Chitin and Fur

by kildeez

Public Displays of Affection

It was a little bit early for Chrysalis to think of Twilight Sparkle as a “friend,” but over the weeks, the changeling did find herself developing a certain fondness for the purple mare. It was hard not to, given the situations they’d found themselves thrown into. As part of her community service to Canterlot since the signing of the treaty, Chrysalis was obligated to handle certain “clandestine” situations on Celestia’s orders, with Twilight as her handler. Though it burned her to have to follow the orders of another, she did have to say it certainly added some excitement to her life. There was the Diamond Dog rebellion in the south, the bandit ring she’d infiltrated out west, the Griffon nationalist group that had been planning a terrorist attack on Canterlot, all pulse-pounding adventures that had tested the Queen’s abilities to their greatest limits. She couldn’t help but admit this new life had added something which had been missing from her time as the Changeling Queen, and it certainly helped that the mare aiding her and keeping her in line was so damned attractive. Of course, her latest assignment was certainly making her question the wisdom in running around at Celestia’s beck and call.

Her latest assignment, an investigation into teleportation signatures being detected just outside Canterlot castle, should have been one of her easiest. Just hop in, find some weird stuff, maybe hit on Twilight a little to freak her out, and head on home for a weekend of pampering at the hive. It wasn’t supposed to be a prelude to an all-out invasion of Canterlot by beings from another dimension, and certainly not…

“…Nazis,” Chrysalis grimaced, lighting up her cigarette as she glared at the swastika hanging from Canterlot castle. “Always gotta be Nazis.”


The monarch quivered at Twilight’s nickname for her. It was just so cute she couldn’t help but want to sweep the purple mare into her hooves and give her snuggles. As it was, she settled for cocking an eyebrow in Twilight’s direction. “Yeah?” She asked around the cigarette.

“What do we do now?” Twilight asked, gazing fearfully out the window. The small convenience store they were cowering in had been overlooked by the enemy forces patrolling the streets, but Chrysalis knew that wouldn’t last long. They had half a day, tops, before one of the black-clad, gas mask wearing thugs kicked the door down and started spraying bullets.

“We fight,” Chrysalis grumbled, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I knew that, but how!? They’ve already taken my friends prisoner, so using the Elements is out, and since they’ve already overpowered the Princesses, we know we probably don’t have the firepower to take them down!” She shook her head and ducked just as an enemy patrol marched by. “How are we even going to get to them?”

Chrysalis frowned. Her little partner had a good point. While her own power was impressive, and she knew Twilight could be a heavy-hitter herself (her performance during her own attempted invasion of Canterlot proved that), if the invaders could overpower both Luna and Celestia, she knew she was outmatched. She needed something, some kind of weapon to even the odds.

She looked over Twilight and frowned, deep in thought. She couldn’t help but think back to the invasion of Canterlot, when her changelings had informed her of the incredible fighting abilities of each of the Element Bearers, especially Twilight and the pink one. Apparently, the pink one had not only utilized her “Party Cannon” to great effect, but had also scooped Twilight up and used her as…

Chrysalis paused. A wide, fanged grin crossed her face. Twilight turned to see the other mare smiling at her with a grin that looked nearly predatory. “Chr-Chryssy? What’s up?” She asked, taking a few steps back.

“I got me an idea,” Chrysalis replied before scooping Equestria’s youngest princess up in her magic.

“Chryssy, what…”

“Just trust me, my cute little Sparkle, I know what I’m doing,” Chrysalis replied, and with that, shoved her hoof up Twilight’s cooch.

“Chry-HHIIIIIIIIII-salis!” Twilight gasped, fighting back a lust-filled whinny. “Wha-wha-wha…”

Without replying, Chrysalis worked Twilight’s tail, and the little princess responded with a loud “Cha-CHUNK!” noise, followed by a brass shell rising up out of her throat and clattering to the ground. Now, the changeling’s grin turned absolutely wicked. “This is gon’ be fun.”


Celestia glared from the bonds sealing her to the wall, holding her captive in her own throne room. Luna knelt beside her, chained in place, a suppressor matching Celestia’s locked around her horn. She mimicked her sister’s glare at the black-clad human pacing around the room, the red swastika band around his upper arm practically gleaming at her in the midday sun.

“I am not goink to ask again!” The Nazi officer bellowed. “Vhere is das Element of Magic?”

“I will tell you over my sister’s cold, dead body!” Celestia yelled.

“Yeah, you’ll…Wait, what!?” Luna added.

“Very well,” the Nazi leapt at the pair, pressing a scalpel to Celestia’s throat. “Ve haff vays to make you talk, mein little pony.”

Celestia swallowed fearfully, almost ready to tell the bastard the combination to the secret cake vault beneath her throne, when a great cry echoed from somewhere high above them. “Vas is das…” the officer had time to say before the great, stained-glass window dominating an entire wall of the room crashed inwards in a spray of magenta bolts.



“SCHNITZEL!” The soldiers crowding the room all screamed as they were cut down beneath the neverending fury of the newcomer.

“EAT SHIT AND DIE NAZI SCUM!” Chrysalis screamed in reply, obliterating the ranks of soldiers in a display so amazing that it bargled the cogwiganny to flerple the turned any attempt to describe it into a string of gibberish. The Princesses had simultaneous orgasms upon witnessing it. All around the castle, man and pony alike dropped their weapons and engaged in a massive, cross-species orgy as Chrysalis’s rampage continued, the action so incredible that every single Nazi immediately gained an American citizenship, a Midwestern accent, and the name Stanley Friedman. An American flag spontaneously appeared in the skies over Canterlot while a trumpeter somewhere played the Star Spangled Banner, tears of joy over living in the freedom-est country ever streaming down his face. When the smoke settled, Chrysalis stood amidst a pile of Nazi bodies, Twilight still clenched in her hooves. Smoke drifted off of Twilight’s horn, and she had a look of pure exhaustion on her face.

“Here sweets, this’ll help,” Chrysalis said, taking one drag off her cigarette before sticking it between Twilight’s lips. She pulled her hoof out with a wet, smacking noise, setting the little princess down as gently as she could, where she promptly vomited a few more spent brass casings.

“You go on ahead and let your Princesses out, I’ll go find your friends,” Chrysalis added, setting Twilight in motion with a smack to the flank. “I’m probably gonna molest a few of ‘em before I let them out, just so you know.”

“Hokay, Chrisshy, you go ahead and rel-releashes…you go on ahead and hump my friendsh,” Twilight replied, barely able to remain on her hooves as she stumbled towards the throne, Celestia and Luna still watching awestruck.

Chrysalis nodded and donned a pair of shades, getting ready to take off back out the glass window she’d crashed through when she paused. “And Twilight?”


Chrysalis turned, arched an eyebrow coolly, and then lifted the hoof that had just been inside Twilight to her lips, trailing her long tongue up and down it a few times. Celestia orgasmed once more. Chrysalis grinned and took off in the direction of the dungeons.

“Oh, I see what she did dere, oh yah,” the Nazi officer said before dying of patriotism.

“I’m gonna marry her,” Twilight said matter-of-factly. “I’m gonna marry the living bejeezus out of her.”

Celestia gazed up at the shattered window, and then turned back to her student. “Sheeit, Twi. I’ll be your best mare so long as I can get a turn with her before you lock her in forever.”

“Get in line, Tia,” Luna said.