My Little Hope: Caring is Magic

by batman0889

Chapter 1 Awaken

Chapter 1 Awaken

An attempt to truly describe this pain indeed appears to be difficult as it frustrating, yet the need to verbalize it is overwhelming. The foal opened his mouth in hopes of expressing his anguish to anybody around him, but due to his severely dry and tired throat his voice was barely louder than a whisper. If anybody had been close enough to hear him, they would have probably heard something sounding like this, "Fuuuwaaarrrgg!" What he said wasn't so much a word but as slur of sound, even through that was not what he wanted to say but nonetheless made him felt better saying it. Now that pain was subsiding he then realized he had no recollecting of this place or getting here. He looked down to see that he was covered in bandages; both arms and legs were in bandages. To an outside observer he must have looked like a baked potato covered in tin foil but instead of tin foil it was a bandage. The recent comparison of the potato had reminded him that he hadn't eaten in recent memory, his stomach started to crave food such as marzipan wedding cake, mooncakes and bananas. Wait what's a mooncake.
His brain conjured up the image of a typical mooncake being round or rectangular pastries, with a rich thick filling usually made from either red bean or lotus seed paste surrounded by a thin crust. He thought to himself serious brain, you can recall what a mooncake looks like and what it is made of but the name that you have identified with for so many years eludes you. He had to get his mind of food before he drove himself mad, so he surveyed the room he was in. He saw some light coming from a window, it was clearing sunshine, so it must be day and judging from the angle its coming in at it was probably noon. The room had pink wooden walls with a small window, he was currently sitting on and a bedside lying on a pillow and a yellow blanket had been tucked in around him. I feel so scared and alone in this place.
I try to move a little but I received a jolt of pain in my back legs. So I try to move my head, bad idea too, I received a pain in the back of my neck. For the moment I just lay there due to every movement I made was received with pain. To keep his mind of the pain and keep it busy he started making a checklist of his current situation

I cannot move.
I do not know where I am.
I do not know who I am.
I am hungry and thirsty with no relief in sight.
I do not even know my own name.

Yep I'm completely hopeless right now, His thoughts were interrupted by a sound of someone walking up stairs.
He felt scared, he did not know who or what it was coming up to see him. As I hear someone coming to the door I hide under the blanket hoping that the person would not see me. But I quickly realize that it stupid trying to hide because the person knows that I am in fact right here where they left me. So I just lay as still as I could, hoping that the individual will think I am sleeping and leave me alone. So then the door opens to reveal a large yellow pony with elegantly fluffy wings, with long flowing pink mane and tail. Then I noticed some strange pink dots on her flanks that looked like moths or butterflies. Through my squinted eyes I made eye contact with two soft gentle blue eyes. Curses she made eye contact she knows I'm awake. She suddenly began to open her mouth, I wonder what she is going to say; wait I hope it's a she cause this going to be weird if it turned out to be a he.

"OH MY GOODNESS LITTLE COLT, YOU'RE AWAKE!" she happily exclaimed. I winced in pain at her volume, it felt like my ears were being pierced with a needle, I would have need some major counselling after this, did she even know how loud she was being. I don't think anybody could be friends with somebody so loud. "Oops! Sorry if I'm being too loud," she said lowering her voice. Is she a mind reader the colt said to himself trying not to think of anything. Fluttershy continued in her warm motherly voice, "I was so worried about you and was starting to think you were never going to wake up."
“So how are you today little colt” she ask joyfully. I did not answer her I just stayed quiet. “Is everything alright, do you feel ok” she asked sounding very worried. I still didn’t answer her but stayed completely quiet and tried not to make any eye contact with her.
She came over to me by the bed “here let me feel your forehead, I want to see how your feeling” she said putting her right hoof out to me. But I quickly moved away from it, Feeling scared of this pony. She quickly reassures me.
“It’s ok little foal I won’t hurt you I promise” she stared at me with her big blue eyes.
I could tell by her eyes so loving so full of care and kindness that she would never hurt a thing, she was someone I could at least trust. I look up at her and nodded, letting her know that I trust her.
“Thank you I won’t hurt you little colt I’m just trying to help”, She gently puts a hoof on my forehead to feel my temperature.
”Oh good your fever has gone “she said happily.
I twitch in pain as she touches my head, the touch of her hoove send a sharp pain to my skull. She looks at me and she could immediately tell by my face that I was in pain.
“Oh, you must be in a lot of pain right now, let me get you something for that”, She started to leave the room but quickly stops and turns around to face me.
“By the way my names Fluttershy “she said with a happy grin on her face. And with that she leaves the room to go get something for me from downstairs. I just laid there for the moment thinking to myself. Who is that pony and why I am here. Mm... Fluttershy what a weird name she has, is she the reason why I’m here?
A few minutes later Fluttershy comes back with a cup of some steaming liquid and a few bandages. She places the bandages on the small table and walks over to me.
“Here, drink this medicine, it will help ease the pain.”

