How a Pie Became a Cake

by Never2muchpinkie

First night with my new family!

Setting Pinkie down the three of them looked at each other blissfully. “A new family,” said Pinkie, her smile so wide it threatened to leave her face. “I have a new family!” Her eyes twinkled with joy. She shook a little, unable to contain it. She jumped into the air, screaming with joy. “WOOOOHOOOO! I’m so happy! I haven’t felt this happy since I threw that party for my parents and my sisters.” She bounced up and down rapidly, a ball of energy once more.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake felt tears coming down their eyes again. Seeing how ecstatic she was at the prospect of living with them and being part of their family was so touching to the pair.

“Come on, Pinkie,” said Mr. Cake. “Why don’t I show you your new room?”

“Okay!” She zoomed up the stairs, nothing more than a blur. After another second she raced back down. “Well, come on, slowpokes.”

The two of them laughed. “Oh, Pinkie Pie,” said Cup Cake. “Do you EVER run out of energy?”

“Only when I’m not happy, and you gave me the best news EVER! I was just hoping to find some place to spend the night. I never imagined I’d get a whole other family.” She threw herself at the two of them, looking up as her eyes shined with a new film of tears.

Mrs. Cake felt a flutter in her heart. Pinkie Pie resonated an air of happiness that was just plain infectious. She understood now how the filly had influenced so many ponies to come in that they sold their whole stock in one day. “So… Pinkie Pie… um… if you’re a part of our family now I guess that kinda… makes you like… a daughter to us. It’s not like I’d expect you to call me mom or anything, but-”

“MOM!” Pinkie ran around the room, doing somersaults and flips. “I have another mom! I thought I was lucky to have ONE! Now I have two! BEST… DAY… EVER EVER EVER EVER!”

Mrs. Cake had difficulty swallowing through the lump in her throat. Just like that Pinkie had called her by such an intimate title. She was feeling overwhelmed again. Her and her husband had wanted to have children eventually when their money situation was better and they had started a successful business. That was taken care of, and this special little filly that had shown up was now their own. “C-come here, Pinkie Pie,” she said, her voice thick with emotion.

“Coming, Mom!” Racing over she jumped at Cup Cake, hugging her neck.

Cup Cake sniffed, holding Pinkie close. “You’re a very special girl. You made my day. Not just because of helping to keep our shop open, but because of who you are. I’m happy to still have Sugarcube Corner, but I’m even happier simply to have you. Any mother would be lucky to have a filly like you. And to think that I get the great privilege of having you in my family.”

Pinkie Pie nuzzled the mare. “Right back at you. You’re a great pony.”

Loosening her grip and wiping her face Cup Cake said, “Well, that’s enough of being a blubbering baby. I want to show you I have a fun side too.” She threw Pinkie Pie on her back. “Hold on tight!” When Pinkie grabbed onto her neck she began running upstairs, Pinkie giggling like mad at the bouncing.

When they got to the top floor she showed Pinkie her new bedroom. “It’s pretty simple. It’s got a bed, a dresser, and a table. Up those stairs is a door that leads to a balcony outside. It’s pretty late right now so you’ll have to make due for tonight, but I promise tomorrow we’ll start making it look homier for you.”

“Sounds great!” She hopped off Mrs. Cake, jumping on the bed. “I’m having fun already! Throw a few balloons and streamers around, and I’ll feel right at home. Tomorrow I’ll send a letter to my family back at the rock farm and let them know I’m okay, and then I can fully enjoy my new home.”

She stopped her jumping as her stomach began rumbling. She gave Mrs. Cake an awkward smile and said, “So… is that dinner offer still available?”

“Of course it is, silly. I’ll go make something right now.” Pinkie followed after the mare as she went downstairs. “You don’t have to come, Pinkie. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will, but I don’t want to miss even ONE magic moment with my brand new parents. Gotta really cement that bond.”

The mare felt such joy in her heart. Pinkie was truly a wonder. Feeling like a younger pony she said, “I’ll race you down the stairs.” She started running, but Pinkie only kept pace with her, not trying to win at all.

