One Mistake Was All It Took

by Seth Typofather


Sitting at the vanity before her, a levitated mascara bottle waving slowly at her eyelashes until they were perfectly curled. The Great and Powerful Trixie glared at her reflection, which glared back with the same amount of contempt she had for herself at what she had done with a certain amulet. Taking a deep calming breath she lowered the bottle of mascara, sparking her horn a small magenta firework flew up and exploded with a small yet sudden ‘pop’ to keep in practise.

“Still insure about this?” A voice behind her spoke along with a door closing.

Nodding slowly, Trixie placed her magician hat upon her head. “Trixie- Uhm, I just doesn’t know if this is such a good idea, everypony hates me, I bet.” She mused, flicking the cape around her neck and closing it with a sapphire brooch.

Turning towards her guest she was met with her new friend, Twilight Sparkle who placed a reassuring hoof on the azure unicorn's shoulder. “I know it’s hard, but please give it a try, the crowd’s waiting for you. You do know how hard it was to find a stage for you in Saddlearabia of all places.” She chuckled.

Smiling a little more confidently Trixie puffed her chest and opened the door, heading out to the hall. This was it, her moment of truth to see if she still has what it takes to be the travelling magician she left home for. It took a lot of effort to get where she is today, and she’ll be damned if that moment will pass by and she did nothing to grasp the opportunity.

Stepping onto the stage, the red velvet curtains flung upon, a single spotlight shone upon Trixie. Back-pedalling slightly from all the collective stares she felt like this was a huge mistake after all, the crowd of ponies staring at her with high expectations. The exception being five mares waving in the crown mouthing ‘you can do it’. Grinning she took a deep breath. “Welcome one and all to Great and Powerful Trixie!” The azure unicorn called out, standing on her hind legs while her cape dramatically flowed with her horn sparkling multiple times. Six magenta balls flew to the sky which flew over the crowd, bursting into confetti and streamers.

The crowd stared upwards in wonder at how she had managed to do such a thing.

Clearing her throat Trixie thought they needed something bigger, so she hunched forth and shone her horn, waving it until the lights shut off until only her horn’s glow remained in the dark. Two magenta strings shot up and into the ceiling, accompanied by music they began threading themselves together in an intricate dance. Before long they formed a lovely spider’s web, dewdrops and all. Straining herself even further, Trixie focussed her magic into forming the outline of a spider resting on the web. Pleased with the design, the azure unicorn began to move the spider around and used it to 'spin' other designs, getting a few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ in the crowd.

Narrowing her eyes at her creation something stuck out, an imperfection! The spider had only six legs not eight! The image began to twist and contort. Realising her mistake, Trixie quickly refocussed her magic. In an act of desperation she pretended to shift it into a bird on a branch singing with a few magenta coloured music notes flying out it’s mouth, a flute accompanying it to match a bird’s song. Needless to say the got a smile from Fluttershy who stomped her hooves in an act of individual applause to which her friends followed in support, which was then followed by the crowd. Getting rather excited with the applause, Trixie got a little too giddy and paid no attention to where she was trotting and tripped over her own cape, dissipating the image.

The spotlight turned back on to reveal to Trixie wiping her cheek while muttering under her breath, funny how easily she can get up after falling. Must be a force of habit by now after all the failed smoke escapes. "Do not fear, Trixie is fine!" She reassured her audience. "Do you all wish for a taste of my magical brilliance before the interlude, a taste of what's to come in the finale?"

A collection of cheers answered her question.

“Then you shall have it!” She bellowed, her horn glowing intensely. “You shall have all of the Great and Powerful Trixie’s secrets in one great and powerful burst!”

A ball of magenta energy formed on the tip of her horn, growing bigger with each passing second. “Trixie no!” Called out Twilight. “You can’t handle this much power yet, you still need more training to fully control it!” Her pleas fell of deaf ears as Trixie began laughing trough her gritted grin, the ball growing larger with a collection of colours swirling around in it.

She was not going to disappoint her audience, it was now or never. The sphere uncontrollably twisted and expanded until the outer barrier began to bubble and release streaks of light. A bright light enveloped the entire theatre followed by a large rumble, the sound reminiscent of a volcano spewing its contents emanated throughout the sandy city.

Laying on the floor with her hat covering her head, Trixie groaned in pain as the previously booing crowd stared on in horror. “Are you…excited?!” She stood while panting, her hat falling to the ground with a thump.

“Sweet Celestia! Sompony get her to the hospital NOW!” Shrieked Twilight, galloping towards Trixie.

“What are you talking about? This went off without a hitch!” Gloated the azure unicorn, placing a hoof to her chest in pride. “The Great and Power-“ She felt something sticky and warm streak down her face, it felt like caramel but looser. Rolling her eyes with a snort at the thought of a tomato being thrown at her by an unsatisfied audience member, she wiped it off her forehead, yet it felt incredibly painful to touch.

Flinching slightly she brought her hoof back down to see her hoof covered in blood. Freezing on the spot she frantically looked around with her eyes for a mirror in sight, only to be met with the shocked and cringing faces of her audience. Hesitantly, Trixie waved her hoof over her forehead. She felt nothing meet her hoof, it passed through as if nothing was there to begin with. Turning slowly she caught a glimpse of the remains of what was her horn scattered around her, in fragments.

All faded to black as she slumped to the floor in a heap out of shock, catching a glimpse of Twilight galloping towards her.


Sitting up suddenly in a cold sweat, Trixie felt herself back in her bed inside the traveling stable. Sighing with relief she slumped back onto the soft cushions. “Just a stupid nightmare.” She thought aloud. Yawning she opened the curtains to see the starry night above, it was always nice to see something so simple as glowing dots yet they create such beautiful constellations, especially being so far from home.

Her reflection told an entirely different story.

A bandage was wrapped around her head, covering what was her horn. Speechless, she crawled away from the reflection in utter denial. “No!” She stammered. “This isn’t real, just another one of those stupid nightmares!” Trixie laughed. “Yeah! Another one of those nightmares!” She laughed much more maniacally while in denial.

The door flung open. “Trixie! Thank goodness you’re awake…” A familiar lavender unicorn entered, sitting down near the still laughing Trixie. “Look, this is no dream. Your horn was destroyed in the explosion you nearly succeeded in turning into a magic act, I’m sorry.” She held out a small bag, full of the fragments. “You’re lucky to be alive…you were out cold for two days.”

Glaring at the bag, Trixie gripped it with her teeth and threw it with all her might. “LIER!” She screamed, lunging herself at Twilight and pinning down the terrified mare. “Don’t you lie to me! This is your illusion magic isn’t it?! Give back my horn!” Trixie sniffed slightly, the reality catching up her her. “Give back my horn…” She sobbed.

“There there.” Twilight pulled herself out of the pin to give a reassuring hug. “It’ll be fine.”

“It won’t! Without a horn my talent is useless, I’m useless…”