I try to get up and take it from her; however I received a pain in my back and immediately lay back down on the bed. I let out a sigh of pain, feeling yet again hindered by my condition.
“Oh let me help you “she said gently putting a hoof around my back to help me get up, she lent me up with care without putting pressure on my back.
She brings the weird smelling medicine to my face and I slowly take a sip of it. But immediately pull away from the drink with a disgusted look on my face as it went down my throat.
It tasted revolting, like if you mixed bananas and cherries then mixed it with fish scales and cheese it would taste just a bit like that but a lot worse. It tasted so horrible.
“Oh dear, I’m so sorry about the taste but this medicine will really help you” she said trying to convince me to drink that poison.
I refused to let a nether drop of that horrible medicine touch these lips.
“Please little colt, I really want you to get better and if you drink this you will feel better much quicker.”
She stared at me with those soft gentle blue eyes. For some reason I just couldn’t say no to her with those caring eyes of hers.
I let out a sigh, well I’ll drink this if you say it will help, but I really really don’t to do this, I quickly drink all of the horrible medicine in one gulp, nearly throwing up from the taste. As it seem to go down like rotten fruit. She smiled at me “There now that wasn’t so bad “she said with a mixture of joy and giggling.
I frown at her. Sure it’s funny for you but for me it’s a nightmare trying to drink that poisons I thought to myself.
She places the cup on the small table and pats me on the shoulder.
“Thank you, I know that wasn’t easy drinking it, but you did it anyway, thank you very much.
Why was she thanking me? It’s not like I did anything amazing, I just helped myself nothing special.
“Now I think it’s time you had a bath, who knows how long since you last had a bath, you must be filthy.”
Bath? What is a bath I wonder what that is? “Now you stay here while I go run the bath “she said as she left the room, like I have a choice.

I hear a door open and a sound of something metal twisting, Pipes clinking and the sound of water splashing. I could see steam coming out of the room. This happen for a while, then I hear it again the sound of the metal twisting and suddenly it all when quite. Then Fluttershy came back into the room.
“Ok now let’s get you out of those bandages and into a nice warm bath.”
She came over to me, takes the blanket off and sat down next to me on the bed. She took my front right arm and slowly unrolled the bandage. “See I said that the medicine would ease the pain” she said happily. Wow I thought, she’s right she holding my arm and I can’t feel any pain in my hoove.
She unrolled my bandage front right arm to reveal my small arm; I now relies why I had bandages on in the first place, my arm had several cuts going down it, I had to been in some fight to get cuts like that. Also with the bandages off I could now see what my fur colour was. My fur colour was a nice light blue, a bit like the sky.
“Well this arm is healing, well nothing’s wrong with it, right on to the next arm. “
She finished unrolling my right arm then went to the left arm and did the same. She did the same with the left she unrolled it and looked for any infection, but everything was fine with my arms.
“Now” she said” it’s time for the legs”.
She went to the back right leg and started to unroll the bandages. But suddenly a quick shot of pain when through my right leg and I twitched in agony. Fluttershy stopped unrolling the bandages and looked up at me with a worried face.
“Hold on a second I think this leg is broken, tell me does this hurt when I do this” she said as she move my leg upwards.
I bit down hard on my bottom lip as a great amount of pain came from my leg.
“Oh I’m sorry little colt, I’ll take that as a yes, don’t worry I’ll be extra careful with this leg.”
Well she did say that the medicine would ease the pain, she never said it would get rid of pain it.
It was painful but it didn’t take long to unroll my bandaged leg. She lied my broken leg down gently and when to the other leg and started to unroll the bandage. When she finished taking all the bandages off my legs she helps sit me up right being gentle so she won’t put pressure on my back.
“Now it’s time for the chest “she said. She started to unroll the bandages on my chest revealing more cuts and bruises down my chest.

