by raritypie


I had just finished serving the last few customers for today.

"Thanks for visiting SugarCube Corner! See you soon!"

"Bye Pinkie! Have a nice evening."

The mare walked off and my smile faded. I haven't been able to smile since Cheese left. Occasionally, he sends me letters about the grand places he's been. Lately he was in the Griffon Kingdom, and took pictures of the sights there.

I clutched the picture and held it my hooves. "Oh why... I would love to be able to explore with you. Why did you leave?" I said to myself.

I began to clean up the restaurant and shut it down for the night. The Cakes were out on vacation so I had the place to myself. Gummy and Cherry were at Fluttershy's cottage helping out with an upcoming Tea Party that she was planning. I felt alone. My friends didn't really understand how I felt and I tried my best to keep on smiling even on the worst of days. After all...if Cheese saw me frown,he'd be really sad. So I don't want to disappoint him or my friends.

After cleaning up, I walked upstairs to my bedroom and laid on my bed. The evening Sun had begun to set and it looked like it was getting ready to rain.

"I hope everyone will be safe tonight. This storm looks like it's going to be a doozy!"

"Doozy" I thought. It was one of Cheese's favorite words.

"Huh..." I went to bed and tried to dream peaceful dreams. Unfortunately, I haven't had a good one since Cheese left. I dream of nothing. Just darkness and emptiness, Which is how my heart felt.

I woke up to the sun's rays beaming in my face. I got up and opened the restaurant.

I decided to get today's specials ready. Blueberry Muffins, Cherry Cupcakes, Raspberry Donut Holes and Chocolate Chunk Cookies were on today's menu. I quickly made a batch and the smell permeated throughout the bakery. A crowd soon appeared and was ready to indulge in the desserts. I noticed a couple of familiar faces.I put on my best smile.

"Hey Twilight! Hi Rarity!"

"Hey Pinkie!"they said in unison.

"It smells scrumptious in here! I want two of each!" Said Twilight. Her ravenous alicorn appetite had gotten the best of her.

"What about you Rarity?"

"Oh nothing for me. I'm on a new oatmeal diet. I'm trying to stay fit and trim."

I flinched at the idea of a diet. I could never eat sweets! "I hope that goes well for you."

"Thank you darling. Are you coming to Fluttershy's tea party in a few days?"

"Definitely! Gummy and Cherry are participating so I can't wait to see how their manners have improved."

Fluttershy's tea party was created to help pets with their manners and etiquette. She suggested our pets participate due to an unfortunate event that happened last week. The pets were being rough with each other and Tank ended up cracking his shell,so all of the pets have been chosen to participate.

"I can't wait to see Owlicious again." Twilight said with a full mouth.

"Twilight, dear! Mind your manners. I can't wait to see Opal again. I miss playing with her."

"Sorry Rarity. Hey Pinkie, I have some business to attend to in Canterlot so I'll see you soon." Twilight closed her box of desserts and began to leave.

"Yes I also have business to attend to. I need to finish my Spring Line before next week. So I'll be back later."

"Bye Girls!" Rarity and Twilight walked out together.

I finished serving today's customers and the day went by fairly quickly. It was about the evening time when the mail mare arrived. The grey coated mare stumbled into the restaurant and saluted me.

" Ms. Pinkamena Diane Pie?"


"You have a letter!"She gave me a light yellow envelope. Could this be what I think it is?

"Thank you!" I gave her a box of the last muffins. She smiled at me and hugged me tightly.

"Ooooh thank you Pinkie! You have no idea how happy this makes me."

"I'm glad I made you happy!"

"I have to finish my route now. Bye Bye!"


She happily trotted out the door and flew away. I sighed and went into the kitchen. "Mm... should I make something for me? To get me of my sadness?"

I was in a cooking frenzy. I made several dozen cupcakes and chimchangas. I had a few and went out to the lobby and read the letter. It was from Cheese Sandwich and it read:

Dear Pinkie,

I'm in Appleloosa now visiting some old friends of mine. I miss you everyday. I wish you could be here enjoying the sites and throwing parties with me. We had a nice hootenanny here in towns square. We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the town. I was honored to throw the celebration but I wish you could have helped. I'm sure it would have been the best party ever. I'll be writing again soon.

With Love,
Cheese Sandwich.

P.S: say hi to Cherry and Gunmy for me.I love you Pinkie. XOXO.

I clutched it in my hooves and read it once more.Appleloosa isn't that far. I'm sure he'll be back soon. For once I didn't have to fake a smile. I beamed at the letter and bounced around. He's going to come back soon. I just know it.

I laid in my bed and was ready to sleep.For the first time in what felt like centuries, I was happy and I dreamt blissful dreams.