Badger, the Hippogriff

by Solar Eclipse


Revenge. The dish BEST served cold.
[Rage speaks in this.]
I think in this.

It may have been only three days I was in the infirmary awake, but when I got out, it felt like years. It took forever because no matter who they brought they couldn't do anything, so I had Gilda go out and get Az, the bovine thingy that helped out.. (or would it be that we helped?) kill the dragon. She showed up with that green goblin thingy, Vinny if I remember correctly, from Ponyville. Something about how Azok couldn't heal animals (am I an animal, or am I a hippogriff? Must be that different world thing)but Vinny could. It was a quick job once he started, and only some tingling. He asked about the scars, but I declined. I needed my battle scars. Gilda was walking beside me as we left the ground-infirmary, side on side. I decided to overkill it. "I don't know Gilda.. I've been on the inside for to long.. I don't think I'll be able to live a normal life, after all that time..."

She bumped into me kind of hard, "Shut up loser, it was healing, not jail."

"Good to know someone cares for me." I replied in a huff. [No one cares for you.] Well you can shut the fuck up. [Ouch, that hit home.]

"You big dweeb." She said laughing, bumping into me again but softer. I laughed with her, then serious'd the fuck up.

"Phase one.." I said, looking to the sky and seeing a certain two griffons looking down on me and Gilda. "...Is in effect." I continued to walk with Gilda, making sure I don't open my wings, to look weak. The two griffons above landed infront of us, trying to hold in laughs.

"Heya big guy, need some help getting into the air?" Ivy said, laughing loudly.

"Yeah, need some help?" Pete replied, though nasally from his busted up beak.

"Actually, no I don't." I flared out my fully healed wings, and pounced at them. They panicked and started fluttering their wings to get away. I landed between them and grabbed both of their heads, and forced them together, before I stood on my hind hooves, and started to spin. They kept me balanced as I continued to do so. And then I let go, accidentally getting Pete to go face first into a tree and get his beak stuck in it, while Ivy was on the ground dizzy as hell. I looked over at the dazed Ivy, and walked up to her.

"Lets see what you look like bald..." I hit her as hard as I could, knocking her out cold.

```````````````````Ivy's POV`````````````

I woke up with a raging headache, like I had spent the entire night drinking heavily. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. It was night time. I slowly got up and looked over to where my mate, Pete was. I made my way to him, and slowly pulled him from the tree he was struggling with. He looked at me and froze up. Why is he staring at me? I mean I know I'm good looking and all..

"What? Something on my face?" I brough my talon up, but didnt feel anything weird.

"Maybe lack of something better says it. And all over."

"What are you talking about-" I looked behind me at my body and froze. Nothing. Not a single feather on my body, or my wings. I let out a loud scream and yelled as loudly as I could, "I WILL GET YOU BACK BADGER! EVEN IF I DIE TRYING!!"

``````````````Badger POV``````````````

I was sitting outside of the cafeteria with Gilda, enjoying a nice hot coffee. We were talking about things we had experienced as hatchlings. As soon as I got onto my childhood (which was nothing special, taken at a young age and trained to be the best soldiers we could be), I heard a soft scream a while off.

"I will get you back Badger, even if I die trying!"

"She's awake...Good."

"I wish we stayed behind to see the look on her face." Gilda said, sighing

"We'll see her... But not in the air. The flightless rat."

"True. Cheers, to pranks to the scum and villains!" She offered her coffee

"Cheers." I tapped my cup against her's and began to drink a little bit of the hot liquid. "So how long was I in the hospital all together?" I took another long sip.

"About a week."

"PPFFFFT!!" I spit out my entire drink and accidently dropped the cup and watched it fall from the cloud. A orangish streak flew by at the wrong time, and Fire Storm let out a loud yell of pain. He flew up in rage and looked between us.


"My bad, bro." [Serves the traitor right.] That's what he gets for sacrificing me. He had calmed down a little, and looked at me closely. He must think I did it for revenge... Good. He won't see the actual thing coming then.

"I haven't seen you in forever! What's happening?"

"Plucked some chickens. Whats up with you?"

"Chillin', getting coffee spilled on me.. The usual. Anyways I gotta go, need mah sleep for practice tomorrow."


"Yeah, for hoofball and wingball try-outs."

"Aight then. Peace."

He flew off to the pegasi dorms. I looked over to Gilda.

"So, you visited Ponyville, huh?"

"Yeah..." She nodded slowly.


"I don't want to talk about it."

"I understand. It is getting late. We should head back. It's been forever since the party, and I still haven't cleaned up anything."

"Have fun with that!" She leaned over and kissed me, then flew off as fast as she could to her own dorm room.


Indeed. Lets get the room cleaned up them.

[Fuck that shit, Imma chill.]

I sighed, and made my way to my dorm

`````````````````````6 hours later````````````````````````

"HOLY SHIT YES!!! I AM DONE!!" I yelled out, as I finally threw out the last piece of trash. I landed on my clean bed and rubbed on it. "I missed you!"

There was three loud bangs from above, before a female voice yelled out, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

[Quit yo PMSing and go to sleep.] Rage replied, though he knew she couldn't hear him.

I looked at the calendar, and read what tomorrow was.

"Operation Eclipse, remembrance day for those lost."

a/n: alright, just to say this: ill be updating every day or so, the most days i wont be will be three days, school has started back up and i already hate it. Let me know what you think. Did they deserve worse? Or was her not being able to fly for a few weeks enough?

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