“Oh you poor brave thing you really got banged up” she said as she continued to unroll the old bandages.
I thought to myself where did I get these cuts from.
“And your wings are getting better too” she said.
I have wings? I’m a winged pony like Fluttershy. Yeah, I am one step closer to finding out who I am. But my wings they feel strange, probably having wings feels strange if you can’t use them. After she had finished unrolling all the old bandages she took all of the old bandages downstairs to dispose of them. She quickly came back upstairs and back into my room.

“Now” she said “are you ready for a nice warm bath.”
I shrugged my shoulders, I really didn't have a clue what a bath is. She gently picked me up in her arms being careful of my leg. Wow I thought I really am small she picks me up with no problem at all like I’m a kitten. She walks across the landing with me held gently in her arms.
And that’s when I see it a giant bowl of bubbling hot water and she’s going to put me in it. She’s going to drown me. As she’s about to put me in the bath I grabbed hold of her chest for my life.
“Oh come now it’s not going to hurt you” she said, trying to pull me of her.
I’m not listening to what she says; I’m not going in the bath.
“Please little colt, the bath will help” I shook my head, no I’m not taking a bath, no no no no.
“Please, do it for me” she begged, she stared at me with the soft gentle blue eyed stared again.
I shook my head again. Oh no, it’s not going to work this time, stare at me all you want but I’m not going into that bath. Fluttershy tried everything to get me into the bath but I just keep shaking my head.
Fluttershy sighed in defeat. I didn’t want to do this but he has left me no choice, I can’t get him off me without it probably harming him, I’ll have to do it the hard way, she thought to herself. ”well little colt if you won’t go in the bath I guess I’ll just have to come in with you.”

UN OH I didn’t plan for that to happen. I quickly try to break free from her grip but she held me tight in her arms. “Time to take a bath” Fluttershy said as she hops in the bath with me in her tight grip. I shrieked in terror as the water touched me, squirting to break free of Fluttershy’s grip but with no success.
“Shhh...It’s ok its ok look, there, See the water’s fine” she said trying to reassured me.I was too busy splashing around in a panic screaming and getting water everywhere to hear her.
"Shhh...Its ok little colt... “She said in her gentle sweet motherly voice, "It’s ok. I’m here there is no need to get scared over water“ my panicking starts to boil down and I stop splashing in a panic, it’s not boiling, hot it’s warm with bubbles. I looked back at Fluttershy, now completely drenched in water from head to back hoof, her pink hair was now all wet and covering her face.
“There now” she said moving her soaking wet hair out the way of her face to reveal a cross yet joyful Fluttershy, ”It’s not so bad now is it”, she started giggling at my silliness.

I look at her with a silly look on my face. Why was I so scared of taking a bath, it's just water nothing to get scared over? Oh I feel so stupid for making such a fuss over nothing.
“Now let’s get you cleaned up shall we then“ Fluttershy said enjoying herself with me. She got a jug from the side, filled it with water from the bath and poured it over my head. I shriek as I feel a sudden splash of water going over my head.
“Shhh...It’s ok she said it’s just water remember no need to get scared “she said laughing a little at me. I stop panicking and thought to myself yes it’s just water.

She got something from the side of the bath, Shampoo; she puts a little on her right hoof and started to rub it into my mane gently. As my mane was now wet, some of it cover my face and I could see what colour it was, My mane was dark blue a bit like the night sky. There was the smell of coconuts in the bath; I think the Shampoo has coconut in it.