They reached the bottom at the same time. Pinkie said. “It’s a tie. Oh, well.” She wasn’t that interested in racing. She didn’t want to worry about hurting Cup Cake’s feelings if she lost. Turning to Carrot Cake she said, “It’s supper time… almost.” Her stomach rumbled again.

“Okay, Pinkie,” he responded. “Come on to the kitchen. Let’s go bake some things.”

Even though they had sold out their stock of merchandise with Pinkie’s assistance they still had their own personal supplies, and together the three of them cooked a pizza,

Pinkie ate half of the pie by herself. After she was done eating she finally showed some fatigue, letting out a little yawn.

“Getting tired?” asked Cup Cake with fake shock. “YOU?”

Pinkie Pie giggled. She was starting to feel a little sleepy, but she didn’t want to go to bed just yet. She wanted to play some more with her new family so she’d have lots of good memories to coast to sleep on. “I’m nice and full. Can we do something together before bed?”

Mrs. Cake turned to her husband and whispered in his ear. He got a naughty grin and let out a mischievious giggle. “Oh, no!” said Carrot Cake. “I… feel… something… coming over me. Can’t… hold it back.” He lifted his hoof, looking at it with horror. “Must… tickle.”

“Me… too,” said Cup Cake. “Tickle zombies unite. We must make this filly one of our own.”

As they approached Pinkie Pie let out a squeal, running away. The two of them began chasing after her. “Don’t let her get away!”

Pinkie ran under the table, laughing away as she headed under it to the other side and into the next room. When the two got there she ran around, heading to the sales floor. Around and around they chased her, but she kept one step ahead of them with her youthful energy. “Can’t get me! Can’t get me!” she said in a sing-song voice.

She went around the counter, hearing Mrs. Cake say, “I’m gonna catch you!”

“No way, tickle zombie!” She laughed as she saw Cup Cake behind her. She looked forward and let out a shriek as she saw Carrot Cake on the other side. She tried to skid to a stop but her momentum was too strong. She tried jumping to the side but was too slow.

He grabbed her, setting her down on the floor on her back. He grabbed her hoof. “We’ve got her. Now she shall be one of us. Commence the tickling.”

Mrs. Cake put her hoof on the one Mr. Cake was holding, slowly running a hoof up Pinkie’s leg, making Pinkie shiver and giggle. “Oh, this won’t do at all. Small laughs like that won’t turn her into a tickle zombie. Let’s work together!” she said with a playful laugh.

“Oh, I agree, honeybun.” He let out the same kind of laugh.

The two of them were holding their hooves right above her, devious smiles on their faces. “Will you just give up quietly?”

“NO!” Pinkie said defiantly, but her face didn’t match her tone. She couldn’t suppress her smile.

“Very well, then. Let the tickle torture commence!”

“EEHEEHEHEEE!” Pinkie erupted into hysterical laughter as they began tickling her sensitive belly all over.

After just a few seconds they stopped and Carrot Cake asked, “Do you surrender?”


“You little stinker.”

The two of them continued their onslaught, Pinkie’s laughs increasing in intensity. No matter how deep her laughter became or how difficult it was getting to breathe she refused to tell them to stop.

When they stopped again Carrot Cake said, “I don’t get it. She should be a tickle zombie by now.”

“Don’t worry,” responded Cup Cake. “I’ve got an ace in the hole.

“Hey, Pinkie!”

“Ye…ye…yeah?” she responded, panting away as she gulped in large breaths of oxygen, looking on top of the world.

“Do you know what my favorite fruit is?”

Pinkie shook her head, still getting her breathing under control.


“I like raspberries too, but what does that have to do with-EEEEKKKK!” Pinkie’s squealing raised an octave as Mrs. Cake put her mouth on Pinkie’s belly and blew, making little fart sounds. Pinkie kicked and squealed and squirmed, loving the sensation. Finally, she said it. “I-HEEHEE… I give up. HEEHEE! I… gi-give up.”

“SUCCESS!” Mr. and Mrs. Cake said. “Our brand new tickle zombie is now a part of our family.”

