Vinyl's Introduction to Melody

by loga1005

Wasting Time

Vinyl’s Introduction to Melody

Chapter 3: Wasting Time

By Loga1005


The next morning Vinyl woke up unusually early and spent her time getting ready for the day. She had a sunflower sandwich and left on her way to finish some stuff before meeting Octavia for lunch. As she walked the almost empty streets, she looked ahead of her and saw that Beauty Brass was leaving her house to go somewhere. Vinyl realized that she had not congratulated any of the other performers for a good show. So she thought that now was as good as ever.
“Hey there Beauty Brass I just wanted to say that I really liked the show last night,” Vinyl started. Just as Vinyl spoke Beauty Brass jumped and let out a soft scream of fright.
“Oh sorry,” she said turning around and seeing Vinyl, “you snuck up on me just now.”
“I’m sorry I should have just started with hello,” Vinyl apologized quickly.
“It’s ok and thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the show,” Beauty Brass said.
“I’ll be on my way now so I’ll see you around,” Vinyl said as she started back on her way. She continued on her way down the street until she got to the flower shop. She saw that the store was not open yet so she walked around the back and knocked on the back door. A few seconds later Rose opened the door still half asleep.
“I was hoping to see you today, but why so early,” Rose said as she walked back in waving to Vinyl to follow.
“I figured if I came by early than you wouldn’t just pop up out of know where in the middle of the day,” Vinyl replied.
“What, however would I do that; I have to run the shop,” Rose said with a sly grin.
“We both know that both your sisters got back last night,” Vinyl said giving Rose a stern look.
“Fine I was going to try and follow the two of you around and see how it went,” Rose stated.
“Why, we are just friends having lunch,” Vinyl said in her most convincing voice.
“Ya that’s as believable as me saying that I’m a Princess,” Rose replied.
“OK yes I really like her but I just can’t figure out if she likes me, I’d ask her but we haven’t even been friends for a week and I’m afraid she would say no and never speak to me again,” Vinyl told Rose.
“I might not know what transpired back stage but with what she did on stage id say that you have a good chance,” Rose told her.
“If you say so and that’s why in here,” Vinyl told her. Rose had a confused look on her face so Vinyl continued. “When I was heading back stage you said I had to come by and tell you what happened”, Vinyl reminded Rose.
“Oh ya, I remember now, so do tell,” Rose said enthusiastically.
Vinyl sighed and started telling her story of last night. Ok well when I got back there and I kind of just opened the door without knocking. Which resulted in getting myself pinned down to the ground by a group of guards, and having Cadence’ husband Shining Armor aiming his horn at my head. Then I got the third degree from Princess Luna about manners and Octavia had to explain the whole reason for my interruption. As they were leaving Octavia gave Princess Luna one of the roses that I got for her. We made plans to meet for lunch and that’s about all.
“She just gave away one of the special flowers you got for her,” Rose yelled in surprise.
“Yes but she asked if it was ok with me first,” Vinyl explained.
“Oh that ok,” Rose said as she looked up at the clock, “I guess since I’m already up I should open the store; you can stick around if you want to.”
“I’m good I have one more stop that I hope to do make before going to lunch,” Vinyl told Rose as she followed rose out into the front showroom.
“Will good luck today,” was all Rose said to Vinyl as she unlocked the front door and left.
Vinyl was making her way down Crescent Street she stopped in front of a small white building with a green roof and a sign posted in the window that read “Walter Becket, Musical Agent.” She walked up the steps and opened the door. Inside she was greeted by an overly happy assistant that had a very high voice.
“You can go right on if Miss Scratch he’s not busy at the moment,” was all she said as she pushed Vinyl though the open door way.
“I’ve told you to just call me by my first name,” Vinyl tried to tell her but was cut off by a closing door.
“Vinyl welcome this is an unexpected visit, not that I’m not glad to see you,” came a voice behind her that Vinyl know at Walter Becket.
“Ya I stopped by to remind you not to schedule me for any out of town shows for at least the next month,” Vinyl said in a serious manner.
“Why do you always feel the need to remind me that after every tour, I’ve learned my lesson after three years,” Walter told Vinyl.
“I because if I don’t you will send a letter to me telling me that I have to leave only a week after my tour ends, and you will suddenly be on the road when I come by to talk to you,” Vinyl reminded him.
“You don’t have to worry about that from here on out I have put it in my ledger to keep you here in Canterlot until next month,” Walter explained to Vinyl. He had seemed to convince her.
“Ok well since that’s all straightened out I can get back to my regular plans,” Vinyl said as she walked out of the office.
“Make sure that he keeps to his work, will ya,” Vinyl said to the assistant on her way to the front door.
“Sure thing Miss Scratch,” was all the assistant said to Vinyl as she closed the front door behind her.
After exiting the establishment Vinyl continued on her way and before she knew it she was at Hackamore Road. She walked along Hackamore Road until she saw the sign for The Hayloft. Vinyl looked around and realized that she had arrived before Octavia. She walked up to the man outside the restaurant.
“Excuse me sir are you a waiter at this restaurant,” Vinyl asked.
“I am the maître d' of this fine establishment,” he said.
“I’m sorry, may I please get a table for two,” Vinyl said to the maître d'.
“You do not just request a table her at The Hayloft, you must first make a reservation do you have one,” asked the maître d'.
“No I don’t but the person I’m having lunch with might have made one do you have an Octavia Melody on your list,” responded Vinyl.
He looked at the list and sighed “yes I do but until she gets here I cannot let you in.”
“That’s fine ill just wait,” Vinyl said in a irritated tone.
After about fifteen minutes Octavia arrived. Vinyl stood up and walked over to greet her.
“Hey I was starting to wonder if you had forgotten about meeting for lunch,” Vinyl said to Octavia as she got closer.
“Ya I’m sorry it took a little more convincing to get Parish to agree to play at the Gala this year. Octavia explained to Vinyl.
“It’s ok but how about you tell me about it over lunch my treat since you made the reservation,” Vinyl told her.
“OK let’s go in,” Octavia said.
“Good afternoon madam Melody, how are you this fine day,” the maître d' asked as he lead them inside. They followed him upstairs and outside to the balcony. “A table for three on the balcony just as you requested this morning,” he said before departing.
“A table for three, who else is coming to lunch with us,” Vinyl asked slightly disappointed that someone else was joining them.
            “I’m sorry Vinyl but she I ran into her on my way to Parish’s house and I couldn’t tell her no,” Octavia said in a very apologetic tone.
Just then they heard the maître d' talking to someone just below them on the street.
“Ah you must be madam Melody’s third guest, it is…” that was all they heard the maître d' say because they had obviously started on their way to the balcony. Just then Vinyl’s great day hit a sour note.