“Ok let’s wash that hair of yours, and don’t worry I’ll be careful about your horn and your eyes”.
What did she just say, the thought went through my head like lightning?
Did she just say I have a horn? I’ve got a horn. I put my right hoof on my head I feel around .I feel something sticking out of my head. Yes I do have a horn.
“What the matter little colt don’t tell me you didn’t know that you were a unicorn.”
A unicorn so that’s what I am.
Now if only I could remember who I was and why I can’t remember any of my past, oh well I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.
“Now let’s wash the shampoo out of your hair“she said as she poured water over my head.
“Now it’s ok it’s only water” she said hoping not to have another outburst of fear. But this time I didn’t shriek in terror but instead giggled with joy.
Fluttershy looked at me with sudden surprise at my joyful giggling.
”Oh so you do like the water now do you” she said happily as she started to giggle too.
I simply nodded back in enjoyment. I splashed around in the water enjoying myself as I played in the bath. Then fluttershy joined in, by splashing me back, I guess this was payback for the getting her wet, but I didn’t care, I was having fun. Fluttershy and I played in the bath, with the fun seeming endless. We played with the bubbles, we messed around with each other’s mane, and splashed each other with the water, we played for hours on end.
But Fluttershy kept having to put more hot water in the bath and taking the plug out so I wouldn’t get drowned by the overflow of water. Finally after two and a half hours Fluttershy finally decide it was time to get out.
“Come on little colt it’s time we got out the bath now.”
But I didn’t want to get out, I was having too much fun. I shook my head refusing to get out the bath.
“Oh little colt you made such a fuss about taking a bath at the beginning and now you don’t want to get out, my you are a silly little thing” she said playfully.
Fluttershy got out first to dry herself off and then she picks me up gently in a soft pink towel and pulled the plug out the bath.
She happily walked out the bathroom with a spring in her step taking me back into my room and setting me softly down on my bed.

“Now we better dry you before you catch a cold.”
She dried me off gently in the towel making sure I was completely dry but also made sure she wasn’t hurting me as she did it.When she finished drying me off she tells me to wait here.
Again is she really that forgetful I CAN’T WALK IN MY CONDITION! What’s so hard to remember about the condition that I’m in?
She left the room and then back into the bathroom. I could hear her going through the cabinet searching for something. Then there was the sound of the cabinet being shut and she came back into the room. She held in her hooves a bottle filled with a green liquid and some cotton wool buds.
She came and sat down next to me. She unscrews the bottle top and put some of the green liquid on a cotton wool bud.
“we just need to clean your cuts and put some new bandages on you ok.”
She held my front left arm in place as she was ready to start cleaning my cuts.
“Sorry for this” she said as she puts the wet cotton wool bud on my cuts.
Sorry? Sorry about what why is she saying sorry for------ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! IT BURNS!, IT BURNS! There is a burning pain from my cuts. It feels like someone is pouring acid into my cuts.
“Sorry” she said “but this hurts me more then it hurts you” I would rather have your pain right now. I bit my lower lip it was like I had been set on fire.

“Come on we don’t want you to get any infections now do we”, I don’t know Right now the infections sounded like heaven then going through this torture. I try not to cry out in pain as she cleans my cuts.” "There there little colt it’s ok your feel much better now on to the next arm, we got to clean all your cuts."
WHAT! I have to suffer four more times? This is a cruel Punishment. AAAAAAAAAAHH! IT BURNS!
After ten minutes of torture and putting on some new bandages, it was finally over. Thank goodness that was all over I thought to myself. She went to the closet and got out some more pillows. She puts a pillow behind my back and a pillow on my broken leg, after making sure I wasn’t in any pain she placed the yellow blanket on me.
“Now would you like something to eat”,I looked at her but before I could think of anything my stomach growled as if it was trying to answer to me, so I nodded.

“Okay I’ll go downstairs and make you something to eat back in a minute”, and with a flash she left the room and the sound of her rushing downstairs could be heard all around. For some reason I feel safe around her even though I’ve barely known her for that long, I feel a somewhat connected to her in some way.
Downstairs there was the sound of metal pans, water and something being poured into a pan. Sometime later Fluttershy came back into the room, with her steaming bowl of food.
”Now I’m going to feed you this yummy oatmeal, is that ok with you”, I don’t know, is it going to be like the revolting medicine is it? I thought to myself. She put a spoon of garish yellow blob to my face but I wasn’t eating it, it didn’t look yummy at all.
“Oh come on it’s not like that medicine from earlier, I promise, It’s really yummy I put bees honey in it to make it taste nice just for you” What’s bee’s honey; I didn’t know what that is? Come on brain, you know what a potato is, but not bee’s honey, jess your useless brain, anyway I didn’t care I was not falling for that again.
“Look, I’ll even try it for you, see”, She put a spoon of the oatmeal in her mouth and swallowed it. Making mmmmm noise as she swallowed it, “Mm... see it tastes yummy and it's good for you.” She put another spoonful of oatmeal to my face. Ok I’ll try it then, but if it’s bad it's going all over your face. I open my mouth and she put the spoon of oatmeal in my mouth, I swallow it. Mm... It tastes much better than the medicine, soooooooo much better.
“See I told you would like it”, she would feed me a spoonful of oatmeal at a time.
“So little colt you’ve been awful quiet haven’t you, in fact you haven’t said a single word”. She looks at me with a worry face, head slightly bent as if she’s trying to figure it out. I didn’t know why really but something keeps telling me not to talk. So I just shrug my shoulders at her question.