Pinkie got up, still letting off little laughs and wheezy breaths. When her breathing was more under control she said, “No. I’m not a tickle zombie. I’m a KISSING ZOMBIE! The only thing that can turn tickle zombies back to normal.”

She threw herself at Mr. Cake, kissing his face all over, wanting to show her new parents how much she cared about them.

Carrot Cake fell to the floor, saying in an overdramatic voice, “Noooo! She’s too much. I can’t stay a zombie anymore.” Then he pretended to pass out.

“No! Honey!” said Cup Cake. “My husband!”

“Your turn!” said Pinkie, hopping over to Mrs. Cake and giving her the same treatment.

“Nooo! I’m done for.” Just like her husband Cup Cake fell to the floor, landing on top of him.

“Mom! Dad! Are you alright now?”

“Whoa!” said Carrot Cake. “I feel so much better now.”

“Me too!” said Cup Cake. “I don’t think we’re completely cured though. We might just become tickle zombies every night, so we’re going to need our kissing zombie to help us get back to normal.”

Pinkie shook in anticipation. She liked that idea.

She raised a hoof to tickle them in return, but then stopped as she let out a giant yawn. All the excitement and exercise had finally worn her out.

“Oh, my. Honey, I think our little zombie needs to go to her grave to sleep.”

Pinkie shook her head. “Nooo! I don’t want to go to bed yet.”

Mrs. Cake dropped the act, saying in a kindly firm voice, “If you’re going to call me mom you’re going to have to listen to my rules. You’re tired, it’s late, and I say it's bedtime.”

For a second Pinkie looked like she was about to argue, but then she nodded, her smile back upon her face. “Okay.” She yawned again. “Will you at least read me a bedtime story?”

Cup Cake turned to her husband. He shrugged. “Well… I don’t have any. We don’t have any children, so we wouldn’t need any kiddy books.”

“Oh…” Pinkie said disappointedly with a frown and a sigh. “Okay. Goodnight, then.” With a slow pace she headed towards the stairs.

Cup Cake felt on the verge of tears. She wondered if it was a motherly feeling she was having, or if it was just about Pinkie Pie herself, but every time she saw Pinkie start getting sad it felt like the whole world became sad with her. Conversely, Pinkie’s joy was like the sun: it spread to everything she touched.

“Pinkie, wait!” She trotted over to the downcast filly. Pinkie looked up at her, and once more Mrs. Cake had that sensation, of wanting to do whatever she could to turn that frown upside-down. “Come with me.” The two of them headed upstairs, and Pinkie followed behind Cup Cake as they went to the mare’s bedroom.

Mrs. Cake began rummaging in the closet, throwing things behind her as she talked to herself. “Now where is it? I know it’s here somewhere. No… not this… not this either.”

Pinkie was curious, but she didn’t have the energy to bother asking.

After a short time Carrot Cake came in too. “What are you looking for?” he asked as he noticed the mess.

“Honey, do you know what I did with that box of my old filly stuff? I could have sworn it was in here.”

“Oh, that. I put it in the basement. I’ll go get it right now.” He left.

Mrs. Cake saw Pinkie Pie standing there with half-lidded eyes. Walking over to the filly she said, “I’m sorry, Pinkie. I know you’re ready to conk out. Just be patient for a little longer.”

Pinkie gave a slight nod, but that was her only response.

A short while later Carrot Cake came back with a cardboard box tucked under one of his legs. “This is what you’re talking about, right?”

“Yes!” Cup Cake said happily. Opening the box she moved some things around and then let out a satisfied exclamation. “Here it is! Come on, Pinkie Pie.”

It took her a few seconds to respond. She shook off her sleepiness. “What?”

“I have a book to read to you.”

That perked her up immediately. “Really? Yay!” She ran over to Mrs. Cake and hugged her. “Best mom ever!”

Cup Cake wiped away some tender tears. “Best DAUGHTER ever! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Though Pinkie’s eyes were drooping her mouth was rising up as high as it would go. “I love you!” she said as she snuggled against the mare.

“And I love you, too!”

With a little more pep the three of them headed upstairs to Pinkie’s new bedroom.

