shirt.

Dominic ran towards his friend before turning around and yelling a quick, "G'bye!"

"Come on Angelina." said Ryan, intertwining his fingers with Angelina before walking towards the school.

"Oh! Um, Good Bye!" said Angelina, waving with her free hand.

"Bye!" Everyone called to her.

"Back in the carriage you go!" said GraceLynn, picking up Jamie and putting him in the carriage.

"YES! I DRIVE!" cheered Grant from the front seat

"You got lucky.." Wyatt switched seats with Grant.

"I'm bored!" whined Jamie, climbing onto Celestia's lap.

"What would you like to do?" asked Celestia, running her hand through Jamie's hair.

"I dunno," Jamie poked Celestia's cheek before looking at the back of his hands with intense fascination.

Jamie and Celestia were sitting on the floor of Jamie's room. As soon as they had arrived back to the castle, Jamie took Celestia to his room and pulled out every toy he wanted to play with. The fun and excitement of new things to play with and look at had worn off and Jamie was becoming restless. Jamie got up and went over to the five dressers on the wall and opened the drawer on Ryan's.

"You shouldn't go through other's things." said Celestia, rising to her feet

"Ryan has my toy." replied Jamie, as he rummaged through Ryan's things.

"When he comes home, he can retrieve it and return it to you." Celestia folded her arms across her chest.

"Its mine!" Jamie stopped rummaging and turned to look at Celestia, "And I want it now!"

"He'll be home in a couple hours." Celestia sighed as she bent down to Jamie's height.

"I want it now!" Jamie's voice rose in pitch, "I want it now!!"

"You can't have it now." Celestia looked at Jamie, "We can go do something else and when he comes home, Ryan can give it to you."

"No!" Jamie pouted before sitting down on the ground, "I want it now!"

Celestia drew up to her full height once more, "You aren't going to get it now."

"Uh, Princess?" Wyatt's voice came through the door.

"Yes?" Celestia said, her eyes still fixed on a pouting Jamie.

"I must be tripping.. Your mom is here... Are you sure you didn't spike my coffee?"

"I didn't." GraceLynn replied as she and Wyatt pushed the doors open, "May I present her royal highness Queen Tau Sunflare."

Ryan sat down at an empty table with Angelina close beside him. He always sat with her at lunch, she needed him, especially with those girls who picked on her because she didn't talk loud enough. Ryan could feel the other children staring at the both of them, he didn't like the extra attention, and by the way Angelina was squirming she didn't like it either. The twins on the other hand loved the attention, they were always doing something so people would keep their eyes on them. Which is extactly why they were sitting in the middle of the lunch room telling everyone about everything they had seen and done yesterday, explaining with large arm and hand motions. Well, Genievieve was, Dominic was correcting any parts she embelished on.

Ryan opened his lunch box and peered at its contents before shutting it. Angelina opened the lid on her pasta salad before looking at Ryan.

"Aren't you hungry?" asked Angelina as she grabbed her fork.

"Not really." Ryan laid his head on the table.

"Are you sick?" Angelina moved Ryan's hair to lay a hand on his cheek.

"No." Ryan turned his head to look at Angelina.

Angelina took her hand off of Ryan's cheek and set it in her lap, "Then what's wrong? You're always hungry at lunch time?"

Ryan shrugged before closing his eyes. Angelina prodded her pasta salad with her fork, it didn't look like the one Nick would make for her lunch. She didn't like readjusting, it always caused issues. She liked the orphanage to a degree, she knew everybody, they liked her, and it was comfortable. Angelina glanced at Genievieve, who waved at her before continuing her story. Sighing she put her fork down, Ms. Shieldheart had always said she needed to try new things, to get out and meet other kids. Angelina placed her pasta salad back in the lunch box after securing the lid, the pasta salad was weird looking and she would not eat it. As nice as the princess was she didn't like living in a castle. She'd rather be home with the other kids, not having to worry about all this new attention.

I just wanna go home.