“Oh it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to talk; I was a bit like that when I was a filly.”
“I’ll just ask you a yes or no question, okay then“she said happily. I nodded as she fed me another spoonful of oatmeal. “So do you remember anything “she asked hoping for any new leads about me? I shook my head my mind was blank. “Oh so you don’t know if you have a mommy and daddy”I shook my head again, her guess was as good as my.
“Do you even remember your name?” I shrug my shoulders at her question.
“Oh Celestia you don’t remember a thing and you don’t have a name well we’re just have to think of one for you”.

”Hmmm let me think”. “Hmmm how about Akuma”? I shook my head I don’t like that one.
“How about Ken?” I shook my head again.
“How about Dudley?” I shook my head yet again.
“How about Gouken?” I shook my head at her bad names.
“How about Dhalsim?” I shook my head yet again at her attempts to name me. Jess where in the world is she getting these names from, they don’t sound normal.

“How about max?” I nodded, finally a normal name, one that I like. It was better than being call little colt all the time. “Ok then max it is”. She scoops the last amount of oatmeal into my mouth. “Now“she said “would you like some more oatmeal”. I nodded. She left the room and went downstairs to go get some more.
After three bowls of oatmeal I was finally full with my little belly sticking out. That’s was good, I can’t remember eating anything that good, then again I can’t remember anything. “Oh my, you were hungry “She said giggling at me,” Well I’m not surprised since you were asleep for a week.”
A WEEK! I was asleep for a whole week. How could I sleep for a whole week, why was I so tired?
“Wait here max I’m going to go get something “ she quickly went into her room and brought something back. She had something behind her back, but I couldn’t see what it was. “Well I have something for you max”. She brought the thing from behind her. It was a stuffed brown rabbit plush.

“tarr darr, It’s Mr. Button brown ,he was my favourite toy when I was a little filly and I want you to have him.” She placed the toy next to me. It was almost the same size as me. But I hugged the big soft toy rabbit, I love it. ”Aww! I’m glad you like him. Max” she asked softly “you’ve been asleep for a while and it hasn’t given me a chance to examine you, so I was wondering now that you're awake could I take a better look at you...if that’s ok with you”?
Examine? Examine..... Examine what does that word mean, I’ve heard it before. I sigh and just nodded not knowing what I was getting myself into.

“Good ok then I’ll go get my medical bag, back in a second” she quickly left the room and returned with a big white medical bag in her arms. She places the bag on the ground and started to set out her equipment.
She came up to me with something around her neck. “Max this thing here *point at the thing around her neck* is call stethoscope, we’re going to use this to listen to the heart beat; here you want to listen to my heart.
By letting him listen to my heart I’ll be able to gain his trust so that he will let me examine him Fluttershy thought to herself.
She placed the stethoscope around my head making sure it was on right. She placed the end of the stethoscope in my right hoof and guided me with her hooves to her chest.
"See max this is where my heart is and what you’re hearing is my heartbeat” Her heart beat was slow and gentle. Listening to her heartbeat was kind of soothing in a way that I can’t explain, just listening to it made me a little sleepy.
"Ok max I’m going to listen to your heartbeat and check for any abnormal signs, is that ok”.