Cup Cake moved a rocking chair next to the bed, sitting down with Pinkie on her lap. Carrot Cake sat on the edge of the bed by them.

“This is a book my mom used to read to me when I was a filly. It was my favorite. That’s why I took it with me when I moved out. I had almost forgotten about this. It’s a collection of short stories. It’s a little better than one big story because you can read it in small doses. She said it was so I couldn’t use that as an excuse for staying up way past my bed time. I used to do that all the time.” She let out a giggle at the memory, saying in a kiddy voice, “One more page, mom. One more page. Oh, I can’t go to bed yet. The story’s almost over.”

Pinkie Pie and Carrot Cake giggled too. “That’s funny!” Pinkie said.

“I’m gonna read you my favorite story from here. It’s pretty short, but it's where I got my dream from. It’s called “The Land of Candy and Cupcakes.””

“Mmmmmm!” Pinkie replied, licking her lips and rubbing her tummy. “I like it already.”

Cup Cake cleared her throat, and flipped the pages until she got to the start of the story. The cover image was reminiscent of the design of their store. There were houses made out of gingerbread, cakes, and candy.

Carrot Cake listened along with amusement, remembering the kind of stories he used to enjoy too.

The story was simple. It was about two unicorn ponies, a filly and a colt, who were tired of living in their boring home town. One day they found out about a spell that could transport you to a magical world where everything is edible. They had to practice really hard, but eventually they succeeded. The townsfolk were gingerbread men, and they welcomed the two into their town. Giving them all the supplies they needed the two children built their own edible house. They were told not to worry about eating too much, as they could always rebuild it again with new food items.

Just when they thought everything was alright and they had started their new lives the evil Dr. Dentist came to the town, determined to destroy it. Using his unicorn magic he began turning everything healthy. Candy corn became regular corn. Gingerbread houses became apple, orange, and pear houses. The gingerbread townsfolk were no match, and one by one they were also transformed into a healthy food.

Pinkie Pie let out a sleepy groan, nuzzling Mrs. Cakes chest. Her eyes were only open a crack, and she was fighting sleep as hard as she could. She wanted to hear the end of the tale. This was a fascinating story to her. Each page had a picture up top showing what was happening in the story.

The two children, though scared, once more combined their power to defeat him with the sacred treasures of the land: the rainbow candy cane, and the golden cupcake. Once they beat him the two of them turned everyone and everything back to normal.

Mrs. Cake finished up with, “The two children had emerged victorious. Their new home was safe. The gingerbread men erected a statue of their saviors, and the tired heroes returned back to their home to rest. They both fell asleep, chewing on their cotton candy pillows, and they lived happily ever after. The end.”

“That was a nice story,” Pinkie said in a croaky voice, her fatigue obvious.

“Thank you, Pinkie. I gave you what you wanted, now it’s time to get in your bed.”

Pinkie just let out another groan, once more nuzzling the mare. “Nooooo. I wanna stay with you.”

Cup Cake was halfway to lifting the filly up herself, but she stopped. She hadn’t really noticed it before, focused as she was on reading, but she actually really enjoyed the warmth of the filly on her lap. Giving a mental shrug she simply placed her hooves around Pinkie and began rocking back and forth. Feeling a little self-conscious she began singing one of the old lullabies her mother used to sing for her. Looking down she saw Pinkie was smiling again, though her eyes were completely shut, and that was enough to make her continue.

When she was done with her song she heard the sound of snoring.

Carrot Cup looked overjoyed. “She’s cute when she’s awake, but she looks like such an angel when she’s asleep.”

“I agree,” Cup Cake said. “If this is what being a parent feel like I’ll take it.” She kept rocking back and forth, holding the filly close. “Some time in the future, once we see how this works out… I’d like to have our own little foal running about.”


For the next half hour Mrs. Cake just rocked with Pinkie, unwilling to be parted from her new daughter. Finally, though, she started to get tired herself. Reluctantly she stopped her rocking. Getting up she put Pinkie Pie in the bed, lifting up the blankets to cover most of her body.

Leaning over, she planted a kiss on Pinkie’s cheek. “Good night, Pinkie Pie, my wonderful new daughter.”