I nodded. She takes the stethoscope from me and places it around her neck
“Ok max I’m going to begin now, just sit still and it will be all over before you know it" she gently place the end of the stethoscope on my bandaged chest and waited. She was looking up at the sealing and moving her eyes around as she listens to my heartbeat. She listens to my heart for a minute or two before removing the end of the stethoscope.
“Oh perfect your sounds hearts just perfectly fine and healthy” she said sounding relieved.
She put away the stethoscope and brought out a weird pointy thing. “This max *pointing to the object* is an echoscope, I’m going to use this to look inside your ears. Now I’m just going to place it in your ear now, okay so don’t feel scared if it hurts a little, ok here we go”. She grabbed my right ear and inserted the echoscope. She started to moves the object around my ear. After she finished looking in my right ear she quickly pulled the echoscope out my ear, took the end of the echoscope and replaces the end and did the same to the other ear. After finishing looking in my ear she put the echoscope away. “Your ears looks fine, nothing wrong with them, Now last test max.”
Fluttershy then went into her bag and pulled out a small gizmo. “Now I just have to check your blood and this little machine will tell me if there’s anything wrong with it”. “Now I just need to get a bit of your blood, I’m going to use this little pin to get some blood from you, sorry if it hurts”.
She took my right hoof in her left hoof; she brought the pin to my hoof and dug right into it.OW OWWW that really hurts fluttershy.
“There now that wasn’t so bad, now I’m just going to test it."
She put a small drop of my blood into the machine and waited. Then was a little beep from the machine. Fluttershy look closely at the machine. Fluttershy suddenly came over to me and engulfed me in a tight hug.
“Oh good news max you’re healthy, well you a little underweight, and have a broken leg and all your cuts, apart from that you just fine, isn’t that great” she said with such joy in her voice. It sure felt good when someone tells you that you’re fine and I felt safe with Fluttershy.
“Now that the tests are all over we can have some play time now.”
Fluttershy went into her bedroom to get some things to play with. She placed the things on the bed, small square blocks.
“Those are building blocks, you put them on top of each other to build things, watch” she picked up some blocks and made a small tower out of them, seeing the blocks for the first time I really thought they were just normal boring square blocks, except when fluttershy talked about them and she made a tower out of them, they suddenly looked really fun, I wanted to play with them.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with me and Fluttershy playing with the building blocks. I love building a tower only then to knock it down, it was fun playing with Fluttershy; she always made me laugh. She really made me feel happy when I was playing with her. But soon it started to get dark and Fluttershy started to pack away the blocks.
”Oh look at the time; it’s time for your dinner come on let’s go downstairs for dinner.”

She gently picks me up in her arm carrying me out the room, and downstairs. When we got downstairs I finally got a look at her living room. It was pretty big. It had brown walls much better then pink walls. There was a big couch, a big stove with a big bowl on it with something was cooking inside it, a small table with pots on it. Many little boxes with holes in them hanging on the walls. A big blue carpet on the floor and next to it was a big bookshelf, Paintings on the walls of other creatures and lots of other things that I was clueless about.
She put me down on the couch and then walked over to the big stove. She got a bowl and poured some bright green liquid into it and came over to me with a delicious smell coming from the bowl.
” I hope you enjoy this soup I made.”
She got a spoonful of the soup gently blew on it, and then put it to my face. I open my mouth and swallowed it. mmm the soups really good, maybe even better then the oatmeal. ”You like it” she asks. I nodded with the spoon still in my mouth.
”I’m glad you like it; it’s my mother’s recipe, she used to make it for me whenever I was ill as a filly.”
She fed me spoon after spoon of the delicious soup. After she finished feeding me she wiped my face clean from the soup. “Well max did you enjoy that?”

I nodded with full satisfaction of the delicious soup.
“Oh good I’m glad you like it” she said sounding Pleased with herself.
She looked at the clock and then back at me.” Well it’s time for bed” I frowned at her; I didn’t want to go to bed.
“Come on now it's bed time I’ll make you some warm milk and I’ll read you a nice bedtime story to help you sleep, now does that sound better” She said in her gentle sweet motherly tone.
That made me a bit happier, but I still didn’t want to go to bed. She picked me up in her arms and took me upstairs to my room. She places me on my bed, puts a pillow under my broken leg turned on the lamp and tucks me in bed.
“Now I’m going downstairs to make you a drink and get you a bedtime story back in minute.”
She turned around and went downstairs. There was the sound of pans clicking around and milk being poured. After few minutes she returned with a glass of warm milk and a book. She places the glass on the small table. She then opens the book and began reading the story. It was about a little wooden pony puppet that comes to life, His dream is to become a real pony and it meant to be a real pony, it said to never lie or else your nose would grow large. It’s a good thing I don’t talk. The book was called Pinocchio, I like the story, and especially the way fluttershy read it.

She spoke of every scene so perfectly with every little detail to create the image in my mind as If I were there that very moment, and whenever a character would speak in the book, she’d change her voice to fit the character whether it be a small pony clueless of how the world works, to a big scary stallion trying to keep you all to himself so he can make a greedy profit of you. I was hook on every word and I always wanted to hear what would happen next. After three chapters she stops reading. I tap her on the arm and give her an unhappy look; I want to hear what happens next to Pinocchio. She looked at me and sheepishly smiles, “oh max, I know you want to know what happen next to Pinocchio, but your just have to wait till tomorrow” ohhhhh but I want to know what happens to Pinocchio now! Does he ever become a real pony, or will he stay a puppet forever.
“Come now max, drink the milk and go to sleep, you need rest more than the story”, even though I want to her more of the story, I was feeling rather tired.
Fluttershy brought the drink forward and prop me on my back as I drink the warm milk. “Now don’t drink it too fast“, she said in a caring tone. So I slowly drink it with the help of Fluttershy. The warm milk it tasted nice. After I was done drinking she took the glass from me. She came closer to me and gave me a big hug. She hugged me tight and gave me a loving kiss on the forehead.” If you have any problems I’ll be downstairs or in my bedroom if you need me.” after she finished hugging me she took the book and the empty glass and left the room. Not before saying to me “good night max, sweet dream my little prince.”

She then went downstairs. The room was nicely lit as I was left there with thoughts. I laid there with Mr. Button Brown and try to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep there was too many questions that haven’t been answered yet. Why was I asleep for a week? Why can’t I remember who I was? And how did I end up at Fluttershy’s? Why do I have a horn?
But soon I started to drift to sleep. Before I know it I was dreaming.

My dream wasn’t one beauty nor was it a happy one, it was bad. I was in a dark place with nothing else but miles of pure black obis. I started to walk forward into the darkness except there was no sense of direction in this place, I wasn’t sure if I was walking forward or backward. Time itself seem to be slow in his place, it was hopeless I was stuck with no chance of getting out of this place. I didn’t know if this was a dream or real life. I could feel my heart beating and I feel my legs moving, so am I awake? I don’t know.

But just as I was giving up hope, a bright object caught the corner of my eye, I turned around to face it. It was a pure white unicorn that I could see from a small distends. But that pony seems unusually happy for a pony to be in a place like this. As I walk towards her I could start to make out what she look like. Her mane and ponytail were pure white; she had a black spot on her flanks. I was now closer to her, but then she suddenly stop what she was doing and turned around to face me.
At that moment the whole world seem to change from both perspectives, from a happy go lucky pony to my worst nightmare. Her eyes changed from a beautiful green emerald to an empty black darkness with blood coming out them. She started to slowly come toward me. the beautiful buttercup she held in her right hoove changed into a sharp knife. She smiled a creepy smile that says there no hope you’re going to die. I didn’t need anypony to tell me to get the heck out of here. I started to run as fast as I could, I was running away from her into the darkness but she just keeps go coming after me.

I keep running but, she jumped upon me, nailing me down to the ground and keeping me from moving my hooves. I can’t move she had me right where she wants me. She took the knife in her left hoove. She slowly brings the knife down to my chest.
“Wait, wait, what are you doing?” She looked at me then to my chest then back to me, “What are you doing with that knife? Wait! No not there! Not the chest! No! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.”
She slowly brought the knife into my chest. I felt the knife digging into my chest cutting through my ribs in one quick motion of the blade, this was truly pain. As she cut open my chest she smiles happily. I was scared out of my mind. As she finished cutting thought my chest.
She stops and looks at me. She stared into my eye with those empty black eyes of hers. Her eye started to tear with blood. She opens up my chest as if it was a lid. I could see all my internal organs.
Seeing my own organs moving right In front of me was horrifying, seeing, hearing, and feeling all my internal organs right in front of me. I was going to vomit from the site, it was so sickening but before I could the white unicorn grabbed hold of my throat tightly with her right hoove. She brought her left hoove to my lips.

“Shh..... No, not now. You're not going to ruin my fun are you?" she said in her creepy voice, "you're not going to ruined my enjoyment, no you’re going to be quite.” She looked around my opened chest, till she found what she was looking for.
She put a hoove into my opened chest and places her hoove over my beating heart with her right hoove still on my throat. She looks in my eye and smiles a happy smile. But I did nothing I could feel my own lungs moving. She laugh creepily as she grabbed hold my heart. She came right up to my ear and whispers a cruel message to me.
”I hope you enjoy the pain you received as much as I enjoyed it, NOW TIME TO GO NOW”. And with that she ripped the heart right out of my chest.
I scream as I felt the worse pain of my life, as I felt the connection of my heart suddenly ripped out of my body. I look at her with my still beating heart in her hooves as she licks it happily.
“Ha ha ha! It soooo worth the wait to taste this, it’s the most delicious thing in the world.”
She actually enjoys the taste of my heart, this was one sick pony. Then the rest of the world started to fade away and finally the heart in her hooves stop beating as I shut my dying eyelids.
Suddenly I woke up. Breathing heavily beams of sweat going down my head and pains in my chest.
Why was I am dreaming of that? Why did my mind think of that? Who was that white pony? Why did the pain feel so real? And why did she enjoy my pain so much?

I felt so scared of the world around. I didn’t want to go back sleep, what if I saw that white pony again? Suddenly I thought about what Fluttershy said earlier; maybe I’ll go to her, she’ll make me sleep better. I grabbed Mr. Button and jumped out of bed and hit the floor with a thump. OW maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to do that, well there’s no going back, I can’t reach the bed. So Fluttershy it is.
It was very hard crawling on three hooves and carrying Mr. Button in my mouth. The medicine must of wear off as every movement came with painful aches from all directions. After a lot of hard work I manage to crawl out of my room and onto the landing. It was pitch black, apart from a beam of light coming from a door. It had to be Fluttershy, I crawled toward the light. Using my right hoove I open the door. And there was she was, Fluttershy was in her bed writing in a little book. She looked up from her writing and stared at me. She could as soon as she laid her eyes on me from the look in my eyes that I had a nightmare.
“Oh max did you have a bad dream”, She has no idea what a bad dream meant. So I nodded. She jumped off her bed and walked over to me. She then put a hoof on my shoulder gently calming me.
“There there max I’m here for you, it’s alright" she said in a caring mother tone. “No one’s going to hurt you, it was just a bad dream”.
As she looked down at me she could see that I was scared out of my wit and just going back to my bed was not going to solve it.
“Max, you want to sleep with me in my bed tonight.”
I quietly nodded. There was always something about Fluttershy that said caring and kindness. “Alright, come on then."
She picked me up in her arms and carried me and Mr. Button to her bed. Her bed was a very large bed, the sheet was pink, the pillow were pink and the wood posts of the bed were pink. I guess she like the colour pink.
She laid me gently on the bed. The bed was so soft it was like sleeping on a clouds. She gently tucks me in and place Mr. Button next to me.
“Now you’ll be alright sleeping here tonight, won’t you?”
I smile at her but quickly yawn with sleepiness. She smiles back at me. She got back into bed, picks her book back up and continued writing in it again. So I laid there in the big soft pink bed trying to sleep but I was waiting for Fluttershy to finish what she was doing. I’m not sure what she was writing, but It may be a diary and she was talking about her day, After Fluttershy finished writing in her book she puts her book on her table, turns her lamp off next to her. Then lay her head on the soft pink pillow.
She turns to face me. “Goodnight max sweet dreams little one” she said as she kiss me on the forehead. After she kissed me, I hugged her back.
“Aww, Thank you for the hug max, you sweet little thing."
I may not able to speak but I do know how to show my love. She gently nuzzled me as we both started to drift off to sleep in each other’s grip.
That night I fell asleep in her arms, she was always there to keep me warm through the night and her wings to shield me from the nightmares. I love the kindness of Fluttershy. I've never said a thing but she understands me so as well as a pony. I don't care that she was not my real mother she has taken care of me like I am her own child, I love her like if she was my own moth--- no wait! she is my mother and I’ll will always love her.
As I slept in her arms that night there were no bad dreams no nightmares and no white pony’s only peaceful dreams with my mummy.